After he got rid of the divine knight and old shaman, Han Shuo turned his gaze onto the Light Pope and the divine magus. As to those sacred magi from the Shrine of Ice, they were just too weak to be regarded at all by Han Shuo.

Their meager strengths was only one of the factors. But what more crucial was that they were frightened of him. There was basically no will left in them to put up a fight. Even their thoughts of exacting revenge were crumbled. Without that, Han Shuo refused to even consider them a threat even if their powers were on par with Han Shuo’s.

From the moment the divine knight and old shaman began to storm towards Han Shuo, the Light Pope and divine magus had never stopped monotonously reciting their incantations. It was only when Han Shuo skewered the divine knight and old shaman with his hand that the duo raised their heads and took a grieving glance at their partners.

However, a glance was all they gave.

The Light Pope and the divine magus lowered their heads again right after, carrying on with their chanting. The spell was long, verbose, and abstruse. Their tones were heavy and stifling, as though brewing some spell of extremely destructive firepower.

Once the divine knight and old shaman were dead, Han Shuo turned his cold eyes to the Light Pope and the divine magus. He discovered that the two had carried on with their incantations as though nothing had happened. It was as though they didn’t realize that Han Shuo was eyeing them like a ravening tiger and could kill them at any moment.

This kind of intense concentration gave Han Shuo a feeling of unease, as though something wasn’t quite right. The arrival of this feeling was sudden and baffling. Therefore, Han Shuo did not recklessly charge ahead but became much more prudent.

The Light Pope and the divine magus could remain calm and composed in the face of death. However, the same could not be said about the two Shrine of Ice sacred magi that came with them.

Although Han Shuo’s cold, fierce eyes cared not to even linger on the two, because of their immense fear of Han Shuo, they felt as though Han Shuo’s target was themselves. After their Shrine of Ice was destroyed, the two had aspired to avenge their shrine. They had transformed their wishes into acts in this operation. But when they finally stood before the fearsome Han Shuo, seeing how he had callously, cruelly, and simply finished the divine knight and old shaman, the fear that they had tried so hard to repress broke loose from the depths of their hearts and shattered them to bits in the process. Their not-so-staunch determination to avenge had been demolished.

“Ahhh!!! “ The terror in their hearts grew ever more unbearable. They finally broke down and bawled hysterically.

The two sacred magi had lost their minds and taken nuts and bolts to be the next best alternative. A series of water magic was sent shelling and wheezing at Han Shuo. Broadswords glistening with the cold radiance of ice ferociously shot towards Han Shuo.

The two sacred magi had simultaneously gone mad and were now retreating instead of charging ahead. Their faces were slathered with a complex mixture of fear and resentment.

“Ha.” Han Shuo knew that these sacred magi of the Shrine of Ice had too much fear in their hearts. With their minds melded with so many chaotic emotions, they could simply pose no threat.

However, as they had taken part in the assault on the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, in addition to being top-notch experts of the Shrine of Ice, there was no way that Han Shuo would let them walk away alive.

Under the sky of hail, Han Shuo suddenly vanished. But the next moment, out of thin air, he appeared at the only evacuation path the sacred magi had.

The Demonic Blades suddenly blossomed from his two hands like two enormous, enchanted flower buds blossoming from his hands. With a flick of his wrists, the clean and cold flower buds were stained with fresh red blood.

The flower buds burst out from the backs of the two sacred magi, leaving two grisly openings constantly gushing with blood.

After two quick stifled groans, the two sacred magi whose minds was overtaken by fear were cleanly ended. They collapsed and beautifully dyed the ground red.

Han Shuo withdrew his fingernails and casually flung away the blood dripping off his hands.

Of the six attackers, four were finished off by Han Shuo. He turned to look at the two remaining experts and said unhurriedly, “Hey, enough with the tricks already.” 

Han Shuo did not expect that these two experts from the Shrine of Ice would be indifferent to Han Shuo’s words. They kept silent and still as though having fallen into a meditative state.

An uneasy feeling surged through Han Shuo’s heart. When he looked at the two from behind, for some reason, he felt rather apprehensive and fidgety. Even since attaining Nine Changes realm in demonic arts, Han Shuo had rarely ever felt his mind in disorder during a battle. He became even more cautious towards the duo.

He carefully scanned the duo for a while and coldly groaned. He then took a few steps back, revealed a gloomy and sinister smile, withdrew a Pearl of Annihilation, and flicked his index finger. The Pearl of Annihilation was sent flying at the duo.

When the Pearl of Annihilation was about to reach the two and explode, strangely, the space right ahead of them undulated with ripples, like the surface of still water disrupted by the falling of a small rock. The Pearl of Annihilation disappeared in an instant before it could explode. It looked as though it had sunken to the depths of the sea.

