“Go home?” Han Shuo cried out in surprise. He stared at Bechymos with glowing eyes and asked, “You’re a foreigner to the Abyss realm as well?”

After giving a faint sigh, Bechymos’ green eyes were filled with sadness that recalled fondly of the past. In a deep and low voice, he replied, “That’s right. Just like you, I wasn’t born in the Abyss realm. I have stayed in this place for countless years. I have no friends or relatives here. You have only arrived in the Abyss realm for a short while and might have yet to know such unending loneliness. Sigh…”

Han Shuo’s grew curious upon hearing this. After thinking for a moment, Han Shuo nodded and said, “I understand how you feel. Separated from the world you are familiar with - that kind of loneliness and solitude is indeed very painful.”

The distance between Bechymos and Han Shuo seemed to suddenly pull closer after Han Shuo said those words. Bechymos looked at Han Shuo and continued, “It is. My friends, families, and everything I’m familiar with, is in another world. In this world, however, everyone and everything is strange and unfamiliar. Our worshippers, these ant-like existences are absolutely not ones that gods like us could pour our hearts to. The Abyss realm really is a little too small. Staying for one or ten years in this place could still be tolerable. But thousands of years, that kind of loneliness and constant torment, try to imagine that.”

Trapped alone in this unfamiliar country along with Abyssal creatures as backward and primitive as ants, for thousands of years…

Han Shuo began to imagine that for a moment and faintly understood how Bechymos felt. He nodded with creased brows and suddenly became extremely sympathetic towards Bechymos. After thinking for a moment, Han Shuo said in a deep voice, “I’m indeed familiar with this interplanar transportation matrix. But as to if it could be activated, I need to try it before I can be sure.”

“To help me is to help yourself. You should try it as soon as possible. The Void is not a place one can stay for long,” Bechymos said hurriedly. He became rather anxious and impatient when the interplanar transportation matrix was mentioned.

The clock is ticking. The stardust current will return sooner or later and the Void along with this valley will again be filled with it. Han Shuo naturally understood Bechymos’ worries. With Han Shuo’s consciousness as mighty as it was, he had no fear towards the corrosiveness of the stardust current on his soul - although this may not have been the case for his two lowgods of death and destruction avatars, who didn’t cultivate demonic arts as his main body did.

His consciousness was invulnerable towards the stardust current, but that didn’t mean it was the same for the divine souls of his two avatars. Although they could be concealed in Han Shuo’s body, Han Shuo had no absolute certainty and dared not to take chances with his two avatars that were formed with great difficulty.

Therefore, Han Shuo only hesitated for a quick moment before getting ready to attempt activating the interplanar transportation matrix inside the dilapidated Cemetery of Death.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh! Just then, over a dozen shadows arrived and landed behind Han Shuo. They were the Demons that Han Shuo had just tamed. As their speeds were too slow, they had been trailing far behind and they only finally caught up to Han Shuo.

“Stand right there, don’t move!” Han Shuo lightly yelled with his main body. After finishing those words, a shadow slowly floated out from his chest, which twisted in mid-air before turning into another Han Shuo walking step by step towards the Cemetery of Death ahead.

There was an invisible boundary present around this dilapidated Cemetery of Death as well. Perhaps because it had been too long, or maybe it had previously sustained damage, compared to the boundary around the Cemetery of Death back on Profound Continent, this one was much, much weaker.

When Han Shuo’s avatar of death started to approach that invisible boundary, a sudden feeling of extreme familiarity rose in Han Shuo’s heart. Before Han Shuo had time to think about it, that deep black magical robe draped over his body suddenly glowed a faint green. The boundary that enveloped the interplanar transportation matrix, most kindly split open to make an opening that allowed Han Shuo to pass through.

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment but quickly returned to his senses. Delighted, he exclaimed, “It turns out to be this fella! I surely did not expect this. Haha, things are going to be much more convenient with this!”

From the flash of green light on the deep black magical robe, having the experience of opening the Cemetery of Death on Profound Continent using the skeletal staff, Han Shuo immediately understood that the previous owner of that deep black magical robe, the midgod whose divine soul was fused with Han Shuo, had also been the owner of this abyssal Cemetery of Death!

When Bechymos watched Han Shuo stepping into the structure without having to forcibly bombard the boundary like he himself had previously done, his pupils suddenly constricted and he hastily asked, “What’s going on?”

“As I’ve said, I have some understanding of this place. Don’t worry, I've got this,” that lowgod of death avatar continued stepping forward while Han Shuo’s main body standing beside Bechymos opened his mouth and talked.

