GDK 722: Mediocrities

The significant military activity made by the House of Sainte in the middle of the night had attracted the attention of divine guards who patrolled around the city. Some of these divine guards came from the other major family clans. They knew that a major event was taking place in the City of Shadows after seeing that Andre and Erebus took several hundred divine guards to raid the Godswamp Pharmacy.

Multiple shadows streaked across the streets, heading towards the residences of the major family clans. The patriarchs of the other four major family clans were soon informed of the news. Being vigilant and prudent people, they dispatched experts from their families to head there and observe.

Soon enough, the experts from the other four major family clans arrived at the scene and mixed among the observing crowd by giving all kinds of excuses. They intended to stay and observe until the whole event was over. It appeared that the family clans paid a lot of attention to the outcome of the matter.

At this point in time, both Andre and Erebus were having enormous headaches. They had greatly underestimated the power possessed by the Godswamp Pharmacy and therefore did not anticipate that things would develop this way. Now that observers from the other four major family clans were following how things developed, if Han Shuo could not discover any evidence, perhaps even Andre would be powerless to save Han Shuo from fulfilling the guarantee he made.

Steiss, after seeing that observers from the other four major family clans had joined in, instead of being appalled, he was delighted. He inwardly thought that with so many eyewitnesses, Andre and Erebus would be much less likely to do him harm. 

“Bryan, how much longer do we have to walk, if I may ask?” Steiss asked Han Shuo with a big smile on his face.

They had just arrived at a crossroad. Han Shuo did not rush in advancing forward but knitted his brows and put on a pondering expression. 

Everybody’s gazes were gathered on Han Shuo, waiting for his next move.

Han Shuo sniffed around for a while and acted as though he had picked up something. He pointed at one of the streets, shouted “This way!”, and continued marching.

The sneer ever-present on Steiss’ face jolted very slightly. The dirty things hidden were indeed in that direction. This made Steiss somewhat uncomfortable. He was blindly guessing and got lucky. I have nothing to worry about, Steiss consoled himself.

“Eh? Mister Steiss, you don’t look too good. Are you starting to feel afraid?” Han Shuo who had been secretly observing Steiss immediately mocked him.

Steiss laughed and replied, “Me? Afraid? What do I have to be afraid of? You are the one who should be feeling afraid!”

Han Shuo smiled and nodded. He stopped looking at Steiss, turned to Andre and Erebus and said, “I’m going to move faster. It’s almost daybreak. It’s better to settle this issue as soon as possible!”

“Ok!” Andre did not know where Han Shuo got that confidence from, but he straightforwardly agreed and nodded.

Han Shuo suddenly accelerated and headed towards one of the most filthy and chaotic regions in the City of Shadows. Andre, Erebus, and the rest of the party hastily followed.

Rugersey from the House of Kisa was among the observing party. He had been gazing at Steiss with gloomy and cold eyes after being informed that the poison on Gu Li was exactly the same as that found on his deceased divine guard.

Jiya from the House of Kinson was there with her uncle, Finley. From the House of Buller was Tuyas, with a small squadron of Buller Family divine guards. They would chat with each other while observing the story unfold.

The observers dispatched by the Lavers Family were Donna and her brother, Diwei. Donna had in fact volunteered to come to follow the situation when she heard that Han Shuo was involved in it. 

“Is that youngster courting death? None of the pharmacists smelled a rat, but he claims that he could? With so many experts from all major family clans gathered here, if he can’t find the evidence, not even Andre will be able to save him. Sister, you are acquainted with this guy. Do you know if he has any issues with mental faculty?” Diwei who was wearing a disdainful face whispered to Donna beside him.

Members from all five major family clans of the City of Shadows were there. This incident was destined to be the most talked about topic in the city. Of all those people present, not many had confidence in Han Shuo. Even Andre was feeling somewhat nervous and he was turning over in his mind what to do if Han Shuo couldn’t find the evidence. 

Of all these people, perhaps Donna was the only person who had full and complete confidence in Han Shuo’s ability.

