GDK 752: Sorry, you shouted late

Han Shuo butchered the entire party from Hushveil City led by Eugene. Not one survived.

The air at the cave entrance reeked of blood. Cauldron Spirit circled in the air and collected Eugene’s mid-stage highgod soul. The divine souls of other perished divine guards were also drawn by Cauldron Spirit and sucked into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon.

According to Cauldron Spirit, the highest-grade spirit demon had to be made using a highgod soul. Spirit demons of that grade were more powerful than any demon generals and could provide Cauldron Spirit with more power. Ever since the Exalted Demonlord’s annihilation, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon had produced not a single demon general of the highest class. Now that Eugene’s divine soul was captured, there would finally be a spirit demon in the Caudron again.

Eugene and his army were reduced to puddles of blood in just a few moments. The ground was littered with severed bodies. It was a horrendous scene.

Anito, Deco, and two other divine guards from the Third Corps were overwhelmed with shock. Their brains had short-circuited. 

“Anito, besides Eugene, didn’t you say you ran into hostile forces from Darksoul City? What are you waiting for? Show us the way!” instructed Bollands.

It was only at this moment that Anito seemed to come to his senses. He seemed frightened and alarmed as he asked Han Shuo, “Lord Bryan, did, did you just kill Eugene?”

“Is there a problem?” replied Han Shuo, smiling snarkily.

“Lord Bryan, although there is a constant shadow war between the seven cities of the Darkness Dominion, the Chiefs of Divine Guards are almost always spared. If a Chief of Divine Guards dies, the matter will escalate to a big issue. Eugene was one of the Chiefs of Divine Guards from Hushveil City. Now that he has perished here, the City Lord of Hushveil City will surely get involved!” replied Anito anxiously. Although the cities had never ceased their hidden battles with each other, their Chiefs of Divine Guards were highly regarded and given immunity. It was extremely rare for a Chief of Divine Guards to be killed.

Chiefs of Divine Guards were the pillars of strength of a city and highly regarded by their City Lords. The death of a Divine Guard Chief would anger them and perhaps even escalate to an all-out war between the two cities. Anito was frightened of the grave consequences of Eugene’s death.

Han Shuo, however, did not view it as a big issue. “Ah, it’s no bother. I will justify myself to the City Lord personally!” He smiled, “Let’s go Anito, time to kick Darkspirit City's ass!”

Anito’s heart trembled in fear at Han Shuo’s reply. He had a flashback of the time he first met Han Shuo in the City of Shadows, of the horrible attitude he showed towards Han Shuo. A shiver traveled down his spine at the thought. I'm lucky I ended up becoming friends with him. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t even know how I’d die. He concealed his strength so well and appeared benign. But when he erupts, it would be a massacre! This guy is truly a ruthless, vicious person! 

“Come with me, my Lord. Those from Darksoul City also has a Chief of Divine Guards. He killed two of our comrades!” Deco was much bolder than Anito and showed the way for Han Shuo.

As they traveled, Deco explained to Han Shuo that those from Darksoul City were actually the first to arrive at the mountain. They did not want anyone else to get close to the mountain. The Darksoul City troop discovered Anito’s men probing around the mountain and were killed.

It was after that that Eugene and his men from Hushveil City arrived at the mountain. However, this time, the two forces did not clash with each other as they saw that their strengths were evenly matched. The forces of Darksoul City decided to compromise. They occupied some of the largest deposits and left the remaining deposits unguarded, allowing Eugene and his men to take those deposits.

This force from Darksoul City was led by a Divine Guard Chief named Jirofi. He was about as powerful as Eugene - a mid-stage highgod. He cultivated in the energy of destruction.

With Deco leading the way, the party soon arrived near the center of the mountain. There were caves entrances all around them. Every entrance was guarded by a few divine guards from Darksoul City.

“Lord Bryan, Jirofi of Darksoul City should be there in the largest cave!” Deco pointed out to Han Shuo upon arrival.

“Our Darksoul City has claimed these deposits for ourselves. Go to other deposits - do not make us attack!” warned a divine guard from Darksoul City as he looked on coldly at Han Shuo and his party. He was very arrogant in attitude.

“Bollands, Sanguis, kill a few of them, show them who’s boss!” instead of wasting words, Han Shuo instructed Bollands and Sanguis to begin killing.

