GDK 648: Sudden changes

“How is it? Pretty good, isn’t it?” Wood elite zombie smugly sought Han Shuo’s approval right after helping to rejuvenate Han Shuo’s main body.

"Wonderful!" Han Shuo praised from the bottom of his heart.

“Hehe! The energy I received is immense. I need to return and digest it for a period of time. After this, I can be just as strong as they are!” wood elite zombie relayed.

Han Shuo understood what wood elite zombie meant and nodded. Without wasting more words, he sent him back to the Netherworld.

During the next few days, Han Shuo remained indoors within the Cemetery of Death. As the recovery speed of his main body had been accelerated using the energy from wood elite zombie, he managed to fully recover from all the injuries sustained in just a few days. In addition, his main body became even tougher and mightier than ever.

The repaired body would always be stronger than before it was damaged. Such was the terrifying characteristic of the body of a demonic arts practitioner.

After the main body was fully healed, the demonic yuan could circulate unimpededly throughout his body. Han Shuo had consumed some of his demonic yuan in repairing and healing his main body. But now that it had fully healed, he would be able to replenish all the exhausted demonic yuan by spending a little bit of time.

His two avatars also remained inside the Cemetery of Death, silently comprehending the elemental energy of death and the edictal energy of destruction. After experiencing two rounds of battle against the Primordius Dragon, the avatar of death managed to gain a deeper understanding of the elemental energy of death. He seemed to be on the verge of becoming a mid-stage lowgod.

For gods, every slightest increase in realm meant a lengthy process. If an ordinary god were to learn that Han Shuo was able to advance his avatar of death from early-stage to mid-stage lowgod realm within such a short period of time, they would surely be astonished.

As the destruction avatar did not have much battle experience related to the edict of destruction that he could digest, he did not advance as rapidly as the death avatar. Han Shuo, however, was not discouraged. He carefully reflected the method of using the edict of destruction after every battle and silently contemplated the true essence of the edict of destruction.

During this period, Han Shuo did not take one step outside of the Cemetery of Death and paid no heed to the circumstances out there. His mind was at peace as he silently cultivated.

Suddenly, Han Shuo’s heart jolted. He noticed that three souls had suddenly formed miraculous connections with him.

Han Shuo was bewildered at first but became delighted soon after. His body blurred and abruptly materialized on the piece of land at the front of the Cemetery of Death.

The demonic formation for refining spirit demons which Han Shuo had relocated along with the Cemetery of Death no longer displayed any sign of activity. Although the three spots in the matrix which contained the spirit demons appeared to be lifeless, Han Shuo could sense the presence of the three spirit demons.

“Aha! Sure enough, they are successfully refined!” Han Shuo cheered. He walked to the location of the first spirit demon and extended his big hand. Demonic radiance glistered from his palm and illuminated the spirit demon. Han Shuo then closed his eyes and managed to acquire a connection with the spirit demon within. He proceeded by freeing the soul from the matrix.

Gradually, Han Shuo’s palm was covered with dark radiance. When the spirit demon that was in hibernation state sensed Han Shuo’s presence, it became very excited and active. As though a butterfly breaking from its cocoon, the mists that enveloped the spirit demon dispersed in the air.

A hazy and indistinct shadow that was twisting and wrapping within the mist suddenly shot out and disappeared into Han Shuo’s body in a flash. A strange energy entrenched itself in the demonic infant like a worm burrowing into an apple. It seemed still and contented.

The newborn spirit demons had a very heavy reliance on Han Shuo. They also needed the nourishment of Han Shuo’s energy to continue to grow. 

Han Shuo repeated the same actions with the other two spirit demons. They were turned into the size of a grain of rice and kept in his demonic infant.

Unlike the mystical demons and yin demons Han Shuo had previously refined, the spirit demons were the real deal. Although the mystical demon and yin demon were also considered demon generals, in most circumstances, they could only act as Han Shuo’s scouts for surveying the perimeters and did not possess much ability to attack.

But this could not be said for spirit demons. Not only did the spirit demons inherit all the miraculous abilities of those lower ranking demon generals, but it also possessed great firepower. On top of that, perhaps the most important of all, the spirit demons could evolve an indefinite number of times. A spirit demon would become stronger each time it evolved. Their attacking power would become even more formidable.

