GDK 763: She Didn’t Kill Your Children, I Did!

The two charged forward towards Avery’s location as though they were an unstoppable force. They butchered every last divine guard of Avery’s that they met along the way.

Miserable shrieks filled the spacious underground chamber. All the divine guards that died at the helm of Han Shuo’s flying swords melted down, creating a pool of blood. The bodies of those divine guards killed by Rose would also rapidly melt away the moment they came into contact with that bloody liquid.

They were inside of Godswamp Pharmacy in Hushveil City. Han Shuo knew that they had to complete their objective, then escape from the place in as little time as possible. Otherwise, a large number of Hushveil City’s Divine Guards would arrive and surround them. Even with their extraordinary capabilities, they might not be able to avoid being encircled.

Therefore, Han Shuo didn’t show the slightest bit of mercy. The streams of gods were transformed into streams of blood. Han Shuo and Rose forced their way into the deepest part of the secret underground chamber.

While Han Shuo was conducting his killing spree, his demon generals left the two of them to probe ahead. This meant that Han Shuo didn't have to waste any time searching for Avery. He already knew exactly where he was located. Therefore, he swiftly arrived at the tightly sealed chamber where Avery was hiding.

Suddenly, Kraft, one of the Godswamp pharmacists, ran out of the chamber, screaming. Two of the flying swords streaked through his neck like twin beams of light. His head was severed from his body, then sent spinning away, before his screams stopped. The stump of his neck was still squirting blood when his body collapsed, hitting the ground with a thud.

Divine energy of darkness suddenly gushed out from the space behind Kraft, as a darkness domain of divinity formed in an instant. The already dim underground chamber abruptly turned pitch black. Within the darkness, a shadowy figure started rushing forward. As the wake of its divine energy passed over the pool of blood on the ground, some of the blood was splashed towards Han Shuo and Rose.

Since Rose cultivated the energy of darkness and Han Shuo’s vision wasn't affected by the lack of light in any way, nothing could escape from their sight, including the corrosive liquid that had been splashed towards them. Han Shuo had a calm expression and didn’t utter a single word as he shot all seventeen flying swords at the moving shadowy figure at lightning speed, with ferocious power, and deadly accuracy.

The loud whistling of the flying swords painfully entered the ears, then pierced all the way to the souls of all those in the room, disrupting their minds. All of the flying swords arrived beside the shadowy figure in an instant, surrounding it and preventing it from escaping.

While the seventeen flying swords were doing their job, Han Shuo moved like a shadow, easily evading the bloody drops of liquid raining down on him. He shouted, "Today will be the last day of your life, Avery!"

As soon as he had finished yelling those words, Cauldron Spirit’s energy flooded into Han Shuo. Instantly, a terrifying energy emanated from his body. At the same time, the whistling noises grew even louder, and more piercing, as all of the seventeen flying swords moved into a formation that quickly trapped Avery within it. Next, Han Shuo activated Ceaseless Pain. Instantly, a ruthlessly brutal and sinister aura was emanated by the flying swords.

Rose had originally intended to assist Han Shuo in killing Avery but the instant that Han Shuo utilized Cauldron Spirit’s energy, she was dumbfounded. The ferocious and fear-inducing aura given off by the seventeen flying swords caused her to be overwhelmed with shock.

So, it turns out that he didn’t even use his full strength against me. I thought I could get my revenge after he nullified the master-slave contract. Ha! Ridiculous! How laughable of me! thought Rose.

Even though Rose was outside of the area of effect of Ceaseless Pain, nonetheless, she was intimidated by the terrifying energy field produced by the sword formation. She foolishly stood behind Han Shuo because she didn’t have the courage to get close enough to the sword formation to help attack Avery. It was also at this moment that Rose completely gave up on taking revenge on Han Shuo. She even felt a mixed feeling of dread and reverence towards him.

Rose actually knew Han Shuo better than most gods on Elysium. Back then, on the Profound Continent, through her believer Adele, Rose had known Han Shuo and gotten a sense of his strength. She never suspected that Han Shuo would come to possess such terrifying strength in such a short amount of time. The rate at which his strength soared was unimaginable to Rose. 

Given that Avery’s strength was less than that of Rose, and Han Shuo had chosen to boost his strength by borrowing Cauldron Spirit’s energy, Avery was on his back foot and couldn’t even mount a counterattack. The darkness divine energy in Avery’s body was being assailed by the chilling aura and corrosive power of the seventeen flying swords that had trapped it in Hell. Just a few seconds after Ceaseless Pain had formed, his heart was mired in despair.

