Years before, when Han Shuo was assassinating a grand duke, he suddenly lost self-control with his mind occupied by lust. When Han Shuo came to his senses, he resisted this powerful energy forcibly altering his temperament and paid a huge price for it.

After many years, with Han Shuo now having become a god, he realized that the energy he previously felt came from spider goddess Rose. However, as they were separated by many material planes, Rose’s energy was greatly diminished and therefore she did not manage to subvert Han Shuo.

This debt of blood had always been on Han Shuo’s mind and he long had the intention of killing spider goddess Rose. When he returned to Brettel City to learn from Stratholme that Adele had actually established shrines within his territories and appropriated his power of faith from the citizens of Brettel City, naturally, Han Shuo was outraged.

By using the altar at the center of the temple and with Adele as the medium, Han Shuo had successfully conveyed his wrath to spider goddess Rose. After obliterating Adele’s soul, she had absolutely no possibility of another resurrection.

All signs of life on her completely vanished. After casually letting go of her, Adele’s powerless body collapsed onto the pool of blood. Han Shuo placed one finger on the center of the altar. Ruthless energy was suddenly released, shattering the altar into pieces.

After his avatars cultivating in the energy death and destruction became gods, Han Shuo gained some understanding as to how gods collected the power of faith. The altar Han Shuo shattered had the function of converging the power of faith and was the key communication link between spider goddess Rose and her disciples. Now that this altar was destroyed, without a mighty follower of hers rebuilding one, Rose would not be able to communicate with the souls of her disciples.

Take, for example, Han Shuo’s lowgod of death avatar; although separated material planes away, he could still receive the power of faith from the Abyss realm. Han Shuo could even vaguely sense the thoughts of those disciples that received Han Shuo’s Baptismal Radiance back in the Void.

Faith was an unusual matter which was incorporeal and yet clearly detectable. Through faith, Han Shuo could form some kind of mysterious connection with his disciples. What’s more, if those disciples of Han Shuo’s constructed an altar at the Abyss realm, they could even acquire a direct connection with Han Shuo even if they were separated innumerable material planes away. Han Shuo could also bestow upon his disciples some of his energy through it.

Back then at the slave trading house of Valen City, Han Shuo once saw the scene where the three-eyed evil god manifested himself through bones and flesh in a pond of blood when a necromancer had successfully acquired a connection with the god using the bloody altar. These worked on the same principle.

Han Shuo killed Adele and destroyed the altar, removing the roots of all evil altogether. However, those believers who were blocked outside of his invisible boundary still looked hatefully at him. They seemed to be ready to charge forward at any moment and dismember Han Shuo’s body into a million pieces.

“I’m the City Lord of Brettel City. This woman was the root cause of rebellion and I’ve given her the death penalty. I now declare that from this moment onwards, within Brettel City and its territories, the practice of worshipping spider goddess Rose is outlawed,” Han Shuo announced plainly as he gazed at the people of Brettel City with cold eyes.

However, even as Han Shuo finished those words, he discovered that the animosity in these people’s eyes was still showing as before. It appeared that they did not abandon their faith towards spider goddess Rose just because he was the City Lord of Brettel City.

Once a commoner handed over their faith, it would usually be very difficult for them to walk out from this kind of influence. Although Han Shuo had an outstanding reputation compared to Rose who they had worshipped as their goddess for several years, Han Shuo fell far behind in terms of influence.

Seeing the hostility in their eyes, Han Shuo realized how thorny the problem was. Unless spider goddess Rose somehow died or these people somehow realized just how impotent their religion was by themselves, Han Shuo had no way of immediately making these people leave from this kind of influence.

These people were citizens of Brettel City. Although their minds were deeply poisoned by Adele’s brainwashing, they mustn’t be killed. It appeared that all Han Shuo could do was to give it time and slowly purge the influence from their souls.

“From today onwards, all temples of the spider goddess within Brettel City will be destroyed. No one shall pray and worship in her temples anymore,” Han Shuo bluntly commanded.

Every time a believer piously worshipped at a shrine or temple, their dependence towards the god they believed in would deepen, increasing the influence on their soul. Due to reasons such as how staunch one’s willpower was and the length of time one had practiced the faith, different believers would be dependent on their faith to different degrees.

For example, the zealots of the Church of Light were some of the most extreme and fanatical believers. For these people, the god they believed in was their everything. Unless the god they believed in was killed, there would be no way to convert them. Additionally, this sort of people would kill others practicing any other religion without a care for their own lives!

For their kind, it was only through killing that all sins could be ridden!

