Many powerful characters had once upon a time appeared on Profound Continent. Ayermike Cotton, Pegasus, and Graeae were originally figures ahead of their times. On the stage of Profound Continent, the three had once played extremely important roles. However, the Primordius Dragon deemed that their existences had disrupted the natural order of Profound Continent and therefore he took it upon himself to sentence the three to imprisonment under the Dragon Valley.

Although the three possessed mighty strength, compared to the Primordius Dragon, the guardian of Profound Continent, they fell far behind. Before the Primordus Dragon took action, they could stir up havoc with no repercussions. But when the Primordius Dragon took action, their hands were tied and they could only stand waiting to be captured.

The guardian of Profound Continent did not exterminate the three. After capturing them, he only incarcerated them, never putting their lives in danger.

From Ayermike Cotton’s narration, Han Shuo learned that the forbidden land inside Dark Forest was where the three were apprehended. There were many unruly magical beasts that were sentenced to death in the forbidden land for the heresy of challenging Primordius Dragon’s might.

“I will exact my vengeance against the old dragon!” Pegasus said angrily after listening to Ayermike Cotton’s simplified recount of the course of events.

Han Shuo looked at Pegasus disdainfully and said, “Even with ten clones of yourself, you are no match against the Primordius Dragon.”

Pegasus was a manticore who had repeatedly had fortuitous encounters. Although he wasn’t a super-ranked magical beast, he was a really lucky one. He managed to obtain two crystal cores from super-ranked magical beasts that died in a fight. After absorbing the two crystal cores of the super-ranked magical beasts, he began to mutate. Then, through many years of cultivation, he managed to make multiple breakthroughs in one go, giving him strength that transcended beyond the five ranks.

The Ancient Lizard King Dagassi that Han Shuo had earlier met at the underground world was merely a rank five magical beast. Based on the division of ranks of magical beasts, this Pegasus was likely a rank six with the strength of basegod.

However, no matter how powerful a basegod was, against the Primordius Dragon who was in the lowgod realm, the basegod would be dead without a doubt. They had absolutely no chance, not even in escaping.

“Damn it! Am I supposed to just swallow the grudge for the countless years of imprisonment?” when Pegasus learned that to exact vengeance on Primordius Dragon would be a fantasy given his strength, he angrily exclaimed, “I don’t care! I must take revenge! Right, even if I can’t kill that Primordius Dragon, I must at least slaughter his descendants!”

“You won’t have a chance for that either,” Han Shuo said smilingly. He pointed at the Dragon Valley, and continued in a deep voice, “Look around carefully. Is there any opportunity left for you?”

Pegasus' eyes trailed along the direction in which Han Shuo pointed and discovered the dragon bodies everywhere. A dozen or more gory carcasses of greater dragons lied disorderly all around the Dragon Valley. They had long been without a trace of life.

“You, you killed them all? the banshee was frightened and let out a gentle cry.

Han Shuo nodded and calmly replied, “Yep. Other than the Primordius Dragon who had left the Dragon Valley, all the dragons of the Dragon Valley are here - all dead.”

“This is bad. That Primordius Dragon surely won’t let go of you. Back then, it’s because we committed no offense against the dragon race that we were only locked under the Dragon Valley. At that time, all those experts who hunted their dragons weren’t as lucky as we were. Every one of them was killed by the Primordius Dragon. I believe that if the Primordius Dragon knew you did this, he will kill you by all means necessary!” Graeae the banshee said with her brows knitted. She seemed to be worrying for Han Shuo.

“It’s no big deal. If the Primordius Dragon has not made any progress in the years after he deployed that divine boundary, the next time I meet him, that will be the time of his death!” Han Shuo’s face turned cold.

If the Primordius Dragon was still a mid-stage lowgod, then with Han Shuo’s two early-stage lowgod avatars, his main body, and Little Skeleton working together, he had the certainty of killing the Primordius Dragon. Therefore, these words of his were not a baseless assertion.

“If you really could kill the Primordius Dragon, then Profound Continent will really be under the rule of our Lancelot Empire!” Ayermike Cotton put on a delighted expression. He appeared extremely excited.

“You will see that day!” Han Shuo put on a confident smile. Soon after, he looked all around, and continued, “But before that, we must first get rid of the current threats that Lancelot Empire is facing.”

“What should we do?” Ayermike Cotton, as the forefather of Lancelot Empire, had not put down his noble aspirations even after five hundred years. He immediately asked after hearing Han Shuo’s words.

“First of all, we need to destroy two religions. Follow me!” Han Shuo said with a murderous-looking face as he gazed in the direction to Kasi Empire where the Shine of Ice was based in.

Pegasus and Graeae exchanged glances and appeared somewhat excited as though they were looking forward to barbaric acts of murdering and plundering. Perhaps it was because they were accustomed to their arrogant and savage ways that they would be imprisoned by the Primordius Dragon. It seemed the few hundred years of incarceration had worn down not the slightest bit of their temperament. They remained thirsty for blood just as before.

