GDK 716: I want to work for you!

Wallace nodded and entered the medical room without another word. He was clearly very worried about Carmelita.

Andre did not follow Wallace into the room. Wearing a gloomy face, Andre kept silent for a moment before he suddenly turned to look deeply into Han Shuo’s eyes and asked, “You said that the darkness divine energy felt somewhat familiar. What exactly did you mean by that?”

Han Shuo did not initially think about it too much. But when he saw that grave expression on Andre’s face, he immediately knew what Andre was suspecting. When Han Shuo then thought about it carefully, that vague sensation immediately became clear and distinctive. The weariness on Han Shuo’s face was suddenly replaced with grim expression. He replied, “It’s him! It’s definitely him!”

Naturally, Andre knew who Han Shuo was referring to. His face turned even darker. He then spent a long period of time in silence as though weighing the proper course of action before he said to Han Shuo in a low voice, “Do not disclose anything about this incident. I will investigate this thoroughly. If it really was him, this time, he will not escape death!”

Han Shuo knew that Wallace and Andre were no benevolent characters for the House of Sainte to be the most powerful family clan in the City of Shadows. He knew that once Andre completed his investigation and verified that Avery was the perpetrator, Avery would be finished.

Soon after, Wallace exited from the medical room. The look on his face became much more relaxed after she checked on Carmelita’s condition. He first nodded at Andre, indicating that Carmelita was truly out of danger. Then, he said to Han Shuo, “You have saved Carmelita’s life twice. I won’t make you any more superfluous promises but I want you to know that you, Bryan, have my gratitude.”

With these words of Wallace, Han Shuo reckoned that after this day, he could do basically anything he wanted in the City of Shadows, provided that it didn’t harm the interests of the House of Sainte.

“Elder Brother, there is something that I need to discuss with you alone,” Andre said in a deep voice.

“Bryan, thank you for your hard work today. Go home and have a good rest,” Wallace said to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo, being a tactful person, nodded his head and turned on his heels. Some members of the Sainte Family started approaching Han Shuo right after he started walking away. They wanted to know about Carmelita’s condition.

These members of the Sainte Family had been waiting further outside due to their relatively low statuses. After informing them that Carmelita was out of danger, Han Shuo walked past a group of medics and left the Sainte Residence.

Those medics had been waiting on standby to immediately take over the rescue whenever Han Shuo gave up. These people revealed mixed emotions to hear that Han Shuo had stabilized Carmelita’s injuries. There was no longer the slightest trace of disdain showing in their eyes. 

After exiting the Sainte Residence, Han Shuo started walking back to the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. Andrina emerged out of nowhere and continued to follow Han Shuo.

“Why didn’t you come in with me earlier?” Han Shuo shot a glance at Andrina and asked in a puzzled manner.

“I heard that the City of Shadows’ City Lord is in there. I fear that he could make out the actual strength that I’m hiding, so I’ve tried to avoid him,” Andrina replied.

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment. He continued to question Andrina, “Why would you be afraid of Wallace learning about your actual strength? And, what energy exactly do you cultivate in? How is it that you can heal by eating crystal coins?”

“Hehe… I cannot reveal this for now but I’ll tell you about it in the future,” Andrina smiled and declined to answer Han Shuo’s question.

What was for certain was that Andrina was hiding certain secrets and Han Shuo could do nothing if Andrina was unwilling to divulge them. After all, at this point in time, most of her injuries had healed and Han Shuo was in no position to insist on an answer. Although he wasn’t happy about it, he had no choice but to drop the subject.

It did not take much time for the two to return to Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. Han Shuo did not expect that he would find Gu Li, the pharmacist he humiliated at Godswamp Pharmacy, waiting at the front door of his shop, blocking his path.

As soon as Han Shuo appeared, Gu Li shouted angrily, “Young one, I don’t believe you’re that great in the art of refining medicines. I won’t be leaving until you prove to me that you did not make those medicines by stealing formulas!”

Han Shuo was rather annoyed with Gu Li but he mostly just ignored her. He shoved her aside yet again and said, “I have nothing to prove to you. Don’t think that because you have an ounce of status in the City of Shadows that everyone ought to bow and fawn over you. We don’t welcome you here. Go away and stop being an irksome presence.”

