GDK 762: Leave none alive

Divine Blessing Restaurant was located on a bustling street in the city center. Many had witnessed Rose slaughter the few. Fearing that divine guards of Hushveil City would be there soon, Han Shuo decided to flee and go into hiding.

By using his demon generals to scout ahead of him, Han Shuo grabbed the three ladies and traversed across numerous streets, heading towards relatively secluded regions. After traveling for some time, they stopped at what seemed to be a residential area for commoners.

Divine guards usually did not pay much attention to such areas and members of large family clans rarely ventured there. They would be safe there temporarily.

Charlotte used her divine tablet and spent a few purple crystal coins in renting a simple and crude gymnasium.

Charlotte and Bechymos were still rather astounded and appalled at this moment. They stared at Rose with bunched brows. They did not at all expect that Rose would be so brazen to kill someone in the crowded city center in front of all the nobilities.

Of course, Charlotte and Bechymos had heard Han Shuo asking Rose to ‘finish what she started’, which also very much astonished them. They couldn’t understand what in the heavens they were thinking. 

The very most that Charlotte and Bechymos would have done was to give the youngster a beating and humiliate him. They would never have even approached the idea of taking his and his divine guards' lives so straightforwardly and brutally.

“Han Shuo, you and your friend are truly brazen!” exclaimed Bechymos, her eyes wide and fearful. She continued, “That kid seemed to be rather influential in Hushveil City. Now that he's dead, his family clan surely will not let us off!”

Rose at this moment appeared unruffled. She did not get what was so wrong about her actions. She remained silent as always.

Han Shuo had seen too many outrageous acts and met countless perilous situations. Although he felt that that action of Rose’s was rather impulsive, he did not feel that it was too big of an issue. He put on a reassuring smile and replied, “He’s just a good-for-nothing jerk from a wealthy family. Killing him wasn’t all that big of a deal!” After taking a short pause, Han Shuo looked at Charlotte and Bechymos and said, “Hushveil City will try to track us down for sure. It is risky for the two of you to stay in Hushveil City so you should leave the City as soon as possible. Otherwise, given the gravity of the issue, the two of you might get into great trouble.”

“Are you not coming with us?” asked Bechymos puzzlingly.

“There are still some matters that I must take care of in this City. I will leave right after,” Han Shuo then turned to Charlotte and said, “I don’t have any medicines left. You can send men to the City of Shadows to purchase my medicines after I produce a new batch. As long as the representative can prove that he is from your House of Brucker, I will make sure that he returns home with my medicines.”

Charlotte was delighted by Han Shuo’s guarantee. She thanked Han Shuo before saying to Bechymos, “Come, we should be going home. Bryan and his friend are extraordinarily powerful. Even if they run into trouble in Hushveil City, I know it won’t be too hard for them to escape. The two of us, however, wouldn’t be able to free ourselves easily if we were to get caught.”

Charlotte could see the situation clearly. Han Shuo not leaving Hushveil City under such circumstances meant that he had something extremely important to accomplish here. The strength that Rose displayed made Charlotte’s heart quiver. Han Shuo, meanwhile, was mysterious and unfathomable. She felt that given the situation, it was not advisable for them to stay with the duo any longer. 

Bechymos furrowed her brows and frowned. She rebutted, “Sister Charlotte, can’t we stay to help him?”

“There's nothing we can do to help Bryan. If we stay, we might even burden him!” replied the quick-witted Charlotte.

After hearing Charlotte’s words, Bechymos turned to look at Han Shuo, as though she was asking for Han Shuo’s opinion with her eyes. Han Shuo nodded and said, “I cannot take too many people with me in my operation. I need to be very mobile!” After a short pause, Han Shuo added, “Plus, you'd better not participate in what I’m about to do. If people learn about your involvement, it will negatively impact your family clan. So even if not for yourself, in the interest of your family clan, you must not join me.”

Although it was true that a member of a large family clan enjoyed numerous privileges, they were bound by even more taboos and they were expected to put the interest of their family clan in the first place in everything they do. Bechymos, as a member of the House of Bruckner, was bound by this obligation. She grimaced after hearing Han Shuo’s advice and nodded grudgingly.

