GDK 743: Profit from a misfortune

Erebus was struck by a beam of bright light. It wasn’t clear if he was immediately killed. However, one thing was obvious - the party was helpless against the colossal figure.

In this pitch-dark space, the huge green eyes of the colossal figure looked down at the assaulting highgods and said in a deep voice, “Pledge allegiance to me. Resistance is futile!”

Han Shuo was shaken to hear the colossal being giving its final warning. He immediately decided to use Blood Disassembly to escape. There was nothing he could do about his partners.

He turned to Andrina to look at her one last time, his heart aching. He wished he could shoulder Andrina along in escaping, but unfortunately, he was too weak to do so.

However, right before Han Shuo activated the Demonic Blood Disassembly, he noticed that Andrina had started to glow brightly from head to toe. A sparkling and translucent energy crystal emerged from her chest. A blurry image was projected onto the crystal.

When Han Shuo looked carefully, he discovered that the blurry figure in the energy crystal was a carbon copy of the colossal figure before the party. Although the pair of green eyes inside the crystal was much smaller, every movement and emotion it showed was identical to the crescent moon-like green eyes high above his head.

“Don’t you dare, Andrina!” the colossal figure seemed to know Andrina. Its voice turned somewhat anxious after it noticed the beautiful energy crystal that flew out from her chest, as though worried or concerned.

Andrina’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter as she stared fixedly at the energy crystal in her hand. The crystal started giving off a most mysterious energy as a fine crack started to grow on its surface. Ting! The energy crystal suddenly shattered.

The entire space was instantly illuminated with overwhelmingly bright light, so bright that everyone had to close their eyes. For a split second, Han Shuo could see the colossal figure before him glow as it let out an ear-piercing shriek. 

Soon, the light diminished. It took the party a moment to come to their senses. They discovered that the colossal figure had disappeared and the space was no longer in pitch darkness.  Shattered rocks covered the floor as though a disaster had struck the area.

Andrina who was standing still suddenly fell backward powerlessly. Han Shuo was shocked and hastily went to catch Andrina. He saw that her small face was pale without a trace of vitality and she had lost consciousness.

Andrina was still clasping the fractured energy crystal with her two hands. There were gashes on her palm as though someone had cut her hands along her palm lines. The cuts were so deep that her bones were visible.

Creaking noises sounded from several energy towers around the chamber before they collapsed with a rumble.

“What happened?” asked Blightsoar. He was still puzzled and frightened.

“I’m not sure either, but Andrina must have done something that made him vanish into thin air!” Han Shuo, who was carrying the unconscious Andrina in his arms, suddenly recalled that a moment ago, Andrina showed hesitation before entering the shaft. Could she have known this would happen earlier?

Han Shuo hastily fished out a large amount of crystal coins from his space ring and stuffed handfuls of them into Andrina’s mouth in a flustered manner. He chanted in a low voice, “You’ll be alright, you will be alright!”

Though Han Shuo had not known Andrina for too long, they had built a rapport and Han Shuo was very fond of this mysterious little girl. Had Han Shuo anticipated that this would happen, he surely wouldn’t have brought Andrina along. His heart ached to see Andrina so severely injured.

“Bryan, what are you doing? Are you mad? Why are you stuffing crystal coins in her mouth? Are you trying to choke her to death?” Aobashi, who was examining Erebus’ condition, yelled. She thought that Han Shuo had been shocked into a fool. 

Naturally, Aobashi had no idea that Andrina gained strength from energy crystals. Han Shuo ignored her cries and continued to stuff crystal coins into Andrina’s mouth. 

However, Han Shuo soon realized that Andrina couldn’t chew the crystal coins in her mouth while unconscious, therefore she could not heal.

The anxious Han Shuo then hastily removed the crystal coins from her mouth. He paced back and forth while holding Andrina, trying to come up with a solution. Then a light bulb lit above his head. Immediately, he flew towards a damaged energy tower, filled it with crystal coins to power it up, and placed Andrina at the center of the energy tower. 

At the center of the energy tower was a magical matrix for extracting energy from energy crystals. The energy tower lit up as soon as it was filled with crystal coins. When Han Shuo placed Andrina on the matrix, a welcoming phenomenon happened - her translucent body automatically absorbed the energy around her. The energy of hundreds of black crystal coins was drained in no time.

Seeing that the method was working, Han Shuo immediately took out several hundred thousand black crystal coins from his space ring and filled them into the energy tower without thinking. The energy extracted by the energy tower from the crystal coins was absorbed by Andrina’s body. A trace of vitality returned to her pale face.

The nervous Han Shuo was slightly relieved. However, he did not dare pause with the task. He refilled the energy tower with black crystal coins and repeated the process again and again.

A moment later, Han Shuo had exhausted all the black crystal coins he carried with him. Andrina was finally breathing again and had a pulse. Although still unconscious, her body was starting to repair itself using the energy it had just absorbed.