“This guy? Issues with mental faculty?” Donna sneered and shook her head. “If Bryan has issues with mental faculties, then everyone here is retarded, including me!”

Seeing the shocked expression on Diwei’s face, Donna let out a sigh, and said, “I have known Bryan longer and better than any of you. He would only be this confident if he has absolute certainty. Brother, the Godswamp Pharmacy is finished! They are really daring to commit such acts. No one could save them now. I have reminded Uncle Avery long ago not to get too close with the Godswamp Pharmacy. Hopefully, this won’t implicate our family clan.”

“How could you be so certain? So convinced in him?” Diwei was surprised and puzzled. He softly cried out, “This youngster is only a lowgod. Even though he is a pharmacist, he cannot be all that skillful at such a young age. Sister, you sure you didn’t get it wrong?”

“This isn’t directly related to strength. Just keep on watching,” Donna knew that Diwei wouldn’t be convinced no matter how much she explained. She took a short pause and softly mumbled to herself, “Perhaps his actual strength isn’t what we know of. This is no ordinary man... Sigh, how did we turn to this…"

“Alright! Let’s see where in the world he will find the poison!” Diwei sneered.

***A few moments later…

The veins on Steiss’ forehead were popped out and could be seen throbbing lightly. His lapel had unknowingly become soaked in cold sweat. The closer they were to the region, the more his heart was crammed with fear. 

How? How is it possible? How would he know? Impossible. It’s just a coincidence. It must be a coincidence! Steiss consoled himself over and over again. However, he couldn’t stop himself from accumulating cold sweats on his face. He even felt a little weak at the knees.

“Alright. Should be over here!” Han Shuo announced after arriving before several dilapidated buildings.

Steiss trembled and nearly stumbled. The dread in his heart rocketed when he looked at the buildings which appeared to have been abandoned for ages.

“Mister Steiss, you seem to be perspiring! Are you feeling a little warm in this cold and refreshing weather? But you are a lowgod too, how could you be affected by the weather?” Han Shuo cried out in astonishment as though he had discovered the New World.

Immediately, the crowd’s attention gathered on Steiss and they too discovered the peculiarity with him. They wore dark faces as they observed in silence.

“Haha, I have been immersing myself in the art of medicine refinement and neglected my cultivation for a long time. It is rather laborious for me to keep up at such speed. It’s nothing unusual to sweat a little…" Steiss hastily explained. His smile appeared rather awkward.

They arrived at one of the poorest regions in the City of Shadows. Those living around the neighborhood were some of the poorest of gods. Most of them were basegods and demigods. Those with the slightest bit of financial ability wouldn’t come near this place because there was nothing appealing about it.

The buildings and structures all around were broken and dilapidated. There were piles of trash and puddles of filthy water all around. The air was filled with intense repulsive stenches.

“Bryan, do you mind hurrying up a little? We are waiting for you,” Jiya hastened with a smile while covering her nose with one hand. From the way she said those words, those who didn’t know might think that she was in a relationship with Han Shuo. This made several members from big family clans who admired Jiya glare at Han Shuo ferociously.

“That’s right, I’m waiting for you too!” Steiss forced himself to smile and hastened. He held his nose with one hand in an attempt to cover the fear on his face. “How did you find such a place? So damn filthy. Hurry up and admit defeat so we can all go home. I don’t think the people who came with us can wait any longer!”

So what if you found the place? It has layers upon layers of concealment boundaries and is buried deep underground. You definitely won’t find the entrance! Steiss said to himself to boost his own morale because it was wearing thin!

“No, we are in no hurry at all. Hehe… even if the environment is ten times filthier, I’m willing to wait!” Erebus spoke in a sinister manner. He could see that something was not quite right with Steiss’ performance.

“That’s right. We will wait until the end!” Rugersey said in an ice-cold voice. His gazes towards Steiss were filled with ferocity.

After arriving at this place, more and more noticed that Steiss was behaving abnormally. They wore dark faces as they waited patiently.

