GDK 769: Fusion

The two were no longer in danger the moment they stepped outside Hushveil City as there were countless natural concealment spots in the vast mountain range with no boundaries over the entire sky. Han Shuo was a fish in a fishbowl that was being released into the sea. Falling into heavy encirclement was no longer a concern.

Han Shuo and Rose stopped running. They descended into a thick forest and looked for a temporary hiding place with the help of Han Shuo’s demon generals.

A cliff wall shrouded by fog became their spot of choice. Han Shuo and Rose landed on the cliff wall. He gently exhaled and smilingly said, “This region is filled with thick fog. An average expert won’t be able to find us. It will take an expert of Hofs’ class to detect our presence. Take a rest for now. We will wait for our pursuers to catch up.”

Han Shuo had managed to cast their pursuers from Hushveil City far behind - it would be a while before they reached this place. Han Shuo and Rose could use this opportunity to recharge.

“Erm, you can let go of my hand now,” said Rose softly with her head lowered.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment. It was only then that he realized he was still clutching Rose’s hand. He laughed nervously and immediately let go. He then sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to recover some strength.

“How are your injuries? Are they critical?” asked Rose in a soft voice after a moment of hesitation.

Han Shuo opened his eyes, turned to Rose and smiled. He replied, “I’m fine. No worries.”

“Thanks for holding them back and letting me escape first,” said Rose.

Han Shuo could sense that Rose’s attitude had changed. Han Shuo was accustomed to Rose being quiet, cold, and even mean with her words. He couldn’t get used to Rose being so kind to him all so suddenly. After being startled for a moment, Han Shuo calmly replied, “It is not my practice to let people who work for me die. Besides, I knew I could escape from them. It’s no big deal.”

Upon finishing those words, Han Shuo again closed his eyes and put on a focused and occupied face.

Rose, who was about to speak again, seeing that Han Shuo had started recovering his energy, decided not to disrupt him. She glanced at Han Shuo quietly from beside him. For whatever reason, Rose felt at ease to be alone with Han Shuo in this fog-filled cliff wall. She even felt a strange sense of joy.

A faint smile appeared on Rose’s lips. With a calm and contented heart, she quietly sat down beside Han Shuo and started recovering the divine energy she used up in Hushveil City.


“Find them! I don’t care if you have to dig three feet underground, do whatever it takes and find them!” shouted Hofs, who was wearing a dark face in a voice filled with pure rage and wrath.

Hofs and his party had been searching for ages but found not a single trace of Han Shuo and Rose. The experts from the three major family clans in the search party started to doubt if Hofs had actually struck the attacker.

Hofs claimed that he had managed to hit one of them. Given that Hofs was a late-stage highgod and he had used his full strength in the attack, as long as the attacker was not an overgod, there was no way that this attacker would show no sign of being affected as even a late-stage highgod like Hofs would suffer serious injuries.

An injured highgod would surely show signs of exhaustion after being pursued by the party for such a long time. By now, the pursuing party should have caught up to the injured attacker and slain him.

However, the reality was entirely different. Not only were they unable to close the distance to the attackers, but they were also left far behind in the lengthy pursuit, so far that they had lost track of the two attackers. This was in contradiction to Hofs’ account.

If Hofs wasn’t the City Lord of Hushveil City and the patriarch of the House of Hofley, these people would have long called out Hofs, accuse him of giving misleading information without having full knowledge of the situation, and perhaps even call him a liar.

“City Lord, this mountain range is vast and we have lost track of our targets. Instead of searching in one large group, I suggest that we split up by family clans to cover more area. Those two may be strong, but I’m certain that one whole family clan can defeat them. If they can’t, they could always signal for help. What do you think, my Lord?” proposed the patriarch of the House of Granro. 

Rage must have consumed Hofs’ rationality for he felt that the suggestion was proper for the situation. Hofs gloomily nodded and instructed, “Fine. We split up by family clan and continue the search. Signal and call for help as you discover their tracks.”

Westin, who had lost more than two hundred elite divine guards to Han Shuo and Rose, had been waiting for those words. Immediately and without a word, Westin signalled at the divine guards under his family clan with his eyes and left the search party. Shortly after, two other family clans also separated from the party and continued searching in different directions.

With that, the four major family clans of Hushveil City, including Hofs’, split up into four search parties. The forces of each party slowly grew more dispersed the further out they searched. The situation was somewhat similar to the time when the godhunters tried to hunt Han Shuo down.

Gradually, night was replaced by day. By the time the scorching sun was hanging at the tallest point in the sky, the four family clan search parties had become very far apart.

