GDK 791: Their gap in strength is just too great

Those divine guards of the Fifth Corps had appeared too relaxed to the observers. It gave everyone the false impression that the team from Han Shuo’s Fifth Corps would be the easiest to defeat. Batúk was gleaming when he saw his Seventh Corps divine guards begin their assault on Bollands’ Company, inwardly praising his subordinate for being ‘wise’.

Even Rugersey thought that Bollands’ Company wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow. Rugersey looked at Batúk as though Batúk had grabbed the only sweet on the table before he could.

It appeared that Batúk’s team wasn’t the only one with plans to plunder divine essences from Han Shuo’s team. Unfortunately for Rugersey, Wallace had explicitly stated that no third company must intervene while two companies were engaging. Rugersey’s divine guards were thwarted of the opportunity to get some free divine essences, or so he thought.

Before the divine guards of the Fourth and Second Corps had met, Batúk and Han Shuo’s Seventh and Fifth Corps had started engaging.

The observing party’s attention immediately gathered on the fight. Wallace and Andre were especially focused. They were very intrigued at learning the true strength of the Fifth Corps. They could do exactly that using the sand table that gave them a bird’s eye view.

Unlike Batúk and Rugersey, ever since the Sainte Brothers learned that Han Shuo had defeated City Lord Hofs of Hushveil City, they no longer considered Han Shuo a regular Divine Guard Chief. When Bollands and his company walked into the arena, the two brothers could sense an air of arrogance veiled under their cheerful and relaxed mood. They were skeptical that the divine guards of the Fifth Corps would be easily defeated.

“Hmph, you sure are lucky, Batúk!” said Camilla. She felt angry as she watched the company led by Kiffan closing in on her troops menacingly. She was even more annoyed to see that Batúk’s subordinates had allowed Kiffan’s company to walk past them unchallenged and was about to get some free scores from the Fifth Corps. 

“Hehe, I am lucky to have wise subordinates!” replied Batúk complacently and cheerfully.

After finishing those words, Batúk turned to look at Han Shuo apologetically and smilingly said, “Lord Bryan, although I cannot ask them to spare your team, before the competition, I have instructed them to be as mindful as possible when they strike. You can rest assured that they will not harm your men!”

Those words meant that Batúk had likely given his men an instruction to target Han Shuo’s Fifth Corps before the competition. It seemed that he assumed the Fifth Corps was the weakest competing team right from the very beginning. However, as the House of Buller still wished to purchase the medicines Han Shuo refined, it was against Batúk’s interests to offend Han Shuo too much and therefore he instructed his subordinates not to hit Han Shuo’s divine guards too hard.

Han Shuo was between laughter and tears. He nodded his head and in a grateful manner, he said, “Then I must thank Lord Batúk in advance!”

Batúk was about to give a few humble and consoling words to make sure there were no hard feelings between them when his eyes happened to catch something on the sand table. He was stunned.

Through the sand table displaying a live feed of the arena, the observing party saw Bollands’ company assume a conical formation aimed at the Seventh Corps divine guards. They were like a magnificent sword being unsheathed!

The three black dots at the very front of the formation were Bollands, Gilbert and Sanguis. They were the sharp tip of the blade that was piercing at Seventh Corps’ belly. They charged at the brightly illuminated region with unstoppable momentum. Instead of defending against the Seventh Corps, they were going on the offensive and attempting to seize the Seventh Corps’ divine essences!

An immense murderous aura suddenly erupted from the Fifth Corps divine guards behind the vanguard made of Bollands, Gilbert and Sanguis. Having been tempered inside the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation, the divine guards had great rapport and were well coordinated. The conical formation charged forward with overwhelming impetus. 

Gilbert at this moment looked furious as he pounded the Seventh Corps divine guards in his path using his darkness divine energy. He was whining foul-mouthed, “You sons of bitches tried to pick on us because we look easy, didn’t you? We didn’t even plan on raiding you. But since you fuckers have made the first strike, I will wipe your asses out!”

Originally, Gilbert and the Company only planned on raiding the team from the Second Corps. They were still searching for more divine essences unhurriedly when, without any warning, Captain Tino, wearing a most punchable, villainous smile, tried to encircle them with his men from the Seventh Corps.

To the Dark Dragon, these men of the Seventh Corps should be grateful that his Company did not try to raid them. But not only did these people not know how to appreciate his kindness, they even dared to initiate an attack on his Company!

“Gilbert, they are not to be killed. You better be mindful when you strike!” reminded Bollands in a loud voice.

Before the competition, Han Shuo had instructed Bollands that except for when facing the Second Corps, he was to decide on the force of his countermeasure based on the opposing team’s strength and attitude. 