Then, yet another peculiar distortion and wrapping of space occurred in the region. Under Han Shuo’s attentive observation, this contortion of space only lasted for a brief moment before the space returned to normal.

Because of the connection he had with the Pearl of Annihilation, Han Shuo clearly sensed that the contortion of space in that region was caused by the explosion of the Pearl. He also discovered that they were a vast distance apart from where the Pearl exploded.

In other words, the Pearl of Annihilation had somehow been pulled into a spacetime fissure and exploded in some other unknown dimension.

After thinking it through, Han Shuo quickly came to recognize the situation. He was jolted but also glad of his prudent decision earlier not to rashly stampede at the two. Otherwise, he would likely have been pulled into that bizarre spacetime fissure, and very possibly be trapped in there for eternity.

How did they know about the abstruse edict of space? Han Shuo was absolutely puzzled as he stared at the Pope and the divine knight.

To use the edict of space, tearing space apart and forming fissures, drawing the enemy’s attacks or even the enemy itself into the spacetime fissure that was without any elemental energy, this was something that could only be done by a god cultivating in the edict of space.

The Light Pope and that divine magus should have both been cultivating the elemental energy of light. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t be able to produce such a miraculous and complex spacetime fissure. However, Han Shuo had seen it happen right before his very eyes; there indeed was a sphere of spacetime fissure. If he were to heedlessly charge ahead, he could very possibly fall into a trap formed using some advanced edictal law of space where no elemental energy could be found.

Therefore, without first getting a clear understanding of the situation, Han Shuo truly dared not to charge in. Of the eight elemental energies and four edictal forces, the most mysterious were the edict of space and the edict of fate. There was the least number of gods that cultivated in these two energies and it was rare to find experts accomplished in the cultivation of those energies. An average person would be wary when dealing with these two edictal energies, so was Han Shuo.

Completely baffled, Han Shuo couldn’t help but take a few steps backward. He silently observed the Light Pope and divine magus before him and expanded his consciousness. He spent all his attention on probing every inch of space around the duo and attempted to learn the secret to them forming the space edict trap around themselves.

There was nothing abnormal with the Pope. The elemental energy of light mixed with holy energy in his body flowed to the Holy Grail and olive branches in his hand. The Light Papal Tiara on his head was linked to his vast mental strength. All of the energy belonged to the elemental energy of light. Nothing questionable there.

Similarly, Han Shuo couldn’t detect any traces of the edictal force of space on that divine light magus tightly clasping the cross. Moreover, he had a weaker strength. There was no way that he could have formed the space edict trap around them.

What is actually going on? Han Shuo was at a loss. His heart that was as calm as still water now had a small ripple propagating through it.

Han Shuo’s brows were locked in place. He had yet to give up on figuring out the abnormality happening right before his eyes. His consciousness turned from centralized to distributed, turning into tiny threads hardly visible to the naked eye and wrapping around the Light Pope and the divine magus. The consciousness was a most mysterious energy. It was immaterial, incorporeal, and intangible. Han Shuo first tried to probe by slowly sending out one single strand of his consciousness towards the Light Pope.

He suddenly perceived a wonderful sensation.

A desolate black hole suddenly leaped into the perception of that strand of Han Shuo’s consciousness. That black hole was shooting out strange colorful lights. It was warping and throbbing, giving off a chaotic edictal energy of space.

Han Shuo was aware that that was a fissure torn in the spacetime. After carefully sensing through that strand of consciousness, he discovered that the strand of consciousness was indeed not affected by the spacetime fissure. It was not subjected to any attraction or distortion from any forces.

Han Shuo inwardly praised the wonders of demonic arts and his heart was greatly relieved. With the majority of his consciousness remaining behind in this mind, he sent that single strand of consciousness slowly forward. He carefully avoided the spacetime fissures in his path and made his way to the Light Pope bit by bit. Although the Pope was standing right before him, the path felt long and endless.

Han Shuo put his full and complete attention on the task. He could not distract himself by the slightest bit. His strand of consciousness was like a slippery mudfish that gracefully waded through obstacles in a swamp. He was very patient in approaching the Light Pope.

Gradually, with Han Shuo’s careful navigation, the incomparable consciousness managed to avoid and slip through those spacetime fissures and arrived in the cramped space where the Light Pope and divine magus were standing.

Han Shuo’s head was drenched in cold sweat. He repressed the great joy in his heart and tirelessly wandered about on the Light Pope’s body using that tiny strand of consciousness. He meticulously examined every inch of his body.

When that single strand of his consciousness arrived at the mouth of the Holy Grail and was about to enter it for further probing, he suddenly heard a voice coming from inside the Holy Grail, “Who are you?”