Han Shuo was very familiar with the visitors: Wolf the necromancer, and Burt Zili the former Duke of Boulet Duchy. After Boulet Duchy was annexed by Brettel City, Burt Zili disappeared out of the blue. It was said that this sinister summoner had returned to the headquarters of the Calamity Church.

The two had been waiting for Han Shuo at his Ossen City mansion for a long time and now, they finally got to meet Han Shuo as he returned from Phoebe’s Bootz Merchant Guild.

Their attitude was as respectful as ever. As soon as they saw Han Shuo, they performed the most courteous kowtow at Han Shuo. Their behavior had actually left Han Shuo shocked.

“Hey guys, what is this about?” Han Shuo was flabbergasted. The two seemed to consider him as a senior member of the Calamity Church. This was rather puzzling to Han Shuo.

“Lord Bryan, we have come under orders to invite you to the headquarters of the Calamity Church. We truly hope that your Lordship will formally make a trip back with us,” said Wolf.

“Oh?” Han Shuo gasped and asked puzzlingly, “Why have you invited me?”

The secretive Calamity Church had never publicly announced where their headquarters was located. Those countries and religions that were hostile towards Calamity Church had tried everything they could but still came nowhere close to pinpointing its headquarters. To be suddenly visited by Wolf and Burt Zili and beckoned there came as quite a shock, even for Han Shuo.

“Lord Bryan, your magnificent feat outside the South Border City and noble deed of destroying the Shrine of Ice has spread to our Pope’s ears. As soon as His Holiness learned of your return, he instructed us to do our best in inviting your Lordship to the Calamity Church in order to discuss important matters with you. We really hope that Lord Bryan will not reject the invitation.” There was an undeniable reverence in Wolf’s eyes. It appeared that Han Shuo’s thunderous actions after returning to Profound Continent had indeed astonished the Calamity Church.

“Why is it I who has to travel to Calamity Church? If your Pope is sincere, he should come to meet me personally,” given Han Shuo’s strength, the Calamity Church on Profound Continent did not strike him as anything spectacular. It was justified for Han Shuo to speak so arrogantly.

Wolf must have been thoroughly briefed before making his way over, as he did not get angry when Han Shuo said those words. On the contrary, he feigned hospitality and explained, “Actually, His Holiness the Pope has intended to personally seek and have a chat with you for five years now. This time was no exception. When he learned the news of your return, he was genuinely prepared to come here personally.”

“Then? Why didn’t he? Why has he insisted on me going to him instead?” Han Shuo said in a deep voice with his brows in a knit.

Han Shuo was not at all afraid that the Calamity Church would backstab him, not with all that power he held. Even with his two injured avatars, Han Shuo had full confidence of self-preservation. It’s just that during these recent days he was occupied with affairs about Lancelot Empire. He had no plans of leaving there anytime soon.

“Before His Holiness came over, he had utilized an altar to communicate with our God. We members of lowly status do not know the specifics of the conversation. However, His Holiness did tell us that it was our God who had personally given the instruction to earnestly invite you to the Calamity Church headquarters. It is only through the altar at our headquarters that you can communicate with the God we pray to,” Wolf explained in an extremely deferential manner.

Some thoughts suddenly crossed Han Shuo’s mind.

For days Han Shuo had been worrying about the matter with the Shrine of Ice and spider goddess Rose. It was clear to him that neither spider goddess Rose nor the Shrine of Ice was anything that he could contend against alone. If either one of them traversed to this place in person, Han Shuo knew that he had absolutely no chance of winning in a fight. He had clear understanding of the strength he possessed and knew he simply could not contend against either one of those powerhouses at this point in time.

After immersing in his head for ages, an idea came to Han Shuo’s mind, which was to adhere himself to a major powerhouse for the time being; while he had yet to possess his desired level of strength, he would use someone else’s power to contend against the Shrine of Ice, the spider goddess, and the Church of Light, which he would soon commit offense against.

His two avatars cultivated in the element of death and the edict of destruction. What’s more, the physical body of his avatar of death was formed from the skeletal staff. After turning over in his mind, Han Shuo felt that it would be much easier to communicate with powers on the side of the two overgods of death and destruction. The establishment that the two overgods had on Profound Continent was precisely the Calamity Church.

Han Shuo was practically certain when Wolf spoke that he wasn’t the only one thinking about this. It appeared that the powers of the two overgods had the same intention. They were probably throwing him an olive branch formally via the Calamity Church.

After much thought, Han Shuo put on a smile and relaxedly said, “So it seems. Alright, I will accept your invitation. However, you will have to have some patience. As soon as I complete matters on my end, I will head to the Calamity Church headquarters with the two of you right away.”

“Thank you so much, Lord Bryan!” Wolf had obviously loosened up when Han Shuo agreed to the invitation. Right after, he fawned on Han Shuo, “Lord Bryan, to tell you the truth, I knew that we were both on the same side from the very first time we met. Your Lordship has performed two great deeds as soon as you reappeared. All the cardinals high up in the church were jolted by the reports that spread far and wide. And now, there are gods that have asked for your presence directly. Lord Bryan is indeed beyond outstanding! If possible, we really hope that Lord Bryan will provide the two of us with your guidance.”