The gaudy sunlight barely pierced through layers of dense fog and sprinkled on Han Shuo who was sitting on a cliff wall. Suddenly, Han Shuo opened his eyes wide. “Someone’s approaching.”

Rose was resting and cultivating. Her long eyelashes trembled a few times before she opened her beautiful eyes. She looked at Han Shuo for a moment and said, “Tell me what to do.”

After having fought alongside Han Shuo in Hushveil City, Rose was fully convinced of Han Shuo’s decision-making.

“Members of the House of Simon. Hehe, this family clan is really unlucky to run into us time and time again!” said Han Shuo with a mischievous grin. He then stood up and continued, “This time we will kill this highgod they call Anker!”

“Let’s do this!” exclaimed Rose excitedly as she stood up. “How do we proceed?”

“Follow me!” Han Shuo flew into the dense fog and slowly descended into the thick forest below. He led Rose in sneaking up on Anker while avoiding the detection of several divine guards nearby.

Han Shuo had chosen to attack Anker because he cultivated in the energy of death. His death divine energy would be useful for Han Shuo’s avatar of death.

A few of Han Shuo’s demon generals had been following Anker, watching his every move. Anker had shown too much desire and greed to be a Divine Guard Chief in Hushveil City. Han Shuo saw his desperation before he escaped from Hushveil City. It was the reason why Anker took Han Shuo’s bait and pursued his lookalikes.

After entering the mountain range, Anker seemed even more impatient and desperate. He commanded his subordinates to spread ever further apart as to cover a bigger area.

These divine guards were mediocre in strength. Even a dozen of them weren’t enough to resist Han Shuo and Rose for a moment. Anker had clearly given no thought to the lives of his divine guards. Perhaps he even wished that Han Shuo and Rose would slaughter his men so that he could learn of their whereabouts.

Anker had repeatedly missed out on witnessing Han Shuo and Rose massacre his men and did not yet understand the true depth of their terrifying might. At this moment, he could not wish more for Han Shuo and Rose to show themselves so that he would have a shot at becoming a Divine Guard Chief.

Perhaps the Creator was touched by his sincerity, as the figures of Han Shuo and Rose gradually appeared in the distance. They were even marching towards him step by step.

Anker was overjoyed. He praised the Creator in his mind before he immediately yelled, “Kill them!”

These divine guards around Anker had also taken Han Shuo’s bait back at the city gates. They too had no idea just how deadly Han Shuo and Rose really were. Following Anker’s command, the divine guards charged at Han Shuo and Rose without the slightest fear. Their hearts were pounding with excitement.

Han Shuo nodded at Rose and he immediately flew towards Anker. Before the excited smile vanished from Anker’s face, the seventeen flying swords had flown out from Han Shuo’s body and completely enveloped Anker. Han Shuo wanted to finish things before other House of Simon divine guards reached the area.

Before he could even launch an attack, Anker abruptly discovered that he seemed to have fallen into another dimension of pure evil. Sinister energy that he had never seen or heard before violently crashed against him from all directions. He was like a small boat out at sea caught in a heavy thunderstorm being beaten by violent, choppy waves. He could feel Death calling for him.

It was only at this moment that Anker knew that he had made a mistake, a terribly grave mistake!

But unfortunately for Anker, his regret came a little too late. Anker, who had become a highgod only recently, quickly fell apart against the wild corrosion of the Han Shuo’s seventeen flying swords. His life force grew weaker as the divine energy in his body was rapidly exhausted.

Han Shuo’s avatar of death suddenly flew out from his body towards Anker who was in the center of the seventeen flying swords. Simultaneously, his avatar of destruction flew towards a midgod of destruction heavily injured by Rose. The avatar restrained the person from behind.

A moment later, the two avatars started sucking away divine energies from their victims.

At the same time, Han Shuo put his mind into a tranquil state. He deployed the Demonic Blades using his main body to help Rose in butchering the divine guards. Han Shuo had started devouring divine energy, therefore not a single divine guard who witnessed his act could be allowed to live. Otherwise, if others were to learn of it, Han Shuo could land in a terrible situation.

The instant that Han Shuo’s mind and consciousness entered that state of tranquility, it seemed to somehow affect his avatars that were devouring divine energies. Right away, the divine souls of his avatars and the consciousness of his main body formed a harmonious connection. The three souls seemed to have fused together.

The domains of divinity of death and destruction suddenly formed around Han Shuo’s avatars. They overlapped each other and started fusing together in a most miraculous manner.

Suddenly, a whole new type of domain of divinity emerged. The edict of destruction was raging in the domain of divinity while the element of death gushed into the domain at ten times the normal rate. All elements, except for the element of death, abruptly disappeared from around Han Shuo.

The bizarre transformations did not end there… 


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