By murdering, Bollands could increase his killing intent, Sanguis could gain energy from the blood of their enemies, while Han Shuo could reap more divine souls. Killing others would only benefit the three demonic arts cultivators. After all, it was those from Darksoul City who made the first strike against those men from the Third Corps. Han Shuo saw no reason to avoid violence.

As soon as Han Shuo finished his words, Bollands and Sanguis pounced on the two divine guards of Darksoul City at a cave entrance. Sanguis drew out a string of blood from his palm as he stared at the divine guards with his bloodshot eyes. Immediately when their gazes met, the two divine guards felt the blood in their bodies begin to boil.

Bollands arrived beside them at this moment. The longsword in his hand gave off a bright flash before going criss-cross on the divine guards. Chak Chak! They were dismembered. Their bodies, now in chunks, fell to the ground, spurting blood in every direction.

Before those divine guards at other cave entrances could provide aid, the tragedy had happened.

They immediately shrieked in loud, high-pitched voices, signaling distress to Jirofi. They had witnessed just how terrifying Bollands and Sanguis were and noticed that Han Shuo, the duo’s leader, had not made a move. They dared not to be reckless and were on high alert, cautiously watching Sanguis and Bollands as they called for their boss.

A moment later, thirty-seven divine guards including their Chief Jirofi hastily flew out from the caves. Their clothes and armor were smeared with dirt. It appeared that they had been busy excavating energy crystals. 

As soon as he rushed to the scene, Jirofi yelled, “What’s the matter?” When he saw the warm puddle of fresh blood beneath his feet, his face darkened and he seemed enraged. Jirofi had a plump figure. His pair of eyes glistened with sinister and scheming light. At this moment, his fierce gaze had turned to stare fixedly at the calm and unruffled Han Shuo standing at the center.

“From now on, this mountain and its deposits belong to the House of Han of the City of Shadows!” Gilbert announced after bravely stepping forward. He cast Jirofi an arrogant glance and continued, “Eugene was killed by my master as he was not tactful. If you do not want to follow his path, drop everything and leave now!”

“House of Han?” Jirofi raised an eyebrow and replied coldly, “The only family clans in the City of Shadows I know of are the House of Sainte, House of Lavers, House of Kinson, House of Kisa, and House of Buller. Since when was there a House of Han?”

“Enough bullshit. Leave all the energy crystals you extracted behind and get your asses out of here!” said Gilbert in a bossy and arrogant manner, “Leave now or stay here forever!”

Jirofi seemed to be harder to deal with compared to Eugene. He did not seem to be angered or affected by Gilbert’s rude shouting and insults. He made a smirk on his chubby face and said to Han Shuo, “You want us to withdraw without even demonstrating that you have sufficient strength to challenge us? It doesn’t work that way, boy.” Jirofi had made out that Han Shuo was the leader of his party.

Under Jirofi’s provocative gaze, Han Shuo put on a faint smile and replied, “Well then, you won’t be leaving!”

As soon as he finished those words, the seventeen flying swords re-emerged. Chilling wind blew and whistled as the swords shot towards the divine guards glowering at Han Shuo. The seventeen swords were not just incredibly sharp, but also terrifyingly corrosive, chocked with toxins and chilling aura. Under Han Shuo’s marvelous control, they streaked across the space like a shadow and penetrated through the bodies of the divine guards. All those struck by the flying swords started melting away at a rapid speed and turned into bloody puddles before long.

Jirofi was greatly alarmed and intimidated by Han Shuo’s vicious flying swords. Anxious light came from his eyes as he immediately shouted, “Stop! We will leave immediately!”

Still wearing a warm smile on his face, Han Shuo replied, “Sorry, you spoke too late!”

The seventeen flying swords abruptly converged at Jirofi and Cauldron Spirit’s energy flooded Han Shuo’s body. Ceaseless Pain, the first form of Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, was yet again deployed. The scene of Hell immediately consumed Jirofi as pain overwhelmed every nerve in his body. Operating the Sword Formation with his consciousness, Han Shuo left thousands of holes all over Jirofi’s body.

Anyone outside the Ceaseless Pain would only see swords flying wildly in pitch-dark air. They could not observe what was happening within the Sword Formation. 