“Please provide us with your guidance, Lord Bryan,” Burt Zili who had been silent all along said in a fawning smile.

The duo had done their utmost to assist Han Shuo ever since five years ago and had invested plenty of their capital into Han Shuo, for example, helping Han Shuo’s Brettel City annex all seven grand duchies. The two were more excited than anyone in the world to see Han Shuo make a magnificent comeback and the Calamity Church attaching unprecedented importance to him.

Han Shuo smiled as he sized up the duo and nodded. He patted on Wolf’s shoulder and smilingly said, “Smart people usually have good luck. Rest assured, if opportunities present themselves in the future, I will not forget the favors you two have done for me in the past.”

“Thank you! Thank you Lord Bryan!” Wolf and Burt Zili were overjoyed at Han Shuo’s words and thanked Han Shuo at once.

Han Shuo had yet to formally join the Calamity Church but his actions had shaken all the high-level members of the church, including the Pope himself. The duo knew that once Han Shuo formally joined the church, as the master of the skeletal staff, Han Shuo would surely come to rain immense influence over the organization. With this reassurance from Han Shuo, the two could almost see the scene of their meteoric success in their careers. Even though they were old aged, they couldn’t calm their minds and were very much excited.

“Alright, you two may leave first. When I’m done here, I will immediately depart for the Calamity Church headquarters with the two of you,” Han Shuo calmly instructed the two who were beaming ear to ear.

“Understood, Lord Bryan. Just get in touch with us when your Lordship is ready,” Wolf and Burt Zili respectfully bowed and left.

Wolf had revealed the Calamity Church’s communication method to Han Shuo long ago. He totally did not treat Han Shuo as an outsider.

That made sense. The Calamity Church’s sacred weapon, the skeletal staff, was in Han Shuo’s possession. On top of that, Han Shuo was a necromancer. Not to mention that he was an arch-enemy of the Church of Light. His conduct and deeds for the past many years were, in fact, in line with Calamity Church’s goals. It was only natural that the Calamity Church had long taken him as one of their own.

After Wolf and Burt Zili left, Han Shuo continued to ponder for a while. He thought of the bitter experience of having his soul invaded in an underground chamber of the Cemetery of Death. He realized that the god back then wanted his faith, making him wholeheartedly serve under his Calamity Church. But now, by this point in time, Han Shuo too had become a god. Han Shuo believed that as long as that evil god wasn’t a fool, he would not use such a method on him again.

Different situations call for different actions. Well, I guess Calamity Church and I are going to exploit each other. But when my strength has attained certain heights, no one can tell who will have control over the other, Han Shuo told himself in his mind

For the next few days, Han Shuo properly compensated his three ladies at Ossen City, setting free the desire that they had repressed for the past five years all at once. His deeds at the South Border City and his conducts at Kasi Empire’s Shrine of Ice were intentionally propagated via the Dark Mantle, causing yet another wave of sensation through Lancelot Empire.

It seemed as though Han Shuo had become the new god that the people of Lancelot Empire worshipped overnight. The number of followers that the Druidic Order converted over their many years of operation in Lancelot Empire paled in comparison to the numbers Han Shuo had obtained within the last few days. Through Han Shuo’s meticulous guidance, countless citizens of Lancelot Empire had truly worshipped Han Shuo as their god, providing him their power of faith.

Some things might have been pleasant and enjoyable for Han Shuo, but some things were just particularly thorny. For example, the other day after he fornicated Emily, she questioned him about Jasper, Hemanna, and Sylph.

As Emily was a high ranking member of the Dark Mantle, in addition to the Abyssal ladies being too attention-grabbing when they appeared in Sunshine Valley, it would only be strange for her not to be aware of this.

Issues like these caused Han Shuo the biggest headaches. He had no choice but to summon up his courage and explain to Emily, emphasizing the peculiarity of demonic arts cultivation and that he was compelled by the circumstances.

But evidently, Emily didn’t buy into Han Shuo’s explanation at all. She said angrily, “The whole empire knows that you are lecherous, so don’t tell me that you are forced to do that. Also, you better explain this to Fanny and Phoebe as well. They too have learned about this.”

Han Shuo put on a bitter smile when he heard Emily’s words. He knew that it was easier to pacify Emily, but not so much when it comes to Fanny and Phoebe.

“Don’t forget, there’s that former Duchess of Helon Duchy, Helen, and sacred knight Sulo’s daughter, Sophie. What are you going to do about the two of them?” Emily pressed further charges as she panted with rage.

“What does Sophie have to do with me?” Han Shuo pleaded innocently.

“Hmph, she traveled thousands of miles from Kasi Empire to come to your Brettel City and their family has made many generous contributions to your city. They now specialize in raising battlesteads at the former Bonton Duchy for Brettel City. Who in the world can’t see that she is interested in you?” Emily let out a gentle sigh and beat on Han Shuo’s chest before she grudgingly said, “How could you be so promiscuous?” 

Han Shuo put on a bitter smile. He didn’t know what to say and had nothing to say, so he exercised his right to remain silent.