‘Came back to help you take down this world in one swoop!’

Although it was just one sentence, it had instantly lifted the King of Lancelot Empire from the immense worries that plagued him for the past few years. Lawrence, gazing at Han Shuo who looked almost the same as he had when they last met felt, for some reason, an indescribable confidence and trust towards him.

It was as though as long as Han Shuo was in Lancelot Empire, there would be nothing that he and his country had to worry about!

Even Lawrence had no idea what really made him feel this way; perhaps Han Shuo’s actions a few years back, which authenticated the words of Grace the astrologer, or maybe the surprises Han Shuo brought him before he had even become a King!

Confronted with the invasions from two powerful enemies that were the Empire of Orcs and Kasi Empire, Lawrence, as the ruler of his nation, had been racking his brain for a way to turn around this unfavorable situation. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find an appropriate solution to neutralize these two significant menaces.

It was at this moment that Han Shuo returned!

Lawrence’s face was instantly one in awe of what stood before him. Lawrence, who had always shown a mature and steady demeanor in the public, became so emotional that he was rather incoherent in his speech, “You returned! This is wonderful! This is brilliant! That damned Pope of Light is indeed a despicable, vile character! Bryan, I have not failed you, I have not failed the people of my empire. Other than foreign threats, there’s nothing that the Empire has to worry about!”

Han Shuo nodded with a smile on his face. As his strength rapidly soars, his mind grew even more steady. With the realm he was currently at, naturally, he could tell that Lawrence had indeed said those words from the bottom of his heart. “No need for these unnecessary words. I have clearly understood the great effort you have put in during these years before coming to see you. I’m here with the intention of helping you resolve your current troubles,” Han Shuo said in a deep voice.

“Good! Good! Good!” Lawrence shouted three times in a row before he heartily laughed, “After five years, you have grown to be even more domineering! This is great! With you in Lancelot Empire, I can truly be at ease!”

With one wave of HS’s big hand, a chair distance away flew up and steadily landed behind him. He sat down in an unruffled manner. Then, looking at the emotional Lawrence, Han Shuo reclined to the back of his chair to get comfortable before he indolently said, “Although the current situation of the Continent appears complicated, it was in fact, nothing more than struggles between those few major religions. The Church of Light and Shrine of Ice has enormous influences. Therefore, Oden Empire and Kasi Empire backed by the two had all the superiority.”

“That’s right!” Before Han Shuo, not only that Lawrence did not display that high and noble air that a monarch should have, he had even deliberately humbled himself in attitude. He furious said, “At first, I did not believe that something as enormous as a nation could be swayed by a religious organization. But I was sadly mistaken. The presence of just one overwhelmingly powerful expert has an immeasurable effect on a religious organization as well as a country!”

Han Shuo put on a smile after hearing Lawrence’s words. He understood that Lawrence must have realized certain things during these few years. It appeared that the two demigod existences of the Church of Light and six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race allowed him to deeply understand the threat that an overwhelmingly powerful expert would pose to a nation.

“Ease up. From today onwards, those experts will not be able to pose us any threat, not anymore. Meanwhile, just like our previous conquest for the seven grand duchies, our Lancelot Empire will capture the entire Profound Continent in one swoop!”

These words of Han Shuo’s were not just resolute and decisive, they were incredibly bold! However, not only was Lawrence confident that Han Shuo was not just being ludicrous, he also felt an ineffable peace of mind and excitement.

Han Shuo held up a finger and egotistically said, “One month. In one month, I will sweep away all the experts of hostile religions for you!”

Those words, even for Lawrence who had complete confidence in Han Shuo, were just too much to swallow. It’s not that he didn’t believe Han Shuo was mighty, but he understood the terror in the strength possessed by those enemies Han Shuo would be up against, and one month’s time was just too short!

Han Shuo’s assertion that he would sweep all the experts working for religions hostile towards Lancelot Empire off the Profound Continent, in the short time of just one month was pure madness, absolute insanity!

Lawrence looked at Han Shuo rather doubtfully and said, “Bryan, isn’t one month a little too short? There’s the Soul Race behind Brut Merchant Alliance, the sacred mountain of the Church of Light, the Ice…”

“No need for more words!” Han Shuo interrupted Lawrence’s description. In a bossy and domineering manner, he explained, “All you need to do is mobilize the full military might of the entire empire and pick up the pieces after me. In the future, there will only be one Empire on the Profound Continent, and it will be our Lancelot Empire!”

When he was done, Han Shuo stood up from the chair and in spite of noticing that Lawrence wanted to speak, he said with a half-smile, “If you trust me, get them ready!”

“Of course I trust you, but…” Lawrence was between laughter and tears. He thought to himself, He hasn’t changed much in appearance, but how has he become so insolent and domineering in character?

“Good then! We will execute this project in tandem. I will be the main assault force, you will be the auxiliary force. These will suffice!” Han Shuo delineated the masterplan. With an unruffled smile, he said, “Well, I should make a move now. I shall start with the Empire of Orcs at the southern border. Our Lancelot Empire’s conquest for world domination has officially begun!”