Han Shuo and Andrina entered Celestial Pearl Pharmacy and locked the door, completely ignoring Gu Li who was hysterically shouting.

After shouting outside the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy like a deranged lunatic for a period of time, seeing that she received no response from Han Shuo, in the end, she left.

At midnight, three days later, Han Shuo was in the middle of cultivating when he suddenly sensed a person approaching.

Han Shuo had been on guard as he was afraid that someone might come to cause trouble at his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. He had demon generals stationed outside his shop and therefore was able to quickly learn that someone was approaching his shop. But before Han Shuo did a thing, those divine guards under Anito stationed around his pharmacy had gotten into action.

“What are you sneaking about in the dead of night for? Show us your divine tablet!” one of the divine guards instructed. They had surrounded the comer.

“I’m here to look for Bryan. What do you want? Wanna fight?” The person did not reveal the slightest trace of fear and looked at the divine guards with an angry face.

“Apprehend him!” these House of Sainte divine guards were used to being domineering. Upon seeing that this man was not being cooperative, they decided to capture him without demur. 

It was also at this moment that Han Shuo’s demon general finally made out the appearance of the person. Although his clothes were ragged and his appearance was not unlike a miserable beggar, Han Shuo could still make out that it was Akley. He was one of the first people Han Shuo got acquainted with after arriving on Elysium. He was still as stubborn and provocative as always, wanting to start a fight for the most trivial of matters.

After learning that it was Akley, Han Shuo immediately got down from the second floor. He managed to arrive before the battle began and hastily explained, “He’s a friend of mine.”

“Mister Bryan, how did you make such a friend?” Although the divine guards were puzzled, they immediately pointed their weapons away from Akley after hearing Han Shuo’s explanation.

At this point in time, Han Shuo was a popular person in the City of Shadows while Akley looked like a poor derelict. It wasn’t surprising that the divine guards would be suspicious of Akley.

“How did you turn into such a mess?” Han Shuo questioned Akley in a rather confused manner.

Before the two went their own ways, Han Shuo had provided Akley with some crystal coins. In addition to the fact that Akley was in possession of some divine essences, it seemed a mystery how he ended up in such a poor condition. 

Akley face turned unsightly. As though unwilling to discuss the matter before the divine guards, he forced a smile and replied, “It’s a long story…”

“Come inside and tell me about it, “ Han Shuo greeted the divine guards and entered Celestial Pearl Pharmacy with Akley. The divine guards withdrew silently.

After not seeing each other for some time, Han Shuo had become a celebrity in the City of Shadows that every family clan would try to fawn on. All the while, Akley had not only failed to prosper using the divine essences he possessed, he had degraded into such a pathetic state. 

“You are really good at making money, aren’t you? It didn’t take long at all for all the divine guards in this city to know your name. When I first asked around, I thought the Bryan they told me of must be another person of the same name. Only after learning of your pharmacy was I certain the Bryan they were talking about was indeed you! Man, you are truly unbelievable!” Akley said to Han Shuo in admiration. He had once consumed the medicine Han Shuo handed him and knew just what a miracle his medicines were. If it wasn’t for the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, Akley wouldn’t have believed that the famous Bryan he heard all over the city of was the Bryan he knew.

“Haha, it’s a long story!” Han Shuo too never expected to prosper so rapidly. He asked with a wide grin, “RIght, let’s talk about you instead. When we separated, I left you some crystal coins. You also had divine essences in your hands. How could you possibly have fallen into such a sad state?”

“Don’t mention those divine essences. It was because of those divine essences that I’ve been so unlucky…”

After the two went their separate ways, the first thing Akley did was to locate a secluded place and absorb all the divine essence of destruction he possessed. It was worth noting that Akley was gifted in cultivation. He managed to break through to late-stage lowgod realm merely by absorbing the divine essences he had.

After absorbing all the divine essences of destruction, as he felt that his strength was progressing too slowly, he tried to purchase several divine weapons to raise his strength. However, those crystal coins that Han Shuo had provided him were not enough to buy the divine weapons he fancied. Being the reckless person that he was, Akley took out a few divine essences of wind to try to exchange for the divine weapons. It was because he revealed the divine essences that he got himself into big trouble. As soon as he walked out of the shop with his divine weapons, he was targeted by robbers. 

