GDK 764: Eliminating Competition

Night fell. The streets of Hushveil City were crowded with divine guards. They wore gloomy faces and looked grave. They looked anxiously in every direction with their eyes wide open.

Many small family clans and gymnasiums were visited by the divine guards and were asked about ‘white-haired beauty’. Most of those minor family clans and average gods cultivating in gymnasiums knew nothing about the murders in Hushveil City that happened just the night before. However, from the presence of a large number of divine guards all over the streets, they inferred that something major must have happened in Hushveil City.

Hushveil City was in an unprecedented state of emergency. The most bustling streets were searched by the divine guards. Slowly, they moved the search area to poorer and rather remote regions. It was clear that they were not going to leave a stone in Hushveil City unturned.

But at this point in time, Han Shuo and Rose had silently left the remote gymnasium. They went back to the bustling street where Godswamp Pharmacy was located.

As soon as they left the remote region, Han Shuo immediately released his demon generals to probe all around him. Han Shuo was much more reliant on the visions of his demon generals compared to the previous night as the number of patrolling divine guards had dramatically increased. They were greatly restricted and slow in movement and had to be extra careful in avoiding the endless streams of divine guards.

Rose appeared rather uneasy while they were heading towards the Godswamp. As a mid-stage highgod expert, Rose’s hearing power was extraordinary. She heard ‘white-haired beauty’ being uttered from the divine guards located not far from her. It infuriated and terrified her at the same time.

There were multiple times that Rose wanted to persuade Han Shuo to give up on going to the Godswamp Pharmacy. She was greatly intimidated by the number of divine guards she met along the way. The further they ventured, the more divine guards and security checkpoints they found. Charging into the area was basically courting death.

However, before Rose could persuade Han Shuo to give up, when she saw the staunch, confident expression on his face, for whatever reason, Rose felt as though the mission was not particularly dangerous. It was as though with Han Shuo beside her, everything would be just fine.

Gradually, Rose even felt a vague feeling of excitement and looked forward to the danger they would soon face.

The closer they got to Godswamp Pharmacy, the more divine guards there were on the streets. As Godswamp Pharmacy was the most important crime scene, it was the most heavily guarded. The Chief of the Sixth Corps, as well as numerous divine guards, were patrolling around the area rigorously. The former was like a beast that had gone berserk. He would shout and swear as he worked.

After having probed the Godswamp Pharmacy at least two times, Han Shuo knew the campus like his very own backyard. He was able to locate objects suitable to hide behind as soon as he got close to the area. Both him and Rose were extraordinarily powerful. As long as there were objects that could block their figures, divine guards whose strengths were below theirs won’t be able to detect their presence.

Rose released faint, dark mist to assist Han Shuo in camouflaging with the darkness while they travelled between concealment spots. After making tremendous efforts, the two finally arrived in the vicinity of the Godswamp Pharmacy.

Unlike the day before, the hiding spot they found was some distance away from Godswamp Pharmacy. As there were too many divine guards patrolling around Godswamp Pharmacy and there weren’t many objects in between that could conceal them, the two couldn't get any closer without being discovered. They had, therefore, hid further away.

After killing Avery and his party, several dozens of demon generals were added to Cauldron Spirit’s collection. The highest grade of demon general required a relatively long time to refine and therefore Avery’s highgod soul was not yet available for use. Han Shuo placed the weaker demon generals far and around Godswamp Pharmacy while using the two spirit demons to infiltrate the campus.

Han Shuo was even more cautious this time around because he knew that Hassling was likely inside Godswamp Pharmacy. Hassling was extraordinary in strength. If the two demon generals made using the highgod souls of Eugene and Jirofi got near Hassling, they were doomed to be detected. Han Shuo did not want anything to go wrong with the mission.

The two demon generals carefully avoided the Chief of the Sixth Corps and made it past the divine guards looking all around vigilantly. They entered the campus to search for their target.

The surveying mission went even better than the last. Soon after the demon generals stepped into the Godswamp Pharmacy, they saw Hassling who was at the top of a building. His brows were bunched as though deep in thought.

Given that such a significant incident took place in Hushveil City and Godswamp Pharmacy was the main location of the crime scene, Hassling, as the owner of the Godswamp Pharmacy and having secretly sheltered Avery, had to share part of the blame, one way or the other. To show to the City Lord of Hushveil City that he was loyal to the City and would fully cooperate, Hassling removed all the boundaries and seals inside the pharmacy. He even stayed at the most visible spot of the campus as though to show that he had nothing to hide.

Since there were divine guards at every corner of Hushveil City and unaware that Han Shuo was targeting him, Hassling was not concerned about his safety at all. Although he looked worried and bothered on the outside, in his heart, however, he could not be happier. Everything that he had been doing for all those years was to damage and harm the House of Sainte. How could Hassling not be happy to learn that the City Lord of Hushveil City would likely declare war on his archenemy?