Han Shuo’s body shot into a dark spot in the room like an erratic ghostly shadow and disappeared without a trace. Lawrence, who was looking at Han Shuo with his eyes wide open, felt as though he had simply fused into the darkness, not leaving a trace.

***The southern border of Lancelot Empire. South Border City.

War and conflict had shrouded the South Border City. Ever since the Orcs Empire first started their violent assault two years back, it had endured a few dozen big and small attacks. Compared to the dabbles previously attempted by the Orc Empire, the orcs seemed to have all gone insane during the last two years. They hadn’t simply gone insane, but they were unprecedentedly united and dedicated.

During those two years, Firenze, known as the greatest military strategist of the empire, commanding the Howling Legion - the mightiest legion in the empire - had been unyieldingly defending South Border City without slacking for a moment. At the start of the war, not only could Firenze easily and skillfully secure the South Border City, he could also initiate offensive strikes, scoring a few victories.

However, over time, the battalion of orcs assembled outside the South City Border grew ever larger. They occupied the wide expanse of plain outside the city like densely packed locusts. They would launch round after round of wild attacks at South Border City in defiance of death.

It was Firenze’s military strategy against the Orc Empire, whose army outnumbered his greatly. As they were in plains, even Firenze dared not to venture out of the city walls to meet the orcs head-on. The army stationed to defend South Border City were slowly being exhausted in the rounds and rounds of vicious enemy bombardment.

Simultaneously, Kasi Empire, over from the west, begun their ferocious invasion towards Lancelot Empire. The Imperial Army that had yet to recover from invading the seven grand duchies had a majority of them deployed to defend against Kasi Empire and therefore unable to replenish the South Border City with the troops it needed.

The advantage isn’t on Firenze’s side. No matter how wonderful Firenze’s military strategy was, without sufficient manpower resources, against the unending stream of attack from the Orc Empire, the South Border City had gradually grown weaker and weaker in strength.

The military strength of South Border City was being shredded away in every battle. But fortunately, as the people at the south was as tough as nails, as Firenze have a majestic status in the southern border, as the virtuousness of King Lawrence had spread far and wide, many able-bodied males had taken the initiative to abandon their original career and dutifully enrolled to the army to defend their homeland from the invasion of Orc Empire.

It was precisely for this reason that the South Border City could withstand two years!

However, in the end, there would be a day that their limited manpower is completely exhausted. A great portion of their able-bodied population had been wiped out during the two years of resistant. Against the seemingly never-ending stream of orcs, as the innumerable casualties continued to climb, most people were in low spirits.

Moreover, just the day before yesterday, the city gate was nearly breached. The South Border City was enveloped in an unprecedented panic!

“We are done for. No matter how brilliant Lord Firenze was, what could he do without military resources?!”

He sighed, “What should we do? His Lordship has been very good to us. His Majesty the King has been wise. I truly don’t want to leave this place I’ve lived in since I was born! But, but I don’t want to die either!”

“Go to Brettel City. It is said that in the whole of Lancelot Empire, only that city is safe! After all, that is Lord Bryan’s city. Although Lord Bryan had disappeared for five years, His Lordship has a group of miraculous experts over there. It should be safe!”

“Sigh, I wish not to leave my hometown except at the last resort! Let’s see how things go first. If it goes horribly wrong, to stay alive, we would have no choice but to travel thousands of miles and migrate!”

Conversations similar to this had been floating around frequently during the recent period of hardship. With their lives in danger, they surely would make plans for themselves. Brettel City, which had been relatively peaceful and tranquil for the last few years and enjoyed rapid growth in military and financial resources, became the first choice for the commoners to seek refuge.

On this day, at a time when the people of the South Border City were frightened, the magical transportation matrix in the city that had not lit up for a very long time suddenly blossomed splendid brilliance.

“Eh? It’s the young lady, the young lady has returned!” the chief of guards cried out in surprise and was extremely excited when he saw Fanny.

“Where’s my father?” the no-nonsense Fanny straightforwardly asked with her brows knitted.

“His Lordship is on the city wall, reinforcing it along with the commoners. Sigh, he’s been up there for a full day and night!” The chief of guards seemed worried for Firenze.

“Come, let’s go to my father!” Fanny pulled Han Shuo and flew straight towards the city wall.

“Who’s that guy?” the chief of guards asked after staring blankly for a moment.

“No idea. I thought that Miss Fanny would reject all advances no matter how talented or handsome? Why would she change her mind all so suddenly?” Another knight was just as shocked.

“Lord Bryan disappeared for so many years. It appeared that even the young lady had forgotten about His Lordship!”

“Sigh. Let it be. We are mere lowly troops, what for do we worry about this? However, the young lady doesn’t seem to be as loyal as we imagined,” he sighed again, “no one stays good in this world… no one...”

Their conversation gradually turned into silence.