GDK 709: Han Shuo’s Counterattack

Andre suddenly raised his head. He stared straight at Avery with piercing eyes and said, “You aren’t going to tell me that you’ve got nothing to do with his disappearance, are you?”

“No, I’m not denying it. It was indeed me who did it!” Avery calmly admitted. He knew that Andre did not show up at this place simply to taste his wine. Besides, he knew that the House of Sainte, given their power and influence, would eventually find out the truth after conducting a thorough investigation.

“Then what exactly do you mean by you don’t know?” Andre was rather puzzled by Avery’s admission. 

“I don’t know if that fella is dead or alive because he escaped!” Avery said bitterly before downing a cup of wine.

“Wha… what?” Andre suddenly raised his voice. He stared fixedly at Avery and said, “Are you kidding me? You are the Chief of the Fifth Corps. We all know how strong you are. Bryan is just a small lowgod. If you did the job personally, he would either be captured alive or be killed. How could there be a third option?”

Facing Andre’s questioning, the look on Avery’s face became even more bitter. He shook his head and replied, “Believe it or not, he really did manage to escape. I couldn’t make out precisely what kind of energy he used. Before he escaped, I dealt him a blow that he shouldn’t have survived. But despite that, I couldn’t find his corpse… That’s why I said… I don’t know…”

Andre had a doubtful expression as he stared fixedly at Avery as though trying to make out if Avery was telling an untruth. After a long while, Andre cracked a grin and said, “I really couldn’t imagine that he managed to escape from your hands. But even if you are lying, I doubt you would come up with something as fantastical and ridiculous as this. Well, if that’s the case, the investigation is going to be rather difficult…”

“Lord Andre, don’t tell me you’re actually going to continue to investigate if this small little pharmacist is dead or alive?” Avery shrugged and said nonchalantly. He poured himself yet another cup of spirit and drank it.

“If he had not helped Carmelita, I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow even if you killed him a hundred times!” Andre coldly groaned and continued, “However, this fella is the best shot we have at improving Carmelita’s current condition - not just her looks, but even her queer temperament! I have previously discussed him with you and told you not to aggravate the matter. I'd expected that you'd at least do me this honor. Avery, has your House of Lavers become mighty enough to contend against our Sainte Family?”

“Of course not!” Avery lowered his head and answered. He continued with a deep voice, “I have told my kids not to cause that fella trouble. But nonetheless, he blew up three of my shops. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have taken such drastic measures! This is not entirely our fault!”

Andre stared at the humbled Avery and gently creased his brows as he said, “You did not go to get him in person just for the vengeance of destroying three energy stone stores, did you? I know Bryan is a very talented pharmacist. I believe the only reason that will motivate you to do the job yourself is for the things inside Bryan’s head. You did not want anyone but yourself to have those things. That was why you did it in person, isn’t that right?”

Avery became utterly silent after hearing those words.

Both of them were acquainted for a long time and knew each other’s temperaments well. Just like how Avery knew what Andre came to him for, Andre knew that Avery would only need to nod his head and someone would complete the task of finishing a mere lowgod cleanly for him.

As the Chief of the Fifth Corps and a highgod, Avery’s intention behind personally attacking a lowgod definitely wasn’t simply to murder!

After staring at Avery for a while, Andre softly sighed and said, “Forget about it. With things having come to this, I will not pursue the case against you any further.”

But suddenly, Andre’s right eye grew dark purple again and he transformed into an ice-cold and merciless version of himself. He stared at Avery and warned, “If Bryan is dead, then this whole incident is over. But if he is still alive and if you dare touch him again, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

Avery's heart skipped a beat when he saw Andre’s eye change. He immediately understood that Andre’s warning this time was no trivial matter, and definitely nothing as simple as the casual greeting he gave the last time. After weighing his potential gains and losses, Avery nodded and replied, “Understood!”

“Good. Oh, right, even if Bryan is still alive, he cannot pose any threat to your Lavers Family. The small bit of strength he had wasn’t enough to harm any of your family members, so you may relax about that,” Andre said as he got up from Avery’s chair. 

“Alright, it’s getting late already. So long!” Andre stepped on empty air and left.

When Andre disappeared into the horizon, the corners of Avery’s lips curved to make a slight smile. His figure became fuzzy and at the next instant, he appeared inside a secret chamber at the Fifth Corps. He instructed, “Number Four, go to my residence and inform the two good-for-nothings that their house confinement is over.”

“Yes, my Lord!” a cold voice in the shadows answered his bidding and disappeared just like Number Three.

Cage and Eve, who had been confined to the Lavers Residence for four long months, cheered when they learned that they had finally regained their freedom of movement. For Cage and Eve, this pair of siblings who were accustomed to traveling everywhere, not being able to take a step outside the Lavers Residence for four months had nearly bored them to death.

“Brother, that fella has disappeared for four months. He is probably done for. Since father said that we are free, this means that he has sorted out the matter with the House of Sainte. Haha, I knew it, those who set themselves against the House of Lavers never end up well!” Eve said to her brother Cage gleefully. 

