GDK 813: Foes to Friends

The instant that the space edict barrier shattered, Han Shuo’s consciousness detected Baum clearly and locked onto him. However, as the Cauldron of Myriad Demon was outside his body, Han Shuo could not borrow Cauldron Spirit’s energy and therefore he did not immediately strike Baum.

It was at this time that Han Shuo heard the last dying shriek of Verón's. He stared blankly for a moment and started to consider if he should continue to fight Baum.

Han Shuo felt no grudges or grievances towards Baum and there was no reason to fight him to death. Besides, Han Shuo felt some apprehension towards this expert. Even though the space edict barrier had been destroyed, Han Shuo still did not have full certainty of killing Baum.

It was at this moment that the Cauldron had whooshed back into Han Shuo’s body. Cauldron Spirit then transmitted, “Master, the spacetime barrier has been removed. This guy possessed a decent strength. He might have other tricks up his sleeves. Do you still want to attack him?”

After killing Verón, Rose returned to stand beside Han Shuo and stared cautiously at Baum. If Han Shuo gave her the command, she would instantly charge forward and attack Baum.

“Verón is dead. I think there is no longer a cause for us to keep on fighting each other, don’t we?” Out of Han Shuo’s expectation, while he was still on the fence, Baum took initiative in throwing an olive branch. His attitude was much more polite than before. There was even a forced, awkward smile on Baum’s face.

It was apparent that this person called Baum was poor at feigning civility. It looked as though someone was pulling on his face muscles to make that awkward fake smile.

Han Shuo continued to stare a Baum without speaking for a moment. His eyes were glittering with indecision.

Baum’s heart jolted. He thought, <i>Don’t tell me that this guy is going to fight me to the death?</i>

The moment that the spacetime barrier was destroyed, Baum knew that Han Shuo will be able to have a real battle with him. He also knew that Han Shuo must have some other deadly tricks up his sleeves. Baum was very wary of Han Shuo. He did not want to become Han Shuo’s mortal enemy for Verón.

While Baum let his imagination ran wild, he secretly took certain defensive precautious, fearing that Han Shuo might launch a sudden attack.

“You are right. There are no grievances between us. There’s no point in making such a big fuss over that minor little character,” while Baum’s mind was worried and anxious, Han Shuo suddenly put on a faint smile and declared his stance. He withdrew the seventeen flying swords floating in midair, indicating that he will not continue to fight.

Han Shuo was in Ethereal City and he still needed to wait for his other five children in this city. If Han Shuo was to continue to fight Baum, the City Lord of Ethereal City, even if Han Shuo won the fight, he most likely won’t be able to stay in Ethereal City any longer. In addition, it was very unlikely for Han Shuo to win without suffering any injuries.

If the two were to continue fighting, the most likely outcome would be grave injuries to both sides. And if Han Shuo were to suffer injuries at this time, his plan of visiting the Fringe will have to be postponed indefinitely. That will be inconsistent with Han Shuo’s original intention. Therefore, Han Shuo did not recklessly attack.

Once Baum saw Han Shuo withdrew his miraculous weapons, he heaved a sigh of relief in his mind and dismantled his remaining defenses as well. He carefully looked at Han Shuo up and down a few times before he explained, “I had the opportunity of meeting the Akaji City Lord once and we could be considered acquaintances. Indeed, my intention was to protect Verón. However, I did not expect that you would have such strength. My friendship with the Akaji City Lord isn’t deep enough for me to risk my life. With Verón now dead, well, I guess I will just let it pass,”

<i>And now he’s being honest, ha,</i> thought Han Shuo. Although Han Shuo did not have a good impression of Baum, he did not hold any animosity either. Han Shuo calmly nodded and cordially said, “Yes, there may have been some misunderstandings between us. I hope that Your Lordship will not take offense.”

Suddenly, a company of divine guards arrived from the distance. Among them were three highgods. Two at early-stage and one at mid-stage.

After the divine guards arrived, mid-stage highgod that led the company hastily asked, “City Lord, what happened here?”

The battle between Han Shuo and Baum had created intense shockwaves. Experts who had reached certain realms would be able to tell that a fight was happening nearby just from the unusual spacetime fluctuations. The company of divine guards happened to be patrolling the area and they rushed to the scene to see what was wrong.

Upon arrival, they surrounded Han Shuo, Rose, and Earth Elite Zombie. Every one of them was wearing grave and unfriendly faces. They automatically assumed the trio as enemies trying to cause disorder in Ethereal City. If Baum gave the command, they would immediately charge forward and attack the three.

The situation that had just started to ease up suddenly reverted to high tension.

With demon generals dispersed all around, Han Shuo knew that the company of divine guards will be there beforehand. He also knew that with their strengths, he could easily escape with Rose and Earth Elite Zombie, and therefore Han Shuo was not worried about the divine guards. He looked at Baum calmly in a faint smile as though waiting for him to respond.

Baum who just had a great battle with Han Shuo knew better than anyone of just how terrifying Han Shuo is. When the company of divine guards showed up at such an inappropriate time and even surrounded the three as though they were enemies, Baum panicked a little and hastily said, “Do not attack. I only had a small misunderstanding with this friend here. We have resolved the misunderstanding.”