Han Shuo withdrew the spirit demons one after another. After deeply contemplating for a while, Han Shuo destroyed the formation for refining spirit demons.

Han Shuo did not leave the Cemetery of Death during this critical juncture. He stored his two avatars back into his main body and sat cross-legged next to the humongous interplanar transportation matrix, waiting for the arrival of experts from the distant material plane.

*** On a mountain peak neighboring Brettel City, a party of gods gathered.

Kaiser, Eriksson, and their partners, all wore grave expressions on their faces. They seemed extremely vexed and deeply bothered by something.

“Have we searched the entire continent?” Kaiser kept silent for a long while before he suddenly asked.

“We have practically searched the entire continent but there is still not a trail of him,” Eriksson from the Shrine of Ice replied in a cold and steady manner when he saw that the others were silent.

“Where in heaven’s name did that kid place his interplanar transportation matrix? How could he have been so careful not to leave the slightest trail?” Kaiser sighed, before continuing, “Although this kid has mediocre strength, he is nonetheless an adversary that must not be taken lightly!” He scratched his head, which was red with rage.

Eriksson who had the experience of fighting with Han Shuo nodded and agreed, “That’s true. I have fought with that kid before. Not only is he very cunning, but he also has a staunch heart and will. He definitely is not one who would easily give in. There isn’t much time left before those fellas arrive, but we still couldn’t locate that kid or his transportation matrix. The matter is going to be pretty troublesome this time.”

“How about... we find that kid’s friends, capture all of them, spread the message, and wait for him to take the bait?” suggested that married woman.

Kaiser bunched his brows and said in a displeased manner, “Mary, we are after all, gods. We shouldn’t do such despicable things if not necessary. Besides, I don’t think that it would be effective against him. So, no, we are not doing that!”

That beautiful woman was stunned for a moment before she put on a respectful face and concurred. But at the same time, she silently cursed in her heart, What are you pretending to be honorable about? It’s not like the Church of Light has never done that before!

“I don’t think we will find that kid in time. Why don’t we destroy the Calamity Church here first?” Eriksson suggested.

Kaiser again shook his head and disagreed, “The Calamity Church on a mere low-level material plane like this is absolutely not worthy of our time. Hmm, how about this, as we still have some time, let’s figure out the path to the deepest layer of the underground world. And, if it’s possible, deny them the pathway of entry. How does that sound?”

Entering and exploring the deepest layer of the underground world was indeed much more important than destroying the Calamity Church establishment on this material plane. Hence, after a short moment of thinking, the party agreed to Kaiser’s proposal.

Having come to a resolution, the party wasted not a second. They soared into the sky and headed to the entrance to the underground world at the Dark Forest.

There was a quagmire not far from the mountain where those gods gathered. Deep under the quagmire was the mini transportation matrix that linked to the Cemetery of Death in the Boundless Sea. However, as the mini transportation matrix was concealed by Han Shuo using special demonic arts technique, these gods from high-level material planes failed to detect it.

Han Shuo was really fortunate to have been scrupulous in obscuring the energy in the mini transportation matrix using demonic arts. Otherwise, given the mighty strength of these godly beings, they would likely have found the mini transportation matrix and located Han Shuo though it. That would be absolutely catastrophic to Han Shuo.

“Grandpa, it’s about time for me to go back. I have been away for such a long time and Bryan will start to worry about me. He is going to shred me if I don’t go and look for him soon.” Gilbert had been staying in the underground world for a while, to spend some quality family time with his grandpa, Gilges. He also paid his respects to his deceased father.

Gilges was very happy to be able to see his grandson again. Gilges the old dark dragon had spent a long time in heartache and sorrow after Gilbert exhausted all his lifeforce in saving the race of dark dragons. Although Han Shuo had previously promised Gilges that he could resurrect him as a healthy and active little dark dragon, Gilges had always taken that as just a comforting word.

Especially, during the time Han Shuo was trapped in the Abyss realm, there was not one bit of news from Han Shuo for five years and therefore Gilges thought that Han Shuo really had been killed by those from the Church of Light. He had given up all hope at that point.

But suddenly, during his most despaired days, dark dragon Gilbert sudden returned to him. Even his strength had greatly advanced. This simply was unbelievable for Gilges and therefore he had been urging Gilbert to spend more time with him.

