GDK 649: Professional Bulshitter

Han Shuo, who had been sitting for a long time, saw a giant plane in front of him, and burst into a dazzling white light. He suddenly grew up and concentrated on the plane.

    Han Shuo has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Seeing the white light shining from the plane of the plane, I understand that those who are strong in the opposite plane will appear in the plane of the plane.

    "Oh..." whispered, and it rang in the plane of the plane, and the light spread out. Two women and three men came out of it.

    At present, a charming woman, wearing a navy blue veil, bright teeth, brilliant, full of dark elements, Han Shuo sensed a terrible force on her, is definitely a median god Strong, my heart was immediately shocked.

    Behind this beautiful woman is a skinny man who is not covered with a few flesh and blood. He cultivates the power of death and has the power of the next god. Behind the old man, there are two young people who practice the law of destruction. They all look good and are probably the strength of the late God.

    The last girl in a purple short skirt, the jade arm is white and white, and her face is delicate, but her eyes are abnormal, and the power of death is also the middle of the next god.

    A group of five people, a beautiful woman, a girl, an old man, two young people. Except for the unmeasurable degree of the beauty of the woman, the other four are all in the late power of the lower god, so Han Shuo’s heart sinks.

    "Big man, you are the one who responds to us? Ha, how do you stay!" The girl’s eyes smashed, and the smart voice fell on Han Shuo, unknowingly chuckled.

    "Li Wei, how can I say it!" The beautiful woman, who first smiled and yelled at the girl, then gave me a walk out of the plane and glanced around, saying to Han Shuo. Some naughty, don't mind."

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    At this time, Han Shuo has calmed down from the surprise of several people, and smiled easily. "Welcome to the mainland of Chio!"

    "A low-level plane. It's definitely boring!" Li Wei wrinkled her nose, stretched her waist, and looked away, seemingly looking for something that would interest her.

    "Li Wei. Would you like me to take you around? First look at this low-level plane. Something fun." One of the youths who practiced the law of destruction. Proposed.

    "Okay, okay. Let's go out." Li Wei was happy. Hurry to accept.

    "Before things are not known. Don't act alone." The beautiful woman frowned. Speaking.

    Give her this. Li Wei reluctantly spread the hand to the youth. Lazy.. "Know it. Big sister Donna. You can be really strict!"

    The beautiful woman Donna smiled. Helplessly.. "We are coming over this time. It is not to come to play. Those guys may have arrived long ago. In this strange continent. Once they are alone with them, there must be danger. Let us first understand the situation of this continent. We Then decide the direction of action."

    I looked at five people for a while. Listening to them said something. It is roughly known that the famous woman named Donna Di is the leader of this pedestrian. The same old man who cultivated the elements of death. Silently speaking without a word. Look at Li Wei's eyes full of respect. It seems to be her servant. Two youths who practice the law of destruction. I talked more with Li Wei. The other one is silent.

    "We don't know much about the specific situation of this continent. Let me introduce it to us first, okay?" Donna told several people not to say more, then smiled and asked Han Shuo.

    The other four people listened to Donna and began to talk about business, and they no longer clamored for play. Their eyes gathered at Han Shuo and silently observed Han Shuo.

    In the face of the five-person exploration, Han Shuo smiled lightly and calmly. "There is no special need to introduce the mainland situation. I don't think you have much interest. Well, I will tell you about your mission. I will tell you roughly. Let's take a look. The underground world entrance is in a forest, and the path to the bottom is controlled by the Black Dragon family. The Black Dragon family is intimate with me and finding the path is not a problem.

    The people who are against you are coming to the mainland one step at a time. Because I want to guard this plane, I don’t know their current position and actions for the time being. I only know that one of them should come from the Ice and Snow Temple, the median realm..."

    Skip some unimportant, Han Shuo will briefly describe some of the most basic situations on the mainland, and his brief understanding of those people.

    "Well, it's very detailed, it's good." Donna nodded with a smile, then turned around and asked. "Yes, what is your name?"

