GDK 736: Strength unveiled

The members and representatives of various family clans left the hall with their medicines. While walking out, they would discuss with each other in whispers about the incident they had just witnessed. Among them, Jiya had beautiful radiance sparkling in her eyes when she looked at Han Shuo. She felt as though she had been introduced to Han Shuo again.

Han Shuo’s sudden eruption had shocked everyone in the hall. It was after the incident that they realized that this person who seemed inconspicuous on an ordinary day was actually an extremely patient, but savage man. Han Shuo’s status in their hearts was significantly raised. No one would again think of Han Shuo as merely a pharmacist.

Although it was true that pharmacy was a well-respected profession on Elysium, they could never strike awe as a highgod could. The respect they had towards pharmacists originated out of necessity. The respect they had towards highgods, however, certainly originated from their hearts.

“That’s truly surprising that the youngster would possess such strength at such a young age.”

“What’s formidable is not just his current strength, but his patience in keeping low-profile all this while. Had Portlem not acted so outrageously, I’m afraid that all of us would remain oblivious to his power for much, much longer,” remarked Beth of the House of Kinson after exiting the hall. She then shot a glance at Jiya and asked in a low, teasing voice, “Uh oh, has my little Jiya just fallen for someone?”

“What? No,” refuted Jiya, her charming face blushing. “I just thought that he seems pretty interesting. I have never met any character remotely like him in the City of Shadows. He would bow and fawn over Andre on any ordinary day. But just now, when he tried to kill Portlem, he did not even bat an eye no matter how much Andre yelled. I’m really amazed by that.”

“I heard that Bryan went ballistic because Portlem tried to abduct his women. Jiya, don’t you forget that he already has women, and it’s in the plural, not singular, mind you,” said Beth in a low voice.

“Mother, what are you talking about?” Jiya lightly groaned and left in hasty steps.

Beth watched as Jiya left. She let out a soft sigh and murmured, “I have never seen you show so much interest in any person for all these years I have raised you.”

***Inside a secret chamber, Han Shuo and Andre were sitting face to face. Han Shuo remained silent with a shadow cast over his face.

Andre looked at Han Shuo in a grimace. He sighed and said, “Bryan, oh, Bryan, what more are you still hiding from us? Last time it was Andrina who flipped out, and now it’s your turn. Who from your Celestial Pearl will be the next to erupt?”

After keeping silent for a long while, Han Shuo finally said, “Lord Andre, if the City of Shadows can no longer accommodate us, I will take my people and leave the City right away.”

“That is not my desire. Although you have kept us in the dark for a long time, you meant no harm to our House of Sainte. You have saved Carmelita twice and even helped us in exposing Godswamp Pharmacy’s deeds. We of the House of Sainte owe you a favor,” Andre hastily explained, “But, it’s just that the Portlem family’s influence in the Calamity Church is far too substantial. His uncle came to the City of Shadows to discuss certain things about the Church. If any mishap were to befall Portlem in the City of Shadows, our House of Sainte will be deemed responsible.”

“Lord Andre, I understand your position,” replied Han Shuo. He turned to a deep voice and continued, “But truly, learning that Portlem had attempted to abduct my women, despite having been informed they are from the Celestial Pearl, boiled my blood.”

“Sigh, let’s not talk about that for now,” Andre said with a vexed expression. After taking a short pause, he asked, “Bryan, what energy was that back there? Why is it that I have never seen anything like it before?” 

Han Shuo did not answer.

“Erm...” Andre was beginning to feel awkward and added, “Both you and Andrina are very queer. The energies you two used are very unusual. I’m just curious about it, that’s all.”

“It’s a type of energy similar to fighting aura. I have practiced it since young,” Han Shuo explained after thinking for a bit. “I cannot tell you precisely what type of energy it is as I am not too sure myself. My Master who taught me the art did not explain it in detail. All that he mentioned was that only certain people with a specific body type could cultivate in the energy. An average person cannot understand or practice it,” lied Han Shuo.

