"Dead?" Bechymos's unmasked deep green eyes shone with stunned disbelief. Staring intently at Han Shuo, he asked, "You killed them?"

Han Shuo looked at him suggestively and replied, "That’s right! I killed them all!"

Han Shuo had previously learned from Leviathan and Manticole that Bechymos was the first Demon King of the Abyss realm to attain godhood. Bechymos was enigmatic and mysterious. He would rank top among the five Abyssal Great Demon Kings, possessing strength that far outstripped the other four. However, the most puzzling thing about Bechymos was that he kept a much lower profile than the other four Demon Kings. Given his strength, he could easily snatch up the most believers through struggles and conflict, yet, he did not do so.

The four Demon Kings had actually learned of this place called the Void from Bechymos. He would venture alone by himself, not taking a single Demon along. All these actions left an impression on Han Shuo that this man was very mysterious and strange.

As such, the moment Bechymos had landed in front of him, Han Shuo concentrated his full attention on sensing the presence emanating from Bechymos, sensing his might through the aura of destruction enveloping him.

Although they were all in the realm of lowgod, they could still possess different levels of strength. Bechymos, who cultivated in the edict of destruction, must have stayed in the realm of lowgod for quite some time. From his body, Han Shuo sensed power much mightier than any single one of the four Demon Kings.

It was at this moment that Han Shuo finally understood why the four greedy Demon Kings had never dared trespass upon Bechymos’ territory and respected his wish to be left alone.

Power had decided it all!

As Han Shuo was sizing up Bechymos, the strongest and most ancient Demon King of the Abyss realm, Bechymos’ astonished green eyes were gathered on Han Shuo as well, secretly trying to get a glimpse of where Han Shuo’s strength stood.

At that moment, Han Shuo's two avatars had yet to return and conceal themselves in his body. Therefore, the lowgod energies of death and destruction were instantly and very clearly detected by Bechymos.

What a shock! Demon King Bechymos, who rarely, if ever, had any fluctuation in emotion, in utmost astonishment as he looked at three carbon copies of Han Shuos standing before him.

After a while…

The surprise in Bechymos' green eyes gradually faded. He drew in a deep breath, and spoke slowly in his raspy voice, "I believe what you have said. It appears that Manticore and the other three really have died at your hand!"

Bechymos came to this conclusion partly because he could not sense the presences of the other four Demon Kings, and partly because he had noticed that the target of worship of Bord, Zinia and the other Demons had changed.

Han Shuo had limited knowledge regarding Bechymos and had no idea if he would be a friend or a foe. But Han Shuo did not fear him. After a brief thought, he smilingly said, "Actually, I had no ill will against the four Demon Kings. It was only because they would not let me live, that I had no choice but to fight."

"There’s nothing you need to explain!" Bechymos stared through Han Shuo and said with little emotion, "There is no right or wrong in the Abyss. All that matters is your strength! If they are dead, so be it. If you have the strength the kill them, then you may, regardless of your reasons!"

At those words, Han Shuo was rather taken aback. After a pause, he asked in confusion, "Then, why did you come here?"

"Because you all made such a racket over here, that even the boundaries over at my side were affected. I only came here to advise them to stop fighting. If too many boundaries are triggered, it could cause a chain reaction and by then, no one will be leaving the Void alive," Bechymos explained, paused for a moment, and continued, “It looks like I have no need for concern now. Perhaps it’s better this way. Those four's constant struggle against each other has turned the Abyss to such a havoc. It may be a good thing that they're all dead."

Seeing Bechymos' indifferent attitude towards the lives and deaths of the four Demon Kings, Han Shuo was rather puzzled, but did not question it.

"Well, seeing as there will no longer be major disturbances here, I can be at ease. Right, good luck to you, may we meet again!" To Han Shuo’s lack of speech, Bechymos asked no more and, with an indifferent nod, prepared to leave.

"Wait!" Han Shuo hurriedly yelled to stop him.

Bechymos froze for a moment, before his gaze again fell on Han Shuo, and asked, "Is there any other matter?"

"I want to ask for a favor!" Han Shuo chose not to beat around the bush and, staring fixedly at Bechymos, got straight to the point.

"What is it? Tell me about it," Bechymos neither accepted or refused, retaining his aloof demeanor.