    "Brian." Han Shuo replied.

    "Oh, Brian, let me introduce you." Donna said as she turned around and pointed to the girl behind her, laughing and saying. "Li Wei, the late death of the lower god, from the Giyalan family, that The old man is her servant, like her, the end of the gods, called Cobbert. The two brothers who practiced the law of destruction, called Bolton and Bowen, from the Brooke family, my name is Donna, and later in this plane, It may be a lot of trouble for you."

    Every time Donna introduces one, they will pay tribute to Han Shuo, but it can be seen that the five people in this line did not really take Han Shuo seriously, but the courtesy of the return, they are not sincere.

    In their eyes, Han Shuo’s low-level squad is a kind of little person who has no weight, can only be a guide, can’t get on the table, and they will not give Han Shuo’s true respect. of.

    Donna reported the four people and two families, but did not say their own way, so Han Shuo had some doubts. According to the memory left by Han Shuo from Beth Moss and the owner of the original staff, it is natural to know that death and destruction of the relationship between the Lord and God are intimate.

    However, Donna Mingming is practicing the power of the dark elements. This time, as a leader, Han Shuo was a little surprised. Isn’t the mind of the dark gods mixed with the two evil spirits?

    When Han Shuo was surprised, Li Wei whispered and suddenly went to the glassware that magnified the sea monster, and looked at the sea squirrel with a small octopus in his head, and smiled and asked. "Ha, good. Ugly little fish, a little meaning!"

    Li Wei said that she would break the enchantment of Han Shuo and try to take the little octopus out and play without any scruples.

    "Don't move him. He's not a pet!" Han Shuo frowned and snorted.

    Although he does not care about the life and death of the sea monster, but in any case on his own site, it can be regarded as his own things. That Li Wei did not pass his consent, and it was a bit too arrogant to shake his things, which made Han Shuo somewhat unhappy.

    "An ugly little fish, what is precious? Let me play!" Li Wei did not seem to hear what Han Shuo said, and was ready to break the enchantment and take out the sea monster to play.

    A figure flashed away and instantly came to Li Wei. Not waiting for Li Wei to react, the glassware has fallen into the hands of Han Shuo. I saw Han Shuo's big hand wave, the death cemetery enchanted to open a gap, the glassware also flew out, the glass broke in the middle. The sea monster fled to the sea.

    "Damn, those guys! How, how terrible!" The sea was terrified, and he felt very terrible in Li Wei and others, and he was really scared. One by one, the tentacles quickly twisted and twisted back to the sea, all the way to the distance.

    "Go, let's go as far as you can. If you don't want to die, it's best to leave this area forever." Han Shuo said to the sea monster.

    Han Shuo promised to spend this life on the sea, not wanting to miss the appointment because of Li Wei, especially when Li Wei ignored his master's feelings.

    "You, have you robbed me of something?" Li Wei did not respond. Some doubts looked at Han Shuo muttered.

    "That thing is mine, I let him have nothing to do with you." Han Shuo said indifferently.

    Li Wei hasn't said anything yet. The sulky old man, the gloomy gaze has been eyeing Han Shuo, his face is not happy.

    Donna was surprised to look at Han Shuo, and she was a little surprised, because Han Shuo was so fast that she didn't respond to her for a while. What surprised Tangna most was that she didn’t feel Han Shuo’s use of death and destruction!

    Suddenly, Donna was curious about Han Shuo and saw that Cobbert looked gloomy. I can't help but laugh at the round field. "A small fish is put away. What's the big deal! Li Wei, we are guests. You need to know some measure, don't be too abrupt!"

    "Small guy, what's so great?!" Li Wei was very upset. She listened to Donna and said that the eyeballs of the smart eyes were turning and smiling, as if nothing had happened.

    Li Wei said this, Cobert once again bowed his eyebrows, and it was a dead look.

    "I didn't expect a low-level plane, it's quite a bit interesting, hehe!" Bolton, who had previously answered with Li Wei, whispered and whispered.