Han Shuo suddenly flew towards Avery. With a callous expression, he shouted, “By the way, Carmelita didn’t kill your children. I did!”

The radiance of extreme hatred and rage burst from Avery’s eyes. Clearly, knowing this made him feel unwilling to die. He clenched his teeth and tried to injure Han Shuo before his death.

Unfortunately for Avery, Han Shuo didn’t give him a chance to do so. The seventeen flying swords circling around Avery’s chest removed every last bit of vitality left in him. Before the poison had completely dissolved Avery, the seventeen flying swords abruptly withdrew, hovering nearby.

Han Shuo quickly moved towards Avery’s body. He opened his left hand and deployed his Demonic Blades, using them to cut across Avery’s neck. Simultaneously, Han Shuo emanated a frigid aura, so not a drop of blood fell from Avery’s neck.

Then, Han Shuo quickly took out the glass container he had prepared a long time ago. He placed Avery’s head in it, being careful to leave a bit of frigid aura in the container as well, before sealing it. Meanwhile, Cauldron Spirit flew out from Han Shuo’s body and collected Avery’s divine soul, as quick as a flash.

Han Shuo looked over the bloody scene. Seeing that not even a single soul had survived, he promptly instructed Rose, “It’s time to leave.”

Rose was staring at Han Shuo foolishly. After hearing his words, she softly replied, “Oh.” Then, she silently followed behind Han Shuo. Amazement and fear could be seen glimmering within her bright eyes, as she gazed at Han Shuo’s back.

The time spent during the attack, from breaking into the secret chamber and murdering everyone inside, was less than two minutes. Those who had detected an abnormality under Godswamp Pharmacy had yet to arrive at the entrance to the tunnel.

Han Shuo and Rose streaked through the tunnel, traveling their path in reverse. Soon enough, they were back on the surface. It was only then, they saw that there were some divine guards from Godswamp Pharmacy rushing towards them. 

Han Shuo had probed all around Godswamp Pharmacy with his demon generals before they surfaced, and he hadn’t discovered any sign of Hassling. Currently, there wasn’t a single person in the entire Godswamp Pharmacy that could actually harm them.

All those divine guards who charged the duo were simply throwing away their lives. Han Shuo and Rose did not show the slightest bit of mercy. Several divine guards died horribly in the first second. After killing a few more divine guards that were foolish enough to block their path, Han Shuo and Rose immediately flew away from Godswamp Pharmacy, before any of the Hushveil City’s Divine Guards could arrive and surround them.

The assassination had gone smoothly and was completed cleanly. Han Shuo and Rose effortlessly escaped into the darkness of the night. 

Two bloody murders had occurred in Hushveil City, in less than 24 hours, and the killings were committed by the same group. This alarmed the experts of all the major family clans in Hushveil City, especially the chief of sixth corps who was wildly hunting for his son’s murderers. He put out a warning, once he found the murderers, he would skin them alive.

*** At the Hofley Residence.

The House of Hofley was the most powerful family clan in Hushveil City. Hofs, the patriarch of the family clan, was wearing a gloomy expression, and having a fit of rage. All the chiefs of Hushveil City’s Divine Guards were standing before him—quiet, still, and filled with fear!

“Bring the murderers to me within three days. I don’t care if they are dead or alive!” Although the tall, thin man, Hofs, appeared cultured and refined, all those who were acquainted with him knew that he had an irascible temper that was easily triggered. This time around, Hofs had reached the point of no return. It hadn’t been that long since the death of Eugene, one of the chiefs of his divine guards. Now, these outrageous murders had occurred in his city, his anger was reignited before it could subside. He’d clearly reached the limit of what he could tolerate.

The other chiefs didn’t dare to utter a single word. However, the chief of sixth corps, Salouhucci, loudly answered, “Rest assured, My Lord. All the divine guards in sixth corps have been put on active duty, and all city gates have been notified not to allow any white-haired woman to leave the city. Since the Godswamp Pharmacy murder took place after the city was locked down, we can be certain that the murderers are still inside Hushveil City. As long as we keep on searching, we will eventually find the murderers.” 

“I don’t care what methods you use. But within three days, I want them, dead or alive!” shouted Hofs. “Where is Hassling?”

