GDK 821: From bad to worse

It was after the iced arrow struck Han Huo that the shooter gradually revealed himself from a dark corner. He was thin and tall. He stood silently as he gazed at the injured Han Huo with his ice-cold and merciless eyes.

The attacker’s face was as flat a plank, where the outlines of his mouth and nose could not be seen. He was either incredibly ugly or he had disguised his facial features, as it did not appear normal.

“Fuck!” It took a while before Han Huo recovered from the attack. Han Tu had stopped attacking the other enemies and started pulling Han Huo down under to the safety of the underground.

The water energy cultivator that abruptly showed up possessed early-stage highgod strength. Han Tu knew the gap in strength between midgods and highgods and therefore did not fight him. He immediately knew that it was time to flee.

“That woman is still up there!” If it was any other midgods who suffered the attack, their divine body would have been shut down. Even if it doesn’t kill them, they would be frozen still. But Han Huo was rather unique. As the Fire Lotus that covered his body was a treasure naturally formed in the Place of Extreme Fire over hundreds of thousands of years, over half of the assaulting frigid divine energy was counteracted. Han Huo only needed to rest for a moment before his body resumed to normal.

“We will wait for her,” replied Han Tu as he completely pulled Han Huo into the earth. The two vanished from the raiders' sight.

Then, while the raiders were loudly cursing as they looked for Han Tu and Han Huo, the duo stealthily popped their heads out in another region and shouted at Rose who was battling in midair, “Oi, woman, let’s go! Stop dawdling with them!” 

Rose was distracted by their shouts. The balance was tipped and the highgod of lightning gained the upper hand. Several snake-like thunderbolts crawled to Rose and bit her. It made her long-hair stand up straight.

The energy of thunder cultivator was in the same realm as Rose and slightly stronger than her. He had taken not just the high ground, but he also filled the space underneath Rose with meandering electric-dragons, making it impossible for Rose to descend to the ground.

At this moment, the other highgod that recently joined the fight gave up on attacking Han Tu and Han Huo and shot towards Rose.

This highgod of water knew that it was unrealistic to kill Han Tu and Han Huo who were hiding deep underground in a short time. Therefore, he decided to attack Rose who could not fly to the ground.

“What should we do?” Han Huo asked Han Tu anxiously when he saw that Rose was about to be surrounded by two highgods.

“I also don’t know. Should we save her?” Han Tu was much calmer than Han Huo but just as indecisive. He knew that he and Han Huo could not defeat a highgod. Although they could form a partial Penta-Elemental Undead Formation, Han Tu wasn’t sure if they would have enough power to fight the highgod and was worried that they would land themselves in greater danger.

“Just run, leave me behind!” shrieked Rose while Han Tu and Han Huo were being indecisive. A burst of white, icy-gas suddenly shot towards Rose. As she was using all her strength and attention fighting that highgod of thunder, she could not evade the attack. The icy-gas landed directly on her back.

“Fucking hell, I’ll do it!” Han Huo came to a decision immediately after hearing Rose’s cry. Without asking for Han Tu’s advice, he started screaming profanities and charged out from the hole, “You despicable asshole, is back-stabbing all that you know? Fucking coward! Come and fight me directly if you have the guts! Oi fucker… ”

When Han Tu saw Han Huo flying out from the ground while cursing, he let out a sigh, emerged from the ground, and pursued Han Huo. It was the first time in the battle that he was not underground.

Han Tu could flee without Rose, but he could not leave his brother behind. Therefore, when Han Huo decided to stay, Han Tu also stayed.

Multiple mounds grew from the earth as Han Tu flew out from the ground. As he flew towards Han Huo, he shouted, “Little Fire, get into formation!”

Han Huo stared distractedly for a split second before he started smirking evilly, as though he had just recalled that he could fuse his energy with Han Tu’s. As the mounds lifted skywards, large flames flew towards them and miraculously entered them. The yellowish-brown mounds then suddenly started glowing and burning like a sphere of heated steel. The burning mounds flew to the water element cultivator ragingly.

Only certain unique lifeforms nurtured with the Five Elemental Yuan Energy could combine their energies as Han Huo and Han Tu were doing. The yuan energy of earth and the yuan energy of fire fused together perfectly in the mounds. Not only that the mounds had become much tougher, they were constantly emanating an astonishing amount of heat. There was no way that the highgod of water would be unscathed if he was struck by one of those mounds.

