GDK 783: Preparing for a rainy day

Of the seven major cities in the Darkness Dominion, the City of Gorging Clouds was without a doubt the strongest.

The City Lord of the City of Gorging Clouds was Yarus. Lakrisen was a younger sibling of Yarus’. Lakrisen cultivated in the edict of destruction and was a late-stage highgod.

Of the seven Darkness Dominion cities, the City of Gorging Clouds had the highest number of highgods. Yarus’ House of Broadhurst was also the most ancient and the most powerful family clan in the Darkness Dominion. They were regarded highly by the Overgod of Darkness.

The City of Shadows was only stronger than Hushveil City which ranked bottom in strength. The City of Shadows paled in comparison to the City of Gorging Clouds.

The strongest person in the City of Shadows was Wallace who possessed late-stage highgod strength. Wallace was the only late-stage highgod expert in the entire City. The situation in the City of Gorging Clouds, however, was very different. Practically every patriarch in the City possessed late-stage highgod strength. It was said that City Lord Yarus had transcended beyond the realm of highgod and reached the realm of overgod - an overgod without the Quintessence.

Han Shuo was utterly overwhelmed with shock when he discovered the origins of the assassins who tried to kill him. Other than Felder from the House of Lavers, all the assassins originated from the most powerful family clan in the City of Gorging Clouds - the House of Broadhurst.

Having lived in the City of Shadows for so long, Han Shuo had learned a thing or two about the general situation in the Darkness Dominion. Naturally, the most conspicuous City of Gorging Clouds and the House of Broadhurst had found their ways to Han Shuo’s ears. Han Shuo had a rough idea of the identities of the three highgods he killed right after Felder called that short man by his name.

Without much thinking required, Han Shuo understood that the House of Lavers must have found their way to the City of Gorging Clouds after departing the City of Shadows. Felder must have made some kind of agreement with Lakrisen so that the House of Broadhurst would shelter his House of Lavers.

The House of Lavers joining the City of Gorging Clouds would enhance the City’s already tip-top strength that always overshadowed the other six cities of Darkness Dominion. Under the shelter of the City of Gorging Clouds, even if Felder or his House of Lavers did something harmful to the City of Shadows, Wallace would have to think twice before retaliating. The City of Gorging Clouds was unlike Hushveil City. No matter in any aspect: the Cities’ overall strength or the City Lords’ relationship with the Darkness Overgod, the City of Shadows and Wallace was no match.

Wallace dared offend Hofs of Hushveil City for Han Shuo. But as to whether Wallace dared do the same when it came to the House of Broadhurst of the City of Gorging Clouds, that was hard to say.

Han Shuo wore a dark face as he stood up from sitting cross-legged. The demon general that had uncovered the bombshell was on its way back as Han Shuo commanded.

Demon generals, even those refined from highgod souls, were limited in reach. The further away they were from Han Shuo, the weaker their connection to Han Shuo will be. If a demon general loses connection to Han Shuo, without a master, the demon general will try to kill every living being it sees and will continue to do so until it was killed or regained a connection to Han Shuo. For this reason, Han Shuo did not command the demon general to follow the assassins any further.

Rose saw that Han Shuo seemed bothered. After a moment of hesitation, Rose softly asked, “What’s the matter? Did you run into a hurdle in your cultivation?”

Rose did not know that Han Shuo had left a drop of blood essence on Lakrisen or that Han Shuo had already discovered the identities of the assassins. She assumed that Han Shuo was just resting and recovering the energy he used in the last battle. She thought that Han Shuo most likely had met a great challenge in his cultivation.

A warm feeling rose in Han Shuo’s heart when Rose showed concern for him. Han Shuo temporarily cast his worries aside, turned to Rose, put on a faint smile and replied, “It’s nothing. I’m just a little tired.”

Worrying about possible threats from the House of Broadhurst was a great burden, so much so that even Han Shuo was stressed by it. Revealing the matter to Rose will make her feel worried but not improve the situation. The stress might even affect Rose in her cultivation. Therefore, Han Shuo decided not to share the findings with anyone and to bear the burden alone.

As the patriarch of his family clan, Han Shuo had a responsibility to take care of his family clan members. Having tempered his body and mind for ages, Han Shuo was not afraid of any amount of stress. He believed that the stress from having the House of Broadhurst looming over him cannot crush him. In fact, the stress might even be a motivation that propels him forward!

“Oh, okay. Don’t think about the assault too much. Three of the five assassins are dead. The two that escaped did not and will not have enough power to injure you. You have nothing to worry about!” Rose was observant. She could tell that from Han Shuo’s expression that he did not run into a hurdle in his cultivation but was bothered by something else.

Han Shuo put on a bright smile and nodded. He used the demon generals nearby to observe his surroundings. He noticed that none of his Fifth Corps divine guards left one hundred miles radius, which made him feel a little more at ease. Before finding out who the anonymous enemy was, Han Shuo wasn’t worried that the enemy might try to strike again. After learning that the anonymous enemy was the House of Broadhurst from the City of Gorging Clouds, he was no longer that certain.

