GDK 777: I am now his slave

Crystal coins are indispensable for a family clan that wishes to rapidly expand and grow. As the House of Han grows bigger and their members grow stronger, their consumption rate of crystal coins would increase. The Celestial Pearl Pharmacy was generating enough income from the City of Shadows to sustain all expenditures of the House of Han, for the present.

However, the House of Han will only increase in size. Recruiting divine guards would require a large amount of crystal coins. If the income does not grow in tandem with the growing expenses, the House of Han might one day find themselves in a situation where they were strapped for cash. In recent times, Phoebe and Emily had been discussing how they should expand Celestial Pearl to other cities of the Darkness Dominion. Han Shuo had risked his life and went through great effort to kill Hassling of Godswamp Pharmacy because he had this grand vision in mind.

And now, out of nowhere, two family clans from the Death and Destruction Dominions tossed him olive branches, offering him a chance to expand the Celestial Pearl to those Dominions. This could mean a substantial increase to the House of Han’s income. It was needless to say that Han Shuo would not decline any opportunity for great profits.

“Our family elders see the tremendous growth potential in your Pharmacy. They wish to cooperate with you and help Celestial Pearl increase its reach by establishing a presence in the Destruction Dominion. You will supply the medicines and pharmacists while our family clan will be responsible for setting up the stores through the connections we have in the Destruction Dominion. We propose that the profits be evenly split,” said Bolten straightforwardly after seeing that Han Shuo was welcoming of the idea.

“Haha, I’m sure that this will be a fruitful joint business venture!” Han Shuo said smilingly, “But as to the specifics of the deal, you should discuss it with my executives. Unlike me, they are up-to-date to Celestial Pearl’s situation and are more suited to make such negotiations.”

Han Shuo was no longer involved in the daily operations of Celestial Pearl and was not good at negotiating terms for business cooperation. However, Phoebe and Emily were skilled at it. Han Shuo believed that they could strike a great deal for his Celestial Pearl and House of Han.

“Sure, absolutely!” Bolten gladly agreed and smilingly replied, “I’m here just to relay the wishes of my family clan and to get your approval. I will inform my elders in a moment and they will send others here to discuss the specifics.”

Bolten and Bowen were sent there by their family clan because the two had befriended Han Shuo back in Profound Continent. Their family clan knew of the miraculousness of Han Shuo’s medicines and believe that they will make loads of crystal coins by forming a joint venture with Han Shuo’s Pharmacy. Bolten and Bowen were there to sell Han Shuo the idea and get him interested. Once Han Shuo agreed to it, the two brothers’ would leave the rest to professionals from their family clan to handle the intricacies.

“Very well, I will inform my executives about it later,” replied Han Shuo as he nodded. He could not be more delighted. Once Celestial Pearl expanded its reach to the Destruction Dominion, the House of Han would have even greater financial power, allowing it to rapidly grow in strength and influence.

“Lady Li Wei, I believe it’s now our turn to declare our position?” Ancient Lizard King Daggasi softly reminded Li Wei after seeing that Bolten had reached an agreement with Han Shuo.

Dagassi felt no animosity towards Han Shuo. On the contrary, he could not be more admiring of Han Shuo. Li Wei went to the City of Shadows with the same objective as Bolten and Bowen. Although she was discontented at Han Shuo, she will not abandon the task her family clan assigned her.

Li Wei pouted and seemed unwilling. She let out a soft groan before she said, “Our House of Kiaran has the same intent!”

Han Shuo knew that Li Wei was still pissed at him but he wasn’t going to bicker with her for it. He smilingly replied, “Sure, no problem. Like Bolten’s family clan, my executives will discuss the specifics with professionals of your family clan when they are here.” After pausing for a moment, Han Shuo smilingly invited, “Now that you guys are at the City of Shadows, why not tour around the City and have some fun? Haha, if you want to, I can accompany you guys.”

“No thanks. I’ve been here before and know where all the entertaining places are,” Li Wei coldly declined right away. She continued, “Besides, a noble as high ranking as you are must be very busy. How would we dare inconvenient you to personally keep us company!”

Bolten who originally wanted to say yes forced a laugh and said nothing.

“Lady Li Wei, I have not met Bryan for ages. If Your Ladyship doesn’t mind, I wish to talk with Bryan,” asked Ancient Lizard King Dagassi and he bowed at Li Wei.

“Whatever!” replied Li Wei in a sulky face.

Han Shuo sighed in his mind. He knew that Li Wei had misunderstood him because of his clashing with the House of Lavers. He was currently living on the former Lavers Residence and even Fort Lasberg now became a territory of his House of Han. It wasn’t all false that Han Shuo had risen to his height by stepping on the House of Lavers.

Li Wei then bitterly left. Bolten shrugged and smiled at Han Shuo before saying, “We have heard a thing or two about the friction between you and the House of Lavers. Li Wei is very close to Donna. It’s normal that she couldn’t see through it in such a short time. Don’t take offense.” Bolten took a short pause before he added, “There will always be competition between family clans. No one knew when a family clan would rise or fall. The House of Lavers left the City of Shadows, but that doesn’t mean they will continue to decline. Don’t brood over it!”