“You are courting death!” groaned the person coldly before he blew a stream of icy-gas with his mouth. The icy-gas assembled the element of water in the air and instantly formed a sparkling and translucent iced-spear. The iced-spear, emanating a great amount of frigid aura, shot towards the fiery mounds rapidly.

<i>Ting Ting Ting!</i> The sound of metals clashing reverberated from mid-air. The iced-spear did not shatter the mounds but only pushed them aside before continuing to shoot towards Han Huo and Han Tu.

“Huh!” softly cried the water element cultivator. His eyes were glistening with the lights of puzzlement and surprise as though he did not expect that his iced-spear did not shatter the mounds. From his point of view, although the two midgods had strange divine energy, it should be impossible for them to even come close to blocking his attacks.

He seemed to have become interested in Han Huo and Han Tu. Instead of targeting Rose, he turned to two brothers, gazed at them with his ice-cold eyes as he slowly marched towards the duo. As he stepped on empty air, he congealed multiple water dragons using the element of water in the air and sent them flying menacingly towards Han Huo and Han Tu.

Han Tu utilized the energy of earth to form an earth-wall and Han Huo added his energy of fire into the wall to defend against the highgod’s attacks. They intended to distract the highgod from Rose.

Although this expert had just early-stage highgod strength, he was, afterall, a highgod. Even when Han Tu and Han Huo joined their energies, it was still very strenuous and difficult to defend against his attacks. As though it couldn’t get worse, the midgod raiders made use of the opportunity to throw their divine weapons and other ranged attacks at their scorching earth-wall. 

Han Tu and Han Huo were feeling strained and helpless. While they suffered the bombardment from all directions, the thought of escaping without Rose echoed louder in their minds. Unlike a few moments ago, the duo were now completely passive and were showing signs of weariness.

The highgod of water flew into a rage out of humiliation when his attacks had repeatedly failed to destroy the earth wall made by two midgods. He congealed several water dragons and iced-spears, accumulated the power to its peak and blasted everything at the earth wall.


An enormous explosion sounded. The earth-wall remained intact but Han Tu and Han Huo were sent flying away.

The earth-wall was sustained by both of them and the counteracting force of the earth-wall was directly connected to the duo. The all-out attack of the highgod proved to be too much for the two. The enormous force that entered their bodies sent them flying out from the back of the earth-wall.

“Run!” Rose knew that Han Tu and Han Huo stayed there for her. She couldn't help herself but shouted when she saw that the two were in great danger.

By now, the shop workers and pharmacist realized that something wasn’t right. They came out from their rooms and gazed at the warehouse anxiously.

Although it wasn’t unusual to hear battling noises at night, it would always end within a short time. The screams and shouts would be coming from strangers. But on that night, they noticed that the battling noises were unusually long and loud. They even heard Rose scream twice. Knowing that things were going south, they stopped what they were doing and gazed at the battlefield.

These shop workers and pharmacists had mediocre strengths. Besides, seeing that highgods were involved, they knew that there was nothing they could do to help. All that they could do was watch the battle anxiously.

Han Tu and Han Huo tumbled and rolled uncontrollably. They were sent flying quite some distance apart. This meant that after touching the ground, Han Tu could not immediately get Han Huo under the earth's protection. The highgod of water seemed to realize this and therefore, instead of attacking Han Tu who could disappear underground in an instant, he went after Han Huo.

The force that entered Han Huo sent him into a daze and he had yet to come to his senses. He was still falling dizzily from the air. As soon as Han Tu touched the ground, he became conscious and immediately realized what was happening. He shouted, “Little Fire! Run! Run!”

<i>Thud Thud</i> Han Huo too had landed. He too had regained consciousness upon crashing onto the ground. He saw that the highgod of water was a short distance away and Han Tu was very far away. As Han Huo could not submerge underground like Han Tu could, there was no way for him to avoid the highgod’s attack.

Han Huo realized that he was in a terribly dire situation!

“Run! Run!!” shouted Han Tu as he ran towards Han Huo as fast as he could. Although he knew that Han Huo won’t make it, he kept screaming at Han Huo to run because he was overwhelmed with fear!

“Darn it! I’ll get you! Even if I die my father will avenge me!” When Han Huo saw that he could not run, he decided he might as well put up a fight. He gathered all his anger and rage and valiantly charged at the highgod.

“Well then, die!” shouted the highgod raider in a disdained smirk.


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