The demon generals discovered Hassling standing at the highest point of the Godswamp Pharmacy. His hair was like that of an old man’s but his face was like that of a child’s. These features of his were very distinctive. Han Shuo was immediately sure that it was Hassling. He said to Rose who was beside him, “Found him!”

“Where is he?” Rose was a little stunned. She did not expect Han Shuo to have located his target so quickly.

Han Shuo pointed at the tallest structure in the Godswamp Pharmacy and smilingly said, “There, at the top of the building. We are too far from there so you can’t see him. Now we should think about how to get to that building without being detected. Then we can butcher Hassling,”

“There’s such a large space from here to the Godswamp without anything that could hide us. It is practically impossible to avoid all the divine guards. I think we should wait and see,” said Rose after looking all around and considering their options. She was sure that there was no way to get to the building without being detected.

How I wish Little Earth was here, thought Han Shuo as he gazed at the building in the distance. He started missing the times when the five elite zombies were around him.

Given the situation, they would be detected by the divine guards if they were to travel through the air or land. It was only by traveling underground that they could get to the area without alerting anyone. But as Earth Elite Zombie and his brothers were away from Han Shuo to raise their strengths, Han Shuo could only wish they were around.

“I don’t want to sit and wait. We don’t have time for that,” replied Han Shuo calmly as he stared fixedly at Hassling with his demon generals.

“Then tell me, how can we get there without being detected?” Rose found Han Shuo’s persistence admirable but thought that the mission was simply impossible.

Han Shuo stayed silent as he racked his brain. His eyes glimmered as he considered his options.

After a long while, the corners of Han Shuo’s lips curled into a confident smile. He asked, “Everyone is looking for you. If you appeared nearby, how would they react?”

Rose’s face turned sad and she lowered her head in sorrow. She looked at the ground as she replied, “You mean to have me draw them away? If I suddenly show myself in this situation, without you around, I don’t think I can escape from the pursuit of the entire Hushveil City. Master, are you planning to sacrifice me?”

Ever since the day Han Shuo subdued Rose, she had never called Han Shuo her ‘Master’ without being asked. But this time, perhaps to garner pity, or maybe out of sorrow, the word left Rose's lips uninitiated.

Han Shuo immediately knew that Rose had misunderstood him. For some reason, Han Shuo felt slightly disconcerted in his heart when he saw the downcast look on Rose’s face. He shook his head, flung the strange feeling aside, and replied, “I have never thought of sending my people to death!”

The disheartened look lifted from Rose’s face. She raised her head pleasantly surprised and asked, “Then what is your plan?”

Han Shuo started gazing at Rose with glistening eyes. He instructed, “Remove your headscarf.”

Rose felt uncomfortable being looked at so intensely. She avoided Han Shuo’s attentive gaze while removing her headscarf. Her smooth, silvery hair slid down gently to her waist.

Han Shuo fixed his gaze on Rose. She had no idea what Han Shuo was up to, looking at her so intensely.

Suddenly, Rose covered her sexy lips in astonishment as though trying to hold herself back from shrieking. Her other hand was pointing at a demon general. Rose was in disbelief and her mind was in jumbles.

“That is not you. It is just a false image I made. What do you think? Lifelike, isn’t it?” Through the manipulation of Han Shuo’s consciousness, the demon general took on Rose’s appearance. It was just as attractive as the real Rose.

Rose nodded at Han Shuo. She was so shocked that she forgot how to speak for a moment. Anyone who ever found themselves staring at their own replica would be in a similar state of apprehension, if at least for a brief moment.

“It will draw away the divine guards for you. As long as they are kept some distance away, the divine guards won’t be able to tell if it is actually you. By the time they discover that something is wrong, we would have eliminated Hassling!” said Han Shuo smilingly.

Rose was dazed for quite some time before she finally came to her senses. She exclaimed, “It's a miracle!”

“Any issues now?” asked Han Shuo who couldn’t wait to get rid of Hassling.

“None at all!” Rose suddenly felt somewhat embarrassed for misunderstanding Han Shuo’s intention.

“Very well. I will start moving the image. As soon as the divine guards have been drawn away, we will go over to slaughter!” said Han Shuo. Then, the demon general who took Rose’s appearance slowly moved out from their concealment spot and flew in the Godswamp Pharmacy’s direction.

Demon generals were weightless even in material state. The demon general gently flew towards Godswamp Pharmacy. As countless divine guards were patrolling all around, the demon general taking Rose’s appearance was very quickly discovered. They immediately shouted to alert their comrades.

“A white-haired lady? It must be her! How daring of her!”

“The City Lord has commanded to get them alive or dead. Show no mercy!” 

“Everyone move! Do not let her get away or we won’t be able to explain ourselves!” 

The shouts of the divine guards suddenly filled the silent night. Those who did not notice Rose’s false image were alerted as well. They hastily rushed to the source of the sound and pursued the demon general.

The demon general in Rose’s appearance appeared as though she noticed that something wasn’t right and immediately turned around to leave. It moved away from the pharmacy at extreme speed.