Those days were the happiest days that Gilges, the patriarch of the dark dragons, had lived. He made his little dark dragon listen to him talk about the old affairs of the dark dragons as well as many of their secrets.

As the old dark dragon had the intention of letting Gilbert take over his position as the patriarch of the dark dragons, he let Gilbert in on these secrets that the dark dragons had been guarding for ages without an ounce of reservation. He also informed him on how to deal with affairs among the dark dragons. Although Gilbert wasn’t particularly interested in assuming control over the dark dragons, he couldn’t douse the old dragon’s enthusiasm and very patiently listened to what he had to say.

“Brat, you mention Bryan so often that it’s making your grandpa feel somewhat envious,” the old dark dragon feigned annoyance as he spoke.

The old dark dragon was in fact very grateful towards Han Shuo. This was not only because Han Shuo had resurrected Gilbert, but also because Han Shuo had previously rescued their race of dark dragon from the Shrine of Ice. The old dark dragon had also learned from Gilbert that Han Shuo was growing stronger and stronger. He was actually very pleased and relieved that Gilbert was following Han Shuo.

“Err… Bryan won’t be as wordy as you are. I’m getting bored listening to your stories about the past every single day. This place is really too dull. It’s much more fun to be with Bryan. Right, if I was with him, I could have helped him when he destroyed the Shrine of Ice and avenge my clansmen,” Gilbert said in a sloppy manner.

“Alright, alright. In any case, I have told you what you need to know. Go and look for your Bryan. But remember, as soon as you have the time, come back to visit this old man here. Otherwise, I will go to the surface and give you a round of beating!” 

“OK, OK, I got it! You really are long-winded!” Gilbert answered before quickly flying away. He was afraid that the old dark dragon would further recount to him the stories about the dark dragons.

Gilges forced a smile and sighed. He thought to himself, This little one, your grandpa has raised you all these years and yet all you know is to run to Bryan!

Soon after dark dragon Gilbert departed, Kaiser and his party arrived.

Eriksson had previously learned from Ice Celestial Corey that the race of dark dragons held the secrets to entering the last layer of the underground world. These mighty gods needed only to make the slightest effort before they found out where the dark dragons hid.

The ice-cold aura coming from Eriksson’s body left Gilges instinctively frightened. He immediately raised his voice and shouted, “Who are you people?”

All the dark dragons in the vicinity heard the yelling and gathered. They looked at the unexpected guests as though facing their worst enemy.

“You are the patriarch of dark dragons?” Kaiser put on a faint smile and asked in a cordial manner.

“That’s correct. What exactly do you all want? How did you find this place?” The old dark dragon was flustered. Before these people, he somehow felt completely powerless and had no energy to even resist.

“Great!” Kaiser gently laughed before putting on a stern face and said to Gilges, “Little lizard, tell me the secret that you all have been guarding all along, the path to the bottommost layer of the underground world. If I’m pleased, perhaps I might let your race live on!” 

The old dark dragon was terrified and he immediately shrieked, “Everyone run! Run as far as you can!” 

“You are too unamenable to circumstances!” Kaiser creased his brows and shook his head before instructing those behind him, “Other than this old one, kill them all.”

Kaiser and Eriksson remained motionless while the rest of those weaker gods got into action. Those dark dragons did not even have a chance of escaping. Before these godly beings, they were just like powerless lizards without any ability to resist. The population was rapidly decimated.

After just a short few seconds, the ground was covered with the dead bodies of dark dragons. Not one managed to escape.

“My mouth stays shut even if I die. Someday, our deaths will be avenged!” the old dragon that was filled with grief immediately attempted suicide.

“Dian, dig up the secret from his soul before he is dead,” Kaiser casually instructed. He then smiled disdainfully and said to himself, “Who on this continent could avenge your death? What a naive lizard!”

In an instant, an even younger-looking god arrived next to Gilges. A ring of light enveloped the old dark dragon’s head and he suddenly started making a miserable, blood-curdling screech. His vitality gradually faded away.

“Found it! I will lead the way.” When the young god Dian withdrew his hand, Gilges collapsed onto the ground with his eyes wide open.

“Let’s go,” Kaiser instructed. The party left without second thought for those who remained.

It was at this moment that magnificent rays suddenly blossomed from the interplanar transportation matrix in the Cemetery of Death, rousing Han Shuo who was silently cultivating beside it!

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