GDK 765: Killing Spree

The divine guards that went away from Godswamp Pharmacy turned back around. When they saw Han Shuo and Rose’s figures that were flying away from the tallest structure of the Godswamp Pharmacy, they immediately chased after the two.

At the same time, a furious growl sounded from behind them, “The fuck, it’s a false image!” 

It was the voice of Salouhucci, the Chief of the Sixth Corps. He had been pursuing the demon general with a group of divine guards for a long time. But when he finally caught up to the demon general disguised as Rose, he sensed that something was amiss with the aura on the demon general. Shortly after the discovery, the demon general vanished into nothingness. It became clear to Salouhucci that they had been going after a false image all this time.

Salouhucci could sense where the now invisible demon general was flying. But at this time, he heard shouts coming from behind him. He knew he must have fallen for a distraction ploy. Therefore, he decided to ignore the escaping demon general and rushed back to the Godswamp Pharmacy, pursuing Han Shuo and Rose with a group of divine guards.

“Hassling is dead! Hassling is dead!”

“Master is dead! Master has been murdered!”

Loud, panicked shouts came from the divine guards and workers in the pharmacy. News of Hassling’s death spread far and wide in no time. All the divine guards nearby quickly received the information. 

The divine guards were all shocked by the news. Under heavy fortification and defense, not only did the murderers try to return to Godswamp Pharmacy, but they also tried to commit murder. Their bold actions were simply a great insult to every divine guard of Hushveil City. It was as though the murderers were trying to make a point that the divine guards were all useless.

And worst and most unbearable of all, the murderers had succeeded!

To the divine guards, this was the greatest humiliation and provocation!

“What?!” Salouhucci seemed to have been hit hard and erupted like a volcano. He panted like a berserk wild beast as he roared, “Get those motherfuckers!. If they do not die, all of you will!”

All the divine guards in Hushveil City seemed to have gone wild. They swarmed towards Han Shuo and Rose from every corner of the streets. Divine guards from other Corps also rushed in their direction after hearing the news. The street became flooded with divine guards. There would be at least one divine guard every ten meters.

There were divine guards of Hushveil City in every direction, staring fixedly at the two of them. Unless they could turn invisible like Han Shuo’s demon generals, there was no way they could cut off all visual contact from their pursuers.

Han Shuo and Rose who were traveling closely together showed no intention to fight. They charged towards gaps between the divine guards. Even when they ran into a blockade formed by large groups of divine guards, they would simply go around them and keep on moving.

Several hundred divine guards were converging toward the duo. If Han Shuo and Rose were to stop moving even for a moment, the divine guards would be able to quickly surround them and an endless stream of reinforcement will be able to keep them trapped until all the experts of Hushveil City could reach them. By then, no matter how extraordinary Han Shuo and Rose’s strengths were, they would have no chance of survival.

Han Shuo’s figure streaked through countless buildings in the dark. Although he had tried his best to avoid the divine guards, he and Rose would still be discovered. They couldn’t free themselves from their tracking.

The demon generals dispersed all around him constantly moved around, relaying Han Shuo the locations and movements of the divine guards all over the streets. Han Shuo wore a calm face. His heart, mind, and consciousness were in absolute tranquility. He rapidly processed the information and scenes relayed by the demon generals and calculated their most optimal path.

The Divine Guard Chiefs of Hushveil City had unique means of communication through the energy towers and boundary towers that were found all over the City. The Chiefs who were searching for Han Shuo and Rose in other regions soon received news about Hassling’s death and that the murderers were on the run. 

All the Divine Guard Chiefs were enraged by Han Shuo’s outrageous act. Feeling insulted, the Chiefs gathered their elite divine guards and rushed in the direction of Godswamp Pharmacy. Hushveil City was filled with ear-piercing whistles as they streaked across the air.

The quiet midnight was broken by the whooshing noises of divine guards streaking through the air. They would yell and shout to pass on commands and relay information. They seemed to be filled with anger.

It didn’t take long before the small family clans and commoners realized that a major incident was taking place in Hushveil City that night. Frightened, they activated the boundaries and seals to secure their homes. The energy towers that supplied energy to the entire Hushveil City, as well as boundary towers, began bursting with radiance.

