GDK 717: Troubles

***At the House of Sainte.

City Lord Wallace wasn’t in a good mood during the recent days. He changed his ways of doing things and became much more intervening and aggressive when it came to affairs related to the seven Divine Guard Corps of the City of Shadows.

There were seven chiefs of divine guards in the City of Shadows in total. Those chiefs ranked in the top three spots were filled by members of the House of Sainte while the bottom four were each members from the other four major family clans. Wallace faulted the seven chiefs of divine guards for the incidents where the City of Shadows were intruded by gods from the Life and Water Dominions and Carmelita was assaulted. He reorganized all seven Divine Guards Corps with the excuse that they had been in dereliction of their duties.

Everyone in the city knew that he was very angry about Carmelita having been severely injured. During this sensitive period, no one dared to defy or question Wallace’s orders; they merely followed. A few squadrons were allotted into Avery’s Fifth Corps with the justification that since Avery wasn’t in the City of Shadows, his Fifth Corps might need some helping hands.

It had been an established custom that City Lord Wallace would not directly intervene with the affairs of the four Divine Guard Corps under the control of the four family clans. His actions this time had caused great controversy, but Wallace managed to keep them under control with his iron fist.

The captains in the Fifth Corps of Divine Guards and the House of Lavers were not happy about the maneuver. However, they dared not to complain and risk further provoking Wallace’s anger. They merely wished that Wallace’s mood would improve after Carmelita recovered.

But Andre knew exactly what his elder brother was up to. He secretly cooperated with Wallace to investigate Avery’s actions.

The House of Sainte was the strongest power in the City of Shadows. If they were to put their mind into investigating a matter, rarely any plots or machinations could stay hidden from them.

Having received a tip off from Han Shuo, Wallace and Avery, this pair of cruel and merciless brothers gradually learned of even more clues and hints. They conducted schemes and operations in secret, gaining more and more intel and evidence.

One day, Wallace, who had been shrouded in a bad mood for a long time, regained a few traces of softness on his face. Looking at Carmelita who had finally regained consciousness, he said in a tender manner, “Don’t worry, you are safe now.”

Owing to her strong willpower, the divine energy of darkness in Carmelita’s body had been brought under control. However, at this point in time, Carmelita’s body was still very weak and the destruction divine energy she had had mostly been exhausted. Fortunately for her, the House of Sainte was filthy rich. Being an extraordinary talent, her family clan held high hopes for her and was never sparing with feeding her with divine essences. The moment that she opened her eyes, she was greeted with a heavy sack of destruction divine essences in her father’s hand.

“Dad…” Carmelita softly called.

“It’s alright, don’t talk, just keep resting. Take this bag of divine essences and get well as soon as possible. I did not expect that you would be heavily injured again in such a short time and our supply of destruction divine essence is running low. But don’t worry about it, I have sent men to contact other cities and will exchange for more divine essence of destruction energy using the other divine essences we have. You can keep your mind on recuperating from the injury,” Wallace said softly.

“I feel much better already…" Carmelita replied as she tried to sit up on her bed. Wallace hastily helped her up. She then softly bunched her brows and asked, “Did anyone else survive?”

Wallace softly sighed and shook his head.

“Kalina… She died… to protect me…" Tears started to spill over from her eyes.

“I know. Don’t worry, we already have a suspect of the main culprit. Those who dared attack you, whoever they are, will not escape death!” Wallace pledged.

Not a single person from the two small squadrons of the House of Sainte divine guards who traveled with Carmelita survived the attack. Carmelita only barely managed to survive by escaping to the Skyorchid Fort where the most powerful chief of divine guards, Aobashi, was temporarily stationed. Kalina sacrificed her life to give Carmelita a little more time to escape.

Carmelita closed her eyes to recall the scene and narrated it to Wallace. “They covered themselves inside the ‘Canopy of Darkness’. I could not see their faces and have no clue who was attacking. But most of them cultivated in the energy of death, destruction, and darkness…" 

“They hid their auras and appearances using the Canopy of Darkness because they did not want you to identify them. But it’s alright, you don’t have to think too much about it because I will find each and every one of them, “ Wallace assured Carmelita warmly.

“Oh, by the way, it was all thanks to that young chap Bryan that your injuries were stabilized.” Wallace did not want Carmelita to wallow in the sorrow of losing Kalina and therefore mentioned Han Shuo to turn her mind to something else.

“He's alright? Well, I should have known that this fella would be fine… He is more crafty than anyone!” Carmelita smiled with difficulty and shortly after, asked Wallace, “Is he in the City of Shadows? I want to see him!”

Wallace hesitated for a moment before he replied, “He is in the city, but your condition now is still poor. Use the time to heal yourself. It’s not too late to see him after you eliminate the darkness divine energy in your body.”

Carmelita knew that Wallace said so because he was concerned about her health and therefore she nodded and softly replied, “Okay.”

“The most important thing for you now is to heal from your injuries. Alright, I should stop bothering you. Rest well." Wallace got up in a gentle manner and walked out the room with a smile on his face.

He entered a secret chamber in the House of Sainte. There, he asked Andre who was sitting quietly, “How are things?”

