Han Shuo could hear Phoebe’s painful crying loud and clear. His heart ached. However, Phoebe was just too possessive and her actions just too harsh, which also made him very uncomfortable.

“Is, is she alright?” seeing Han Shuo’s gloomy appearance, Lisa hung her head down as though she had done something wrong and asked Han Shuo in a low voice.

Han Shuo forced an unsightly smile, sighed, and consoled Lisa, “It’s okay. She will be fine after crying.”

Fanny and Emily did not catch up with them. The thought that the two were now trying to calm Phoebe made Han Shuo feel much more relieved. 

Having been in a relationship with the three for so long, this was the very first time that Han Shuo had gotten angry. Although he knew that he was the one at fault, he just could not contain his own temper.

Phoebe had always posed the greatest resistance. She had in fact reacted rather violently when his relationship with Emily and Fanny was first revealed to her. Reacting obnoxiously seemed to have become a usual practice for her. Whenever Han Shuo had an affair with some lady, Phoebe would always fly into a terrible rage out of jealousy. Han Shuo would then have to constantly flatter and soothe her with kind words and beg for her understanding.

Han Shuo understood in his heart that the root cause for all this was that Phoebe’s love for him was simply too deep.

However, Phoebe had spiralled into a fit of rage over and over again; it was getting to be too much. Besides, the die was cast. It was impossible for Han Shuo to side with Phoebe alone. If she were allowed to be a troublemaker, in the future, not only would it vex Han Shuo to the tips of his nerves, she might go on to take an extra mile after being given an inch.

Han Shuo wasn’t a man who would let his women saddle on his head for forever. Perhaps blowing up once in a while would allow him better control over the situation. If not for Phoebe’s overly harsh and unkind language, Han Shuo would most likely have exhorted her with kind words like he always had and slowly dispelled the discontentment in Phoebe’s heart.

“How about, I go back there and explain to her?” Lisa timidly said to Han Shuo. She was very considerate of Han Shuo and she felt ashamed of herself.

Han Shuo shook his head, forced a smile, and replied, “Forget about it. Right now, she’ll only find you irritating, I’m sure. I’m very clear about Phoebe’s stubborn temper. It’s better to just let her calm down for the time being.”

“Bryan, I’m sorry!” Lisa stared blankly for a brief while before she said in a guilt-ridden face. She was on the verge of tearing up again.

Han Shuo caressed Lisa smooth, long hair, and reassured her, “It’s not your fault. Phoebe has held that back for a long time. It was just a matter of time before she erupted. This isn’t all that bad. Alright alright, stop thinking too much. For now, just keep your mind on understanding the stuff in your head. Coincidentally, I have some matters to attend to and will be leaving for a period of time. When I return, I will look for Phoebe and have a chat with her. I believe that she would have calmed down by then and will actually be open to logical conversation.”

“Okay. Please return as soon as you can. I’m going to miss you,” Lisa raised her head to look at Han Shuo and said in a lovable voice.

After talking to Han Shuo for a while, Lisa returned to the school of necromancy. Han Shuo circled around Phoebe using his consciousness and saw that she was no longer weeping with Emily and Fanny consoling. His was slightly more relieved and silently left the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force.

Han Shuo looked for Ayermike Cotton and communicated with him briefly before leaving Ossen City.

By using the magical transportation matrices found in major cities, Han Shuo rapidly made his way to the Cemetery of Death at the Dark Forest. Inside, his two avatars were still slowly and silently recovering from the injuries they received from the last battle. As there was an intense presence of the element of death inside the Cemetery of Death, his avatar that cultivated in the element of death was recovering faster. He sufficed that it wouldn’t be long before he would be as good as new.

The avatar of destruction was recovering at a slower rate but complete recovery wasn’t too far away.

Han Shuo had returned to the Cemetery of Death to uncover what was at the bottom-most layer of the structure, as well as to refine spirit demons, the highest level of demon general, using the three souls that he had recently collected.

As his avatar of death was still recovering, Han Shuo did not rush to explore the so-called secret of becoming a god at the last layer of the Cemetery of Death. Instead, he started out by deploying the formation to refine a spirit demon.

After his twelve mystical demons perished, Han Shuo had been keeping an eye out for the materials required to refine spirit demons. In the Abyss realm, Han Shuo had acquired large quantities of rare and uncommon materials. To add to what he had plundered on the Profound Continent over the many years, he had gathered all the needed material for refining a spirit demon.

--that is except for the most crucial part of the equation. He hadn’t set about doing so earlier because he had not come to possess mighty souls. But now that he had collected the souls of the Light Pope, the old shaman, and the demigod magus, he could finally get started.

Han Shuo first etched on the empty ground ahead of the Cemetery of Death in accordance with the memory in his head. He carved out a complex diagram of a formation. To proceed, he summoned earth elite zombie and asked him to carefully and neatly cut the ground accordingly. After the initial decoration was in order, Han Shuo started to pour in large quantities of the required materials. The uneven surface of the earth was densely covered with all kinds of bizarre materials.