Han Shuo hovered loftily above the Dragon Valley and expanded his consciousness to sense for a moment. Once he was sure that there was nothing left behind, he took the three fellas who had been imprisoned for many years flying straight for the snowland of Kasi Empire.

As all three of them possessed basegod strength, after going through a series of transmissions via magical transportation matrices, the party wasted no time arriving at the arctic snowland where the Shine of Ice was located.

The group of four, Han Shuo included, made no effort to conceal their tracks. They rampantly descended upon the numerous snowy peaks of the Shrine of Ice.

“There are basically no experts. There’s only one woman who could barely be considered as an opponent,” Pegasus silently observed the surrounding situation and said to Han Shuo rather enthusiastically, proudly hovering over the numerous snowy peaks of the Shrine of Ice.

“Pegasus, Graeae, get into action. Liquefy the sacred summits of the Shrine of Ice.” Immediately after Han Shuo expanded his consciousness, he detected Snow Celestial Tiana’s location. When he recalled of the betrayal he received back at the sacred mountain of the Church of Light, his heart became as frigid as the weather around him.

“This is not a challenging thing at all. Hehe, I like doing demolition jobs!” Pegasus had a round of savage laughter and shot downwards before waiting for Graeae to make her move.

Manticore was a type of carnivorous magical beast that was cruel by nature. Even as Pegasus evolved to rank six, the inborn qualities of a manticore were still unchanged as before. He was innately fond of killing.

However, Graeae the banshee seemed to be one step ahead. She did not need to rely on physical contact to launch attacks. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her ear-piercing voice tore through the air and spread to every frozen summit of the snowland as frigid cold air blew wildly.

Graeae the banshee cultivated in the elemental energy of wind. This race was born with special abilities to attack and cause confusion through their voices. By fusing her voice with the wind element, the shriek produced by Graeae the banshee possessed extraordinary firepower.

As she let out ear-piercing shrieks, avalanches suddenly broke out in many parts of the snowland. Her piercing shrieks constantly reverberated through the snowland. Many disciples of the Shine of Ice on the frozen peaks couldn’t stand the nuisance of the sharp noise and walked out from the shrines they lived in one after another, glowering at Graeae.

“Who are you? How dare you monkey around in our Shrine of Ice!” a great swordmaster with a stone-cold face yelled and glowered at Graeae while raising a longsword that sent out a chilling aura.


Right after that swordmaster shouted those words, Pegasus fell from the sky and landed on him. This swordmaster was given no chance at all to react and was stomped deep into the snowland alive by Pegasus’ muscular body. He could no longer make a sound.

Graeae the banshee was still shrieking loudly. The element of wind wildly converged on the snowland as her voice reverberated through the area. As the voice of Graeae the banshee grew louder and louder, many of the weaker Shrine of Ice disciples began to bleed from their ears. They had evidently suffered severe injuries.

The avalanches were still going on. As rumbles sounded, several frozen peaks of the Shrine of Ice gradually started to shake.

After Pegasus landed on the tallest frozen summit, he transformed into his original form of a savage and tough-bodied manticore and slaughtered all the Shrine of Ice disciples who charged at him. Being much greater in strength, Pegasus had met with zero resistance. He pranced and mauled around uninhibitedly, shredding the disciples of the Shrine of Ice into pieces one after another. Not a single one of them was a worthy opponent.

“Back then, Pegasus and Graeae were ferocious beings that every expert on Profound Continent was afraid of. Now that the two are liberated, other than you and the Primordius Dragon, I’m afraid there is no existence that could stop the two,” Ayermike Cotton indifferently explained to Han Shuo standing beside him as they watched Pegasus and Graeae slaughter away.

“Hehe, the Primordius Dragon was a little too merciful after all. If it were me, I would surely have finished these obviously restless fellas if they didn’t obey me, lest they cause any trouble in the future,” Han Shuo smirked. Something came to his mind and he thought for a moment before he said, “Oh, by the way, your personal notes on the cultivation of the element of darkness as well as the magical staff you left in the forbidden land were obtained by me. Hehe, perhaps we were brought together by fate. However, I don’t think that I can return the items to you as I have gifted them away.”

Contrary to expectations, Ayermike Cotton seemed pleasantly surprised at Han Shuo’s words. He looked deeply into Han Shuo’s eyes and lamented, “It really does seems that fate has brought us together. Back then, I thought that I would be dead without a doubt and therefore left these things behind, hoping that someone would inherit my cultivation experiences and approaches. Who knew that they would come to be in your possession. Perhaps we are destined to meet.”

As they conversed, a powerful voice came from the tallest frozen peak, “Cease!” The voice was abruptly followed by a human figure darting out. It was Snow Celestial Tiana who had once plotted against Han Shuo.