“That is truly strange!” exclaimed Andre.

“Master, what you did today is imprudent. If the Exalted Demonlord’s enemy discovers that you are cultivating in demonic arts, it will try to kill you before you have grown strong enough to rival it,” Cauldron Spirit transmitted to Han Shuo’s consciousness.

“I know. But I really want to kill Portlem,” Han Shuo said to Cauldron Spirit, “This universe is vast. The chances of running into that person are very minute, especially when my strength now is still so meager. It is unlikely that a character of that level would notice me. I don’t think this would be an issue for now.”

“Still, you better be careful the next time. Avoid using demonic arts unless necessary. If used too frequently, it will, sooner or later, attract unwanted attention.” Cauldron Spirit paused for a moment and said to Han Shuo, “The Exalted Demonlord has severely injured the Enemy before his death. By my estimation, the Enemy would have yet to recover from its injuries at this point in time. But still, we had better be more cautious.”

“Got it,” answered Han Shuo.

In their original understanding, Han Shuo was to avoid using demonic arts and if he were to use it, he would make sure none who witnessed it was left alive. However, the circumstances on that day were unique. Han Shuo had momentarily failed to contain himself after hearing that Portlem nearly abducted his women and he had therefore rashly deployed demonic arts.

Although he knew that doing so might invite trouble, in the heat of the moment, the only thought in his mind was to kill Portlem and nothing else. Now that it had happened, all Han Shuo could do was to draw a lesson from it and minimize the damage. Han Shuo derived slight relief from learning that the Enemy had yet to recover from its injuries.

“Forget about it. I won’t force you if you are unwilling to speak about it,” Andre remarked and sighed when Han Shuo was, once again, silent. He then stood up and continued, “But you don’t have to worry about the matter too much. As long as Portlem remains alive, things are still salvageable. In fact, it is actually beneficial for you to display your powerful strength.”

Han Shuo was stunned. In confusion, he asked, “What benefit do you mean?”

“After this incident, my Elder Brother will regard you higher. If you did not possess this kind of strength, to resolve the matter, in consideration of the bigger picture, my Elder Brother might choose to sacrifice you. After all, to my Elder Brother. a pharmacist will never be as important as a highgod. But given the situation now, given the importance of both you and Andrina to him, even without considering the favors you did for Carmelita, my Elder Brother will defend you at all costs,” assured Andre, “Therefore, you don’t have to leave the City of Shadows. In fact, you need not worry about the repercussions - our House of Sainte will handle it all for you.”

After taking a short pause, Andre looked solemnly at Han Shuo and added, “But, you must promise me that you will not do a thing to Portlem inside the City of Shadows. It’s fortunate that Portlem’s uncle isn’t around today, or else things would have been messy. If you really cannot forgive Portlem, wait until he has left the City before doing anything to him.”

Han Shuo’s anger had partially subsided after having seriously injured Portlem. Seeing the serious look on Andre, Han Shuo calmed his mind and thought about it for a moment. Finally, he nodded and said sincerely, “Lord Andre, I apologize for my actions. I lost my rationality at that time.”

“I understand,” Andre said with a faint smile but in his mind, he thought, You looked completely calm when trying to murder him. It didn’t seem like you lost much rationality!

“I won’t be seeing your Lordship out. Farewell, Lord Andre,” Han Shuo bowed.

Andre nodded smilingly. He left a few pieces of advice at the last minute and left Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

As soon as Andre left, Andrina entered the chamber. She asked, “Bryan, do we have to leave the City of Shadows?”

Han Shuo shook his head and replied in a deep voice, “We will stay for now and see what happens.”

“But if we don’t leave now, it will be too late if the House of Sainte decides to capture us and deliver us to Portlem to resolve the matter,” Andrina creased her brows and said.

“If the House of Sainte really wants to do so, now is already too late for us to leave,” after taking a short pause, Han Shuo asked, “What exactly happened?”

