GDK 638: After killing you, I will be the new Planar Guardian!

“Wait right here, do not go anywhere!” Han Shuo, wearing a grave expression, shouted at the ladies.

“Bryan, what is going on?” Emily demanded. She could tell that Han Shuo wasn’t joking around. The unprecedented nervousness showing on Han Shuo’s face told her that something major was about to happen.

“There’s no time to explain. Just stay inside and don’t go anywhere!” Han Shuo repeated before he charged in the direction of the dragon aura that his senses picked up.

When this avatar flew out, the avatar of death and the main body also shot out from the Cemetery of Death, turning into two trails of light shadows that streaked across the sky.

“What’s happening? What’s actually happening?” Phoebe asked flusteredly.

“He must have run into great trouble. Given his strength now, this enemy that he has to treat with such graveness is certainly not one that we could touch. We should just stay inside as he said lest we be a burden to him!” Emily, who had seen and experienced all kinds of situations, said to the other two ladies calmly.

“Emily, his enemy came to his door soon after we came over. Is it because of... of us?” Fanny wore a culpable face as she said hesitantly.

“Possibly. Forget about it. Now is not the time to blame ourselves. But if there’s anyone to blame, it has to be me. I shouldn’t have brought you all here to look for him!” Emily said, sighing. Her delicate face was filled with regret. She contradicted herself by suggesting that she was at fault after saying that it wasn’t time for blaming.

“It’s not your fault. It’s all because of me that this is happening!” Phoebe claimed responsibility.

“Alright, alright. Let’s stop talking about this. We just have to stay inside and wait. I know Bryan will safely emerge from the jaws of danger. He will be fine!” Emily forced a smile on her face and pulled the two ladies towards the center of the Cemetery of Death.

As soon as Han Shuo exited the barrier, he saw the enormous Primordius Dragon charging over at a terrifying momentum, wrecking the towering trees in his path as though they were twigs.

The ancient Primordius Dragon unfurled his Domain of Divinity of Earth. An enormous amount of the element of earth gathered around his tremendous dragon body and formed a thick layer of earth armor, making his already tremendous body appear even more colossal.

Han Shuo expanded his consciousness and examined the Primordius Dragon’s path in clear detail. He saw that the Primordius Dragon would soon ram into the barrier around the Cemetery of Death. With one thought, his two avatars suddenly appeared on his left and right. The avatar of destruction transformed back into the Demonslayer Edge. Carrying a trail of bloody radiance, the Demonslayer Edge shot straight at the Primordius Dragon rapidly charging over.

Meanwhile, the avatar of death, using the divine energy in its body, assembled the elemental energy of death. He formed an enormous bone shield in front of the barrier of the Cemetery of Death. The white bone shield was like a large field of clouds that gave off gaudy white light as it reflected the sunlight. 

The Demonslayer Edge shot at the Primordius Dragon at lightning speed. It was aimed at the Primordius Dragon’s lantern-sized eyes.

However, before the Demonslayer Edge got close to the dragon eyes, the Primordius Dragon spurted out his dragon breath. The dragon breath was concentrated with the elemental energy of earth found in his Domain of Divinity and congealed to form a ten-meter long earth dragon that hammered down on the Demonslayer Edge. This neutralized the Demonslayer Edge’s attack aiming at his dragon eye.

Immediately after that, the monstrous body of the Primordius Dragon violently rammed into the enormous white bone shield deployed by Han Shuo’s avatar of death. Thereupon, a deafening explosion that resonated through heaven and earth erupted.

The super-sized white bone shield formed using the element of death and divine energy could not withstand the hit and suddenly shattered, sending bone fragments all over the place. Han Shuo let out a stifled groan. His avatar of death had a pale look.

That strike managed to completely shatter the super-sized white bone shield of Han Shuo’s avatar of death. His body was merely halted for a moment before he continued to ram into the barrier surrounding the Cemetery of Death.

At this very moment, Han Shuo’s main body of almost two meters tall suddenly grew to become a giant more than thirty meters in height. Before the Primordius Dragon could reach the barrier, Han Shuo’s hands grabbed the Primordius Dragon’s enormous body, lifting him into the air. The demonic yuan rapidly spurred, fueling Han Shuo’s mighty physical body with energy. He flung the big dragon away with all his might.

A loud rumble rocked the earth when his body smashed into the ground two hundred meters away. Rocks were shattered, the earth trembled, and sand went sent flying through the clouds. A row of ancient trees of all sizes were either snapped or uprooted.

Han Shuo first used his avatar of destruction to force the Primordius Dragon to spurt out his dragon breath as he charged towards him, then followed by using the white bone shield with his avatar of death to block his quick and violent strike. Taking advantage of the instant the Primordius Dragon was stopped, he let the energy in his main body detonate, transforming Han Shuo’s main body into a giant before tossing the dragon far into the distance. This series of actions took place within fractions of a second. All three bodies of Han Shuo’s struck with perfect synchronization and precision. Thanks to their excellent planning they  managed to block down the Primordius Dragon’s devastating strike, stopping him from destroying the boundary around the Cemetery of Death.

After just a short few seconds of battle, much of Han Shuo’s energy had been drained; it was as though he had fought a long war. 

The Primordius Dragon was indeed worthy of being the Planar Guardian of Profound Continent for several thousand years. Han Shuo had to exert all the strength of his three bodies just to take one fierce strike of his. He was indeed the last well-matched adversary of Han Shuo’s on the continent!