All of a sudden, the dark night turned into a bright day. It was as though the sun was up early in Hushveil City.

With that, Han Shuo and Rose’s situation turned even worse. They could no longer utilize the darkness of the night and they became much more visible to the divine guards.

Rose felt rather anxious. The energy towers all over Hushveil City glowing brightly meant that the two had alerted every major family clan in the City of their activity. It was an undesirable situation.

Han Shuo, however, only bunched his brows. He seemed to loathe the gaudy light that glowed fiercely from the energy towers. He even let out a cold groan and revealed a feeling of disdain on his lips.

As the environment became brightly illuminated and divine guards from other Corps were approaching, Han Shuo and Rose started having difficulties moving forward. There wasn’t much of a gap left between the divine guards surrounding them that they could break through.

A calloused thought swarmed Han Shuo’s mind. He had originally planned not to commit a massacre in Hushveil City. However, from the looks of it, Hushveil City seemed determined to slice him and Rose into a million pieces. With things having developed to this stage, Han Shuo decided to abandon his original plan. The seventeen flying swords, glistening gloriously, whooshed across the sky.

The divine guards blocking Han Shuo’s path had just moved into a formation when the seventeen flying swords reached them. All those divine guards struck by the incisive and terrifying flying swords would start melting away. They were quickly reduced to puddles of bloody liquid.

Han Shuo remained silent. He continued flying forward and probing the situation around him with demon generals. The seventeen flying swords flying ahead of him would destroy anything and everything in their path. He was brutal, savage, and decisive!

The seventeen flying swords were like a glistening juicing machine, extracting the lives of those divine guards blocking Han Shuo’s way. Within a short few moments, around thirty divine guards with lowgod and midgod strengths were liquefied. Naturally, Cauldron Spirit would take advantage of the opportunity to improve its strength. It flew out from Han Shuo’s body to absorb the divine souls.

Han Shuo wore a calm face. Strange lights flashed across his eyes where the reflection of the seventeen flying swords could be seen.

With the seventeen flying swords paving the way, the divine guards in Han Shuo’s way would be dead before they could reach Han Shuo. This made it impossible for the divine guards to encircle the two. Han Shuo and Rose easily broke through the blockades formed by the divine guards. They were not tarried by the divine guards even for a moment.

Han Shuo and Rose left behind a trail of melting bodies wherever they passed. The divine guards around the duo who watched Han Shuo ruthlessly murder anyone and everyone in their path started to feel hesitation. A group of divine guards who were in Han Shuo’s way, intimidated and frightened, made way for him.

The seventeen flying swords would not waste time on butchering those divine guards who gave way and streak past them as though seventeen beams of light. Right after the seventeen flying swords passed, Han Shuo and Rose’s figures would whoosh past them, breaking out from the group’s encirclement.

With the first batch of divine guards setting an example, others followed. More and more divine guards, especially those who witnessed how brutally their comrades died, moved out from Han Shuo’s way and let them escape from the layers of encirclement.

Cauldron Spirit turned into a murky shadow that travelled right behind the seventeen flying swords, fully focused on collecting the divine souls that perished to the flying swords. It would also release a few demon generals from time to time to help out. As there wasn’t a single highgod in their path, they were able to move without impediment. They managed to leave the Godswamp Pharmacy block.

But soon after they left the block, the Chief of the Second Corps hurried over. As soon as he saw the murderous Han Shuo, he charged towards him and shouted in a chilling voice, “Let’s see where you run now!”

Seeing that a mid-stage highgod with a company of divine guards were charging at him while more divine guards were converging towards him from other directions, Han Shuo abruptly changed his path and moved in another direction to avoid the Chief of Second Corps.

Even if Han Shuo activated Ceaseless Pain to the maximum, it was still not possible for Han Shuo to kill a mid-stage highgod in a split second. Han Shuo was in a situation where every second mattered. If Han Shuo was to waste a few seconds on them, the Chief of the Sixth Corps would be able to reach him and the other Chiefs moments from catching up. In that case, Han Shuo would be surrounded by a crowd of powerful experts making escape tremendously difficult.

