GDK 776: A New Direction

***In a gymnasium in the Han Residence.

Han Shuo’s avatars of death and destruction deployed their domains of divinity. His three souls became synchronized and the two domains of divinity slowly started to fuse. The gymnasium gradually began to warp… 

The gymnasium was shrouded under powerful boundaries supported by energy towers. The elements in the environment were kept isolated outside the gymnasium. Elemental energies could barely flow into the gymnasium through the boundaries. However, after Han Shuo’s domains of divinity fused, loud popping noises could be heard from the boundaries around him. It was as though the element of death outside the gymnasium felt an intense attraction and was trying to force its way into the gymnasium.

The three Han Shuos stood shoulder to shoulder in the gymnasium. His avatars of death and destruction were using their divine souls to feel the changes taking place in their domain of divinity. Power of faith strings filled the Domain and was rapidly revolving in trajectories conforming to the edict of destruction.

With one thought, Han Shuo condensed the destruction divine energy in his body to form an Orb of Destruction. Inside the amalgamated domain of divinity, the rate at which the Orb materialized had increased by multiple folds. As soon as the Orb was formed, it automatically travelled in special trajectories inside the Domain, similar to the power of faith strings around it.

Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction started condensing more Orbs of Destruction. The Orbs glistened with a dark luster. The destruction divine energy made buzzing noises like electrical sparks inside the Orbs. They were rapidly moving around in the same trajectory as the power of faith strings.

The Orbs of Destruction travelled around the hybrid domain of divinity autonomously along unique trajectories and Han Shuo had no direct control over their movements. It was as though his hybrid domain of divinity was doing the task for him. Han Shuo could not be more amazed.

The Orbs of Destruction fluttered all around in the domain of divinity. They were the size of a clenched fist when they were first produced. But gradually, they increased in size. The destruction divine energy they contained also grew and grew, making the Orbs more and more potent.

The Orbs of Destruction that had left Han Shuo’s control grew much more powerful under the effect of the hybrid Domain. They rapidly revolved in trajectories of the edict of destruction and caused Han Shuo’s Domain to be increasingly chaotic.

Suddenly, a slender, curvy figure entered the gymnasium.

It entered the gymnasium, and at once, it was as though the energy that had been building up in the amalgamated Domain had found a vent. All the energy swarmed towards the figure. The Orbs of Destruction that had been fluttering about charged towards the person in trajectories of destruction edict.

A series of crackles and rattles sounded from the area. The beautiful figure hastily put up defenses against the spontaneous attack from Han Shuo’s domain of divinity and quickly retreated.

With one thought, the synchrony between the three souls was broken. With that, the hybrid domain of divinity vanished. The instant that the Domain disappeared, Han Shuo regained full control over the Orbs of Destruction. They flew back towards Han Shuo and vanished into his palm.

After the domain of divinity disappeared, Rose, the beautiful figure, cautiously stepped back into the gymnasium. She gazed at Han Shuo with astonished eyes and asked puzzlingly, “What was that about?”

“Nothing,” replied Han Shuo as he bunched his brows as though in deep thought.

The competition between the Seven Divine Guard Corps of the City of Shadows was right around the corner and therefore Han Shuo had been staying in his Han Residence. After the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation was built, Han Shuo’s friends and girlfriends had gone inside to cultivate. Han Shuo, meanwhile, had been nursing the injuries of his demonic infant while studying the wonderful amalgamated domain of divinity.

Han Shuo was very surprised by how effortlessly the fused domains of divinity performed in the duel with Hofs. Since that battle, he started repeatedly deploying the hybrid domain to understand what other miraculous functions it had. As he had nothing to do for the moment, he asked Rose to be his sparring partner.

Rose was extremely astonished by the existence of his two avatars and was even more surprised that their domains of divinity could fuse to form something new. Rose had never heard of such a thing. She showed great interest in it and had been very helpful to Han Shuo in unraveling the mysteries of the hybrid domain.

“Your domain of divinity is very hostile towards others. All those who approach it would be attacked by it. Can you even control it?” asked Rose after thinking for a moment. She seemed somewhat worried.

This was indeed a major challenge for Han Shuo. After much experimentation, Han Shuo discovered that for the time being, he could not fully control the amalgamated domain of divinity. Once the two domains fused, any person near it, other than himself, would be attacked by the domain. Even his closest friend was no exception.

This was a big headache for Han Shuo because it meant that once he deployed the hybrid domain, he had to fight against his enemies alone and no ally could fight alongside him or else would suffer the indifferent attacks from his Domain. His allies such as Emily and Lisa, who were relatively weak, could suffer serious or even fatal injuries to his hybrid domain of divinity. It was needless to say that Han Shuo was unwilling to see that happen.

