Demons previously under Leviathan and Manticole had made some interaction with Han Shuo along the journey, therefore they had a pretty good impression of him. Having witnessed what happened to that close-minded Demon, they quickly got hold of the actual situation.

“We are also willing!” declared the Demons without letting Han Shuo wait for too long.

Han Shuo remained silent as he occupied himself with getting the altar ready, not even batting an eye at those Demons previously under Golander and Cecrops. After obtaining that midgod’s Divine Soul, deploying such an altar posed no challenge to him.

This so-called altar was in fact just a type of unique magical matrix. By leaving a bit of his divine energy and his Divine Brand, the altar could be energized to release Baptismal Radiance. Once a believer opened up his spirit and accepted the radiance as it touched his soul, a contract would be formed and his power of faith would be offered to the god.

Han Shuo unhurriedly deployed the altar. All those Demons under Cecrops and Golander had hesitant looks even when the situation was very clear to them. No matter how the four Demons King lost their lives, Han Shuo’s might was not to be questioned. Given the current situation, they had only two choices - obey, or die!

The Abyss worshipped the strong. Only characters truly at the pinnacle of strength and whom were practically undefeatable could keep these Demons under control - and Han Shuo was obviously such a character! After the Baptismal Radiance of the four Demon Kings vanished from their souls, their reliance on the four Demon Kings also greatly diminished. Although even at this moment, they were still rather skeptical about the claim that Han Shuo had killed all four Demon Kings by himself, they could sense the lowgod energy of destruction and death from the avatars of Han Shuo’s. They came to realize one simple fact - Han Shuo indeed was stronger than any single one of the four Demon Kings!

Confronted with the threat of death, and abiding by the Abyssal law that the mighty were to be respected, they didn’t have a long time to hesitate. A rather cowardly Demon took the lead and declared, “I, I’m willing!”

No one would denounce this Demon for being a coward. On the contrary, some of those Demons previously ruled by Cecrops and Golander who had been on the fence let out an obvious sigh of relief to see someone else take the lead. They declared their positions in succession, wearing humble and respectful looks.

At this moment, Han Shuo had finally finished deploying the altar. His lowgod of death avatar raised his head and looked around before smiling to say, “A wise man submits to circumstances. Not bad, you guys are rather tactful. You know, it really is a thousand times better to follow me than to follow those four bastards that are now dead. What could those selfish and narrow-minded fellow provide you with? Nolan was murdered by Leviathan merely because she had been bestowed a piece of Divine Weapon of Light, all because he wanted to prevent the possibility of her becoming a god independently. To serve under those four, you were nothing more than puppets and pawns!”

He paused for a moment, then stared at the Demons and uttered word by word, “Truth be told, you lot are rather pathetic!”

At Han Shuo’s words, the faces of the Demons turned dim. Taking the whole of Abyss into consideration, these people possessed great power and influence; they were lords of cities. To be able to cultivate to the realm of Demons, these people were surely no fools. They were more aware of the truths that Han Shuo had spoken of than anyone else. This would be the third time they ventured into the Void. Some previous and recent events made them understand that the four Demon Kings had simply never treated them like people.

However, the Abyss realm was such. The four Demon Kings high up above possessed absolute authority. Having handed over their faiths, they did not make a complaint even when they came to understand that fact. But now that the Baptismal Radiance was extinguished and the four Demon Kings were dead, for the first time, these Demons could finally consider what Han Shuo spewed carefully.

Seeing the Demons pensive to the eyes, Han Shuo said coldly, “I’m not a good guy either. I’m just as selfish and savage against my enemies! However, towards my own people, I will not be mean and cruel as they were. Let me pledge to you all right here - I will not be so petty to scheme against my own people. And, if any of you have the capacity to advance to be a real god, I will not stop you in any way!”

“Rea, really?” a Demon looking at Han Shuo with disbelief asked, his voice trembling.

“You all will see!” Han Shuo said in a deep voice.

“We believe Mister Han Shuo. From our interactions with Mister Han Shuo these days, we know that Mister Han Shuo indeed takes care of his own people very much!” stated Bord and Zinia.

Saving you two definitely hasn’t ended in vain, Han Shuo thought. Although people of the Abyss realm were savage and used to conflict, from another point of view, they were very easy to tame. Moreover, once tamed, there usually weren’t a problem in matters of loyalty.

