GDK 818: Gifts from Metal Elite Zombie

Myles led Han Shuo, Han Tu, and Han Huo into the energy crystal store.

It was after stepping into the Goldstone branch that Han Shuo realized the scale of the business operation. There were racks after racks of rare and strange ores put on display. Many of the ores could glow. The shop was brightly lit even though there were only a few magical lamps.

After instructing the shop assistants to get back to their stations, Myles led Han Shuo and his two kids to a secret warehouse deep inside the shop.

This decently sized depot was filled with dazzling Firespark Stones and Heavenlyfire Stones, mud-yellow Rentocite and Terratomite, and translucent Watersoul Stones and Aquacrystal. Every ore and item inside were extremely precious and especially useful for Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood Elite Zombies.

“Over the past ten years, through various channels, my master has been delivering all sorts of unique, precious ores collected by every branch to this shop in Ethereal City. He also assigned me to this branch so that I can keep watch and secure these ores. Haha, Master said that these ores are all prepared for you!” explained Myles smilingly to the astonished Han Huo and Han Tu.

The wide variety of ores stored in the warehouse were very useful for the Elite Zombies. There were also a considerable amount of divine essences. Most of the divine essences belonged to the energy of fire, life, water, earth, and death. It was obvious that Metal Elite Zombie had gathered the items for them.

The depot was filled with a spectacular amount of valuable ores and crystals. Just the pile of divine essences alone would value at several million black crystal coins. Other ores and energy crystals located there were also fantastic materials that were no less beneficial for the Elite Zombies.

“Damn, he’s real awesome!” said Han Huo, whose eyes were glistening with greedy lights. He threw himself into a pile of fire energy rocks and started absorbing the fire energy contained within.

“Little Gold is really generous to have gotten us so much good stuff!” said Han Tu in a foolish smile while he grabbed onto a handful of Terratomite and started absorbing the earth energy contained within.

“It seems that he really has been thoughtful of us all these years,” remarked the touched Han Shuo.

Even without Myles’ explanation, it was obvious to Han Shuo that the reason Metal Elite Zombie had been sending and accumulating items in this store was so that Han Shuo and the others could have all these wonderful treasures when they meet again there in Ethereal City.

“Master had instructed that after you have arrived in Ethereal City, we are to follow your orders,” said Myles as he bowed at Han Shuo, “However, the name given by Master was Han Shuo. As you were using another name in Ethereal City, we did not know that you had arrived.”

“You know who I am?” asked Han Shuo with a brow raised.

Myles nodded smilingly and replied, “You are the father to my master. Haha, of course I know who you are.”

After hearing those words from Myles, Han Shuo became certain that he was a trusted aide of Metal Elite Zombie. Otherwise, Myles wouldn’t have known so much and he wouldn’t have been trusted with all these treasures.

“Where is he currently at?” asked Han Shuo. He reasoned that if Metal Elite Zombie had arranged all these in this shop, he should know that it was almost time for their scheduled reunion and he should at least be on his way to Ethereal City.

“Master should be on his way here. He will arrive in Ethereal City soon,” replied Myles smilingly. Then, after taking a short pause, Myles somewhat nervously asked, “Do you have any instructions for me? You may take anything and everything in the store. If you need crystal coins, I can get you a few million.”

Han Shuo shook his head smilingly and replied, “Things seem to be doing just fine here and I don’t see the need to make any changes. For the time being, I don’t need you to do anything for me. I’m not lacking crystal coins either.”

“Understood,” After finding out that Han Shuo was the owner of Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, Myles knew that it was very unlikely for Han Shuo to be lacking crystal coins.

“Right, I will be taking some of the ores in this shop,” said Han Shuo smilingly after he thought for a bit. The Goldstone Shop had more variety of ores than any of their rivals. When walking into the shop, several extremely rare materials most excellent for making weapons had caught his eyes.

“Go ahead! As I’ve said, you may take anything you see in the shop!” replied Myles straightforwardly.

As everything in the shop belonged to Metal Elite Zombie and Myles was instructed to give Han Shuo anything he wanted, Han Shuo had no qualms about taking the items. He began by taking some ores and divine essences in the secret depot before proceeding to the outer sections of the shop with Myles. There, he took a dozen more odd and bizarre rocks and crystals.

After Han Shuo was done, they waited for a moment for Han Huo and Han Tu to exit from the secret depot. The two kids appeared very content and delighted. They constantly fondled the space rings they wore on their fingers. They must have kept away all those ores meant for them that were in the secret depot.