Given that Han Shuo and Rose had murdered without any scruple, whatever it was they set out to do in Hushveil City must be something terrible, to say the least. Bechymos did not want to invite unnecessary trouble for her family clan and therefore she agreed to Han Shuo’s advice.

Bechymos and Charlotte then had a brief talk with Han Shuo about potential cooperations in the future. When the sky began to darken, the two left the gymnasium to leave Hushveil City. 

Soon after the two ladies departed, Han Shuo turned to Rose and instructed, “Come, we should get moving!”

As the gymnasium rented was registered using Charlotte’s divine tablet, Han Shuo felt uneasy about staying there for too long. Seeing that the sky was getting dark, he considered expediting his mission and settle the matter with the Godswamp Pharmacy as soon as possible.

Rose murdering the youngster in broad daylight would surely attract the attention of certain forces. Han Shuo needed to kill both Hassling and Avery before his identity and whereabouts were discovered. He had to act fast as the longer it was dragged on, the less favorable the situation would be for him. 

Rose, as usual, remained silent and followed along.

The veil of night gradually fell. Hushveil City had obviously tightened in security. Squads after squads of divine guards patrolled the dark streets. They scanned all around with vigilant eyes, looking out for any suspicious activities.

Han Shuo knew that the divine guards were likely looking for him and Rose. By using the visions of his demon generals, Han Shuo managed to evade all the patrolling divine guards with ease. Late in the night, the two were once again at the front door of Godswamp Pharmacy.

Godswamp Pharmacy was dead silent at night. The gods would usually cultivate indoors during nighttime. The pharmacists, who had worked busily during the day, were mostly resting. Only a few rooms in the Godswamp still had their lights on.

Han Shuo had explored around 80% of the Godswamp Pharmacy using his demon generals during the daytime, so he knew the layout of the campus pretty well. There were only a few restricted areas and secret chambers he had not probed as they were guarded by unique boundaries and seals which Han Shuo feared his demon general could set off.

Han Shuo commanded demon generals refined using midgod and lowgod souls to station and monitor all around the pharmacy while directing the demon generals made using Eugene and Jirofi’s highgod souls to probe those regions protected with boundaries and seals. The demon generals refined using highgod souls were the highest grade of spirit demon. Demon generals of this class possessed even more power than average and could better conceal themselves. They were even better at passing through boundaries unnoticed.

As Rose was right beside Han Shuo, she could sense multiple unique lifeforms flying out from within Han Shuo. They were like invisible flying insects that flew in every direction. Like Andrina, Rose showed great curiosity about Han Shuo’s demon generals. In astonishment, she softly asked, “Those things that fly out from your body, what are they?”

“It’s similar to those small spiders that you use for scouting,” lied Han Shuo casually. He showed no interest in explaining it in detail.

“It’s not. My spiders are made by metabolizing my own cells using unique energy. They cannot fly or cloak.” Rose then closed her eyes and took a moment to sense before she said, “Moreover, my spiders aren’t nearly as powerful as your lifeforms. How is it that you, a human, are able to do that?”

“You are just a slave. Don’t ask so many questions!” Han Shuo did not want to answer her question and gave her cold treatment.

Rose’s eyes drooped with melancholy after being reminded of her identity. She also felt rather annoyed at the same time. She pouted her lips and disdainfully said, “Big deal!”

Han Shuo ignored her. He proceeded with directing two of his highest grade demon generals towards a secret chamber guarded by boundaries in the dead of the night. He could sense from a great distance away that the boundary was not particularly powerful. His two demon generals of the highest grade silently broke through the boundary effortlessly and proceeded inward.

It was a secret tunnel that led underground. The walls were plastered with energy crystals, brightly illuminating the tunnel. It did not seem dark at all.

They ventured further and further into the tunnel that ran deeper and deeper into the earth. There were seven or eight small boundaries in their path. The two demon generals passed through them safely without causing any reaction from the boundaries.

When they were around five or six hundred meters underground, the demon generals were obstructed by a dark iron door. The dark iron door carried extremely intense boundary energy. The notches on them were filled with ultra-high purity energy crystals which meant that the boundary energy had to be extremely strong. It was no longer possible for the demon general to probe any further.

Han Shuo knew that there had to be some great secrets behind the dark iron door. However, Han Shuo dared not to let the demon general charge into it. If someone were inside and they were alerted, it would make his mission much more difficult.