Therefore, Han Shuo decided not to be tarried by the Chief. He straightforwardly avoided him and charged at a weaker wing of the encirclement.

Several divine guards, unable to react in time, were pierced by the loudly whistling seventeen flying swords. Their bodies that would soon liquefy were flung high into the air in every direction.

The divine guards in Han Shuo’s path instinctively moved aside after witnessing the terrifying lethality of the flying swords. The Chief of Second Corps who noticed their reaction immediately shouted, “You are not allowed to retreat! Stand in their way even in your death!”

Those divine guards who originally wanted to move aside, after hearing the command, decided to activate all the divine energy in their bodies. Through the divine weapons in their hands, they launched a wave of ranged attacks - not at the seventeen flying swords, but at Han Shuo and Rose charging towards them.

Ever since Han Shuo and Rose started escaping from the Godswamp Pharmacy, as they had been moving at extreme speed and they had not stopped even for a moment, the divine guards pulled behind by the two had not launched any ranged attack at the two. Even if they did, it would be ineffective.

After Han Shuo took out the seventeen flying swords, those divine guards standing in Han Shuo’s path would have a chance to attack Han Shuo but they were so intimidated by the destructive power of the flying swords that the only thought that crossed their minds was to save themselves. They forgot to attack Han Shuo, who was controlling the flying swords.

However, after hearing the Chief of the Second Corps shout, those divine guards from the Second Corps cast away their fear of death and decided to sacrifice their lives. They released all the divine energy they had through their divine weapons. The ranged attacks went around the seventeen flying swords and shot at Han Shuo and Rose. 

Just as expected, the seventeen flying swords landed on the divine guards. They stood no chance against the flying swords and were totally shredded. But at the same time, the attacks they made before their deaths were just as unavoidable for Han Shuo and Rose. The two had no choice but to slow down for a moment to defend against the attacks.

Although the few divine guards were only midgods, their all-out attacks were substantial and powerful. While Han Shuo and Rose were able to neutralize all their attacks, the two were delayed for a few seconds. During that brief moment, several hundred divine guards surrounded Han Shuo and Rose.

Once Han Shuo and Rose stopped moving, the divine guards were able to lock their ranged attacks on the two. In an instant, several hundred bursts of brilliant lights and oddly-shaped divine weapons bombarded at Han Shuo and Rose. The seventeen flying swords that were meant for killing had to return to Han Shuo’s side to defend him from all sorts of attacks.

Rose’s hair danced wildly. She rapidly released her darkness divine energy to put up layers upon layers of boundaries to defend against the divine guards’ attacks.

This was the situation that Han Shuo feared most. No matter how powerful he and Rose were, it would be extremely difficult to face against the attacks of several hundred divine guards, especially when one of them was the Chief of the Second Corps. Meanwhile, the Chiefs from other Corps and more divine guards were on their way there. If the trend continued, it was only a matter of time before they both wound up dead.

Han Shuo immediately realized that if they did not break from the encirclement soon, once the other Divine Guard Chiefs arrived, their fates would be sealed.

However, even in the worst situation possible, Han Shuo remained composed and calm. He wore an undisturbed face as he maneuvered the seventeen flying swords, neutralizing all the attacks coming at him using Ceaseless Pain. He rapidly turned over in his mind for a way to break free from the encirclement.

Rose who was beside him seemed more and more strained. Gradually, a feeling of despair rose in her heart. Being surrounded by so many divine guards and seeing that many more were on their way, Rose thought that she would meet her demise in Hushveil City.

Bang! The barrier of darkness deployed by Rose was destroyed by the Chief of Second Corps. Several bursts of midgod divine energies managed to land on Rose and caused her to sway slightly. The Chief of Second Corps, upon seeing that Rose was weaker than Han Shuo, smirked and focused his attacks on Rose.

Han Shuo’s expression transformed. He calmly instructed Cauldron Spirit, “Release all the demon generals. I want the entire Hushveil City to burn!”


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