After observing for a moment, Bollands could tell that Tino and his company were only aiming to snatch their divine essences. Although these Seventh Corps divine guards were deserving of a good spanking for their reckless behavior, it was clear that they did not mean to kill. Therefore, Bollands signalled to his company to inflict minimal harm when plundering the divine essences.

Gilbert yielded to Bollands’ command. After hearing the reminder, he cursed a few angry sentences and continued to pave the way alongside Sanguis and Bollands, ramming at Tino’s comrades.

At this moment, Tino, the Captain of the Company from the Seventh Corps, could not feel more regretful for initiating the offense. After seeing Bollands, Sanguis and Gilbert plowing and shoving through his divine guards like mowing machines, Tino realized that he was up for some real trouble.

Upon coming to his senses, Tino gathered the most powerful experts he had to stop Sanguis, Bollands and Gilbert as he commanded a few squads to attack their flanks. In Tino’s eyes, although the trio at the front was powerful, the rest of the Fifth Corps divine guards must be weak and could easily be defeated. After all, based on the rumors, most of the Fifth Corps divine guards were newly recruited. However, he soon discovered how very wrong he was. When the squad leaders came back to him dejectedly with reports that their flanks were impenetrable, Tino finally realized that he was in deep trouble!

The company from the Seventh Corps was unable to put up any effective resistance against the indomitable blade that was the company from the Fifth Corps. The trio of Sanguis, Bollands and Gilbert was leading the divine guards behind them straight for the divine essences.

Batúk’s face gradually turned dark as he watched the battle unfold on the sand table. The major patriarchs and the Divine Guard Chiefs who were discussing the situation in low voices all simultaneously went completely mute.

The party surrounding the sand table had their eyes glued to their center. Their faces were grave and solemn as they watched the Company from the Fifth Corps charge forth like a hot knife through butter.

They are not even on the same level! The observing party shared the same thought.

Han Shuo’s Fifth Corps divine guards resembled an indomitable sword piercing into the soft underbelly of the Seventh Corps divine guards without meeting any meaningful resistance. Using the space divine device, the observers could clearly see the valiance and power of the Company. Against such overwhelming force, there was nothing that Tino and his Seventh Corps divine guards could do other than to run! The gap in strength was just too enormous!

In astonishment, Wallace took a glance at Han Shuo. He saw Han Shuo smiling indifferently. He did not seem happy or disappointed, as though nothing displayed on the sand table could affect him. Wallace grew even more amazed for he knew that he himself could never achieve that state of total calmness and composure as though everything in the world was in his control.

Never ceases to blow my mind, thought Wallace. He automatically recalled Andre’s previous proposal and his gaze fell on Andre.

The two were standing close together and Andre immediately sensed the gaze from Wallace. He put on a strange smile and remarked, “I knew it, the Fifth Corps aren’t nearly as easy as they seem!”

Then, Batúk suddenly cried, “Lord Bryan, you are cheating!” When he had everyone’s attention, he pointed at the trio at the vanguard of the conical formation and said, “They are way too powerful. All of the defenders in my company are late-stage midgods and yet they were unable to stop these three from barging in. Evidently, the three are not midgods!”

The crowd started exchanging opinions after they heard Batúk’s accusation.

Ralph, the Chief of the Second Corps, was wearing a face just as dark as Batúk’s. After he saw the astonishing strength displayed by the Fifth Corps, he was even angrier than Batúk. It wouldn’t affect him in any way if Batúk’s men were defeated. However, the strength possessed by the Fifth Corps was severely threatening the position of his Second Corps in the City of Shadows.

More importantly, Ralph had ordered Kiffan to slaughter the Fifth Corps divine guards before they entered the arena. But from how things had developed so far, there was no telling which team would be slaughtered!

“That’s right, those three divine guards are just too powerful! I don’t think that three midgods could break away the defenses put up by a dozen or more late-stage midgods in such a short time!” remarked Ralph. He glared at Han Shuo coldly and asked, “Lord Bryan, did you arrange a highgod into the arena?”

Batúk and Ralph weren’t the only ones with such suspicions. All the other Divine Guard Chiefs were wondering just the same. The party’s gazes gathered on Han Shuo following Ralph's accusation. Only Andre had his brows bunched.

Han Shuo chuckled and shook his head. He explained, “Individuals of similar strengths can unleash power greater than just stacking up the strengths of the individuals - if they know how to cooperate. This is nothing to be astonished about. If people cannot unleash greater strength when they fight in a team, then what’s the point of having this team-combat competition?”

“Fighting in a team can indeed unleash greater strength, but the firepower displayed by those three are beyond reasonable limits!” rebutted Batúk with his brows bunched.

Han Shuo laughed and confidently said, “It is not beyond reasonable limits - you’ve just never seen it before!”


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