GDK 696: A Gifted Ugly

Han Shuo immediately understood what the matter was after hearing the words of that green-haired man in a towering rage. However, Han Shuo refused to confess to his crimes. He forced a smile and said, “What are you talking about? I couldn’t catch what you are saying.”

“Despicable fella, you plundered all the valuables from those deceased. You had the guts to do it but why don’t you have the guts to admit it?”

“I didn’t do it. What is there for me to admit?”

“Those things you sold to that divine weapon shop obviously came from the deceased inside the valley. Someone from the shop tipped it off to me. Just admit it already.”

Han Shuo suddenly went silent after hearing those words. He did not expect that those divine weapons would still get him into trouble even though Donna had personally accompanied him to broker the transaction. Seeing that there was no room for denial, Han Shuo creased his brows and contemplated for a moment before he asked, “So what do you want?” This wasn’t that big of a crime and Han Shuo did not think that they could do much about it.

“Nothing much. Those things were sold for a total of three hundred black crystal coins. You must come with us to sort out everything. In addition, in accordance with the rules, a portion of the crystal coins will be forfeited. After that, this will be over,” said the green haired man with a smirk after Han Shuo admitted to his crimes.

There were around ten divine guards with midgod strengths surrounding Han Shuo. These divine guards were directly under the command of Erebus, one of the seven chief divine guards of the City of Shadows. As Erebus was a member of the Sainte Family, the most powerful family clan in the City of Shadows, while Han Shuo was still new to the city and possessed no influence, he had no choice but to follow the green haired man to the Third Corps of City of Shadows Divine Guards which was under the command of Erebus.

Naturally, Erebus would not bother himself with a matter as trivial as this. After arriving at the Third Corps, that green haired man took Han Shuo to a hall filled with books and scrolls. There, a middle-aged man with white hair and a solemn face interrogated Han Shuo about the matter. After Han Shuo described his account once through, that white-haired middle-aged man said, “As per the rules, you must pay two-thirds of the crystal coins to them, which is two hundred black crystal coins.”

“Of those divine weapons sold, the three midgod divine weapons belonged to me. I did not plunder them from that place. The three midgod divine weapons were worth two hundred fifty black crystal coins. Please take that into account,” Han Shuo immediately raised an objection.

“Mister Kayton, don’t listen to his nonsense. This kid is merely a lowgod who only recently arrived on Elysium. There's no way he could be in possession of three midgod divine weapons except through unjust means. All the divine weapons he sold were plundered from the valley. It must be so!” the green-haired man rebuked. Two hundred black crystal coins was also a small fortune for them. Of course they wouldn’t be willing to let Han Shuo have it for nothing.

Obviously, Kayton was partial towards the green-haired man and nodded after hearing his argument, saying, “Anito’s words make sense. There is no way that you could come to possess not only one but three midgod divine weapons through proper channels, therefore they must have been acquired from that valley. Enough, just take out two hundred black crystal coins and you may leave. There’s no need to quibble!”

“You are being prejudiced!” Han Shuo coldly groaned. He continued, “Please be impartial. When I sold those divine weapons, I was with Miss Donna of the House of Lavers. You can ask her about the specific details and find out if I’m telling the truth!”

“Miss Donna of the House of Lavers?” that person named Kayton was stunned. He soon turned to look at Anito with puzzled gazes and asked, “Was Miss Donna there as well?”

“I, I’m not sure,” Anito was somewhat hesitant. He had merely received a tip-off from a shopkeeper working in the weapon shop and he had not investigated the matter thoroughly. Now when he heard that Donna of the Lavers Family was involved, he immediately realized that Han Shuo might not be such an easy target.

The Sainte Family was, without a doubt, the most influential family in the City of Shadows. Although Anito and Kayton were pretty much members of the House of Sainte, their positions were far short of the real members of the family. If even Erebus would need to give some face to the Lavers Family, as mere subordinates of Erebus, of course they had to be careful and take precautions in dealing with their associates.

“Alright, I will decide on your case after further investigation,” after hearing Han Shuo mention Donna’s name and seeing that Anito appeared hesitant, Kayton thought for a moment and decided not to rush in handing his judgment before fully understanding the case.

It was at this point that Han Shuo truly came to understand Donna’s words. Useless was it to even be a highgod of great power; without authority, influence, or backing of a major family clan, you would run into all kinds of troubles or inconveniences when performing most tasks. Han Shuo came to recognize just how much of a deterrence a big family had from dealing with this officer. If Donna wasn’t there to be his witness, Han Shuo would likely have to suffer a big financial loss.

“You stay here. We will ascertain the situation very soon,” Anito stood up and walked towards the door irritatedly. He was feeling extremely annoyed as he originally thought that Han Shuo was a nonentity with no connection. He did not expect that Han Shuo would be close to someone as influential as Donna, which had certainly thrown off his plan.

Pow! But before Anito could walk out from the hall, suddenly he was sent flying in reverse and crash landed beside Han Shuo.

“Who are you? How dare you make trouble at the Third Corps. Are you impatient to seek death?” Kayton was enraged. He slapped his table and stood up. Immediately, twenty or so divine guards rushed from every corner of the hall. All of the divine guards were midgods.