“No conclusive evidence. But based on Bryan’s words, the darkness divine energy in Carmelita, that guy being away from the city for such a long time, and a few hints we found, I surmise that he is the one!” Andre replied softly with a calm and collected face.

“No need for evidence and no need to continue investigating the whole event. I trust your judgment,” Wallace said decisively. After taking a short pause, he continued, “Tell the trio of Aobashi to go on an all-out search for Avery and immediately inform us once he is located. We will apprehend him directly.”

“Elder Brother, if we do so without any concrete evidence, will it…?” Andre was thrilled at first but soon creased his brows after the thought of the potential outcry from the House of Lavers dawned on him.

“It’s no bother. If we strike, we strike decisively without any scruple. Keep a close watch over each and every action of the House of Lavers. Once it is verified that the patriarch and Avery have something to do with the incident, exterminate the entire Lavers Family directly!” Wallace said in a merciless voice.

“Currently, we have discovered no indication that the patriarch of the House of Lavers, Felder, participated in the matter. However, I will do as Elder Brother has instructed. And if Felder really had no idea about the attack, what should we do?” asked Andre.

“If he really had not an inkling about it, then we capture all of Avery’s confidants in the Fifth Corps. By then, I will personally talk about the matter with Felder. If he isn’t tactful, the House of Lavers shall disappear from the City of Shadows!” Wallace said in a deep voice.

“Got it!” Andre nodded. He knew that his elder brother was one who would show no mercy once he truly strikes. The House of Sainte managed to stand tall in the City of Shadows for countless years precisely because they had a patriarch that was this ruthless and headstrong!

“Alright, before doing anything to the House of Lavers, you will personally meet the patriarchs of the other three families to explain the whole sequence of events. We cannot let them feel frightened. Let them know that the Lavers Family was fully deserving of the punishment,” Wallace added after thinking for a bit.

Andre nodded. When he was about to leave, something popped into Andre’s mind. He asked, “On that note, Elder Brother, that youngster named Bryan has saved Carmelita’s life twice. Perhaps we should show him our gratitude?”

“That youngster is a decent one!” Wallace praised Han Shuo as soon as Andre spoke of him. After thinking for a while, Wallace said in a somewhat vexed manner, “This youngster has a staunch mind, a whiff of drive, and he is excellent in producing medicines. He is no doubt a hard talent to come by! However, this youngster’s strength is a little too weak. If we give him too much too quickly, I’m worried that he won’t be able to bear it all. Otherwise, I really don’t mind handing the Fifth Corps for him to manage.”

Andre’s heart jolted after hearing that Wallace had the intention of handing the Fifth Corps to Han Shuo because he knew just how great of an opportunity this would be. Having the position as one of the chiefs of divine guards in the City of Shadows would be a giant leap for one to form one’s own family clan. This would be a gargantuan favor.

But after thinking a little further, Andre shook his head lightly. He forced a smile and said, “What a pity that the youngster is a little too weak. Even if he was given the Fifth Corps, he wouldn’t be able to win over the masses.”

“Yes, I thought of that as well. This youngster has good relations with Carmelita. We would have one less thing to worry about if he could assume control of the Fifth Corps. What a pity, such a pity that his strength is just too poor. Sigh, forget about it. We will discuss this when the time comes,” Wallace too shook his head helplessly and decided to drop the topic.

Han Shuo had no idea that Wallace had considered giving this highly coveted position, the Chief of the Fifth Corps, to him. Otherwise, Han Shuo might take the risk of revealing his actual strength to hold onto this opportunity. 

This was because, if Han Shuo was to assume control of the Fifth Corps, that would mean that he was free to hire and assemble his own divine guards. With mighty forces in his hands, on top of the wealth from his pharmacy, and by accumulating some contributions, he would be able to form his own family clan in the City of Shadows.

Perhaps he might even supersede the House of Lavers and become one of the five major families in the City of Shadows!

But this was not the time to discuss the fine days waiting in the future for him. At this point in time, Han Shuo had run into a big crisis which, if not handled and resolved properly, he might not even be able to continue to prosper in the City of Shadows, much less to form his own family clan.

“How is that possible?” Han Shuo cried while looking at Anito who was wearing a prudent expression.

“I have no idea, but one of the family members of the House of Kisa has not just failed to stabilize his current realm but also suffered adverse effects after taking your Pill of Tranquility. Not only could he not advance, but his realm also regressed. I have rushed here just to inform you about this,” said Anito.

“Medicines I make cannot produce that kind of effect. Something else must have gone wrong. Perhaps that fella did not take the medicine following the proper procedure I specified?” Han Shuo had absolute confidence in the medicines he personally refined and did not believe his medicines would cause problems.

“I have received this info only recently and have no idea about the specifics. How about if you go to the Kisa Residence to have a look?” proposed Anito.

Han Shuo nodded and right away, with Anito showing the way, he headed towards the Kisa Residence. Andrina, who was eating crystal coins, swiftly glided down from the third floor and landed beside Anito, causing him an enormous shock.