The divine guards seemed puzzled when they heard Baum’s words. They had all sensed intense spacetime fluctuation coming from this place. And being veterans, they could tell from the spacetime fluctuations that Baum had attacked with all his strength. Besides, Verón, a guest who had been staying in City Lord’s mansion, was still lying lifelessly on the ground for all to see. It seemed very illogical that Baum would say that everything had just been a misunderstanding.

After hearing Baum asking the divine guards to be at ease, Han Shuo realized that Baum wasn’t planning on fighting him any longer. Han Shuo put on a faint smile and said, “City Lord Baum, if there’s nothing else, are we allowed to leave now?”

“Of course, of course,” said Baum while he repeatedly nodded his head. Then, as though something struck him, he cried, “Wait!”

Han Shuo’s put on a solemn face and slightly bunched his brows before he turned back to Baum.

“Please don’t misunderstand, I just want to ask you a question!” Baum hastily explained when Han Shuo seemed displeased, “Can I know who are you? An expert as young and formidable as you cannot be an obscure character in any Dominion. I just want to know the identity of the person who had sparred with me. Can I have that honor?”

Han Shuo couldn’t help himself but laugh. He answered, “Haha, I’m called Bryan. I hail from the City of Shadows, the Darkness Dominion.”

“Bryan… Bryan… “ Baum mumbled to himself while scratching his head as though trying to recall something. After a long while, Baum let out a cry in surprise and asked, “Are you the master of the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy?”

This time it was Han Shuo’s turn to be shocked. The City of Shadows was very far away from Ethereal City. Han Shuo did not expect that the City Lord of Ethereal City would know him.

“Erm… Yes, I’m the master of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy,” admitted Han Shuo. He saw no point in concealing that fact.

The Ethereal City divine guards around him were all astonished to hear Han Shuo’s admission. It seemed that they had all heard of Han Shuo's name. Their gaze towards Han Shuo became much more different. It was as though they were excited about something.

“I really did not expect the rumors to be true. Youth indeed breeds heroism!” Baum was greatly astonished. He had never believed the rumors that came from the City of Shadows of the Darkness Dominion. He thought that the hearsays had exaggerated Han Shuo’s strength. But after the battle, Baum realized that the rumors were definitely erroneous - they had not exaggerated Han Shuo’s strength, but underrated his strength!

The startled Baum quickly racked his brain before he suddenly proposed, “Bryan, will you be interested in opening a branch of your Celestial Pearl Pharmacy in Ethereal City? If you are willing, we can discuss this in detail. There have been a lot of people from the Darkness Dominion that highly praised your expertise in refining medicine. I believe that no matter in which city, as long as there are gods, your medicines would be sold out in no time!”

The Ethereal City divine guards who glared ferociously at Han Shuo just a moment ago started looking at Han Shuo with eyes glinting with fervent lights while wearing expressions of astonishment.

They had heard too much about the miraculousness of Han Shuo’s medicines from gods that came from the Darkness Dominion. But unfortunately for them, the City of Shadows was millions of miles from Ethereal City. Even if they wanted to purchase Han Shuo’s medicines, it was not feasible for most of them to spend so much time traversing multiple Dominions just to get to the City of Shadows.

In addition, it was impossible for gods that cultivated in the energy of life, light, and water to step into the Death, Darkness, and Destruction Dominions. No matter how many crystal coins they may have, there was no way they could purchase Han Shuo’s medicines. Meanwhile, those who got their hands on Han Shuo’s medicine would treat it like treasures and would never resell it. Therefore, although many had heard of the miraculousness of his medicines, only a very small portion of those people could obtain them.

How could the divine guards not be excited after learning that the person standing in front of them was the master of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy?

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment. He did not expect that Baum who had a fight with him just a moment ago would take initiative and invite him to set up a Celestial Pearl branch in Ethereal City. The proposal caught him by surprise.

After he carefully thought about it for a while, Han Shuo felt that Baum's proposal was all but harmful to him. If he were to open a branch of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy in Ethereal City, not only that he could make even more crystal coins, but he could possibly utilize the unique situation of Ethereal City to spread the influence of Celestial Pearl to every Dominion there was on Elysium!

The temptation was too much to be refused. Han Shuo hesitated for only a short moment before he nodded and agreed, “Sure, definitely. I thank City Lord in advance!”

“You’re welcome. My Ethereal City is greatly honored to have the privilege!” Baum promptly replied with polite words. He seemed rather pleasantly surprised. “If you have nothing at hand, shall we head somewhere else to discuss this? I will make sure to select a suitable location for your pharmacy. And if you need it, I can also help you with the hiring of manpower. The Space Dominion is very different from the Death, Destruction, and Darkness Dominions. We are much freer in economy and movement. The environment we have is much more suitable for doing business.”

“Very well, let’s discuss it!” Han Shuo gladly agreed. He did not expect that picking up a fight would land him with such a great profit.


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