“My Lord, Mister Hassling is in Firesand Town. A message has been sent. Given the short distance between Firesand Town and Hushveil City, I believe Mister Hassling will arrive soon,” replied Lordaeron, the chief of the first corps.

Hofs suddenly slammed one of his hands on the table, shattering it into pieces. He shouted, “Why did they kill people at Godswamp Pharmacy? That secret chamber was filled with dead bodies but there wasn’t a single one that was left whole. Who are those murderers?” 

Lordaeron’s face tightened in anger. He replied, “We have examined the crime scene but couldn’t learn anything useful. We’ll have to wait for Hassling, then ask him about it.”

“City Lord, the master of Godswamp Pharmacy asks for permission to enter,” it was at this moment that the voice of a divine guard sounded from outside the room.

All those in the room were waiting for Hassling. Hofs’ eyes turned cold as he shouted, “Let him in!”

Soon enough, Hassling, whose hair looked old but whose face looked young, respectfully walked into the room. As soon as he arrived, he bowed to Hofs, then spoke in a griefing voice, “Please uphold justice for me, City Lord!”

Hofs wore an irritated expression. He groaned coldly, “Who were those people that died in your secret chamber?”

“Avery, and his divine guards who were previously part of the City of Shadows’ Fifth Corps. Avery contacted me after he fell out with the House of Sainte. He knew that I had disagreements with the House of Sainte as well. He asked me to provide them with a place to live. When I learned how unreasonable the House of Sainte had been, seeing that Avery was sincere, and having the thought of recruiting their talents for Hushveil City, I agreed to help him. I placed him inside the secret chamber under Godswamp Pharmacy. The House of Sainte has become outrageously daring. Last time, they killed Eugene. Now, they’ve become even more unbridled and committed murder in Hushveil City. They clearly are challenging the sovereignty of Hushveil City. My Lord, Hushveil CIty must not bow to them any longer!” cried Hassling, as tears ran down his face.

Hassling knew that there was no way he could conceal the secret any longer, given how significant the matter was. However, in the midst of the crisis, he seized the opportunity to frame the House of Sainte that he hated. If Hushveil City and the City of Shadows went to war—that would be wonderful! If not, at the very least, Hofs would be so enraged he would make trouble for the House of Sainte.

“It was Avery! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Hofs furiously shouted, “Why was I not informed about this sooner?”

“I didn’t wish to disturb you, My Lord. I know that My Lord is a busy man. Also, I know that the House of Sainte has been aggressively trying to track down Avery. Therefore, I planned on waiting a few more days before reporting this matter to My Lord. I did not expect that such events would transpire before that. Please forgive me, My Lord. I, Hassling, have always served faithfully and been true to My Lord. Please know that I mean well, My Lord,” replied Hassling hastily.

“My Lord, due to the fact that the one who was murdered was Avery, of the City of Shadows, and not a citizen of our Hushveil City, we could be considered to be in the wrong in this matter. After all, we have made a pact with Wallace, that none of us in the Darkness Dominion will give shelter to Avery. Now that Avery was found inside of Godswamp Pharmacy, if the House of Sainte finds out about it, we will not be entirely in the right,” the chief of the second corps reminded softly.

“So what? Does that mean the House of Sainte was justified in keeping silent about Avery, not speaking about the matter with My Lord, and going about it on their own? For them to intrude and commit murder in our city, is that acceptable? Even if we don’t consider what happened to Avery, what about my son? They openly murdered him on the street, just because my son had a quarrel with them. Should we just forgive them for that matter as well? It’s clear from their actions that they don’t think Hushveil City is a force to be reckoned with. If we compromise now, they will only become more and more rampant and unrestrained on our soil!” shouted Salouhucci.

Hofs glanced at the quarreling chiefs of his divine guards, then looked at Hassling. With a gloomy face, he instructed, “No matter who or what, I will not allow anyone who has committed multiple murders in my City to walk free. Send all of your guards to search for them and investigate what happened. Once you find them, arrest them. If they resist, kill them on the spot. The City of Shadows has killed Eugene, now they’re pissing wherever they feel like it! No matter what Wallace will decide, in my city, I’m not going to tolerate this sort of thing any longer!”

Hofs hadn’t changed his opinion even after learning the identities of the victims. He still instructed his guards to bring the murderers to him, dead or alive. All of the chiefs of the divine guards knew from experience that Hofs would never change his mind. They exited the room, faces set in cold expressions, then began to assemble all of the divine guards in Hushveil City for a major manhunt.