“Twenty days after we separated, I kept them inside a boundary and went out alone to scout out the surroundings. After making sure that you had successfully drawn all the godhunters away, we continued on our journey to the City of Shadows. We spent twenty thousand black crystal coins to buy an airship in the first town we entered. From that point on, we continued the journey on the airship.

“Then, when traveling through a valley, we came across that asshole on his airship, also heading for the City of Shadows. Although Fanny and my elder sisters are weak in strength, they are all outstandingly attractive. Even on Elysium, they are hard to come by beauties. That scum decided to act on his evil thoughts when he saw our lack of strength. Fortunately, they did not discover my actual power. I caught them by surprise by destroying their airship. Then, after putting up a fight, we barely managed to escape.

“As I had sustained injuries, fearing that we might run into more trouble on the rest of the journey, I rested for a period of time before continuing our travels on the airship. That’s about it,” narrated Andrina.

“I’ll go see how they are doing. Here, take this, use these crystal coins to heal your wounds.” Han Shuo tossed Andrina a bag of black crystal coins and walked towards his ladies’ room. 

Han Shuo knew which room Akley had placed his women in as he had been watching using his demon general. Upon arrival, Han Shuo relieved them with his warm voice before soothing them physically. He made sure that they were fully contented before leaving.

After resting for the night, on the second day, Han Shuo introduced the ladies to Gu Li, Akley, and others. He also briefly informed them about the situation in Celestial Pearl. Phoebe had plenty of experience running a business back on Profound Continent. She was greatly interested in solving the issues faced by the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

Han Shuo, knowing that Phoebe was capable in this aspect, recommended her to Gu Li to take part in the business and personnel management aspects of the Celestial Pearl. Although Emily wasn’t as good as Phoebe in management, she was skilled in recognizing and recruiting talents - a skill that allowed her to climb to a high position in the Dark Mantle. She too volunteered to help with running Han Shuo’s business.

These things were not Han Shuo’s fortes. Seeing how excited the two were in helping him with business, and knowing their capabilities, Han Shuo assigned them some of the relevant duties.

As Fanny had no experience in running a business and did not show interest in it, Han Shuo did not arrange for her to work in his pharmacy.

Han Shuo left the excited Phoebe and Emily to learn from Gu Li about the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy and departed for one of the nearest divine weapon stores with Fanny.

The Origin Crystals and scrolls detailing how to ascend to godhood Han Shuo purchased before the journey was given to Trunks and other friends remaining on Profound Continent. Now that Fanny, Stratholme and the others had arrived in the City of Shadows, the most important thing they had to do now was to rapidly improve their strengths. These mortals were all talented in cultivation. They would surely soar in strength in Elysium where elemental energies were most intense and resources were most abundant.

After spending just three thousand black crystal coins, Han Shuo bought all the materials they needed from the store. Those goods Han Shuo purchased were considered ordinary and low-level on Elysium. They were nothing precious.

When Fanny saw goods which would be invaluable on Profound Continent being displayed on a corner of the shop like it was nothing remarkable, and seeing that the prices ranged from merely tens of purple crystal coins to three black crystal coins, her mind was yet again blown. 

“Those on Elysium could make rapid progress in their cultivation because this world has all the resources. In addition to the superior environment, it’s not surprising that gods are common. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many who would travel across the universe just to live here,” Han Shuo conversed with Fanny smilingly. After putting the items into his space ring, they returned to the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

Han Shuo assembled all those who came from Profound Continent, placed all the items he just purchased on a table in front of them, and smilingly instructed, “Take what is most useful for yourselves.”

There were Origin Crystals, green crystals for forming a Body of Element, scrolls detailing how to break through from demigod to basegod, and even the methods of ascending from basegod to lowgod.

After inquiring and learning the functions of the items, they selected and carefully put away these treasures which would be coveted by every person on Profound Continent. After thanking Han Shuo, they rushed back to their own rooms to cultivate.

It was only after arriving on Elysium that they realized just how weak they were. They were unwilling to waste a second on anything but cultivation in order to close their differences in strengths with an average person on Elysium.

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