All of a sudden, Han Shuo’s body turned into a blur and he flew into the Ceaseless Pain. His avatar of destruction flew out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and began consuming the divine energy left in Jirofi.

Jirofi cultivated in the energy of destruction. Most of his divine energy had been exhausted to the Sword Formation. But because of his immense strength, and because Han Shuo had deliberately tried not to kill him so quickly, the intense corrosive power had merely torn down the defenses of his divine energy and did not spread to his entire body.

Han Shuo rushed into sword formation to absorb the remaining divine energy in Jirofi before he died. Although just a fraction of divine energy was left in Jirofi, as he was a mid-stage highgod, it was still very beneficial to Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction.

Gradually, all of Jirofi’s divine energy was consumed. Without any energy left to resist the corrosive power of the flying swords, Jirofi was liquefied. His space ring was conveniently picked up by Han Shuo.

The seventeen flying swords flew back into Han Shuo’s body while Cauldron Spirit flew out. It cheered like a kid gifted with toys as it put away Jirofi’s highgod soul. It then fluttered all around, collecting the souls of those divine guards also killed by Han Shuo. A few divine guards from Darksoul City were escaping. But with Bollands, Sanguis and Gilbert hunting them, they would not survive for too long. 

Instead of chasing and hunting each those escaping divine guards individually, Han Shuo had his three apprentices do the job. Unlike Bollands, Sanguis and Gilbert were inexperienced in hunting to kill. This would be a great exercise for the two and the experience could prove useful in the future.

With demon generals observing them, on top of having this experienced assassin in Bollands, Han Shuo believed none of the divine guards from Darksoul City would survive.

“My, my Lord, you truly are shocking!” exclaimed Deco as he gazed at Han Shuo with revering eyes.

Anito, meanwhile, seemed rather terrified. In a depressed manner, he said, “Lord Bryan, Jirofi of Darksoul City was also a Divine Guard Chief. Now that two Chiefs of Divine Guards have died to you, the two City Lords will surely pursue to have you punished.”

“What have their deaths got to do with me?” Han Shuo smiled mischievously and said, “Eugene and Jirofi had clearly killed each other when fighting for control of the mountain, a mutual destruction. The tragedy had happened by the time we arrived. I did nothing at all!”

“Huh? Didn’t you…” Anito was confused at Han Shuo’s lying through his teeth. Then, his face jolted. As though he realized something, he too started smiling mischievously. He said admiringly, “Very wise, my Lord!”

“As long as none of those from Hushveil and Darksoul lives, whatever we say will be the truth. It doesn’t matter if the two City Lords believe us. If there is no evidence against us and we deny everything, there’s nothing much that they can do to us!” Deco too wore a face of admiration. “My Lord, what about those few who escaped?”

“Don’t worry about them. With Bollands, none of them will live to say a thing!” replied Han Shuo smilingly. He hesitated for a moment before telling them, “I hope that all of you will keep this a secret. We must give the same story to everyone, even to Lord Erebus and the City Lord. If it leaks out, we would all get into trouble!”

Anito, Deco and the other divine guards patted on their chests and pledged to keep the secret. Anito said, “Don’t worry, my Lord, we won’t divulge it to anyone. Hehe, but I believe that given how wise the City Lord is, he will figure out a thing or two.”

“We can’t do anything about that. But as long as we do not leak the story and keep it consistent, we’ll be fine!” said Deco with a childlike grin. After the incident, they grew to revere Han Shuo. In fact, they respected Han Shuo more than Erebus who had led them for many years. They knew that they needed to cover their asses as they had personally participated in the matter. 

“Find and collect their space rings, carefully. They must have extracted a ton of energy crystals by now. The crystals are ours, make sure you don’t miss any!” instructed Han Shuo.

Those fallen gods had all melted into blood and seeped into the ground, leaving just their metallic divine weapons and space rings. As long as they were careful about it, their flesh would not corrode. As for those gods killed by Bollands and Sanguis, although their bodies were in gory states, they did not corrode. Therefore Han Shuo was sure of their safety. 

While Anito and the other divine guards searched for and collected the spoils of war for Han Shuo, Bollands returned. He bowed at Han Shuo and said, “Senior, all settled!”

Han Shuo nodded with satisfaction - a victorious end to this journey.


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