There were three oval holes at three sides of the formation. They would form a triangle if connected by lines. The holes were filled with bloody fluids that bubbled off. They filled the air with a nostril-assailing scent.

After Han Shuo walked to the first hole, the skin on the tip of his middle finger ruptured and three drops of his blood essence fell into the hole. As soon as that happened, the bubbling bloody liquid in the hole suddenly boiled over. Colorful vapors rose in spirals. But strangely, the vapor gathered above the hole and didn’t seem to dissipate.

One after another, Han Shuo dropped three of his blood essences into the other two holes. Again, the mysterious, un-dissipating vapors took shape.

Subsequently, Han Shuo sat on a protruded platform at the center of the formation. He pressed both his hands on the glossy smooth and crystal clear magical stone on the platform. An enormous amount of demonic yuan suddenly gushed out and pinholed right into the magical stone.

In an instant, the magical stone burst out with gaudy magical lights. The dozen or so fine ditches that were connected to the magical stone, surprisingly, started to slither as though glowing serpents.

If one were to look down directly from the top, one would see the fine ditches form a drifting spider web that was gently swaying and twisting. One could easily find beauty in its peculiarity. Those ditches seemed to be channels for transporting some kind of fluid propelled by demonic yuan that gathered all kinds of energies before ultimately flowing into the three holes that contained Han Shuo’s blood essence.

Neither moonlight nor sunlight could penetrate the Cemetery of Death and therefore the passage of time became indistinct once one was inside. After an undetermined period of time, the magical stone gradually glowed less and less brilliantly. On the contrary, above the three holes where energies converged, the vapors that continued to cloud up began to blossom with intense, colorful lights. The scene appeared demonic, even.

Han Shuo, who had been sitting atop the magical stone, suddenly got up and flew over the first hole. He carefully withdrew his Soul Depository Ring and grabbed the weakest soul in it - the soul of the demigod magus. It was launched into the vapor accumulated above the first hole at lightning speed.

In an instant, the thick vapor appeared to be boiling and it started to glow magnificently. A miserable wail started to play from it.

Han Shuo had an unfeeling expression on his face. In a flash, his body came to hover above the next hole. He proceeded by pulling out the old shaman’s soul and cast it into the thick vapor.

When Han Shuo then threw the Light Pope’s soul into the vapor above the last hole, the patterns on the entire formation seemed to come alive. It now took on the appearance of a three-eyed monster. The fine ditches were like scars on the monster’s face that wriggled like earthworms. The scene was terrifying.

Inhuman, blood-curdling shrieks continuously echoed from the vapor congealed over the three holes.

With the same look on his face, Han Shuo flew back to that platform at the center and sat cross-legged on it. He again pressed his two hands on the magical stone and sent forth the demonic yuan in his body, providing the three spirit demons the energy needed for their first round of evolution.

Yet another long and undetermined period of time unwittingly passed, along with perhaps another few million rounds of persistent shouting, when finally, the terrifying voices stopped.

Han Shuo, still sitting on the platform revealed a few traces of tiredness. He gently opened his eyes, glanced at the three spirit demons that had sunken into a hibernation phase, and slowly stood up from the platform.

Han Shuo took a deep breath and shifted his attention away from the slowly evolving spirit demons. He flew to the center of the Cemetery of Death, casually withdrew several thumb-sized medicinal pellets from his space ring and swallowed them without chewing. He sat next to the enormous interplanar transportation matrix to rest.

Sitting close to Han Shuo’s main body was his avatar cultivating in the elemental energy of death. It was at this moment that its eyes, having been shut for a long time, suddenly opened. He stretched his body, exercised his somewhat stiff neck and joints, and revealed a satisfied smile. Soon after, he walked towards the bottom of the Cemetery of Death.

After taking some time off to recuperate, this avatar of his had finally fully recovered from its injuries. What’s more, he even felt better than he did before the battle at the Shrine of Ice and he had gained a deeper understanding of the energy he cultivated in. This soul of his possessed the memories of a midgod who had a profound understanding of the elemental energy of death. However, knowledge was not exactly the same as actually putting them into use.

The valuable experiences he gained from fighting that god who descended at the Shrine of Ice had significantly improved his manipulation of the elemental energy.

Although this avatar had suffered heavy damage from the battle, what he gained had far outweighed the damages. After that battle, based on his familiarity with the elemental energy, Han Shuo had a feeling that he was close to making a breakthrough to be a mid-stage lowgod. This filled Han Shuo with great excitement.

Although he would still be a lowgod, a mid-stage lowgod would be much mightier than an early-stage lowgod. When that happened, not only will his comprehension of elemental energy improve, his divine energy and Domain of Divinity would also be enhanced by a wide margin.