A late-stage highgod! Han Shuo was greatly alarmed. After his two avatars had cultivated to be lowgods, he finally recognized just how mighty a god really was. A late-stage highgod expert was to the present-day Han Shuo simply unimaginably powerful.

Han Shuo knew none of his avatars could handle a duel against a mid-stage lowgod alone. Only with all three souls combined did Han Shuo have the confidence to attain victory.

Highgods were genuinely terrifying existences, and even more so were late-stage highgods. They were the mightiest beings below the Overgods and were practically invincible.

If Gyál was a late-stage highgod, then this soul that he had personally set about to seal in this Holy Grail couldn't be much lower in strength.

As Han Shuo thought about it, he became even more wary about helping this person to free this soul. If by any chance this person was an ingrate and coveted for the power of faith of Profound Continent, Han Shuo would have no way of even defending it and could only look on helplessly as what was his was occupied and taken away.

“Why did he stow you away you?” Han Shuo carefully asked. His heart was apprehensive.

“During the great battle between gods, I, as a cultivator of the edict of space, helped an old friend and opened up an interplanar tunnel that connected two battlefields together, which ultimately resulted in Gyál’s forces losing the battle. After the event, Gyál learned of my involvement and he despicably mounted a sneak attack on me, separating my divine soul from my divine body. He cast my soul into this Holy Grail. But I have no idea where my divine body is kept.” His words were increasingly sparse and his voice breathy.

Han Shuo had no idea if he was telling the truth or just lying. He maintained scruples about this being and kept silent as he digested his words.

“Your divine soul and divine body are separated. How is it that you can still deploy the edictal force of space?” Han Shuo’s eyebrows were raised and his forehead creased.

As this cultivator of the edict of space of unknown origins possessed the ability to pause time, Han Shuo could not neglect the danger of his existence. Han Shuo was always vigilant and cautious towards anyone who wasn’t an ally and had the strength to pose him threat. He would never do something out of impulse only to deeply regret it later.

“This is thanks to the unique property of this Holy Grail. Gyál didn’t want me to die, so he extracted a very minute portion of the divine energy from my divine body and placed it in this Grail. This way my soul is preserved and the master of the Grail can take control of my power by activating the light element magical matrix on the Grail.”

Just a minute portion of his divine energy could form a spacetime barrier and suspend time as far as a fifty kilometer radius. If this person’s divine body and soul were to be reunited, just how mighty would he be?

The more he explained, the more Han Shuo was appalled. In turn, the more apprehensive Han Shuo was in making him any promises.

“You are sealed in this Holy Grail by Gyál, and this Grail was in turn handed to this Light Pope. In that case, can that highgod Gyál sense your presence through the Grail? Will Gyál travel across material planes to look for you if the Light Pope loses the Grail?” Han Shuo carefully inquired. He was well aware that if that Gyál were to descend on this plane for this Holy Grail, even with just his soul, no one on Profound Continent would be a match against him. By then, even Han Shuo himself, the biggest heretic, would be hard pressed to escape. Han Shuo needed to be sure.

“Haha, I know what you are worried about.” Perhaps he had been shut in there for too long, as the being seemed to be very interested in making conversation. The more he talked with Han Shuo, the more relaxed his intonation became. “Gyál putting me here has indicated that this plane must be extremely remote from high-level material planes. I reckon that this place is merely a low-level material plane.”

The gods classified material planes into barren, low-level, mid-level, and high-level. A barren material plane had sparse populations with limited lands. Living beings on those planes lacked in development. Elements of all sorts were thin and energy ores were scant. No real gods had ever arisen from those planes. A low-level material plane had its own culture and civilization. The total population would reach around one billion, since they were usually blessed with relatively expansive land, an adequate amount of elements all around, and sufficient energy ore. Lowgods tended to inhabit those planes. Mid-level material planes were populated with much more developed civilizations, their total populations often bordering on about ten billion. They were privileged to have vast expanses of land, soils rich with elements, and energy ore deposits in gross excess. Planes like this were crowded with midgods; and high-level material planes were all the more so. The total population of most high-level material planes would be at least ten billion. Their lands were boundlessly vast. Elements of all sorts could be found in rich and intense concentrations. There were plenty of strange and miraculous ores to be found. Numerous lowgods and midgods lived there. Highgods were also present on those planes.

Han Shuo had learned this information from Bechymos back at the Abyss realm. After returning to Profound Continent, based on that method of classifying material planes, Han Shuo knew that the Profound Continent was barely considered a low-level material plane. Profound Continent was home to rather vast lands but the total population it hosted was just short of two hundred million. There indeed were lowgods present, but so far, other than himself, the only lowgod that Han Shuo knew of was the Primordius Dragon.