    "If you don't mind, we can go to the underground world." Han Shuo looked at himself as if he had not heard a few people's speeches and did not see the disdain in their eyes.

    "That's the best." Donna readily agreed.

    "I will lead the way." Han Shuo was a bit uncomfortable. He did not use the transmission array in the center of the death cemetery. He first went to Brett City and transferred from Bret City to the city of Waren to the dark forest. The cemetery travels long distances from the innocent sea.

    Donna and his party were naturally unclear that Han Shuo had such a fast path, so he did not say anything and followed him to the dark forest.

    "Oh, yes, how do you know that the Ice God Temple has a median god?" On the way to the dark forest in the clouds, Donna seems to have some interest in Han Shuo. I looked at Han Shuo for a while and thought Han Shuo was a bit weird. I want to open my mouth and ask.

    "I have seen it!" Han Shuo was quite polite to this Donna, turning and smiling.

    "If you are a median god, can you still live if you have seen it? In particular, the other party knows that you have mastered the plane of the plane!" Li Wei’s disdainful sarcasm seems to be in retaliation for Han. Shuo just suddenly grabbed the hatred of the sea monster in her hand.

    Although Li Wei was too late to prevent it, Han Shuo was able to take away the sea monster from her hand, or let Li Wei feel a bit indignant, but Li Wei was not as reckless as the appearance, and Donna had to sell it on the ground, so there was no on-the-spot attack. Instead, there is a mind that slowly counts.

    However, Han Shuo was in front of them, and dared to say that he had seen the median god, which is a bit too bragging.

    "Love doesn't believe it!" Han Shuo shook his head with a smile and didn't have much trouble with this girl with a bad stomach.

    Donna was also full of surprises, but she did not speak to Han Shuo’s statement, but turned around and said: "Where did you see him, what is it?"

    "When I killed the guardian of this plane and ruined the plane of the plane, I was blocked by him when I was ready to leave the enchantment. After I escaped from the enchantment, I almost died and died. Unfortunately, I am still late. One step, if it passed earlier, maybe they will not come!" Han Shuo has no regrets.

    "What, what? You have killed this plane guardian and ruined the plane of the plane that he has mastered?" Under this, even the leader of the line that did not reveal the figure, Donna, could not help but exclaim. Some eccentrically looked at Han Shuo.

    "Hah, in a median god enchantment, you can still escape, friends, you can blow too much, admire!" Bolton laughed, yin and yang grotesque.

    Han Shuo grinned and shook his head, not explaining anything.

    "Brian, you said that you really ruined the plane of the plane?" Donna looked solemn and asked, "You are sure?"

    "Of course!" Han Shuo said. "If you don't believe, you can let one of them, and look at it in the past."

    "No matter how you destroy the plane of the plane, if it is true, this battle, we can take the initiative. Well, I will write down this credit, you can rest assured, will not treat you badly." Tang Na see Han Shuo affirmed that he was overjoyed and did not expect to have just arrived on this continent. He heard this good news.

    The plane of the plane is destroyed, which means that once the personnel on their side are damaged, they can return as soon as possible, and they can use the plane to transmit the array, and then mobilize the master to help, which is very cheap. On the other hand, not only can we not continue to replenish personnel, but we may also have to go through the journey of the last trip.

    Shrugging, Han Shuo smiled, did not have any merits, and did not have any flattering, very relaxed.

    Donna nodded secretly. She looked at Han Shuo a bit and felt that Han Shuo might not be good, but his mind and temperament were really extraordinary. When she thought about it, she had a good impression on Han Shuo, and she was very beautiful. The old man next to him, Curber, frowned.

    Donna knows that although Li Wei is ridiculous, she is not a person who cares about her. However, her servant Cobbert is not so generous. With the strength of Cobbert, if you have the heart to let Han Shuo suffer, Tang Na thinks that Han Shuo must not escape, so I have some care in my heart.


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