GDK 810: Come and kill me!

Han Shuo who was rushing to Han Tu had sensed the excitement from his soul just as Han Tu could. Earth Elite Zombie could also detect Han Shuo’s presence from within a certain range.

Rose who had been following Han Shuo in wandering about the Ethereal City was surprised when Han Shuo had suddenly accelerated and flown towards a direction at full speed. She had no idea what was going on in Han Shuo’s head.

Rose did not question but followed behind Han Shuo silently while making guesses.

“Father!” an excited cry from the depth of Earth Elite Zombie’s soul entered Han Shuo’s consciousness even though they were many blocks apart.

“I will be there soon!” Han Shuo’s demon generals had arrived there long ago. He had seen Earth Elite Zombie fighting the three midgods as well as hearing the conversation between Verón and Earth Elite Zombie.

Han Shuo did not expect that Earth Elite Zombie would have attained mid-stage midgod realm in just a short few decades. He had even made a name for himself in the Earth Dominion. To him, the stronger the Five Elite Zombie grows, the safer they will be. Han Shuo was even more astonished to learn that even the Overgod of Earth wished to meet Earth Elite Zombie.

Han Shuo knew nothing about the disputes between Earth Elite Zombie and Verón, and he did not care. Even if it was Earth Elite Zombie that was in the wrong, Han Shuo will not let go of Verón for attacking his son.

Siding with one’s children regardless if they were at fault or not is a universal trait that every father would have. Han Shuo was no exception!

“Just you wait. When my father is here, all of you will die!” said Earth Elite Zombie arrogantly to the angered Verón.

“Good. I want to see who your father is. If I can’t catch you, I don’t mind getting him instead!” shouted Verón as he glared at Earth Elite Zombie in the distance. Verón knew that if he were to make any move, Earth Elite Zombie, whose lower body was still submerged underground, will immediately disappear underground. 

Verón was exasperated by the fact that he, a highgod of earth, could do nothing to a midgod of earth. Sometimes, he even wondered if Earth Elite Zombie had been deceiving him about his true strength all along, for it seemed unreasonable that a mere midgod would have such an insanely profound understanding of the element of earth.

“Good! Stay right there if you have the guts!” Earth Elite Zombie fully exited the ground and continued to provoke Verón.

Earth Elite Zombie could sense that Han Shuo will arrive in no time and it emboldened him to be even more condescending. Although he was still naive in appearance, to Verón, he looked like the most abdominal person on Elysium.

“Stay, I will! No matter who comes to your rescue, you will not get away from us!” replied Verón.

While Earth Elite Zombie and Verón were shouting at each other, a bizarre radiance appeared from the horizon and streak across the sky before abruptly halting beside Earth Elite Zombie.

“Father! You’re here! It’s great to see you!” cheered Earth Elite Zombie and he smiled foolishly at Han Shuo.

“Are you alright?” Han Shuo only became at ease after taking a couple of careful looks at Earth Elite Zombie and discovered that he was not injured. Right after that, he glared at Verón, bunched his brows, and asked, “So this is the guy?”

“He is. He has been hunting me all the way from the Earth Dominion. He just won’t let go! How annoying!” said Earth Elite Zombie in an annoyed manner. “All I did was kill a few people in their city. Besides, it was they who offended me first!”

“Those you killed were members of prestigious family clans. If I don’t bring you back, I cannot answer myself to those family clans!” Verón was enraged by Earth Elite Zombie’s justification and immediately shouted in response.

“There will be no need to answer anything. Since we have met, I’m not going to let you leave!” Han Shuo stared at Verón with his cold eyes while asking Earth Elite Zombie, “Tell me, how do you want him dead?”

Verón finally knew where Earth Elite Zombie learned to be so haughty and arrogant - from his father who was even more so. This guy of unknown origin was reading Verón’s death sentence in a straight face, as though killing a highgod was nothing but a piece of cake.

Instead of getting angrier, Verón laughed, “Hahaha, what a duo! One only knows how to hide, and another only knows how to bluff. Oi, I’m standing right here. Come and kill me if you can!” 

“Rose, kill them all!” Han Shuo bunched his brows and instructed Rose who had just caught up to Han Shuo.

Rose who had just arrived beside Han Shuo stared puzzlingly at Earth Elite Zombie and asked, “He, he's your son?”

“Yes,” Han Shuo nodded and asked, “Why? Is there a problem?”