“I would like to know where the transportation matrix is located in the Void. I heard from Manticole that your Lordship is the only one who knows its precise location,” Han Shuo asked seriously.

"Oh?" Bechymos looked at Han Shuo with surprise and replied, "I’ve heard a little about you, hmm, you are planning to use the transportation matrix to leave the Abyss?"

"That is correct, Sir, I humbly request your assistance." Han Shuo's attitude was always very amiable when he sought others' help, and he smiled as he spoke with sincerity.

Bechymos was silent for a while, with green eyes staring at Han Shuo for a long time, as though trying to see through him. Finally, he nodded and said, "Follow me." The moment he said those words, he took into the air and flew by the same path he came from.

"Right, you guys follow too," Han Shuo turned around to give his orders to his Demons and returned his two avatars to his body. With his consciousness locked firmly onto Bechymos, Han Shuo took into the air.

Bechymos had far greater familiarity with the Void than the other Demon Kings. In the fog-heavy valleys, he carefully avoided many boundaries, flying towards his destination along a path he had carved out himself.

After flying for a short while, Han Shuo noticed that the path that Bechymos had carved out was much longer than those of the two factions of Demon Kings combined. He was a little surprised, but then remembered that it was Bechymos who revealed the Void to the other four Demon Kings. Those four had been to the Void three times. As the oldest Demon King, Bechymos must have ventured to this place many times more. As he thought of that, Han Shuo grew even more curious about Bechymos.

Just as Han Shuo was internally marveling at Bechymos' mysteriousness, he suddenly sensed Bechymos coming to a stop. His figure flashed through the dense mist, and Han Shuo stood shoulder to shoulder with Bechymos.

"Watch out! Not a step forward!" Bechymos' voice suddenly sounded. When he saw that Han Shuo made no other movements, he pointed his finger at the area before them and said, "This is the interplanar transportation matrix of the Abyss realm. It is in great disrepair. Due to the death of the planar guardian, no one knows how to use it." When Han Shuo did not reply, Bechymos couldn’t help but look at him in curiosity, and immediately saw that Han Shuo's expression was full of shock and disbelief. Bechymos then said, "This is the interplanar transportation matrix you are looking for!"

Bechymos hesitated for a moment. When he saw the unusual change in Han Shuo's eyes, he suddenly became rather emotional. His voice was mild and gentle as he asked shakily, "You… you know this transportation matrix?"

The ground was covered with white bones, strange drawings of high-level undead creatures all over the ancient, broken walls. Desolation, silence, and darkness filled the structure before them, more than half of which were destroyed.

This was another Cemetery of Death!

How could Han Shuo not recognize it? Although this Cemetery of Death only had one wall left and did not have the mysterious chamber that led a few levels below ground, it still had a mostly intact enormous transportation matrix.

Han Shuo, whose heart was crammed with astonishment, did not notice the change in Bechymos' voice and nodded, saying with certainty, "Of course I recognize it. Hah, didn’t expect this, but this really is a Cemetery of Death!"

At those words, Bechymos' green eyes were full of strong emotions and he hastily asked, "Then, do you know how to activate this interplanar transportation matrix?"

Han Shuo was rather surprised, as this time he had detected something else in Bechymos' voice. The powerful emotions had made Bechymos' voice become less hoarse, even elegant, as though… that was the voice of a woman.

"You… you're female?" After staring blankly for a while, Han Shuo asked with some disbelief.

"No!" Bechymos resolutely denied with his voice restoring its original raspiness. He stared coldly at Han Shuo and again asked, "You, can you activate this transportation matrix?"

"I won't know until I try," Han Shuo answered after thinking for a moment.

"Then go ahead and try, I'll wait here!" Bechymos seemed impatient.

Han Shuo was rather puzzled. He noticed that from the moment he showed recognition of the dilapidated Cemetery of Death, Bechymos started to act rather strangely. Not only did Bechymos' hoarse voice suddenly become more refined as a result of that agitation, but even his aloofness, his apparent indifference to everything, had greatly changed.

Han Shuo understood that Bechymos was greatly concerned with that transportation matrix before them!

He hesitated for a moment and asked, "You need to use this transportation matrix?"

Bechymos kept silent for a long long while. His green eyes full of complicated emotions. Finally, he nodded coldly and answered in that hoarse voice, "Yes, I want to go home!"