“That’s enough. From today onwards, we must be careful not to discuss anything about him in front of outsiders. Otherwise, if people overhear it, we could bring father some unnecessary trouble,” Cage chided. He then stretched his body comfortably and said, “It’s been such a long time. Why don’t we visit Fort Hassell? The Sea Fruits found there happen to mature this season. I have not tasted that delicacy for a long time…”

“Oh yeah, Fort Hassell has the most beautiful scenery during this season. Let’s take a trip there!” Eve immediately agreed.

Having decided on their vacation destination, the siblings immediately packed up their luggage and with a small group of family clan divine guards, they left the City of Shadows for Fort Hassell that was under the control of the House of Lavers. Han Shuo who was meditating inside his cave suddenly opened his eyes. With an eerily cold face, he muttered, “Finally leaving the Lavers Residence…? Avery, I might not be able to get rid of you for now, but your son and daughter who know nothing but to stir up trouble, I’ll do you a service and release you of those burdens! You are going to be so grateful of me… Hehehe…” 

Han Shuo had been staying in the underground cave for four whole months. After going through immense pain during the first seven days, Han Shuo managed to stabilize the injuries on his main body. Han Shuo spent the following month nursing his injuries. With the help of his medicinal pellets, Han Shuo managed to reconnect the meridians and bones in his main body.

Thanks to his cultivation of Indestructible Omen Body, his demonic body became much more tenacious and was forged to become even more abnormally resilient. That was the reason why Han Shuo could recover completely from his injuries in just three months after deploying Demonic Blood Disassembly.

After his recovery, Han Shuo did not rush to leave the underground cave. He dared not to show himself in the City of Shadows as he was afraid that Avery might try to assassinate him yet again.

After failing the last time, Han Shuo believed that if Avery was to strike again, he would be even more unrelenting. Perhaps Han Shuo might not even be given the chance to deploy Demonic Blood Disassembly. Hence, Han Shuo stayed in hiding all along, silently observing the activities of the Lavers Family. He was like a viper curled in the dark, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

On this day, when Han Shuo saw that Cage and Eve had left the City of Shadows, he knew the opportunity he had been patiently waiting for had come.

The journey from the City of Shadows to Fort Hassell took approximately seven days. Cage, Eve, and a group of their House of Lavers divine guards rode in an airship to get to their destination. Han Shuo knew that this was not the moment to strike. He tracked the airship using a demon general while he exited his underground cave and headed into Fort Hassell.

By using the demon generals in the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Han Shuo had eyes on every single activity within ten miles radius. He easily avoided all those divine guards that were searching for him and exited the mountain range without meeting any resistance. He secretly intruded into Fort Hassell.

On the morning of the eighth day, Han Shuo appeared at a vast ocean at the north of Fort Hassell. This piece of the ocean called “Poseidon’s Tears” was one of the most beautiful places to be found near the City of Shadows. At this time of the year, the plants at the depths of the ocean would be blooming with strange but beautiful flowers. Some of the flowers and petals would fall off and drift with the current. The ocean scene would not just appear exceptionally beautiful, but it would also be filled with enchanting scents.

Of the flowering sea plants, there was a species with large petals that would produce sweet and delicious fruits. The Sea Fruit was a seasonal delicacy that foodies would never miss. Therefore at this time of the year, this place called Poseidon’s Tears would attract large crowds of tourists from the City of Shadows, especially youngsters.

This year was no exception. When Han Shuo arrived at the sea and spread out his demon generals, he discovered that the tiny islands all over the sea were filled with young men and women. Cage and Eve were on a small island with verdant, lush greenery and small but beautiful vacation houses. Colorful sea flowers were blooming in the water all around the small island. It was a beautiful scene.

Fort Hassell was a territory of the Lavers Family. As scions of their family clan, they got the island with the best scenery and views.

For the first three days, Cage and Eve had been staying on the island and were never far from the divine guards that came with them. Han Shuo couldn’t find any opportunity to strike.

But on this day, Cage and Eve got bored with staying on the island. They decided to swim and dive around the island as well as gather some ripen Sea Fruits. As the ocean was a territory of the House of Lavers, the two did not think that danger would befall them. They did not allow divine guards to follow behind them.

“Brother, let’s go in separate ways and see who gets the biggest Sea Fruit!” Eve very much enjoyed her vacation here. She had forgotten about all the pain that Han Shuo had brought her following his apparent death. She threw herself into the embrace of the ocean.

Cage agreed enthusiastically. He was thinking about collecting some extra Sea Fruits so that he could give them some to someone he fancied after returning to the City of Shadows.

The young master and young lady of the Lavers Family went in two different directions, towards the regions where the Sea Flowers bloomed brightest… 

When Eve landed among a field of sea flowers, for no apparent reason, she thought about Teng Fei who she used to adore. When she remembered Teng Fei’s handsomeness and tenderness, she felt rather nostalgic. She remarked resentfully, “That wretched rascal. He’s not reliable at important times. Why am I still thinking about him!”