Han Shuo had seen this situation before. Back then, after having sustained serious injuries from the Brovst trio, she consumed an obscene amount of Han Shuo’s black crystal coins and fell into a deep sleep. Her body was in a similar state at that time.

Han Shuo could finally heave a sigh of relief. When the last remaining bit of energy was absorbed by Andrina, the energy tower stopped glowing. Afterwards, Han Shuo brought Andrina out of the energy tower and headed to the panicking Aobashi. He asked in a low voice, “How is Erebus doing?”

“He’s still alive but in a terrible condition. There is an energy destroying his body which he cannot resist. If this trend continues, he will eventually be dead!” replied Aobashi anxiously. Suddenly, she shrieked, “Bryan, aren’t you a pharmacist? I heard from Erebus that you have saved Carmelita’s life twice with your unique art of healing. Can you save him?”

“I’ll do my best!” Han Shuo replied in a deep voice. He walked to Erebus and placed one hand on his back. He discovered that there was indeed a bizarre energy inside Erebus’ body. It carried a hint of the edict of destruction but was clearly different from the destruction divine energy of a lowgod, midgod, or highgod.

This energy in Erebus’ body was extremely savage and brutal. Wherever it traveled, it would leave behind a trail of destruction. It was too powerful for Erebus’ divine energy to defend against. Not only would his bones crack and shatter, but every part of his body was being destroyed down to the cellular level.

Although this energy was somewhat similar to the divine energy Avery left in Carmelita, the latter simply could not compare with its power!

While Han Shuo pressed his hand on Erebus’ back to probe his condition using demonic yuan, the energy that carried a hint of the edict of destruction, for whatever reason, charged at Han Shuo’s demonic yuan, trying to break it down.

Han Shuo was shocked. He hastily drew his demonic yuan from Erebus’ body. However, he was a split-second too late. Through Han Shuo’s palm, the energy left Erebus and flowed into Han Shuo. 

The energy was no longer wreaking havoc in Erebus’ body but Han Shuo’s left hand that was extended began to creak loudly. His bones and meridians were shattering under the attack of the energy.

“Bryan, what’s going on?” Aobashi was astonished. She saw that Erebus’ condition had improved but Han Shuo was aghast and perspiring as though he had seen a ghost.

“The energy has found its way into my body!” replied Han Shuo. He did not look well.

“What?!” shrieked Aobashi. She could see just how powerful the energy was. If even Erebus could not withstand the energy, then wouldn’t Han Shuo be dead in a moment?

“Don’t worry about me. Just look after Andrina for me!” Han Shuo tossed Andrina into Aobashi's arms, and quickly sat cross-legged on the ground.

The creaking noises from Han Shuo’s left hand grew louder and clearer. Aobashi saw that the veins in Han Shuo’s left hand were bursting one by one, spraying blood onto his arm.

Aobashi was dumbstruck by the scene. She wanted to help Han Shuo but didn’t know what she could do. After catching Andrina from Han Shuo, she stood and stared at him foolishly.

“He's not going to make it,” said Blightsoar who had arrived beside Aobashi wearing a dim face. He said softly, “If it wasn’t for Bryan and Andrina, we wouldn’t still be alive right now! I have checked the area. There are a few tunnels down below. The godhunters must have escaped using the tunnels.”

Aobashi’s pretty face was blemishes with anxiety. She could do nothing but watch as more and more veins burst from Han Shuo’s bloody left arm. Gradually, the destruction reached his left shoulder. Aobashi cried, “What should we do? What should we do? Bryan landed in this predicament trying to save Erebus. What should we do?”

“Forget it. Given that even Erebus couldn’t resist the power, there isn’t much hope left for Bryan.” Blightsoar let out a sigh and continued, “I truly did not expect things to turn out this way. All these years, we have underestimated the godhunters!”

“Who said that I’m not going to make it?!” shouted Han Shuo in an annoyed manner. He was strenuously fighting the invasion of the energy but the two were busy talking about how his death was certain beside his ears. Of course Han Shuo would be irritated!

“You can still talk?” Aobashi was pleasantly surprised. She hastily asked, “Bryan, tell us, how can we help you?”

“Bring Andrina and Erebus out and get away from here. Get out of my sight. I won’t die so easily!” shouted Han Shuo.

“Look at yourself, how can we leave you alone in this state?” Blightsoar couldn’t be angry at Han Shuo for shouting at them at a moment like this. “Besides, there’s no telling if the godhunters will return. If they do and no one is around you, wouldn’t that further cement your death?”

“Lady, Gentleman, please, I beg you, leave me alone, that is all I ask of you!” shouted Han Shuo. “Aobashi, considering that I have saved Erebus and that Andrina has saved all of us, leave. Your presences will only disturb my mind!”

Aobashi was startled. After staring at Han Shuo for a long while, seeing that Han Shuo was persistently hastening them to leave and his words had grown more and more impolite, she stomped her feet ruthlessly and said, “Fine. I’ll leave you to yourself. Hope to see you again - and alive.”

“Bryan, I, Blightsoar, will always remember the favor!” Blightsoar said solemnly before he held Erebus and Aobashi and left.