Bechymos was stunned for a moment. As though suddenly recalling something, he stared at Han Shuo and asked, “You are also a Lich?”

Han Shuo was stunned. He turned to look at Bechymos and asked, “How is it you know of this appellation?”

From the memories left by the original owner of the skeletal staff, Han Shuo learned that characters who cultivated in the elemental energy of death were called Liches, while the overgods that cultivated in this energy were called Lich King. Bechymos’ knowledge of this appellation, must mean that he originated from a material plane where the concept of godhood was extremely clear and unambiguous.

“Of course I would know that. Back then, I was sent here by my family and came along with these Liches. This interplanar transportation matrix was procured by that midgod Lich. All of us came through that transportation matrix,” Bechymos explained.

After hearing those words, Han Shuo’s curiosity was provoked beyond restraint. He looked at Bechymos with great interest and asked, “Could you please briefly explain what happened then?

“There’s really nothing to say about it,” Bechymos sighed, thinking for a moment before slowly continuing, “As you are also a Lich, you must have come from a high-level material plane, and should know about some wishes of the overgods of death and destruction. In order to gain more energy, the overgods of death and destruction dispatched their subordinates to spread death and destruction over all major material planes - I’m one of them. My family, as to temper me, sent me to join the mission. These Liches are among our allies. Our objective here is to gain complete control over the Abyss realm.

However, when we arrived, we discovered that there already were mighty existences in the Abyss. We people could be considered as invaders. Right here in this unique valley, we fought a great battle with them. Although our side possessed slightly greater strength, no one had anticipated that there was such a peculiar thing as stardust current. In the end, as neither sides were aware of this danger, they were all engulfed by the stardust current. Other than me, not a single god escaped.”

“You were really lucky!” Han Shuo said as he looked up and down at Bechymos in a strange manner.

A trace of sorrow flashed in Bechymos’ green eyes. He shook his head, sighed and said, “It wasn’t luck. It’s merely because my identity is rather special and the strength I possessed is of no use. My family clan utilized their influences to place me in the expedition, so that I could claim some contribution. I had always stood far away as I observed the course of events and did not directly participate in that great battle. As an observer, I could clearly see the changes to the valley. I didn’t even know how terrifying the stardust current was at first. It was only when I saw that people were dying one after another that I realized the situation. Unfortunately, as I was too far from them, my warning came a little too late. Everyone was covered by the stardust current and there was nothing I could do, but to escape from the Void.”

“I see!” Han Shuo nodded. His gazes at Bechymos became even more bizarre. From his words, Han Shuo understood that Bechymos’ original identity ought to be rather noble and his family clan must have possessed quite some power. Otherwise, he sure wouldn’t be able to sit idly in such an expedition and reap the credits without being actually involved.

“After I escaped from this place, I kept waiting outside and observing silently. Gradually, I figured out the rhythm of the stardust current, and even came back here several times. For some reason, all sorts of boundaries formed inside this battlefield. That interplanar transportation matrix that the most powerful Lich had deployed was sealed.

“I do not possess much knowledge about the interplanar transportation matrix and couldn’t use this dilapidated interplanar transportation matrix to leave the Abyss realm. For many years, I have tried looking in this place for ways to leave, but have yielded no results. The reason I told those four about the presence of the Void, is because I hoped that they would make more discoveries in this place. However, they did not seem to care about matters of this aspect. All that was on their minds were divine weapons in this place and whatever that could upgrade their strength. After so many years, I have become utterly disappointed with them. Even if you hadn’t killed them this time, before I try to leave, I will have gotten rid of them one by one,” Bechymos said in a ferocious voice.

“Why?” Han Shuo was startled.

“If I could not leave the Abyss realm through an interplanar transportation matrix, then, the only option left would be to directly fly out from the Abyss realm, or by doing interplanar travel, and seeking for another material plane with advanced lifeforms that has an interplanar transportation matrix. However, interplanar travel is extremely dangerous. Only those of highgod strength could do it. I’m merely a lowgod. The journey from a lowgod to highgod is truly lengthy, so lengthy that I wasn’t even willing to think about it.

However, after wasting thousands of years, I truly have no other way but to do so. Previously, I had cared not about the power of faith, because I hoped that the four Demon Kings would be able to help me. But since they couldn’t, for me to progress faster, it’s only natural that I would take back all the things that belonged to me,” Bechymos coldly explained. It was as though the four Demon Kings were merely puppets he fostered, with their life or death fully controlled by him!

“I think you wouldn’t need to wait much longer,”  Han Shuo suddenly said. Upon finishing those words, the ancient interplanar transportation matrix inside the dilapidated Cemetery of Death before him suddenly began to shine and twinkle.