“Yeah I’m here to seek death. Come and kill me you bunch of fools!” the piercing voice of a young female sounded. As soon as she finished those words, a young and ugly woman with messy light-purple colored hair entered through the door. She had a face shaped like an irregular square, a small nose, thick lips, a pair of triangular eyes, and dark green pigmentation on her skin. She was ugly, even borderline frightening, no matter which way one spun it.

However, if one were to ignore her face and merely focus their eyes on her body, they would find a graceful, curvaceous, and wonderful figure that only an extraordinary beauty should possess.

Her strength, on the contrary, was astonishing. Even though she did not release any energy deliberately, she gave Han Shuo a sense of pressure as soon as she walked into the hall. This powerful aura should only be possessed by a highgod. Han Shuo secretly let off a strand of his consciousness to probe this woman’s strength. But before Han Shuo’s consciousness got close, her triangular eyes suddenly took aim at Han Shuo. Astonished, Han Shuo immediately pulled back his strand of consciousness.

“Oh, it’s Miss Carmelita. What brings Your Ladyship to the Third Corps?” Kayton who furiously roared just a moment ago immediately shriveled up his attitude as soon as he saw the ugly young lady. He even put on a smile and bowed humbly.

Anito, who was sent flying in reverse, hurriedly took a knee and said, “My apologies, Miss Carmelita. I did not know it was Your Ladyship,”

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Carmelita! Han Shuo gave a careful look at that ugly lady as soon as he heard the name Kayton addressed her as. Right away, Han Shuo discovered a very small emblem on the left shoulder-piece of her skintight, purple-colored armor. The emblem had three triangles with three black holes that seemed to be absorbing every energy.

This design was unique to the Sainte Family, the most powerful family clan in the City of Shadows. Just like the dark sun of the Lavers Family, this emblem was exclusive to their family. After finding the emblem of three black holes, Han Shuo immediately knew that this lady was indeed the legendary, gifted lady of the Sainte Family - Carmelita.

It was said that Carmelita caught a strange disease when she was young which caused her to become uglier as she grew up. All attempts at treating the disease had failed. Although Carmelita was cursed with ugly looks, she was blessed with extraordinary talent on the cultivation of the energy of destruction, becoming a highgod in the short span of just three hundred years. Henceforth, she became an astonishing legend in the City of Shadows.

Perhaps because of her ugly appearance, Carmelita had an extremely strange temperament and was very hard to get along with. But since she possessed valiant strength, and her father was the patriarch of the Sainte Family, and since she was highly regarded by the Sainte Family, no one in the City of Shadows dared to mess with her. She was an exceedingly unique character in the City of Shadows.

“Where is Erebus? I’m looking for him!” Carmelita shot a glare at the divine guards with her triangular eyes before asking impatiently.

“His Lordship is still pursuing Brovst, one of the leaders of the godhunters. He will not be at the Third Corps for a while,” Kayton replied solemnly and respectfully.

“Goddamnit, he’s not around whenever I’m looking for him. He must be avoiding me!” Carmelita cursed loudly. When she was about to leave, she suddenly turned to Han Shuo and said in an amused manner, “Is it you who tried to observe me with your soul a moment ago? You are merely a lowgod but your soul energy is rather strange. I’m quite surprised that you managed to escape from my soul capturing. What is your name? What are you doing here?”

Han Shuo was astonished and did not anticipate that Carmelita was so powerful that she was able to detect the probing of his consciousness in an instant. He remarked to himself that highgod souls were indeed very mighty and that he had to be more cautious and less reckless the next time.

Before Han Shuo could open his mouth, Kayton described the whole story once through to Carmelita in a fawning manner, “His name is Bryan. He’s here to assist with our investigation. Here’s the story…" 

“Bryan… Bryan… Hmm, this name sounds quite familiar. I think someone mentioned this name to me recently… Thats right! Donna! It was Donna! I remember it now, Donna told me about you!” Carmelita cried out softly and she started to size up Han Shuo with her pair of triangular eyes, causing Han Shuo’s hair to stand on end. 

After a while, Carmelita’s eyes lit up as though she recalled something. She suddenly invited, “You come with me. I want your help for a task.” 

“Huh? What would you need me for?” Han Shuo asked, stunned at the unexpected request.

“It doesn’t matter. You will find out by then!” Carmelita was a person who acted as she said. She grabbed Han Shuo and started pulling him towards the exit. She seemed to have long forgotten that she was a young lady.

“Your Ladyship, this person is still under investigation!” Kayton hastily said with a bitter smile when he saw Carmelita pulling Han Shuo away.

“It’s just a minor case. What is there to bother for that bit of spoils? Erase the case for me. Any problem?” Carmelita did not bother to look at Kayton when replying to him.

“Er, no, no problem!” Karton hastily replied. 

After Carmelita left with Han Shuo, Kayton turned to Anito and said, “Well, stop looking into it and forget about it!” 

Anito forced a smile and sighed, “Of course, I have no other choice. Why am I so unlucky!”


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