After Aobashi and Blightsoar had gone completely out of sight, Han Shuo no longer repressed his pain. He clenched his teeth and shouted, “Come at me, you fucker! Let’s see if you can actually take me!”

The energy in Han Shuo’s left shoulder was let loose. It immediately began to travel all throughout Han Shuo’s body at a tremendous rate. 

Pop! Pop! Pop! 

Crisp crackling noises repeatedly sounded from Han Shuo’s body. The flesh and skin from his head to toes started to crack and split. He was drenched in blood. He looked hideous and gruesome.

The Invincible Omen Body was deployed, filling every cell in Han Shuo’s body with energy and making it immensely tough. The veins and tendons of his crushed arm started to reconnect at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even his bones were being rebuilt. If Aobashi and Blightsoar were around, they would surely be dumbstruck by the scene!

Soon, his gory left arm was completely healed, not a wound nor scar to be seen.

Rattling noises continued to sound from his body as his veins ruptured and his bones fractured. Following that, when the Invincible Omen Body was deployed, his shattered veins and bones would reattach and reconnect at an astonishing rate.

Gradually, the energy that was wreaking havoc in Han Shuo’s body grew weaker and weaker. Its speed also grew slower.

“Master, absorb that energy, fuse it with your avatar of destruction. The energy is self-aware and will be greatly beneficial to your avatar!” Cauldron Spirit suddenly cried out to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was shocked. The energy has a mind of its own? That explains why it’s such a nightmare to deal with!

“There is indeed destruction divine energy in the energy, but it is different from the divine energy possessed by my avatar. I doubt my avatar could assimilate the energy. Besides, the energy desires to destroy all things. My avatar might not be able to survive it!” replied Han Shuo.

“Master, direct the energy to me. I will remold the self-awareness of the energy. After that, it will be perfectly safe for your avatar to fuse with!” Cauldron Spirit immediately responded.

Han Shuo was elated. Cauldron Spirit couldn't just remold divine souls, it could also remold this conscious energy!

Han Shuo, practiced in borrowing Cauldron Spirit’s energy, deployed the Invincible Omen Body in specific areas to guide the now-weakened energy to Cauldron Spirit. Although the energy had an awareness, its mind was not sophisticated at all. It would travel along regions easiest to destroy, thus it headed along the path that Han Shuo had set for it.

Finally, the energy flowed into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, allowing Han Shuo to relax for a moment. Following that, the Cauldron started to slowly spur inside Han Shuo’s body. The demon generals in the cauldron started to flutter and dance. They orbited the energy in a strange trajectory, eating away the awareness in the energy bit by bit.

There were now over twenty divine souls being trapped in the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. These divine souls belonged to the perished godhunters and divine guards Han Shuo collected before entering the cave. Eventually, the divine souls would be refined into demon generals by the Cauldron Spirit.

The myriad of demons in the Cauldron danced, corroding the awareness in the energy restrained by dark radiances. A stand of green smoke suddenly floated from the wall of the Cauldron and into the energy being held by the demon generals. The energy suddenly started to violently struggle to free itself, as though knowing that its existence was near an end, and was giving its final resistance.

The strand of green smoke swayed with it for a moment before the energy slowly stopped resisting, as though the awareness of the energy had been subdued. Gradually, the demon generals flew off from the captured energy one after another, returning to lie dormant on the wall of the Cauldron. The captured energy had turned calm and obedient. Cauldron Spirit guided it to the avatar of destruction that was sitting inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon.

“Master, I have reformatted the awareness in the energy. You can now fuse your avatar with the energy!” Cauldron Spirit transmitted to Han Shuo’s consciousness.

Han Shuo was elated. He set his mind free and at ease while slowly allowing the energy into his avatar.

Everything happened smoothly. After the energy entered his body, he started assimilating it the way he would absorb a godhunter’s divine energy. During the process, his avatar’s mind received a constant stream of information originating from the awareness in the energy. They were all about the profound knowledge and comprehension of the edict of destruction. Also, it included the complete instruction on forming and using the Orbs of Destruction.

The Cauldron of Myriad Demon was indeed incredibly useful and miraculous. After being remolded by Cauldron Spirit, the energy gave not the slightest resistance but cooperated with Han Shuo in the assimilation process. Han Shuo could feel that the destruction divine energy in his body sharply increased with each passing second. The feeling of having energy filling and packing every inch of his body felt similar to having Cauldron Spirit’s energy flooding his demonic body.

But in contrast to borrowing Cauldron Spirit’s energy, the destruction divine energy would always be a part of him! It wasn’t temporary and it didn’t strain his body beyond its limits!

Suddenly, abstruse insights and realizations started coming to the avatar’s mind. The destruction divine energy in its body started to spur energetically. They were traveling in a certain trajectory and being condensed, similar to how he could condense his divine energy to form an Orb of Destruction!

A breakthrough! Han Shuo could not be happier as he knew that his avatar of destruction would soon reach midgodhood!

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