Back at Tarrag Canyon where Han Shuo and his gang had plundered from the Soul Race, all those who made it out alive obtained great bounties, including Tiana, who gained an Origin Crystal of Water. By fusing her soul with the Origin Crystal, Tiana formed a soul of element and saw a substantial increase in her strength. For the past few years, she had been delving herself into the cultivation of the water element, attempting to form herself a body of element.

Although Tiana had gotten stronger, before forming a body of element, she remained a demigod. A mere demigod was no match for Pegasus or Graeae, let alone Han Shuo.

Tiana, dressed in clothing as white as winter and wore a cold expression on her face as snowflakes fluttered around her. After shouting her presence, she shot high into the air and glowered at Graeae the banshee who was letting out loud shrieks.

Graeae the banshee did not even look at Tiana. She continued to screech above the mountains using her sharp voice that could rip the sky apart. Many of the Shrine of Ice disciples with poor strength gradually started to collapse. Some of them sank into a dazzled, head spinning state, while some broke their eardrums. They sustained rather significant injuries.

Pegasus, who was in his original form, also paid no heed to Tiana’s bawling. He too carried on with what he was doing at the frozen summit, cutting left and right and very wildly splitting into pieces all those who dared charge at him.

“Who are you people? What great grudges or grievances do you have with our Shrine of Ice?” Tiana shouted as she glowered at Graeae.

Both Pegasus and Graeae turned a blind eye to Tiana’s questioning. They ruthlessly attacked the Shrine of Ice disciples below as before. Just as Tiana was about to make a strike, Han Shuo descended from the clouds overhead, laughing mischievously.

“Snow Celestial Tiana, long time no see. Still recognize me?” After Han Shuo got down, he first gestured at Graeae and Pegasus to stop with their massacre before turning to Tiana.

Tiana truly was too familiar with Han Shuo. As soon as Han Shuo’s figure appeared, her face immediately turned to a frightened look as she cried out in surprise, “It’s you? You are actually still alive?”

Like most people, Tiana thought that matters announced by the Pope of Light could not be false. Therefore, she had long considered Han Shuo to be dead. She truly was astonished to suddenly meet Han Shuo again at the Shrine of Ice.

“Hehe, you really thought that I was a dead man just because the Pope of Light said so?” Han Shuo looked up and down at Tiana with a half-smile as he recounted the hatred in the past. As he walked on empty air towards Tiana step by step, his face gradually grew colder and colder. He fixed his eyes on Tiana and continued in an icy tone, “How would I let myself be killed so easily without putting you fucking contemptible fellas to death?”

Han Shuo did not deliberately display the mighty aura coming from his body. However, Tiana, whose soul had fused with an Origin Crystal, could instinctively sense the terrifying energy concealed in him. Tiana had absolutely no idea what realm Han Shuo had attained, but it was clear to her that Han Shuo was extremely powerful. The feeling of fear, which she had not known for many years, rose from the bottom of her heart.

Tiana had never felt so deeply terrified, not even when she was facing the Saintess of the Church of Light. This kind of feeling caused her heart to sink. The closer Han Shuo got to her, the more frightened she was.

“Scared?” Han Shuo sneered as he looked at Tiana. He felt the thrill of retaliation as he made cutting remarks at Tiana.

“No, I’m not…” Tiana’s voice was quivering. 

“After this day, the Shrine of Ice will disappear from Profound Continent. Your countless years of painstaking work will be undone. While you, friend-selling, treacherous old bitch, will vanish along with it,” as Han Shuo walked towards Tiana, he did not forget to constantly crush her with unfeeling words, disgracing her with all kinds of insults right before her death.

“Shut your mouth! I’m not afraid of you!” Tiana was furious. As the Snow Celestial of the Shrine of Ice, she finally couldn’t bear it when she was cursed in front of the crowd as an ‘old bitch’.

“Pegasus, Graeae, you two carry on with the butchering. Kill every single one of these men in the Shrine of Ice and destroy their foundation,” Han Shuo grinned and instructed Pegasus and Graeae.

“Rest assured, we will purge every last one of them!” Pegasus, in his manticore appearance, with his paws drenched in blood, pledged in a merciless voice.

“Very good. You may proceed!” Han Shuo laughed triumphantly as he flew towards Tiana. It wasn’t clear if Han Shuo had deployed some special spell or martial technique but he formed a whip using incorporeal energy. It made a loud crack when Han Shuo lashed it on Tiana.

As an expert who was on the verge of breakthrough to becoming a basegod, Tiana was unexpectedly incapable of evading Han Shuo’s attack. She had retreated in panic when she sensed incorporeal energy clearly shooting at her, and yet, she could not escape from the whip.

Tiana, who had always bore the image of a grandeur upper-class woman, received a lash to a side of her waist. The foggy mist that constantly surrounded her seemed scatter after that whip and it miraculously dissipated. After that strike, a small hole was torn in the silky white gown, revealing skin as fair as milk underneath. The red bruise from being whipped was plain and clearly visible on her white skin.

Han Shuo had exerted an extremely controlled and precise power when he flogged - It wasn’t enough to instantly kill Tiana, but sufficient to cause her immense pain. The whip that tore away her clothing had caused her an especially unbearable humiliation.

Tiana had always been a goddess-like, esteemed character at the Shrine of Ice and obviously had never suffered such treatment of being whipped like a slave. The pain that Han Shuo brought on her was not at all limited to just the flesh.

“Hehe, interesting, interesting! I believe that those disciples of your Shrine of Ice down there surely have never seen you like this,” Han Shuo laughed grimly. As soon as he finished those words, before Tiana could fly away, Han Shuo gave her another few lashes in a row. While leaving several deep red whip scars on her body, her white gown was further ripped open.

Tiana tried to run, but she could not escape.

Somehow, layers of air walls appeared in her path, causing her to be slower and slower in her escape. Meanwhile, Han Shuo was sneering as he unhurriedly pursued and attacked from behind her. Every strike of the formless attacks landed on Tiana, leaving more and more lash marks on her body. As that happened, some exotic energies intruded her body. They were akin to hundreds upon thousands of little worms gnawing on her flesh.

Right beneath Tiana was a crowd of Shrine of Ice disciples. Pegasus and Graeae had, at some point, ceased their hunting and killing, allowing them to raise their heads up and stare foolishly at the pathetic, miserable character that they so revered. Never ever had they imagined Ice Celestial Tiana, the noblest character of the Shrine of Ice, would be lashed just like a slave.

“You, you demon, just kill me! I won’t let go of you even in death!” The humiliation Tiana received had pushed her to the brink of a mental breakdown.