“Alright, we shall leave now. Please tell him about what happened today when he returned,” Han Shuo smilingly said goodbye to Myles after Han Huo and Han Tu came out from the shop.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure to tell Master everything that happened today,” Myles bowed as Han Shuo and his kids left.

“Grandpa Myles, who are they? They have taken many items off our shop but they haven’t paid a single crystal coin. Who in the world are they?” asked the female shop assistant who almost fought Han Huo after the father and sons left. 

Not just her, but all other shop assistants of Goldstone were puzzled and wanted an answer. They saw Han Shuo clearing items off the shelves, throwing all sorts of mineral rocks into his space ring straightforwardly. And after that, not only that he did not pay a single piece of crystal coins, he acted as though the shop belonged to him. Even Myles was humble and constantly bowed at him. They could not quite understand what was happening.

These minor little workers did not know about the existence of Metal Elite Zombie. Only some of the most core members of Goldstone Trading were aware that Metal Elite Zombie was the real owner of the enterprise. Even fewer people knew about Metal Elite Zombie’s relationship with Han Shuo and others. It was normal that these workers were clueless.

Myles’ face turned stern. In a deep voice, he said to the shop workers, “I want you all to keep this in mind: Tell no one about what happened today and don’t try to find out what you should not know. Perhaps someday in the future, when you have obtained the trust of the Owner and become a dominion-al manager of Goldstone Enterprise, you will be qualified to learn these secrets.”

Myles scanned the young shop assistants with his eyes once through, lightly groaned, and said, “If I find out any of you leaked this, I won't go easy on you! Alright. That will be all. Now get back to your work.”

The shop workers jolted and were frightened. They had very rarely seen Myles being so stern towards them and they realized that those three people must be very important characters. They promised to keep quiet about the matter and silently walked back to their stations.

*** In the City Lord’s manor.

City Lord Baum was wearing a bewildered expression while listening to the report given by the divine guard who was at Goldstone Trading just then.

“Did you say that the guy named Han Huo is also his son?” asked Baum halfway into the briefing.

Just like Han Tu in the Earth Dominion, Han Huo was also a pretty famous person in the Fire Dominion, or, rather, infamous. He often got into fights with others over minor quarrels and had offended many in the Fire Dominion. As he possessed supreme mastery in using the energy of fire and wielded the Fire Lotus, the most outstanding weapon of fire attribute, Han Huo was not afraid of challenging experts at a more advanced realm. He was most widely known among the young people in the Fire Dominion.

Baum was already rather surprised that Han Tu was Han Shuo’s son. He grew even more astonished now he learned that Han Huo of the Fire Dominion was also his son. Baum became more and more curious towards Han Shuo, wondering why he came to Ethereal City and what he was planning.

The divine guard nodded and respectfully replied, “Moreover, it appeared that the owner of Goldstone Enterprise has a close relationship with him. Goldstone is one of the largest energy crystal stores in our City. They have branches in almost every Dominion and possessed greater influence than the Celestial Pearl. However, when the manager of the Goldstone branch heard their names, he immediately turned friendly in attitude… “

“What?!!!” Baum was gobsmacked. 

Although Earth and Fire Elite Zombies possessed decent strengths and had some miraculous abilities, they were just two individuals who weren’t even highgods. Baum had deemed them too weak to be reckoned with. But things were very different when it comes to Goldstone Enterprise. With shops located in almost every Divine Dominion, Goldstone possessed not just tremendous financial resources but also connections. To learn that the mysterious business owner might have a close relationship with Han Shuo, Baum felt threatened.

<i>Was inviting this person to stay in Ethereal City a bad move?</i> pondered the intimidated Baum. After thinking for a moment, he instructed the divine guard, “Pay extra attention to that Goldstone store. Also, try talking to those shop workers. Try to learn what they have discussed inside the shop.”

“My Lord, should I also keep a close watch over Bryan and those few with him?” asked the divine guard after bowing in acknowledgment.

Baum shook his head. He seemed rather grave as he replied, “You should not get close to them. Don’t send anyone to monitor them and just leave them alone. I will handle them.”

“Yes, my Lord!” The divine guard immediately dismissed himself and went on to carry out the task Baum assigned him with. 

“Bryan, O, Bryan, what exactly are you up to in Ethereal City?” soliloquized Baum with his brows bunched after the divine guard left. He did not know that on the top of a big tree several hundred meters away there was a demon general, observing his every move day and night.

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