GDK 772: Clash of domains

Immense pain swarmed Han Shuo’s body. Such were the consequences every time Han Shuo borrowed Cauldron Spirit’s energy. But this time, the pain was so much more unbearable. Han Shuo felt as though he had been run through a meat grinder while every nerve ending of his was dipped in acid. He couldn’t help but cry, “Argh! Why is this hurting much more than usual?!”

As Han Shuo cried out in pain, he could feel the energy in his body pressurize. He could burst like fireworks any second - he had to.

“Master, I have collected a lot of divine souls in recent times, with a few of them being highgod souls. My power has therefore increased. I have filled your body with more energy than usual, that’s why the pain has increased. But the good news is, you will have more strength!” transmitted Cauldron Spirit in Han Shuo’s consciousness.

Han Shuo was startled. He used his senses to examine further. Immediately, he found out that just as Cauldron Spirit explained, his body was filled with more power than usual. With one thought, he diverted the energy in his body to the seventeen flying swords. The whistling sounds of the flying swords were ear-piercing.

The seventeen flying swords that were suddenly supplied with even more energy tore through the dark cotton ball in no time. They broke through multiple layers of defensive barriers in one shot and removed everything between themselves and Hofs.

Hofs was surprised by the terrific power Han Shuo displayed after the layers of darkness boundaries he wrapped himself in were destroyed. Aura of boundless darkness gushed out from his body while all the element of darkness within the darkness domain of divinity abruptly converged into the dark spear in his hand.

Hofs hurled the dark spear. The aura of darkness coiled around the spear as it made its way towards Han Shuo rapidly. It looked like an enormous dark pillar.

The seventeen flying swords violently shot towards the dark spear and intercepted it in a flash. The spear crackled and rattled as the aura of darkness coiled around it rapidly dispersed in the violent collisions. The intense divine energy of darkness on the spear was cleansed off by the seventeen flying swords in no time, revealing the true appearance of the dark spear.

Hofs let out a cold groan. He had somehow made his way around the seventeen flying swords at an unknown time and emerged beside Han Shuo. The element of darkness found in his domain of divinity gathered to form a black hole. Fierce suction power came from the black hole, forcibly pulling every object into it.

Han Shuo who was fully focused on maneuvering the seventeen flying swords suddenly felt as though hundreds and thousands of strings had been tied to his body and were pulling him towards the black hole. The black hole was filled with chaotic energy that seemed to be able to warp and twist all things. Han Shuo was greatly shocked. The black hole was made using darkness divine energy that rapidly revolved in unique trajectories. Han Shuo knew that he would be in great trouble if he fell into it.

The piercing pain all over his body caused by Cauldron Spirit’s energy straining his body grew even more painful. Han Shuo deployed the Invincible Omen Body with the support of Cauldron Spirit’s energy. Once the demonic skill was deployed, Han Shuo’s demonic body was as still and unmoving as a mountain.

Even though the black hole had astonishing suction power, Han Shuo managed to overcome it and held his ground. He continued maneuvering the seventeen flying swords and sent them back to his side.

As soon as Hofs realized that the black hole he deployed could not grip onto Han Shuo, he ducked into the black hole. Then, using his divine body, he propelled the black hole and maneuvered it towards Han Shuo. The black hole began covering down on Han Shuo from above.

The trees, rocks, shrubs, and even the river streams in the area were affected by the pull of the black hole and fell towards it. Even a few demon generals nearby in immaterial forms could feel its terrifying gravity. But luckily, the force acting on the immaterial demon generals was light enough that they could easily resist being drawn into the black hole with the slightest effort.

After the darkness divine energy on the dark spear was completely exhausted by the seventeen flying swords, the dark spear fell into a black hole like a beam of light, evidently having returned to Hofs’ grasp.

The flying swords shot towards Hofs. The speed of the already swift flying swords was boosted by the immense pull from the black hole. The seventeen flying swords, with ferocious power, arrived in front of the black hole in an instant. The Avici Godslaying Sword Formation immediately formed and trapped the black hole with Hofs in it.

The demonic yuan in Han Shuo’s body gushed into the seventeen flying swords as he activated Ceaseless Pain. Chilling wind blew and killing intent raged. The seventeen flying swords whistled like wailing banshees, striking fear in all who heard their cries. The instant that Ceaseless Pain was formed, the seventeen flying swords became immune to the pull of the black hole. The chilling sword radiances wove a web made of light that launched at the black hole.

The corrosive power and frigid aura of the flying swords were rapidly exhausting the thick and dark gaseous mass that shrouded the black hole. The darkness divine energy that constructed the black hole was being defeated bit by bit. Hofs had an ominous feeling that he was the one being contained instead of the other way round.

With the corrosive power and frigid energy from the seventeen flying swords acting together, Hofs could feel the aura of darkness diminishing bit by bit while the black hole was gradually shrinking.