Then, yet another person floated into Eve’s mind. Her mood suddenly soured and she cursed, “Ever since I was born, no one has ever dared slap me in the face. Serves you right that you are dead!”

“Eh?” Eve rubbed her eyes and looked at the person in front of her somewhat puzzlingly. She mumbled to herself, “Why am I thinking about him, and why hasn’t he disappeared from my mind?”

“Miss Eve, I’m glad I’m still on your mind… Hehe…” Han Shuo said to Eve with a suspicious grin. He had covered the surrounding sea with Banner of Hallucination beforehand.

“He even talks? Hallucinating… I’m hallucinating… It seems that he really has left a big impact on me… That wretched thing…” Eve mumbled to herself as she looked at Han Shuo.

“Yes, this is all a hallucination. When you die later, you won’t be feeling any pain!” Han Shuo’s smile turned stone cold and the scene around them suddenly transformed. The Banner of Hallucination was activated.

The countless gods that were killed by Eve’s bad temper were all revived in an instant. They were dragging their own intestines, rotten from head to toe, oozing with fouling blood, or munching their broken arms… 

“Don’t come… Don’t come any closer,” Eve screamed at the top of her lungs. The terrifying scene around her caused her to tremble, shout and cry.

“Oh… killed quite a lot haven’t you? Hehe, perhaps even death cannot expiate your evil deeds!” Han Shuo sneered. He did not rush in immediately taking Eve’s life. Instead, he coldly watched as Eve cried miserably in her hallucination, slowly being tormented!

Han Shuo waited until Eve was completely terrified - when she had completely lost her mind and kept on crying and laughing - before he finally attacked. With a slash of the Demonic Blades, Eve’s head detached and rolled off her body. Blood spurted from her severed neck and sprinkled on the blossoming sea flowers, giving them an exotic retouch. 

Eve’s divine soul was collected away by Han Shuo. She would soon become one of the demon generals inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon who would forever be bound by Han Shuo.

“Decent strength but unfortunately, she never truly experienced big setbacks. Her mind was too weak. Can’t even resist the hallucination of the Banner of Hallucination. It appears that although these members of large family clans have great strength, they lack the strength of mind…” Han Shuo mumbled to himself and kept away his Banner of Hallucination. He proceeded by silently diving towards Cage.

Back when Han Shuo was in the underground world of Profound Continent, Donna, Bolten and the others used to fall into hallucinations. All of them, even Donna who had terrifying power, were affected by their hallucinations. From then on, Han Shuo understood that although those large family clan members on Elysium could have greater strength than he does, their hearts and minds were not as unswerving as his. A heart not tempered by constantly facing the possibility of death was weak and would easily be affected by hallucinations.

Eve was only the latest person to confirm Han Shuo’s hypothesis. Soon enough, Han Shuo arrived on Cage’s side. Compared to his sister Eve, Cage mind was slightly more tenacious. He did not try to run from his hallucinations in a flurry. Instead, he attacked them madman.

It was obvious that Cage too was very much affected by the hallucination. He could not determine what was real and what was a product of his own imagination. Han Shuo knew he could finish off this hallucinating Cage using just the energy of his avatars.

Hallucinations were, after all, imaginary. No matter how rapid or ferocious Cage’s attacks were, the hallucination would remain. It is only with a heart as firm and resilient as a boulder that one could break free from what only exists in their minds. Obviously, Cage was far from being able to do so.

Hence, Han Shuo merely sat and watched as Cage wasted his divine energy to the hallucination. Cage was trying to conceal the fear in his heart by wildly launching attacks. But clearly, it was futile.

“Shoo! Get lost! I can kill you all again!” Cage shouted sternly to embolden himself as he continued to mount attacks. Gradually, Cage felt that his movements were getting heavier and heavier while his head was getting dizzy. It was only at this point in time that Cage seemed to realize something.

But it was too late because Han Shuo had finally made a move!

Han Shuo suddenly got beside Cage and threw a punch containing the most ferocious force aimed at his head. Han Shuo ignored this and took thirty bursts of Cage’s powerless attacks before his punch landed in Cage’s skull.

Splat! Cage’s head burst apart, spraying his blood and brain matter everywhere.

Han Shuo then collected Cage’s divine soul, removed all evidence that might incriminate him, and left satisfyingly. He did not forget to put away his Banner of Hallucination.

With that, both the son and daughter of Avery Lavers died to Han Shuo!

Although Han Shuo didn’t know if Avery would figure out that it was he who murdered his children, he was not afraid. Han Shuo had taken Avery as his most formidable enemy and planned on having a prolonged fight against Avery.

But still, there was one thing that Han Shuo regretted. From that day onwards, his relationship with Donna wouldn’t be as friendly and there might even come a day that they became enemies. Han Shuo had always tried to avoid this situation but in the end, regrettably, he could not.


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