“I will now begin activating the energy inside the altar. You all get ready!” Soon after, Han Shuo’s lowgod of death avatar energized the altar arranged in front of him. The next moment, brilliant, yet gentle rays radiated from the altar, shining down on those Demons like water sprinkles.

Those Demons in the minds to submit to Han Shuo gradually opened up their souls and welcomed the Baptismal Radiance into their spirits...

A wonderful feeling suddenly emerged from Han Shuo’s heart. It was as though a dozen or so incorporeal threads had somehow connected him to the Demons before him. Some faintly discernible energies very slowly and gently flowed from the Demons to Han Shuo’s energy of death avatar. These energies were extremely weak, so weak that Han Shuo couldn’t even detect them without trying to feel it. Compared to the divine energy within Han Shuo’s body, those strands of energies were insignificant and disregardable.

However, Han Shuo understood that the dozens of strands of the power of faith were indeed adding to his divine energy that tiny bit, allowing his Domain of Divinity to grow ever so slightly more powerful.

These were just a dozen or so Demons. The populace previously under the rule of the four Demon Kings was numbered in the millions. If every one of them offered their faith, as many a mickle makes a muckle, and it would surely provide a considerable amount of energy. Han Shuo’s direct disciples bowing before him could utilize the Baptismal Radiance left in their minds to preach Han Shuo’s good news, converting more people to be his believers.

Han Shuo stored the altar into his space ring after he withdrew his divine energy and dismantled it. All the Demons before him accepted the contract and became Han Shuo’s disciples.

With the presence of this handful of Demons, all the power of faith of the citizens living in the four Demon Kings’ territories wouldn’t be able to escape from Han Shuo’s grasp. In addition, Han Shuo had a different idea in mind. He had some extreme resentment against a certain people back on Profound Continent. He had not originally wanted these abyssal creatures to set foot on the Profound Continent. But if these abyssal creatures were to be all under his control, well, that would be a different story.

The Saintess of the Church of Light and the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race back on Profound Continent, who had previously made him scuttle in defeat, were now not even worthy opponents in Han Shuo’s eyes. Perhaps because the Saintess of the Church of Light and the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race had cultivated to their height of basegod independently, they were a little stronger than these Demons under Han Shuo’s control. Moreover, the Saintess seemed to even be able to deploy the Domain of Divinity.

However, Han Shuo, now a lowgod, when recalling the battle back at the Church of Light’s sacred mountain, noticed that the ‘Domain of Divinity’ the Saintess deployed was actually made through clever manipulation of aura and elemental energy. Although it had some effects of the Domain of Divinity, it wasn’t a true Domain of Divinity.

The Saintess of the Church of Light and the Soul Race tribal king possessed merely the strength of basegod. At present, they truly were no match against Han Shuo.

When I return, I don’t care if it’s the Saintess, Snow Celestial, or that Primordius Dragon, I’m going to finish them all! Han Shuo’s face turned gloomy when he thought of the hatred towards those loathsome characters carved in his bones and engraved on his heart.

“My Lord, what should we do now?” asked Bord and Zinia suddenly.

Han Shuo noticed the changes in how the two addressed him and understood the place he now took in their hearts. The time they had in the Void before the stardust current was to return was limited. It was a matter of course that Bord and Zinia would give thought to Han Shuo after becoming Han Shuo’s disciples, hoping that Han Shuo could settle the matter here as soon as possible.

Han Shuo furrowed his brows and was about to say something when he suddenly sensed an aura of destruction approaching. Without thinking, Han Shuo understood that the last Abyssal Demon King, Bechymos, was coming his way.

Sure enough, shortly after, Bechymos, the last Great Demon King of the Abyss realm, wearing a green malevolent mask, suddenly landed before Han Shuo’s eyes.

This Bechymos was covered in a strange-looking green armor and the terrifying aura of destruction from head to toe. His face was completely hidden behind that sinister green mask.

“What’s the matter? You all have promised me not to fight in this place as not to trigger too many boundaries. Why didn’t you all listen?” Bechymos said coldly in his hoarse voice while looking at the crowd with his green eyes. After finishing those words, Bechymos seemed to be rather puzzled. He asked, “Where are the four Demon Kings?”

“Dead!” Han Shuo said calmly. He continued after a short pause, “They are all dead! I killed them all!”