“Mister Steiss, do you think that I wouldn’t be able to find the thing if you hide them underground?” Han Shuo was completely relaxed after they arrived at this place. He looked at Steiss teasingly and slowly tortured him with words.

“Non-- Nonsense!” Steiss’ heart skipped a beat. He feigned courage and accused, “Are you trying to stall for time?”

Han Shuo let out a sigh and uttered in a dramatic, righteous manner, “As a pharmacist, instead of placing your efforts in helping people, you put it into harming people. You shall be punished for your abominable deeds!”

“You, you…” Steiss pointed at Han Shuo and couldn’t quite speak. No one knew if he was furious or just feeling frightened.

“There is a large medical warehouse thirty meters underground. Lord Andre, Lord Erebus, I will have to trouble your Lordships to unearth it,” Han Shuo turned to Andre and Erebus, bowed slightly, and said with a smile.

Plop! Steiss’ legs gave way and he fell to the ground, buttocks first. After hearing Han Shuo precisely report that it was thirty meters underground, Steiss knew it was all over. His spirit was completely crushed after knowing that his doom was sealed. 

At this point in time, it was no longer necessary to investigate any further – it was clear from the fear and powerlessness Steiss displayed at this moment that he was guilty.

“Arrest him!” Andre shouted. Several divine guards immediately swarmed and held Steiss firmly.

“No employee of the Godswamp Pharmacy will leave this place. Those who try will be killed on the spot!” Erebus commanded in a merciless voice.

“Im… impossible… You cannot sniff it out with your nose. I have definitely treated everything cleanly. So many pharmacists are here and none of them could do it!” Steiss shouted as he looked at Han Shuo in despair after knowing that his appointment with death was confirmed.

“You mean them?” Han Shuo pointed at the pharmacists who followed along with the intention of watching Han Shuo make a joke of himself. “They are all mediocrities! Your so-called conference of pharmacists had gathered a bunch of pharmacists with undeserved fame!”

“You… you…" Those pharmacist being insulted by Han Shuo were so furious that they nearly spat blood. They pointed at Han Shuo but couldn’t seem to speak.

Han Shuo had proved that he could locate poison such a great distance away just by sniffing with his nose. He had amply demonstrated that his ability was superior to every one of them. For this reason, even though Han Shuo insulted them right in front of them, there was no room for them to make retorts.

At this time, those members from large family clans of the City of Shadows revealed feelings of disdain when they looked at the pharmacists. Some even gossiped, “Pfff, this bunch is so unskilled yet still so shameless to attend such a pharmacist conference. People these days don’t know shame.”

“That’s right, they definitely aren’t that competent. In the future, we will only buy medicines from the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. As for the other pharmacies… we better not frequent them. Who knows if they too sell poisons just like the Godswamp Pharmacy!”

Done, we are so done! The Godswamp Pharmacy has screwed us! All the pharmacists were panicking and alarmed. Seeing the disdain displayed by those members of large family clans, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to continue doing business in the City of Shadows.

The pharmacists in the City of Shadows and pharmacists who came from other cities to attend the conference, subjected to the scornful gazes of the crowd, turned on their heels and left with feelings of shame. They disappeared in no time as they had been humiliated enough.

“Told ya,” Donna said softly to Diwei who had his jaw flat on the ground.

“How… how is this possible? How did he do it?” Diwei’s gazes at Han Shuo were filled with astonishment. There was no longer the slightest feeling of contempt visible.

“I have tried to rope him into our family clan from the beginning. You all thought that he was trying to ingratiate me instead of the other way around. Now you know his value, don’t you? But it’s too late now. Had he joined our family clan, our House of Lavers would surely become more powerful than the other three family clans… Sigh…"

Diwei was a little embarrassed. He previously assumed that Han Shuo had been fawning over Donna and was trying to get employed by the House of Lavers. He had met too many characters of this sort and was therefore cold towards Han Shuo when they first met. It was only now that he realized how gravely mistaken he was!

Unfortunately, Han Shuo did not refine medicine to cure regret. Otherwise, Diwei would be buying them by the shiploads!

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