All the divine guards grew excited and went after her. Even the divine guards guarding at the front door of the Godswamp Pharmacy flew out shouting.

City Lord Hofs of Hushveil City gave them a deadline of just three days. They all knew just how hot-tempered Hofs was. If they couldn’t find and get rid of the murderers after three days, there was no telling how Hofs might punish his Divine Guard Chiefs. If their bosses were punished, they as subordinates won’t be able to escape punishment either. Their Chiefs would surely scold and curse them to hell!

Therefore, to avoid the nasty consequences, they went after her with their lives.

The divine guards around the Godswamp Pharmacy dispersed in an instant. They all went after the demon general taking Rose’s appearance. Hassling who was at the very top of the tallest building had discovered the abnormality. He hesitated for a moment but, in the end, decided not to pursue the false image, instead remaining where he stood.

Chasing and arresting murderers were the duties of divine guards. As an ordinary citizen, although he was immensely curious, it was not appropriate for him to pursue the murderer. He thought, Is that woman crazy? How could she be so daring to return to Godswamp Pharmacy when there would surely be a large number of divine guards around here?

As soon as the divine guards at the front entrance of Godswamp Pharmacy went away, Han Shuo softly instructed, “Move!”

Without as many divine guards watching in every corner, Han Shuo and Rose could now infiltrate the Godswamp Pharmacy without being detected. Although Hassling was standing on the highest building, he was not able to observe every single detail down below. Besides, as Han Shuo and Rose went in through his blind spot, Hassling did not notice them at all.

The two successfully sneaked into the Godswamp Pharmacy. Once inside, there were many more places for them to hide. With demon generals scouting out in advance, Han Shuo had selected his entry path before he had even stepped into the campus. He took Rose and travelled under the shade of the walls and stones, evaded a few divine guards inside the campus, and finally arrived underneath the building Hassling was at.

The two did not fly straight up from the outside of the building but rushed to the top of the building one level at a time. He ascended the building very rapidly.

It was only when Han Shuo arrived at a level below Hassling that he detected the mighty aura rushing towards him from below. He yelled, “Who is it?!” and launched an attack at the comer without thinking. It was a no brainer to Hassling that whoever that was rushing towards him out of nowhere at this moment was not a friend!

The stone slabs on the top of the building suddenly burst outwards and the rock fragment violently shot towards Hassling. The seventeen flying swords suddenly emerged and surrounded Hassling. Han Shuo immediately proceeded to close his eyes, absorb Cauldron Spirit’s energy into his body at the fastest speed, and activate Ceaseless Pain, making an all-out effort to kill Hassling.

The enormous disturbance on the top of the building attracted the attention of the Godswamp Pharmacy divine guards below. A dozen or more divine guards shouted to their comrades and rushed to the scene. As they did not have to travel level by level, they reached the top of the building in the blink of an eye. They started launching attacks as soon as they saw Rose, who was wearing a cold, deadly face.

The reason that Han Shuo brought Rose along for the assassination was to have her deal with the pesky underlings so he could focus on getting the boss. Rose knew that for Han Shuo to get rid of Hassling in the shortest time possible, he could not be distracted. Rose did not disappoint. Her long hair flayed about wildly. The dozen or more divine guards who reached the top of the building were entangled in Rose’s long hair and sent flying away with new holes in their chests. 

Han Shuo closed his eyes and ignored the surroundings. He placed his complete attention on activating Ceaseless Pain of the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. The sharp whistle of the seventeen flying swords shattered the silence of the night and spread far and wide.

Many of the divine guards close by heard the soul-piercing whistle coming from the Godswamp Pharmacy. Sensing that something wasn’t quite right, they hurried back to the Pharmacy.

Hassling was a level higher in realm compared to Avery. He possessed mid-stage highgod strength and could withstand Ceaseless Pain for a much longer duration. As he resisted the intense corrosive power and chilling aura of the seventeen flying swords, he shouted, “I recognize you. You are the master of the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy!”

“I recognize you as well. You set me up and nearly caused my Celestial Pearl to wind up. You have a great relationship with the godhunters, and your Godswamp Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy in the Darkness Dominion. You must die!” Han Shuo suddenly shouted and opened his eyes wide. The seventeen flying swords that shrouded Hassling suddenly turned into streaks of blurry shadows that wrapped Hassling tightly like a giant net.

Han Shuo suddenly got up close with Hassling. He took out the Demonslayer Edge, gathered all the energy in his main body and avatars, and slashed at Hassling. Some sort of bizarre transformation seemed to have occurred in an instant. Hassling's head was sent flying away from his body.

Cauldron Spirit suddenly flew out to quickly collect Hassling’s divine soul. Han Shuo, who saw through his demon generals that divine guards nearby were approaching them, casually collected Hassling’s space ring and instructed Rose, “Leave!” and immediately flew away from the crime scene. Rose quickly followed behind.


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