If it wasn’t for the Primordius Dragon cutting Han Shuo off the interplanar portal, he would have killed Adele five years ago. Who knew that in just five years, that Adele who looked nothing remarkable would be able to cause such a huge disturbance in Brettel City. This was indeed nothing Han Shuo had foreseen.

From the narration of Stratholme, Jack, and others, Han Shuo quickly got a look at the current situation. His strength having soared to such a level, Han Shuo basically took no threat in Profound Continent to heart.

Han Shuo expanded his consciousness and took a tour around Brettel City. He sensed the shrine of the spider goddess Rose almost immediately.

At the summit of Mount Silk was a temple. A number of believers were worshipping a mysterious carved statue of the spider goddess Rose at the center of the temple.

Some of the believers wearing black gowns were piously prostrating themselves before this statue of spider goddess Rose, offering their devout faith. An exquisite and elegant lady with purple hair stood coldly before the spider goddess’ statue. She was sprinkling specks of sinister light onto those believers kowtowing ahead with her hand.

During the time of war, ordinary people at the bottommost strata of the society needed someone to put their faith in. Adele, who claimed herself to be Han Shuo’s woman, gained the trust of Emily, Phoebe and the others through extraordinary means. Even Lawrence held her in high regard. Under her publicizing, spider goddess Rose became the one that many citizens of Brettel City surrendered their faith to.

This temple on the summit of Mount Silk was currently the largest house of worship within the borders of Brettel City. As spider goddess Rose had revealed her miracles several times in recent years, each and every one of her believers became most willing and motivated to preach her religion, taking their own initiatives to persuade the commoners around them to place their faith in spider goddess Rose.

Inside the restricted area at the back of the temple, Adele, who had changed her identity, was sitting cross-legged at the center of a spiderweb-shaped magical matrix. There was an intense element of darkness around her. She wore a solemn expression, indistinct dark radiances glimmering off her.

Suddenly, an intense palpitation rose from her heart. It was as though a terrible danger was descending from the sky.

After five years, through her own great effort and the generosity of the spider goddess, Adele was now a demigod expert. Inside Brettel City, by relying on her special identity, she acquired close relations with important characters at Han Shuo’s side, hence becoming an extraordinary existence. She believed that within Brettel City, no one could threaten her.

“What’s going on?” puzzled, Adele gently opened her eyes and mumbled to herself.

As soon as she opened her eyes, the spider webs around her disappeared into her body. There was an enormous spider web that enveloped the empty temple hall. A few shadows that had been lingering at the top of the spider web slid down effortlessly. Five ladies with blank, empty eyes appeared.

“Your Holiness, any instructions?” one of the ladies inquired in a dull, lifeless tone.

“Nothing. I just feel somewhat uneasy,” Adele calmly replied with a frown. Every time she saw these wooden faces, she got a feeling of fright and unease. However, she understood deep in her heart that she needed these assistants who seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

“With us here, no one can harm you. You just need to do the things that you should do, and nothing will happen to you,” that leading lady said in a lifeless voice.

“When will the Goddess bestow me with more energy?”

“When each and every citizen of Brettel City wholly acknowledges the existence of the Goddess; when all their power of faith belongs to the Goddess, you will be bestowed with more energy,” the lady replied in the same dull tone.

A cold voice suddenly sounded from outside the temple, “You will never ever get that chance!” The next moment, a majestic figure could be seen walking in step by step.

“Bryan! It’s you! It’s really you!” Adele cried out in surprise. With resentment filling her eyes, she started to shriek rather hysterically, “You are alive, you're actually still alive! Good, very good! Hahaha!”

Watching Adele chuckle, Han Shuo replied with a heart of ice, “What? Why have you stopped your masquerading all so suddenly?”

“Back then, I concealed my real identity only because I couldn’t kill you. But now, you will be dead without a doubt. So what for should I continue pretendin’?” Adele resentfully glared at Han Shuo. A familiar aura reappeared from her body. She continued word by word, “Everything I have done is to make you pay the price!”

“Merely by yourself?” Han Shuo sneered while looking coldly at Adele.

“Not me,” Adele took in a deep breath before pointing at the ladies around him and said, “It’s them!”

While Adele was talking, the five ladies with pale faces and vacant eyes had unknowingly surrounded Han Shuo. The aura of darkness started to emanate from their bodies.

