GDK 766: Havoc in Hushveil City

Han Shuo and Rose were heavily surrounded and under siege. If they did not do something radical to escape from the encirclement soon, their situation would become even increasingly dire when other divine guards and their Chiefs reached them. Han Shuo knew he had no choice but to use all the aces up his sleeves.

Ever since he arrived on Elysium, Han Shuo had been constantly filling the Cauldron of Myriad Demons with divine souls. After several decades, he had accumulated around six hundred souls in the Cauldron. In a usual day, Han Shuo would only utilize a very small fraction of the demon generals he had to probe for information. Never before had he released all the demon generals in the Cauldron to attack.

Cauldron Spirit and Han Shuo had connected minds and it also knew how critical the situation was. The instant that Han Shuo gave the command, it started releasing the demon generals. Rose, who was fighting beside Han Shuo, suddenly sensed countless lifeforms gushing out from Han Shuo’s body. The divine guards who were launching ranged attacks at the two, however, could not detect the demon generals as they were immaterial. 

In a split second, hundreds and hundreds of near-invisible immaterial lifeforms spread in every direction and placed themselves among the divine guards attacking Han Shuo and Rose. Then, when they were in position, Cauldron Spirit commanded the demon generals to attack. Grayish shadows appeared in an instant and pounced on the divine guards without warning.

Some of the demon generals that were used for scouting also materialized and joined the attack. Hundreds of malevolent and terrifying shapes charged at them violently. They hissed and wailed as they tore and clawed at the divine guards.

The more than two hundred divine guards that surrounded Han Shuo and Rose were all loudly shrieking in fear. Many had their bodies intruded by the demon generals and their divine energy was being rapidly drained. Their divine souls were being corroded away and their awareness was being erased bit by bit.

Demon generals in material form could cause tremendous damage to divine bodies and divine souls. The divine guards could not free themselves from the attacks of the demon generals and their power was slowly dwindling. Once their divine energy and life force were vacuumed away from the demon generals, their divine souls would lose self-awareness, becoming excellent material for nourishing the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and for making new demon generals.

Grayish shadows whizzed and streaked all around. Many of the divine guards screamed in misery as their life forces were rapidly drained away. Many laid still on the ground with their eyes rolled back even though there wasn’t a sign of injury on their bodies. But when their comrades went closer to examine them, they found their fellow divine guards to be completely lifeless.

The scene was chaotic. Around six hundred demon generals were charging in every direction and attacking everything with a soul. There were more demon generals than there were divine guards present. The demon generals flew in groups of tens and brutally assaulted divine guards. After entering a person’s body, the demon generals could nibble away the person’s life force within a short time.

“What is this! What in the world are these?! Ah! Locke is dead!”

“What the fuck are these cursed things? How can they be invulnerable to attacks from divine weapons? Ah! Ahh! They are inside me!”

“It doesn’t die, it can’t be killed!”

“Is the City being invaded? We should retreat…”

“Shit, I’m, I’m dying…”

These divine guards of Hushveil City were losing their heads. They had never seen a lifeform as strange as the demon general. Normal physical attacks could pose no threat to demon generals. Before they found the right method of attacking the demon generals, the divine guards could not make any counterattacks and were hence vulnerable. In just a few moments, several dozen divine guards had lost their lives to the demon generals.

The Cauldron Spirit gently hovered around in its immaterial form, collecting the divine souls of the deceased while commanding the demon generals to attack the weakest divine guards in swarms.

The Chief of the Second Corps was loudly shouting the whole time, asking his divine guards to form effective defenses. However, as everyone was in a panic and the demon generals were making loud, goosebump-inducing whistles, not many could hear him.

Cauldron Spirit knew that the Chief of the Second Corps was powerful indeed and therefore commanded the demon generals to avoid him and focus on attacking the weaker divine guards instead. The demon generals refined from highgod souls were especially deadly, and even deadlier in swarms. These demon generals of the highest grade could consume the vitality of an average divine guard in just a split second.