Han Shuo commanded his demon generals to hold still before the iron door. He waited and waited outside as he weighed in his mind whether he should take the risk. 

While Han Shuo was thinking, a demon general he placed outside the tunnel discovered a person wearing a Godswamp Pharmacy pharmacist coat entering the tunnel. Alerted, Han Shuo cast away all thoughts and quietly waited for the person to descend through the tunnel.

Indeed, the person did not fail Han Shuo’s expectations. He carefully traveled down the tunnel and when he arrived at the dark iron door, he turned a knob-like crystal mechanism on the door. A soft voice sounded from behind the door, “Who is it?"

“It’s me, Kraft!” replied the pharmacist after placing his face near the black iron door. He seemed to be a frequent visitor.

The power of the boundary gradually diminished and the large door opened slowly. A man smilingly invited Kraft inside and said, “What have you brought us today?”

With just one look, Han Shuo recognized that the doorkeeper as one of Avery’s henchmen previously working in the Fifth Corps. Han Shuo had carefully read through the profiles of Avery’s subordinates and knew Avery’s most loyal servants.

“Is Lord Avery still cultivating?” asked Kraft smilingly.

“He is. Let me take you to him,” the former Fifth Corps divine guard replied smilingly. It was at this moment that the dark iron door closed and the boundary re-energized. Their conversation grew softer and softer.

Outside the Godswamp Pharmacy, Han Shuo’s face jolted. He smilingly remarked, “Very good. The information provided by Ralph of the Second Corps is very accurate indeed. Avery really is muddling with Hassling. No wonder it took so long to find him!”

Han Shuo then nodded at Rose and walked out from his hiding place, instructing, “Follow me!” before flying straight into the Godswamp Pharmacy. With demon generals providing him with vision in every area, Han Shuo easily evaded the divine guards patrolling the Godswamp Pharmacy. He went towards the tunnel that had a boundary at the entrance.

The boundary at the entrance only acted as an intruder alarm and to conceal the presence of the secret tunnel. Given Han Shuo and Rose’s strengths, it wasn’t that hard for them to pass through it without triggering it. The two concealed their auras and Rose disrupted the boundary using her darkness divine energy. The two snuck past the boundary noiselessly.

With his demon generals having scouted everything in the tunnel beforehand, Han Shuo and Rose descended through the tunnel smoothly. After getting rid of multiple small boundaries along the way, they finally arrived at the location of the two demon generals.

When Rose arrived before the iron door, she was shocked to sense the auras of two very well-concealed bizarre lifeforms. She looked at Han Shuo in astonishment and whispered, “That’s miraculous!”

If even a highgod like her needed to be in such close proximity to detect the presence of the demon generals, then an average person would never be able to figure out that there was an extra pair of eyes right beside them. Whether he was escaping or hunting, with this all-seeing ability, Han Shuo had an unfair advantage, much like playing a game with cheat codes. Han Shuo could out-maneuver his opponents at every turn!

Han Shuo pointed at the iron door with intense boundary energy and whispered, “Can you disable the boundary noiselessly?”

Rose leaned forward and sensed for a moment before she shook her head and replied, “I cannot. The person who deployed the boundary is no weaker than I am. As soon as we touch it, those inside will be alerted.”

Han Shuo bunched his brows and pondered for a moment before he calmly said, “Since that is the case, we will charge into it!”

As soon as he finished those words, the seventeen flying swords flew out from his body in an instant. With one thought, the seventeen flying swords started rapidly bombarding the iron door in unique trajectories. An earth-shaking explosion went off. The layers upon layers of boundaries were shredded by the terrifying power of the flying swords and the iron door was shredded into pieces.

As stone and dust spread in every direction, Han Shuo marched forward in large, proud strides. He instructed Rose, “Kill everyone. Leave none alive!”

“Who is it?” someone inside shouted in panic when the dark iron door was shattered.

Han Shuo did not reply. His flying swords flew towards the origin of the voice. Shouts of panic quickly turned into miserable shrieks. Rose was not idling either. Her long hair started to dance. Multiple figures were impaled by her long hair and raised from the ground. Their bodies spurted out geysers of blood as they were flung away. They were dead before they touched the ground again.


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