All five of these ladies cultivated in the element of darkness, possessing at least demi-god strength. Han Shuo could sense a trace of the sinister divine energy that came from spider goddess Rose on the five of them.

Han Shuo nodded and callously said, “No wonder even Stratholme the old monster has misgivings. So it turns out it's these few fellas who are present by your side.”

“Are you frightened? Haha!” Adele sure looked beautiful when she laughed, but her eyes were filled with rancor as she stared fixedly at Han Shuo and continued, “How wonderful it is that you are still alive. Now I get to watch you die a slow death!”

Five years ago, Han Shuo came to possess demigod strength when he cultivated his demonic arts to the Carnal Realm. With each rise of realm in demonic arts, one’s strength would increase by tens or even hundreds of times. Han Shuo who was at Nine Changes realm currently didn’t have a clear understanding as to where his actual strength stood. But clearly, Han Shuo did not feel the slightest danger from being encircled by the five ladies.

In Han Shuo’s eyes, those seemingly lifeless ladies were just the same as ants. He could pinch them to death at will.

“Well, let’s not waste time, shall we?” Han Shuo said coldly. At the next moment, ruthless, sinister energy suddenly erupted from his body. The five expressionless ladies that surrounded Han Shuo in the middle gently trembled.

It was absolutely smooth and easy to slaughter existences with strength classes lower. When the ruthless, sinister energy was released from Han Shuo’s two hands, exploding noises sounded from around him and a few trails of bloody lights flashed in the gloomy hall. The five ladies, who couldn’t even react to the attack, had truly turned into lifeless bodies.

After spreading the Demonic Blades, the cold, incisive blades arrived next to the smooth skin on Adele’s neck. Han Shuo looked coldly at the appalled Adele and said, “Five years ago, I could easily finish you. Five years later, you still have not the slightest chance against me. All the effort you have put in has been for a foreordained ending - die once more!”

“No! I cannot accept this!” Adele started to shriek as though she had gone mad. Her pair of resentful eyes glared at Han Shuo as she said, “How? How did you become so strong? How is it that the servants meticulously cultivated by the Goddess have no ability to resist whatsoever?”

Perhaps Adele had taken too much shock, she paid no attention to the Demonic Blades placed next to her neck. As she hollered, she shook her head so much and came into contact with the blades, causing her neck to be bloodstained.

Han Shuo did not kill Adele immediately. This woman who had been recruiting followers for the spider goddess using his own name had one last important task to complete.

The Demonic Blades were suddenly withdrawn and Han Shuo’s left hand regained its smoothness. Grabbing her by the hair, Han Shuo dragged the pathetic looking Adele straight towards the main hall ahead.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” Adele continued to yell.

Han Shuo paid no attention to that. He dragged this deranged woman all the way to the altar of this largest spider goddess shrine in Brettel City. At this moment, some believers of the spider goddess were still humbly crouching, worshiping at the towering altar ahead.

“Saintess!” the elegant lady who presided over the ceremony shrieked at the top of her voice when she saw the master of the shrine being dragged like a beaten dog. She couldn’t hold back the fear in her heart.

“Heretic, let go of the Saintess!” When the worshippers discovered the scene, they gasped and screamed.

With one wave of his hand, a bright, formless boundary obstructed all those people. Paying no heeds to their fury, Han Shuo cast Adele straight to the center of the altar platform and activated the altar routinely and with ease.

Hundreds and thousands of spider webs shot like little snakes and wrapped up Adele immediately. Dazzling rays of light appeared on Adele’s body wrapped by spider silks at the center of the altar along with the descending of a mysterious energy. At the next moment, Adele’s eyes opened wide and turned to Han Shuo. Her gazes were foreign and sinister.

“Who are you? How dare you meddle with my business?” Adele was suddenly speaking with an unfamiliar voice unlike her own.

“I’m the master of Brettel City. If you want to steal the power of faith that belongs to me, come here and take it yourself,” Han Shuo said calmly as he looked coldly at Adele who was channeling the divine soul separated countless material planes away.

Adele’s eyes stared deeply at Han Shuo for a while. After a moment of silence, she suddenly said, “I will go there in person!”

“Very well. It’s about time to straighten things out!” Han Shuo shouted.

Adele’s eyes began to shut slowly. Blood gushed from her seven apertures. Seeing that Adele had completed her mission, Han Shuo gave a gentle tap on her forehead, completely erasing her soul.