The City of Gorging Clouds was just too powerful. If the House of Broadhurst intends to go all-out against him, Han Shuo reckoned that his House of Han will be crushed like a thin dried leaf.

“Oh, right. Rose, do you know any experts with formidable strength? I mean highgods that have yet to join any family clan. It doesn’t matter if they are human or non-human,” asked Han Shuo suddenly.

Rose looked at Han Shuo with baffled gazes. She asked puzzlingly, “Why are you suddenly asking me this?”

The House of Han current possessed plenty of crystal coins while Han Shuo’s influence in the City of Shadows was rapidly expanding. Once the Fifth Corps obtained victory in the competition between the Seven Corps, Han Shuo believed that a large number of midgods will swarm to his House of Han and Fifth Corps, begging to be his divine guards. Han Shuo will not be lacking gods of that class.

In the House of Han, other than Han Shuo and Rose, there wasn’t another highgod. The most significant factor that determined the strength of a family clan was in the number of highgods in the family clan. As to raise the strength of his House of Han as quickly as possible, he must attempt to recruit highgods.

Before that day, Han Shuo had no plan to improve the strength of his House of Han so hurriedly because he knew that once his family clan becomes too powerful, they could possibly conflict with the interests of the House of Sainte. The current ruler of the City of Shadows was the House of Sainte. Once the House of Han grew to have enough power to threaten the House of Sainte, Han Shuo was certain that his relationship with the House of Sainte will not be as harmonious as it was now.

However, the threat from the House of Broadhurst was just too great. Han Shuo must try to decrease the gap of strength between his family clan and the House of Broadhurst as rapidly as possible. He had no time to care about the House of Sainte’s feelings.

“You have lived on Elysium for many years. Surely, you would know plenty of highgods that live in solitude as you did, right? Tell me everyone you know, both friends and foes. I want to communicate with them!”

“What exactly are you planning to do?” Rose became even more puzzled. She couldn’t tell Han Shuo’s intention.

“The House of Han is too weak. I want to raise its strength as rapidly as possible!” replied Han Shuo.

After hesitating for a moment, Rose replied, “I know a place where there are many experts. It is very chaotic. There are highgod and even overgod experts. If you are looking for highgods who have yet to join any family clan, that will be the best place. However, it is very dangerous!” 

“Where is it?” asked Han Shuo hastily. He was elated.

“It’s the Fringe - the Land of Chaos!” Rose answered and explained, “It is situated between the Space Dominion and the Destiny Dominion. It doesn’t belong to any of the Twelve Dominions and it is not governed by any of the Twelve Overgods. The Space and Destiny Dominions prohibits their gods from entering the Fringe. It is without a doubt the most chaotic and the most lawless place on Elysium. In that Land, the one with the biggest fist makes the rules. I used to live in the Fringe for a period of time and was nearly killed multiple times. After brushing with death multiple times, I decided to leave that place. I came to live in the Darkness Dominion as I’m cultivating in the energy of darkness.”

“Land of Chaos?” Han Shuo put on a faint smile and said, “I can tell just from the name that it is an interesting place!” After a short pause, he asked, “You said you nearly got killed in that Land? Even with your strength?”

“I still vividly remember all those who had tried to kill me. Once I have the confidence to kill them, I will return to that place to seek vengeance!” explained Rose. She put on an angered face when she recalled of her enemies.

“It will not be long. After the competition is over and after I arranged things in the House of Han, we will head to the Land of Chaos and I will help you get your revenge!” Han Shuo pledged to Rose.

When Rose heard that Han Shuo wanted to help her take revenge, her expression turned rather strange. She took a good look at Han Shuo before lowering her head and softly said, “Thank you!”

“Hehe, we have gone through trials and tribulations together and you are mine. It is what I ought to do!” replied Han Shuo smilingly.

When Han Shuo said so, the expression on Rose’s face turned even weirder. Her beautiful and lovable face flushed. She softly cried, “I’m not yours!”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before the smile on his face turned bigger. She looked at the seductively beautiful Rose and said teasingly, “I mean you're my servant, okay? Did you think I meant it any other way?”

Rose’s face turned even redder. She cast an annoyed glare at Han Shuo and lowered her head without replying.

Han Shuo suddenly felt that his mood had become much better. He did not expect Rose would so interesting. But Han Shuo did not continue to tease her as it appeared that she was about to get angry. He chuckled and said, “Alright. alright, let’s hurry to the mountain range. I’m starting to get impatient!”

After experiencing the attack from the five assassins, Han Shuo and his party no longer met any troubles in the remainder of their journey. After six days, Han Shuo and his Fifth Corps divine guards finally arrived at Soaring Clouds Mountain Range.


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