The Abyss realm, however, since it hosted a population of more than a billion, had much greater land mass, and was once home to the five Abyssal Demon Kings, it was by definition regarded as a true low-level material plane.

Upon hearing the soul inside the Holy Grail suggesting that Profound Continent was a low-level material plane, Han Shuo helplessly replied, “You are indeed correct. Based on the division of material planes known to gods, this plane is barely in the class of low-level material plane.” Han Shuo continued to explain the situation on his plane.

“Oh? You know about the classification of material planes? You aren’t so uninformed after all!” the soul inside the Grail was rather shocked but did not question Han Shuo any further about that. He reasoned, “I know you are worried that Gyál might come to this plane, but you shan’t fret about that. Given his status and identity as a late-stage highgod, there is no way he would turn any attention to such a low-level material plane. Even if he has business here, the most he would do is to send his subordinates over. Gyál knows that I’m on this material plane as he put me here. But he had done so in order to prevent anyone from finding me. Therefore, unless he was met with a major event concerning me, he would never order anyone to come down here to retrieve the Grail. So you can be at ease. Even if somebody does arrive, it will definitely not be Gyál.”

Han Shuo’s heart loosened up after hearing his explanation. He turned to look at that frozen Light Pope with a sneer and inquired the Grail, “Will me killing the master of the Grail cause you any adverse effect?”

“None whatsoever. Be my guest. That fool is simply the most annoying little snitch I have ever come across. All these years he has been trying to obtain the essence of the edict of space from me. Most laughably, he even offered me ‘great rewards’ in exchange. Haha, what ‘great rewards’ could a puny basegod provide?”

Upon hearing those words, Han Shuo extended his hand and pressed it on the Pope’s head. A burst of energy erupted from his palm and the Pope’s brain was well-cooked.

Just like the old shaman, the Light Pope also has a mighty soul that doesn’t dissipate with his physical body’s death. His soul was easily collected away by Han Shuo.

The Holy Grail, the olive branches, the papal tiara, the cross, their clothing, space rings, a necklace made of bones that the old shaman wore, and some other things that Han Shuo thought could be useful, were all plundered away.

Not a single person from the party who carried out an assault on the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force remained. They were all killed by Han Shuo.

Other than that so-called Saintess who couldn’t seem to leave that sacred mountain of the Church of Light, all the true world’s best experts had all been murdered by Han Shuo. It appeared that on the whole of Profound Continent, the Primordius Dragon was the only being that could contend against him.

“Erm, what should I do about you?” after putting away all his spoils of war, Han Shuo held the Holy Grail and transmitted to the person inside it.

The soul inside the Holy Grail kept silent for a long, long while, faintly sighed, and transmitted, “I know what you are worried about. Truth be told, your worries are totally unfounded. In fact, you guarding against me seems absolutely preposterous to me. A mere low-level material plane really isn’t worth anything to me. Besides, we people who cultivate in the edict of space couldn’t care less about the power of faith of such a low-level material plane. Plus, being inside this cup, without anyone operating it through incantation, I couldn’t deploy an edictal force of space if I tried. The divine energy I now possess is too weak to break myself free from the binding of the Grail. Even in the case that I’m free from the Grail, without my divine body, I cannot pose you any threat. You really don’t have to be so wary towards me.”

“I’m really sorry but it’s not safe for me to trust you. I have no clue what you’d do after you’re free. At the present moment, I have no wish of helping to set you free, although I might not possess that capability yet. For the time being, I will have to trouble you to stay inside there. After I fully understand some things, or perhaps when I’ve gained enough strength to the point where you will not be a threat, then, I will return the favor you did me today and free you from this Grail.” Han Shuo was sincere in his words.

“Haha, well I don’t count on you setting me free immediately. It is my firm belief that it takes time for two people to understand and be familiar with each other, and time is the most of what I have. I hope that you will keep the Grail yourself and talk to me when you have the time. I have been lonely for too long and being able to talk to someone from time to time, to me, is something of a luxury. Hmm, I believe that I have far greater knowledge about the affairs between the gods in all the major material planes than you do. If you have any questions, asking me could be the fastest way to get the answer.”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment and turned delighted. He transmitted, “Then I shall thank you in advance. There are indeed many things that I don’t yet know about high-level material planes. You, as an expert cultivating in the edict of space, could definitely assist me greatly in that aspect. Right, be at ease. As soon as I ensure that you have no bad inclinations, or better still, when I’m confident that there is no possibility that you would cause me a threat, I will spare no effort in getting you out from the Grail. And if I feel that you are friendly enough, I might even find ways to locate your divine body and assist you to truly resurrect so you can get your revenge.”

“Well then, it’s a deal!” The being softly laughed. He seemed to be in a great mood.

“It’s a deal!” Han Shuo too was in a fine mood and gladly promised.