Contrary to expectations, Han Shuo was admiring of Li Wei for standing up to him and disapproved of Bolten’s unsympathetic comment. Donna had been caring toward Bolten and Bowen back on Profound Continent. It was clear to Han Shuo that Bolten displayed not the slightest anger towards him because his House of Han would be a valuable partner to Bolten’s family clan. Li Wei, however, was a much more genuine person and it showed that she was loyal to her friends.

Han Shuo nodded. The faint smile on his face did not diminish. He replied, “Don’t worry, I have taken no offense at all. But I still feel guilty about Donna’s situation. I will make sure to explain everything to her when I see her again.”

The joint venture would very profitable to both sides. Han Shuo, as the patriarch of his family clan, will never risk alienating this large goldmine. He played along and made light chat with Bolten in a seemingly cordial smile.

Shortly after, Bolten and Bowen also left, leaving Dagassi with Han Shuo. Dagassi immediately started asking Han Shuo things related to Profound Continent, especially about the Lizardmen who live in the Underground World.

“Don’t worry, your people are doing well in the Underground World. Come with me, there’s someone I want you to meet,” said Han Shuo smilingly.

“Who?” asked Dagassi puzzlingly.

“You’ll see!” replied Han Shuo smilingly. He led Dagassi to the gymnasium where Rose was.

Rose was still cultivating in the gymnasium. Her eyes glistened with astonished rays when Dagassi entered. She looked up and down at Dagassi a few times before she nodded her head coldly and said, “So you are the big lizard!”

Dagassi stared blankly for a moment. He looked at Rose in confusion as he asked, “Who are you? Do I know you?”

A giant false image appeared behind Rose. It bore her seductive and beautiful face but had the body of a giant spider. It looked down at Dagassi from midair and sternly shouted, “Big lizard, you better not mess with my followers!”

Instantly, a shiver traveled from Dagassi’s head to his toe. He shrieked in horror, “Spider Goddess Rose!”

The image abruptly vanished. Rose nodded and said, “Yes, it is me! So you do remember me telling you those words, huh?”

Dagassi became even more frightened. He cried in alarm, “Why are you here? Why are you with Bryan?” After a short pause, Dagassi suddenly turned to Han Shuo and asked, “Bryan, did you sell out our race of Lizardmen to her?!”

Dagassi’s people and the Dark Elves who dwelled in the Underground World had always been in conflict. He wrongly assumed the worst when he saw that Rose was with Han Shuo.

Rose remained silent but Han Shuo smilingly explained, “Of course not. I would never let the Dark Elves persecute your Lizardmen. Rose is now a member of my House of Han and your people are living in harmony with the Dark Elves.”

Han Shuo then turned to Rose and smilingly said, “Don’t you think you owe him an apology after having locked him up for so long?”

It was Spider Goddess Rose who had imprisoned Ancient Lizard King Dagassi. Back then, she temporarily descended upon Profound Continent by sacrificing several hundred Dark Elves. Once there, she easily defeated Dagassi. But as Dagassi’s former master was a member of the Kiaran Family of the Death Dominion, Rose did not kill him but imprisoned him.

Then one day, Han Shuo discovered the magical crystal ore mountain Dagassi was locked in and freed Dagassi from the seal. As Dagassi knew that the Dark Elves worshipped Rose, he did not massacre the Dark Elves after he was freed.

Rose seemed rather unwilling to apologize. Dagassi had massacred a large number of her Dark Elves before he was imprisoned. Rose had merely imprisoned him and did not kill him. From her point of view, she had done nothing wrong. But as Rose cannot go against Han Shuo’s command, after much hesitation, she softly said, “Sorry for imprisoning you for so many years.”

Dagassi put on a startled face. He looked back and forth at Rose and Han Shuo before he puzzlingly asked, “You two, what is the relationship between the two of you?”

Rose seemed embarrassed to hear Dagassi’s question. After taking a quick peek at the smiling Han Shuo, Rose softly replied, “I... I’m now his slave.”

“What?!” Dagassi put on a flabbergasted face as he cried out in alarm, “You are his slave? But you are a highgod! I learned of it after I arrive on Elysium. It was because of this that I dared not seek revenge against you. How in the world did you become his slave?”

“It’s hard to explain.” Han Shuo smilingly said to Dagassi, “Look, the grudges took place long ago and Rose has apologized. You should now bury the hatchet.”

Dagassi had yet to wake up from the shock and continue looking at the two with astonishment. A long, long time later, he forced a smile and sighed. He said, “Oh, Bryan, you really are an inconceivably amazing youngster. You have placed her into such a lowly position and even got back at her for me. Is there any room left for me to say no? Besides, I’m absolutely no match against her!”

“That’s good. Hehe, I will make sure to punish her on your behalf!” said Han Shuo in a mischievous smile while looking at the seductive and beautiful Rose.

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