With each passing moment, a few of the divine guards would perish. Under such circumstances, no one would have the energy to deal with Han Shuo and Rose. Han Shuo and Rose did not let go of the opportunity to strike them while they were weakened. The seventeen flying swords whistled across a dense crowd of divine guards and dismembered them. Their heads and limbs were sent flying while blood splattered everywhere.

Calmly maneuvering his seventeen flying swords to commit a massacre, Han Shuo did not forget to station a few of his demon generals far in the perimeter to look out for any approaching enemy. He killed as many divine guards as he could with Rose so that Cauldron Spirit would have more demon generals to play with in its Cauldron.

Rose, mercilessly butchering the divine guards behind Han Shuo, seemed excited for some reason. Perhaps the sudden emergence of a chance of survival when she thought all hope was lost had lifted her spirit to fight.

Within a few short minutes, Han Shuo and Rose managed to kill more than a hundred divine guards that previously surrounded the two. The shouts of the Chief of the Second Corps were completely ineffective. He watched helplessly as more and more of his divine guards perished. 

The divine guards were shouting in fear and panic. The more flustered they became, the more vulnerable they were to death's touch. The wails of their dying comrades and the sight of their dead corpses only made matters worse.

The Chief of the Second Corps that had been telling in vain suddenly noticed Han Shuo and Rose charging towards him murderously.

With the seventeen flying swords paving the way, all the divine guards between them were shredded. Han Shuo moved with dozens of demon generals like a dark, menacing cloud in his wake. The Chief of the Second Corps was greatly intimidated.

Rose’s silver hair danced around wildly. Filled with darkness divine energy, her long hair was as cold and sharp as needles. Strand by strand it pierced through the bodies of the divine guards around her, killing them in an instant.

The Chief of the Second Corps wore a dark face as he watched Han Shuo and Rose approach him. He racked his brain for a solution. No more than ten seconds later, he gave up on the idea of fighting against the duo by himself and retreated.

“Physical attacks are useless. Attack using fire. They are afraid of cold and heat. They are also afraid of warped divine energy!” shouted a divine guard who had stumbled upon the weaknesses of the demon generals all so suddenly.

The spirits of all those divine guards who had been helpless against the demon generals were lifted. They followed the divine guard’s instructions on attacking the demon generals. Immediately, the demon generals retreated in fear. A few that were burned by flames even made demonic screeches as though they had been injured.

With that, the divine guards were no longer paralyzed. They readjusted their approach in attacking the demon generals. The rate of death sharply declined as they learned to force the demon generals out from their bodies by setting themselves on fire. The demon generals would have fled before the fire could injure their divine bodies.

When Han Shuo saw that the divine guards had figured it out, and seeing through his demon generals far in the distance that more divine guards were converging towards the region, Han Shuo let out a cold groan and said to Rose, “Move!”

Han Shuo proceeded to fly away. Rose did not hesitate and immediately followed behind Han Shuo.

Hundreds of demon generals gathered and covered the seventeen flying swords like a large clump of dark cloud. They paved the way for Han Shuo and Rose. Several divine guards in their paths were crushed by the demon generals and minced by the flying swords, allowing the duo to move unimpededly.

Every living thing has its weaknesses and demon general was no exception. However, even though the demon generals were afraid of fire and extreme cold, they nonetheless could instantly crush a person as a swarm. This was similar to man-eating ants. Anyone could easily pinch a single ant to death. Alone, it poses no threat. But against a swarm made up of millions of ants, one must get out of its way or be reduced into a skeleton.

None of those divine guards in Han Shuo and Rose’s path stood a chance against the cloud of several hundred demon generals and the seventeen flying swords concealed within. They posed as much resistance in stopping Han Shuo and Rose as dried leaves had in stopping a bullet.

Utilizing the visions of several dozen invisible demon generals, Han Shuo led Rose in charging towards weaker wings of the soon-to-form encirclement and managed to massacre their way out. Immediately, they travelled in the direction of the nearest city gate.