Han Shuo looked pensive, but quickly forced a smile and shook his head. He sighed, “I don’t know what’s going on either. I’m still trying to find a way to control it. That will come soon, I hope.” After a short pause, Han Shuo put on a delighted look and said, “Anyhow, the Orbs of Destruction could amplify in power just by travelling in special trajectories conforming to the edict of destruction inside the new Domain. It appears that the new domain of divinity cannot only amplify the power of boundaries deployed, but it also has the same effect on regular attacks!”

“Really? That’s wonderful!” cried Rose in delighted surprise. She then exclaimed in admiration, “Your two avatars are currently just midgods but the new domain they form is already so terrifying. Once your avatars manage to make breakthroughs, and when you fully master your new domain, I reckon your strength will yet again rise significantly. This is mind-blowing!” 

Han Shuo nodded with a faint smile and said, “That’s why I must learn to fully control my hybrid domain of divinity as soon as possible!”

Han Shuo further discussed the characteristics of the hybrid domain with Rose a little longer before leaving the gymnasium. Rose did not leave with Han Shuo. Instead, she stayed in the gymnasium and cultivated alone. The gymnasium was specially for her and Han Shuo to use. She was very happy with the arrangement.

Soon after Han Shuo sat down in his home office, Sanguis, who learned that Han Shuo had come out from the gymnasium, went in and announced, “Master, your friends have come to visit you!” 

“Who are they?” Han Shuo had many friends in the City of Shadows. Currently, every major family clan was throwing olive branches at Han Shuo, trying to improve their relationships with Han Shuo. They would come to visit Han Shuo from time to time. Han Shuo had no idea which among them Sanguis was referring to.

“They are not locals and are rather young.” Sanguis tried recalling for a moment and said, “I think their names are Bolten and Li Wei.”

“Oh!” Han Shuo softly exclaimed. He put on a faint smile and said, “It’s them! How unexpected! Where are they?”

“They arrived seven days ago and were placed in the eastern guest house,” replied Sanguis.

Han Shuo nodded and without another word, he headed straight for the eastern guest house. Before Han Shuo had reached the area, Han Shuo had located Bolten and Li Wei through his demon generals.

“What a joy to be visited by friends from afar! Welcome to the Han Residence!” chuckled Han Shuo as he stepped into the guest house.

The visitors were Bolten, Bowen, Li Wei, and most surprisingly - Dagassi the Ancient Lizard King!

Back then on Profound Continent, Dagassi the Ancient Lizard King had provided Han Shuo with assistance and valuable guidance. Dagassi left Profound Continent soon after and Han Shuo had not seen him again since then. Han Shuo later learned from Li Wei that Dagassi was with her family clan.

Dagassi had now become a mid-stage lowgod of darkness. His aged appearance remained pretty much the same. Dagassi seemed very shocked to see Han Shuo again as though he could not believe the man before him was the Han Shuo he knew. “Bryan? Is it really you?”

Han Shuo laughed out loud and stepped forward to hug the Ancient Lizard King. He cordially replied, “Of course it's me! How unexpected, we meet again!”

“I was told that Lady Li Wei met you on Profound Continent, but never had I expected that Bryan of the City of Shadows would be the same person. Who would have thought that you could gain a foothold in the City of Shadows in such short time? Young man, you truly are incredible!” exclaimed Dagassi in amazement. 

“Meh, there’s nothing to it. He rose to heights by stepping on Sister Donna’s House of Lavers and fawning on the House of Sainte. He even seized Sister Donna’s house. What a shame, Sister Donna treated him well when he had nothing and yet, he would cross Donna!” said Li Wei after she shot a cold glance at Han Shuo.

Bolten! who was standing beside them, forced a rather awkward laugh in an attempt to break the tension. He interjected, “Bryan, we have come here on behalf of our family clan to discuss business cooperation with your Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. Haha, although we are located in the Dominions of Death and Darkness, we have heard much about your Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. Our elders knew of our acquaintance and therefore sent us here for negotiation”

Han Shuo did not respond to Bolten but looked at Li Wei with a bitter smile. After quite a while, he let out a soft sigh and said, “I can’t blame you for misunderstanding the situation. But I must say that I have never forgotten about Donna and the kindness she showed me. I have no grudges with her House of Lavers, but Avery had tried to kill me again and again, leaving me with no option but to fight. I only have grudges with Avery, not Donna.”

“You now own the Lavers Residence while Sister Donna is homeless. What’s the point of saying these words now?” replied Li Wei with a snort.

Although Han Shuo had no other choice, he was, by the end of it, victorious in the conflict. It was easy to sympathize with the defeated and Han Shuo could understand that Li Wei would have difficulties changing her opinion within a short time. Han Shuo shook his head helplessly and did not explain himself any further. He asked Bolten, “So, your family clan wishes to buy the medicines I personally refined?

“Nope!” Bolten shook his head and smilingly said, “Our elders wish to open a branch of the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy in the Destruction Dominion. Would you be interested?”

Han Shuo was thrilled by the proposal. He immediately nodded smilingly and replied, “Of course I am!”


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