What followed next was a lengthy period of being hunted and escaping. If it wasn’t for the fact that Akley was experienced in such aspects and had vastly improved in strength, perhaps he would have been murdered by those who coveted his divine essences. After an extended period of exhausting running and hiding, Akley managed to escape from those greedy bandits. He learned his lesson and no longer dared to reveal his divine essences.

As the number of divine guards and defenses of those satellite forts and towns of the City of Shadows were not as good as the city itself, thinking that he could safely sell off divine essences in his possession in the city, in addition to Han Shuo having previously mentioned that he would be in this city, Akley then decided to come to the City of Shadows.

But then, as Akley was afraid that he might be spotted by the bandits again, he went to the City of Shadows by traveling through remote mountains and swamps, therefore he encountered multiple waves of godhunters in the journey. He was in this rugged, abysmal appearance when he finally arrived at the City of Shadows.

“... I did not expect that that bunch would be so fucking nuts that they started attacking me as soon as I was alone and it was quite a few at the same time. If it wasn’t for my proficiency in escaping, I would have been killed by those bastards!” Akley said furiously.

“Before I left, I reminded you not to rashly reveal your divine essences. Why are you so impervious to reason? It would be a wonder if no one tried to rob you. But then again, you are a rather persistent one to be able to arrive at the City of Shadows in one piece. Truly, I must say that I’m very impressed!”

“Yea yea, keep those cynical remarks coming, rich man.”

“And what was going on in your head earlier when you set yourself against the divine guards? You should know that you are no match against them.” 

“Hehe… This is the City of Shadows, what do I have to be afraid of? What, are they going to kill me on the spot?” Akley replied smilingly and took a short pause before he lamented, “But, I think I have now at last understood the way things are on Elysium. It does seem unsuitable for me to behave as though I’m still on Blue Ocean Continent. Perhaps I should be more scrupulous and modest in the future.”

After hearing those words, Han Shuo knew that Akley had finally come to terms with the state of affairs on Elysium and had started changing his ways accordingly. Han Shuo was happy for Akley that he could recognize the fact that Elysium was nothing like his homeworld, the Blue Ocean Continent. 

“So what are your plans for the future?” asked Han Shuo.

“I didn’t have plans before but now, I want to work for you! You will take me in for old time’s sake, right?” Akley and Han Shuo had braved through dangers together. He knew that although Han Shuo was savage towards his enemies, he treated his friends well. He was determined to work for Han Shuo.

“Oh?” Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before he forced a smile and said, “I only operate a small pharmacy. What exactly can you help me with in this small shop?”

“Oh come on, Bryan! I have heard all the news about you. You are doing very well in the City of Shadows and surely you can afford to hire this good friend of yours, who has gone through many hardships with you and currently has no place to stay, as a helper?” Akley said in a mischievous smile. He then looked for a comfortable place, casually lied down, and said, “Damn it, man, your place is pretty decent. It’s been a while since the last time I rested without worries. Right, how about if you hire me as a doorkeeper? How does that sound?”

Han Shuo wasn’t really concerned about the headcount of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy workers at the moment. If Akley was still as hot-headed as before, Han Shuo would be disinclined to hire him. But luckily for Akley, he seemed to have come to terms with the circumstances on Elysium. On top of that, as Han Shuo had a favorable impression of Akley, after thinking for a while, Han Shuo nodded, “Alright, fine, if you don’t mind the small size of my shop, you can stay as a helper.”

“That’s wonderful! Haha, I knew you were a man who was faithful to his friends!” Akley was delighted.

“Okay, you will stay here in the shop for now. I don’t have work for you now but there sure will be plenty in the future.” Han Shuo would feel much more at ease to have someone to watch over the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy for him while he wasn’t around. Besides, Han Shuo’s goal was not as simple as a small Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. He had aspirations of forming his own family clan sooner or later, and by then he would have his own divine guards. Akley would be a good warrior to have among his divine guards.

“Sure. If you were able to establish yourself so quickly in the City of Shadows, then I’m sure that you will grow even more prosperous in the future. And at that time, I, as your worker, will also prosper with you!” Akley chuckled.

And so, after the mysterious and powerful Andrina, the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy gained this somewhat erratic person called Akley.


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