Rose shook her head and replied, “No, it’s just that I find it rather puzzling.” Back then at the Demon Mountain, Spider Goddess Rose had met Earth Elite Zombie and Metal Elite Zombie. It never crossed her mind that the two Elite Zombie would have such a close relationship with Han Shuo.

“Father, who is she?” asked Earth Elite Zombie.

“Sense her aura carefully!” replied Han Shuo in a faint smile.

Although Earth Elite Zombie’s sensing ability wasn’t as absurdly good as that of Han Shuo, it was much better than most people on Elysium. Earth Elite Zombie stared at Rose for a moment and he suddenly jolted. He cried, “That thing in Demon Mountain!” 

“Humph!” Rose glared at Earth Elite Zombie. She was still a little angry, “I remember you, you petty thief!”

“Hehe, yes, it’s me that stole your things. What are you gonna do?” Earth Elite Zombie may appear simple-minded on the outside, but he had learned plenty after surviving in the brutal world for so many years. As soon as he saw Han Shuo giving Rose command, he knew that Rose currently have some kind of a relationship with Han Shuo, and therefore he was not afraid of Rose.

“Goddammit, they think us invisible!” one of Verón’s divine guards could no longer hold his anger and he loudly cursed. 

Verón was infuriated. He finally could no longer hold back his anger and charged at Han Shuo in a loud roar.

“Alright, that’s enough!” shouted Han Shuo softly. He turned to Rose and said, “That can’t wait to die. Go and fulfill their death wish!” 

Rose shot yet another glare at Earth Elite Zombie before she finally charged at Verón. Absolute darkness abruptly shrouded the region, consuming every photon. Rose managed to kill several midgod divine guards in an instant.

Rose was a mid-stage highgod while Verón was just an early-stage highgod. Although the two were just one level apart, it was nonetheless an enormous gap in strength. 

To make it worse for Verón, Rose had taken the upper hand of making the first strike, shrouding the region with her darkness domain of divinity. Verón had not just caught a tartar, but he had also sealed his destiny to meet Death.

“Father, how did she end up with you?” asked Earth Elite Zombie. He was very curious about their relationship after seeing how obedient Rose was.

“Erm, after you fellas left, I have managed to improve in strength. I took a trip to the Demon Mountain intending to take revenge for you and Metal Elite Zombie. After I defeated her, she pleaded to be my slave. I needed helpers so I took her in,” Han Shuo was a little embarrassed when talking about the matter. He was worried that Earth Elite Zombie would be unhappy that he did not kill Rose.

“Hehe, I see! Back then she was so aggressive and dead sworn on killing us, And yet, she ends up serving us! Haha!” replied Earth Elite Zombie contently. He did not seem to be unhappy about Han Shuo not killing Rose.

After having been together with Han Shuo for such a long time, Rose had learned a few tricks from Han Shuo. Instead of attacking Verón right from the start, Rose attacked his midgod subordinated and tricked Verón who was disoriented in her darkness divinity domain into killing his own divine guards.

The midgods stood no chance against Rose. All those midgod divine guards who had been pursuing Earth Elite Zombie from the Earth Dominion all the way to the Space Dominion were killed by Rose in no time. It was after they were dead that Rose put all her focus on attacking Verón.

Verón could only barely defend himself against Rose attacks’ and couldn’t make any counterattacks. He felt himself getting weaker and weaker.

Verón had assumed Han Shuo as a midgod right from the start. As no one could sense Han Shuo’s strength in demonic arts and Han Shuo had been revealing the aura of his avatar of death, Verón thought that Han Shuo was just an average midgod.

Naturally, a midgod was no menace in Verón’s eyes. He did not even take Rose as a threat.

Although Verón could not determine Rose’s strength, he saw Han Shuo giving Rose an order. He thought that an expert under the command of a midgod wouldn’t be any stronger. 

It was only when Rose deployed her highgod domain of divinity that Verón realized just how terribly mistaken he was. If he knew that Rose had mid-stage highgod strength, he wouldn’t have stayed but make a run for it.

Verón could not feel more regretful. He strained himself in defending against Rose’s merciless attacks. It was only a matter of time before he would exhaust all his energy and be defeated.

Just when Verón thought that all hope was lost, an aged voice sounded from a distance, “Lady, Gentlemen, Please stop!”

An old man with long white hair, clutching to a staff made of a dried yellowish wood ripped apart spacetime and appeared out of nowhere. With a wave of his hand, Rose and Verón were frozen in combat as though someone had paused the flow of time.


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