Han Shuo knew just how wild and outrageous his actions had been. He believed that if he didn’t leave the City that very night, all the well-known patriarchs of all major family clans and perhaps even the City Lord of Hushveil City himself would personally join the hunt. Han Shuo did not feel that he could go up against the entire City by himself. Thus, he concluded that he had to escape Hushveil City before they were activated.

Right outside the gate of Hushveil City was a vast mountain range. Han Shuo was confident that once they reached that terrain, even if hunted by every expert of Hushveil City, he could exit the territories under Hushveil City’s sphere of influence with ease.

After charging out from the region housing the Godswamp Pharmacy, Han Shuo and Rose continued to race towards the city gate, showing no intention of hiding their tracks. They intended to force their way out.

It was at this moment that the City Lord of Hushveil City, Hofs, received news of Han Shuo and Rose wreaking havoc in his City.

If one was to describe Hofs as enraged the last time, then Hofs was totally insane this time!

“Inform the patriarchs of all family clans to activate their family clan divine guards. Whichever family clan that managed to slaughter the two will inherit Eugene’s position!” Hofs must have truly gone insane. His family clan had control over three Divine Guard Chiefs. If any other family clan possessed two Chiefs, they could possibly threaten the position of his family clan. Hofs had issued that command even though he was aware of this possibility.

“Patriarch, you should reconsider this!” an elder of the Hofley Family immediately voiced his disagreement.

“Shut up and pass down my command right away!” roared Hofs furiously as he left the Hofley Residence. He led the most elite divine guards of the House of Hofley in rushing towards the city gate. He had received intel from his Divine Guard Chiefs and knew where Han Shuo and Rose were heading.

Like Wallace, Hofs was a late-stage highgod of darkness. For many years, Hofs had not personally been on the field. But this time, Hofs had gone supercritical and he was determined to cut Han Shuo and Rose into a million pieces.

Among the seven major cities in the Darkness Dominion, although Hushveil City ranked in the bottom of the list, no one had ever dared piss on his head like Han Shuo and Rose did. It seethed Hofs with rage that the two had been massacring in his territory but none of his Divine Guard Chiefs had managed to kill the two even till then.

Hushveil City was poor in terms of strength when compared to the other six major cities. And now, thanks to the rounds of massacres committed by Han Shuo and Rose, the City’s strength would be reduced even further. If Hushveil City was to let Han Shuo and Rose escape on top of all the losses it mounted, the City would never be able to turn the situation around. Worst of all, the Darkness Overgod might even deem him incompetent and execute him.

The Overgods of Death, Destruction, and Darkness were warlike and combative. They demanded nothing complicated from their servants - they had to be faithful and more importantly, powerful!

Wallace, Hofs and the others could become the masters of the seven major cities of the Darkness Dominion because they themselves and their family clans possessed extraordinary power. If they could not prove themselves useful to the Darkness Overgod and maintain that image, they would likely be abandoned by the Overgod!

While Hofs was leaving the Hofley Residence with his most elite divine guards, patriarchs of other family clans in Hushveil City intercepted the message from the House of Hofley. Their eyes burst with lights of greed and excitement when they heard that they were given an opportunity to fight for the vacant post left by Eugene. All they had to do was to kill Han Shuo and Rose.

These patriarchs abandoned their original plans, whatever they were, and summoned the most elite divine guards of their family clan. For the interest of their family clans in the next tens of thousands of years, all of them personally joined the hunt.

In no time, a large number of family clans all over Hushveil City, big and small, activated their forces. 

The activation of the most elite troops of all major family clans exacerbated the unrest in Hushveil City. It had shocked the commoners. Some of them even thought that forces from the Life and Light Dominions had sent an army to invade the City. 

Hushveil City was thrown into turmoil. Rumors spread like wildfire. Different stories about why the military forces were activated were told. Some of the divine guards who knew the actual event exaggerated Han Shuo and Rose’s strengths in their accounts, adding a veil of mystery to the two.

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