With abundant crystal coins to consume, Andrina’s injuries were healing rapidly. At the same time, that mysterious and unfathomable aura on her grew lighter and lighter. Han Shuo knew that as her injuries recovered, her ability to conceal her true strength also increased. Andrina was unlike Akley and Han Shuo could do nothing if she wanted to follow him around.

Anito sized up Andrina who appeared noiselessly with strange gazes and was shocked by that chilling, unfriendly expression on her face. He judged Han Shuo in his mind, so he has a fetish of this sort. No wonder he does not ‘communicate’ well with the pretty and young ladies in the city even after being in the city for such a long time, but has gotten along so well with Miss Carmelita. Extraordinary people sure have extraordinary appetites!

Anito, who was having filthy thoughts, suddenly discovered that the little girl was gazing back at him with her cold eyes. For some reason, Anito felt a chill travel down his spine. His subconscious mind reacted by giving a couple of hollow laughs and no longer dared to look at her.

“If you dare have any kind of dirty thoughts again, I will kill you!” Andrina coldly groaned and warned.

“I won’t, I won’t!” Anito hastily replied. But after uttering those words, he realized that something wasn’t right. He asked himself, Wait a second, why am I afraid of this little girl? That doesn’t make sense!

Han Shuo did not pay attention to the short exchange between Anito and Andrina as his mind was occupied by the matter about his medicine. Soon enough, they arrived at the Kisa Residence. After he announced his name, the servant at the Kisa Residence led him inside coldly. They all looked at Han Shuo as though he was a conman, which made Han Shuo very uncomfortable.

“What happened?” Han Shuo knitted his brows and asked Rugersey after arriving in a gymnasium in the Kisa Family.

Rugersey was in charge of the Sixth Corps and he too was an influential figure in the City of Shadows. The last time he met Han Shuo, he had been very respectful. This time, however, he was giving Han Shuo the complete opposite treatment. He gave a cold glance at Han Shuo, lightly groaned, and said, “Oh, you sure got here early.”

Rugersey then pointed at a young man on the floor who was spasming on the ground and said furiously, “Look at what your medicine did to him! My nephew became like this after taking your poison called the Pill of Tranquillity! Why didn’t you mention that your drug is so unstable and has such a terrifying side effect that caused his realm to regress?”

“I have sold a lot of that medicine and many have taken it. This is the first time that this sort of situation has appeared. I believe that the fault doesn’t lie with my medicine. Perhaps he did not use the medicine properly. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere!” Han Shuo said after he looked at the person on the floor and furrowed his brows.

“There is no misunderstanding. I have asked him, he took your medicine completely in accordance with the method described with no mistake. Therefore, it must be your medicine that caused this situation. Are you still going to disavow all responsibility?” Rugersey took a deep breath and restrained the fury in his heart. He said with a dark face, “I know you have good relations with Carmelita and saved her life again a few days ago. That is the only reason I’m still talking with you so politely now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be standing in front of me!”

His disrespectful attitude had greatly irritated Han Shuo. Han Shuo glared at the person wriggling and curling on the ground and raised his head to speak to Rugersey. “Many have taken my medicines. Why is that they are all fine but he is the only one with a problem?”

“How would I know? Perhaps they have yet to feel the side effects! How dare you behave so arrogantly when there is a problem with your medicine? Very well, I shall arrest you right here right now!” Rugersey could no longer suppress the fury in his heart and roared. A few divine guards from the Sixth Corps beside him started to surround Han Shuo.

Rugersey had behaved politely to Han Shuo prior to the incident because of his medicine. Now when he thought that the medicine had negative side effects, he immediately felt that he had been cheated. With that, seeing that Han Shuo was just a small lowgod, his attitude immediately changed. 

Anito jumped in before Rugersey could seize Han Shuo. “Lord Rugersey, please do not take presumptuous actions before the situation is fully understood. I have received orders from Lord Erebus and Lord Andre to ensure Mister Bryan’s safety. Please do not make things difficult for us in the Third Corps!” 

It was also at this moment that Andrina who had been standing beside Han Shuo suddenly stepped forward and stood in between Han Shuo and Rugersey with a hostile face.

Han Shuo reached out, grabbed Andrina’s small hand, and pulled her back. If Andrina were to cause trouble while the issue was still unresolved, the reputation of his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy could possibly be ruined. Han Shuo counted on the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy to generate him big profits and knew that he could not do anything reckless at this point in time.

“No matter what, my House of Kisa wants justice!” Rugersey shouted angrily. He stopped acting impulsively after Anito mentioned Erebus and Andre.

Rugersey had obviously seen Andrina when she stepped forward and his heart jolted. He vaguely felt a menacing aura emanating from Andrina that gave him the impression that she would be an extremely terrifying opponent, but that feeling disappeared when Han Shuo pulled her back. Rugersey thought that it was merely a temporary figment of his imagination. Besides, as he was in a fit of anger, he did not think too much about it.

“Let me check on his condition,” Han Shuo said as he came to a decision in his mind that after the incident was over, he would not sell any more of his medicines to the House of Kisa because Rugersey’s attitude right then had greatly displeased him.


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