Han Shuo at this moment was fully focused on maneuvering the flying swords to assault Hofs. Hofs possessed tremendous strength and a ridiculous amount of divine energy. As powerful as the seventeen flying swords were, at the current trend, Han Shuo would need at least a few hours to completely exhaust the darkness divine energy in Hofs’s body.

Under the effect of Hofs’ domain of divinity, all the element of darkness within the several hundred mile radius was rapidly converging towards him. He used the element of darkness collected to help resist the corrosive power of the flying swords. This made Han Shuo’s goal of completely exhausting Hofs’ darkness divine energy significantly more difficult to accomplish.

Inside the black hole, Hofs had nothing to be afraid of. As he defended himself, he used the terrifying suction power of the black hole to drain the demonic yuan energy on the seventeen flying swords. It was Han Shuo’s supply of demonic yuan that kept the seventeen flying swords immune to the immense gravity of the black hole.

Suddenly, the fight evolved into an attrition battle. Had the circumstances been different, Han Shuo would have happily continued the endurance fight against Hofs.

With Cauldron Spirit, this ultimate demonic treasure providing him with a seemingly endless supply of energy, Han Shuo believed that no more than a few people in the universe could defeat him in a battle of endurance. Hofs was not one of them.

Han Shuo was very confident that if they were to continue fighting in the same manner and with every other factor remaining the same, he would eventually emerge as the victor.

But unfortunately for Han Shuo, he currently did not have the luxury of time. Although they had escaped from Hushveil City, they were still in a territory under the influence of the City. More importantly, there were divine guards from Hushveil City all around the mountain range where the forces of all three major family clans were hunting for them. Given how fierce the battle was, some of them had noticed the loud noise and intense disturbance and were rushing to the area.

Once the experts of Hushveil City reached the area, Han Shuo and Rose who had exhausted a lot of their divine energy would be at a disadvantage. By that point, if Hofs were to stake it all to hold Han Shuo back as the experts of Hushveil City surrounded him, both he and Rose would be in a perilous situation.

Han Shuo rapidly considered his options. Suddenly, an idea struck him. He recalled the miraculousness and power of the domain of divinity formed by amalgamating those of his two avatars.

With one thought, the two avatars slowly flew out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demon in Han Shuo’s body. The domains of divinity of death and destruction were simultaneously deployed.

However, they were not fusing!

Han Shuo was confused by it and it caused him to lose focus on the seventeen flying swords for a fraction of a fraction of a second, nearly allowing Hofs to make a comeback. Han Shuo immediately gathered all his focus back on maneuvering the seventeen flying swords while letting the divine souls of his avatars figure out the method of fusing their domains of divinity. They failed even after making multiple attempts. 

Not giving up, Han Shuo then carefully recalled the situation when the two domains of divinity first started fusing. He suddenly felt as though he realized something and started adjusting the divine souls of his avatars. The divine souls of his avatars became as calm as the consciousness of his main body. Then, abruptly, a bizarre link between the three souls took shape.

Han Shuo managed to reproduce the strange phenomenon. The two domains of divinity yet again started to amalgamate. Strings not visible to the naked eye filled the new domain densely while the element of death all around the environment flowed towards the domain. As the domain of divinity expanded, it unavoidably made contact with Hofs’ domain.

The novel domain of divinity showed great combativeness. The instant that Han Shuo’s domain of divinity made contact with Hofs’, the former started aggressively repelling and displacing the latter. It tried to cut off Hofs’ domain of divinity from the element of darkness in the environment and stopped the element of darkness from approaching the area.

At the same time, the amalgamated domains of divinity continued expanding into Hofs’ domain of divinity. The unseeable strings rapidly flew in trajectories conforming to the edict of destruction while wildly soaking up the element of death coming from every direction. Han Shuo’s domain grew bigger and bigger like an enormous balloon being rapidly inflated.

Hofs’ domain of divinity started warping and distorting under the stress of external forces. The aura of darkness taking the form of dark clouds started moving away and dispersing. Hofs tried to counteract Han Shuo’s domain by sending the darkness aura forward and deploying darkness boundaries.

Han Shuo and Hofs deliberately controlled their domains of divinity to clash and repel against each other, not backing up an inch for the other. Logically speaking, the domain of divinity formed by the avatars of midgod strengths should stand no chance against Hofs’ highgod domain of divinity as their strengths were of different classes.

But unexpectedly, the amalgamated domain of divinity produced by Han Shuo’s midgod avatars could go head to head against Hofs’ domain of divinity instead of crumbling down as a usual midgod domain would.

With that, Hofs was forced to divert some of his focus on manipulating his domain of divinity. His energy was being exhausted at a faster rate. Under the corrosive assault of the seventeen flying swords, Hofs started showing signs of fatigue.


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