After hurling the big dragon away, Han Shuo’s gigantic main body heavily panted before his breathing resumed to normal. He took one giant leap and landed in the region where he had flung the Primordius Dragon.

By now, the Primordius Dragon had regained his footing. Standing his ground, he raised his head up and looked all around with eyes red with fury.

After making that strike, Han Shuo understood that the Primordius Dragon was covered in a layer of earth armor that gave him immense defensive power. Besides, by this point, Han Shuo still couldn’t be completely certain that the Primordius Dragon had come alone. He had to be cautious in his attacks.

“It’s you! Are you also the one who bathed my Dragon Valley in blood?” the Primordius Dragon roared furiously when he saw the carefully approaching Han Shuo. He appeared extremely enraged.

“That’s right. All those greater dragons in the Dragon Valley died at my hands!” Han Shuo nodded and admitted nonchalantly. 

“You wretched sinner! The Church of Light is right - you are the root cause of chaos on Profound Continent!  I shouldn’t have merely imprisoned you in the Abyss realm back then. I should’ve killed you without the slightest mercy!” the Primordius Dragon was even more furious to hear Han Shuo admit his crimes so calmly. He raised his head and roared in rage.

“You had brought it all upon yourself. I was so kind to assist you in resisting the invasion of the Abyssal creatures. But in the end, not only were you so ungrateful for my assistance, you cut me off from the interplanar portal while I was inside the spacetime discontinuum and trapped me in the Abyss realm for five long years. I was almost stuck in the Abyss realm forever because of you. You’re the only reason I painted your precious Dragon Valley bright red. Those offsprings of yours all died because of you!” Han Shuo reminded.

“No need to quibble. You have killed my people, so you must pay with your life!” the Primordius Dragon seemed to be unwilling to discuss it any further. He was constantly twisting his neck and it appeared that he was about to get into motion again.

“Have you come alone?” Han Shuo asked before the Primordius Dragon attacked.

While talking to the Primordius Dragon, Han Shuo also took the liberty to survey the surroundings with his consciousness and did not pick up on any other expert lifeforms. However, Han Shuo dared not to lay his full faith in his findings because, if the hidden attacker was in a realm that exceeded his, their soul might be able to hide from the consciousness detection. Therefore, Han Shuo could not be completely certain that there wasn’t any mightier expert around.

After dealing blows with him, Han Shuo could be certain that the Primordius Dragon had yet to attain late-stage lowgod realm. Although Han Shuo did not have absolute certainty of securing victory against the Primordius Dragon, he believed that with three souls fighting against one, there wouldn’t be much discrepancy in their strengths. However, if there was more than one attacker, unquestionably, Han Shuo would have no way of prevailing. In that case, all that he could do was return to the Cemetery of Death and run as far as he could with his three ladies.

“So what if I’m alone? I’m more than enough to kill you!” the Primordius Dragon was slightly stunned in his rage when he heard Han Shuo’s question. But soon after, as though he felt that he was being insulted, he roared, “Petty human, don’t you think that my race of greater dragon would be just as despicable as yours!”

“Oh. It appears that those experts from the other material planes have yet to descend,” Han Shuo mumbled to himself, ignoring the Primordius Dragon’s bellow.

“Back then, I showed you mercy and spared your life. I will not repeat the same mistake now! After I kill you, I will destroy the Cemetery of Death. Then, those evil gods will have trouble coming here. Profound Continent will regain its tranquility. You are the biggest element of instability on this continent. You must die!” It appeared that the Primordius Dragon knew of Han Shuo’s role in the Calamity Church. The two masters of the only two interplanar transportation matrices belonged in different factions and were destined to be arch-enemies.

“The last time, you harmed me but didn’t kill me. That shall be the biggest mistake you will have made in all your life, because it’s too late to kill me now!” Han Shuo sneered. From the moment Han Shuo learned that the Primordius Dragon was there alone, his heart was at ease. Han Shuo had a taste of the Primordius Dragon’s strength and knew that he indeed was very mighty. But Han Shuo also had confidence in himself and did not consider himself to be weaker than the Primordius Dragon.

Those words of Han Shuo’s made the Primordius Dragon burst into a peal of loud, crazed laughter. The giant figure of the Primordius Dragon rose into the sky as he cackled, blocking the sun’s radiance. His shadow shrouded Han Shuo’s below.

Suddenly, the earth under Han Shuo’s feet started to quake, its magnitude quickly becoming more extreme. The level ground was undulating up and down like ocean waves in a storm. Terrifying energy was rumbling towards Han Shuo through the earth. It was as though the thick surface of the earth wanted to bury Han Shuo under its mass.

Han Shuo knew that once he was covered under the earth, the Primordius Dragon would certainly have ways of bombarding him using the earth’s energy. Therefore, as soon as he felt the earth quiver, he soared into the air. He was high up in the sky before the ocean wave-like ground could cover and crush him.

“After killing you, I will be the new Planar Guardian of Profound Continent!” after soaring into the sky, Han Shuo said as he glared at the Primordius Dragon. His body hovering before the dragon gradually turned more and more blurry until he completely disappeared with not even a trace of his aura detectable.

Strangely, the Primordius Dragon suddenly ceased his roaring and became bizarrely silent. He could sense that Han Shuo was in the vicinity because an intense threat locked on him all along was still present.