At this moment, having thrown Hushveil City into utter chaos, Han Shuo and Rose were in the most desolate parts of the city. They found a new gymnasium where they could stay.

Before looking for a place to stay, Rose had completely concealed her long white hair with a dark headscarf in order to conceal her most eye-catching feature.

Han Shuo used his divine tablet to rent the gymnasium. Once they had entered, he sat down peacefully. He didn’t appear worried at all.

However, Han Shuo discovered that after the murder at Godswamp Pharmacy, Rose’s gazes towards him had changed somewhat. From time to time, she would look at him, then frown, as though there was something she wanted to ask but didn’t have the courage to do so.

After seeing her do this, over and over again, Han Shuo became irritated. He turned, looked towards Rose, who was a bit of a distance away, and ordered, “Speak to me. What’s wrong?”

Rose hesitated for a moment before she replied, “Back at Demon Mountain, why is it that you didn’t try to kill me right from the start? From the strength you displayed last night, if you had used your full strength against me, I would’ve been killed, of that I have no doubt.”

The truth was, Han Shuo had attacked her with all of his strength. It was just that Cauldron Spirit wasn’t with him, therefore he couldn’t boost his strength enough to kill her instantly. Cauldron Spirit was Han Shuo’s biggest secret. There was no way he was going to tell Rose about the presence of Cauldron Spirit. Han Shuo stared blankly at the curious and inquisitive Rose. After half a day, he was still unable to come up with a reasonable excuse, so he decided to reply in a condescending way, “Remember who and what you are, then refrain from asking so many irrelevant questions.”

Then, Han Shuo closed his mouth, shut his eyes, and stopped paying any more attention to Rose.

Rose’s anger ignited. The more time she spent with Han Shuo, the more hateful Han Shuo seemed to her. He was mysterious, but refused to tell her a single truth about himself. Also, he was always ordering her around. This filled Rose’s heart with disaffection but she no way to vent her frustration.

“When are we going to leave this city?” Rose looked at Han Shuo with hate filled eyes, then continued, “After going on a killing spree, for a day and a night, I reckon that all of Hushveil City is in turmoil. I’ve done as you asked, and covered my hair but you should also know that Hushveil City isn’t going to let us go that easily. Under these circumstances, if we’re found, all of the experts in Hushveil City will gather and surround us. By then, even though our strengths are decent, I fear we won’t be able to escape.”

Although Rose had confidence in her strength, she knew that there was no way she could escape if she became encircled by numerous divine guards. After all, the Hushveil City Lord was enough to defeat her. If all the experts in Hushveil City were to encircle them, she believed that even Han Shuo wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

“Hushveil City is currently on high alert. There are more divine guards on the streets than there are commoners. All of the city gates must have been sealed. Leaving now would be bad timing. It’s almost certain that we’ll be caught.” With his eyes still shut, Han Shuo lazily stated, “Besides, my matters here have not yet been completed.”

“Didn’t we already kill all of your enemies? What more do you need to do?” asked Rose in astonishment.

“No, there’s one left. And this person will be even harder to deal with than Avery. He’s the master of Godswamp Pharmacy, Hassling.” Han Shuo opened his eyes and looked at Rose, then explained, “Even if set aside my grudges with Hassling, in order for Celestial Pearl to dominate the market in the Darkness Dominion, I must get rid of him.”

“You still have the guts to attack someone—at this time?!” Rose was astounded by how outrageously bold Han Shuo was. She cried out in surprise, “You should know that the city is filled with divine guards. They’re all over the place, and they are all specifically looking for the two of us. Isn’t it too reckless to strike again at this time?”

Revealing a calm smile, Han Shuo shrugged, then tried to console Rose. "Don't worry, I have confidence that I can bring you out of the city alive. Rest well, we’ll be heading back to Godswamp Pharmacy tonight. After such a major incident at Godswamp Pharmacy, I think that Hassling will have returned.”

Rose wore a cold expression but her mind was far from being at ease. She thought, I didn’t expect that I would end up following a lunatic. Am I really going to make it out of Hushveil City alive?

Although Rose had been alive for countless years, she had never met anyone who was as daring as Han Shuo was. Somehow, she felt a slight excitement in her heart. She was both worried and excited about their assassination attempt set for later that night. It took a long time for her heart to calm down.


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