When it came to Rose’s followers in Brettel City, as the indoctrination had been rather brief and not as intense, they have yet to sink to that level of fanaticism and zealotry. As long as they were slowly rehabilitated and guided step by step, they would walk out from the influence of spider goddess Rose sooner or later.

After the trip to Mount Silk, Han Shuo met with Jack, Dorcas, and the others one by one to gain a better understanding of their current situations.

“Five years! How could you leave for five years just like that, you heartless bastard!” Helen Tina said in her soft voice as she fixed her fiery eyes on Han Shuo.

Even after five years, Helen still looked seductive and beautiful. Her immense longing for Han Shuo had tormented her for half a decade. Now that the two finally got to see each other alone, Helen finally couldn’t restrain her excitement and threw herself into Han Shuo’s broad chest.

Wrapping Helen in his arms, taking in the faint, delicate fragrance coming from this beauty in his embrace, and sensing her emotions run as deep as the sea, Han Shuo put on a tender smile and said, “I’ve returned, haven’t I?”

Helen’s lovable body had unwittingly rose boiling hot while a kind of passionate feeling was brewing inside the badly lit room. After the long period of separation, Helen could no longer contain herself. With her hands on Han Shuo’s back, she took the initiative to stand on the tips of her toes, trying to give Han Shuo a peck.

When their lips touched, as though a runaway reaction, the two lost control with themselves. With one arm, Han Shuo lifted Helen by the waist. As she puffed and blew, Han Shuo impolitely ripped apart her fiery red magical gown and scaled her towering, smooth, tender peaks with his big hand.

“Oh… Five years, I have waited for five years! Bryan, give me, give it to me, I don’t want to wait any longer,” Helen said as she cried tears of joy while firmly hugging Han Shuo with all her strength.

The romantic memories they had in Helon City, the various beautiful sceneries they had visited as they traveled hand in hand - flashbacks as though it was just yesterday came back into Han Shuo’s mind one after another…

Feeling the passion of the beauty in his arms, Han Shuo’s hands became more and more unbridled. He tore off Helen’s silken undergarments, removed her weaker and weaker resistance, and finally, she succumbed…
For the next few days in succession, all temples of the spider goddess in Brettel City and the former seven grand duchies were demolished. Those who were still stubborn and obstinate were beheaded without the slightest mercy. The followers of the spider goddess were banned from carrying on with their worshipping and praying. They were also not allowed to set up an altar in private.

At the same time, at Han Shuo’s instructions, the City Lord’s statue was to be erected on previous sites of the spider goddess’ temple. The glorious achievements of the City Lord would be publicized and broadcast throughout the city. Then, drawing from the reverence and admiration the people of Brettel City had towards him, through some simple ceremonies, he would reorganize their faith to make them willingly offer their everything.

Han Shuo used his lowgod of destruction avatar to receive the power of faith from the citizens of Brettel City and the former seven grand duchies. Having the experience from the lowgod of death avatar and having received guidance from Bechymos about the edict of destruction when they were outside of the Void, Han Shuo’s avatar cultivating in the energy of destruction could now deploy its own Domain of Divinity and receive the power of faith.

The series of thunderous operations Han Shuo conducted in Brettel City during the past few days had caused a tremendous transformation on the city. When Stratholme the old monster became aware of Han Shuo’s conduct and deeds, he finally came looking for Han Shuo by himself. Strange lights glowed from his eyes as he asked in a deep voice, “You have become a god?”

For the past several days, Han Shuo razed everything that Adele built in the past five years to the ground as though he was breaking dried twigs. Moreover, he started to publicize his own great acts within Brettel City and its territories. By revealing his powerful might through certain methods, some of those citizens who had long adored him willingly offered him their faith.

Although Stratholme had yet to become a god, he understood that only a true god could use the power of faith. It was after pondering about Han Shuo’s recent series of actions that Stratholme came to an extremely shocking conclusion - Han Shuo had become a god!

Therefore, he had so impatiently sought for Han Shuo, eager to verify if his judgment was correct.

Looking at the Stratholme keen to seek confirmation, Han Shuo put on a smile and openly admitted, “That’s right, I’ve become a god!”

Although he knew in his heart that this would be the answer, Stratholme nonetheless was ineffably shocked to hear Han Shuo’s affirmation. Stratholme stood silent for a long while before he looked at Han Shuo with a somewhat embarrassed face and asked, “Do you mind giving me some advice?”

Han Shuo involuntarily laughed before he answered frankly, “No problem.” He added after a short pause, “However, you will still need to rely on yourself for the most important breakthrough!”

Han Shuo had long had a favorable impression towards Stratholme. Currently, he was just one step away from the realm of basegod. Contrary to what one might expect, Han Shuo was most willing to assist him.