GDK 827: It’s a casual thing 

*** Outside the Ethereal City, in the depth of a dense jungle.

A young couple was engaging in a very exciting and vigorous exercise. Although they had been trying to keep their noises low, it nonetheless spread far and wide. Thirty meters away, a very handsome teenager who looked like a sixteen or seventeen years old mortal was making water bubbles out of boredom. One after another, water bubbles floated out from his palms. They gently revolved in mid-air like crystal balls.

Half-an-hour later, the moaning from the depth of the jungle became louder and louder. The young man bunched his brows, frowned, shook his head, and sighed. After another ten minutes, the moaning sound had completely stopped and yet, the activity in that region only seemed to be getting more and more vigorous. There was no sign that it was going to stop soon.

“Little Wood, are you done yet?” the handsome teenager could not be more bored. He shouted, “Father must be anxious that we aren’t there yet. Can you hurry up and finish it?”

“Right away! Right away!” replied the exercising youngster and he increased the frequency of his action. He turned the beauty who had passed out long ago around, pressed her against the tree and then carried on with his expedition.

After a long long while, a thin, tall, muscular, and just as handsome teenager slowly walked out from the jungle in a satisfied face while holding up his pants. He looked at Han Shui who was condensing water vapor bubbles and smilingly asked, “Creating life is such a pleasurable recreation. Why is it that you have no interest at all towards this exercise of love?” 

“You have been ‘creating life’ all along the journey, but have you actually created any life?” Han Shui rolled his eyes. The spinning water bubbles suddenly flew towards Han Mu and they turned a large pool of water. It poured down on Han Mu and washed off all the scent on his body.

“No. I’ve been wondering about this actually. I really need to ask Father about this. Why is it that a good kid like me who is filled with life has failed to create any life for all these while?” Han Mu then put on a mischievous smile and said, “But perhaps you can. Why don’t you give it a try? That woman is pretty fine and she is still unconscious. Carpe diem!”

Han Shui immediately put on a disgusted face and replied, “Eww filthy!”

“Hahaha. Alright, let’s carry on with our journey. I have not seen Father for a long time and I’m really missing him!” said Han Mu laughingly. He knew that Han Shui has disgust for such activities. He flung his dripping wet hair and with a grin on his face, he started walking in the direction of Ethereal City.

“Wait, what about that lady?” Han Shui bunched his brows and said, “You have done this to nine different ladies, and I’m only counting those you met on our way here. You always leave them to themselves after making them pass out. Do you not have the slightest sense of responsibility?”

“This is called a hookup, casual sex. You are not expected to make any commitment. What responsibility do you mean?” Han Mu shrugged and said, “We were together only to pleasure each other physically, no strings attached! There are no fussy norms or rules that we are expected to follow. Don’t be so outdated and pedantic!”

“Fine. Let’s move on,” replied Han Shui. He was having a headache and was afraid that the lady would bother them and not let go when she woke up. “Little Wood, this is going to be the last time I’ll do you a sentry duty. The noises you make were horrendous!” 

“What a prude!” Han Mu rebutted, “Why is it that you have not inherited this excellent and admirable trait of our father? Look at him, he would have fun wherever he goes. What a wonderful and unrestrained life he’s living! I learned it all from our father. Why are you so slow at learning this?”

Han Shui forced a smile and shook his head. He did not try to dispute it as although Han Mu might be exaggerating, there was some truth to it. 


Half a day later, Han Mu and Han Shui had walked out from the jungle and entered a small fort near the Ethereal City.

Soon after stepping into the fort, a young lady standing outside a gymnasium suddenly shrieked crazily, “Han Mu! You bastard! I have finally found you!”

Two more young ladies located not far away were alerted by that shout. Right away, they glared at Han Mu and shouted, “Han Mu! Don’t you run now! Didn’t you promise to always be at my side? You scoundrel, how could you disappear while I was asleep! You didn’t even leave me a note!”

The three ladies came from three different forces. One was in a small family clan, one operated a small business, and another was a divine guard squad leader from some city. After the shouting, the three noticed each other and they suddenly realized that they weren’t the only person Han Mu had fornicated.

The anger that had been brewing in them for all these while, erupted. The three young and beautiful ladies became abnormally enraged and they charged at Han Mu like tigresses. They wanted to vent their anger on Han Mu.

Han Mu made a grimace and hastily said to Han Shui, “Little Water, hurry and run! This place is dangerous!”

Han Mu turned on his heels and started running as though he was very afraid of getting caught by the ladies. As he ran, he shouted, “Cici, Mimi, Annie, do you have to be so serious? We are all just fooling around. Being so clingy isn’t part of the game! Mimi, didn’t you say that I’m your only love just a few days ago? How could you be so fierce to me now?”

“Han Mu! I’ll kill you!” that beauty called Mimi charged at threateningly. She sent out unprecise radiation blasts, causing collateral injuries to the innocent gods who had just entered the fort.

“Little Water! Run! Don’t get caught!” shouted Han Mu as he fled by weaving through the crowd. He seemed very practiced at that and managed to vanish in no time.

The handsome face of Han Shui was filled with helplessness. He discovered that he couldn’t run nearly as fast as Han Mu. Moments after trying to frantically flee, he found himself surrounded by the three ladies. Han Shui was feeling quite annoyed that he had to suffer such an ordeal every once in a while. He thought, <i>When I see Father, I must tell him about this. This fella is getting out of hand!</i>

“Ladies, I have nothing to do with him. Why are you surrounding me?” said Han Shui in a forced smile as he tried to distance himself from Han Mu. 

“Why would he ask you to run if you have nothing to do with him? Also, you wouldn't be running from us!” shouted the beauty called Mimi. “You won’t be going anywhere until Han Mu shows himself!”

“It has nothing to do with me!” Han Shuo hastily explained, “I only got acquainted with him while I’m traveling here. I’m not close to him at all. There’s no point in catching me just because you couldn’t get him!”

“I don’t care! Han Mu has promised to marry me! If you get him back to me, I will set you free. Otherwise, you won’t be going anywhere!” said the lady called Annie. She gestured and commanded, “Surround him!” A squad of divine guards immediately started to approach Han Shui menacingly.

“Bitch, who are you? Why would Han Mu marry you? Know your place!“

“He said I’m the only one he loved. You all get lost! Don’t be so shameless to steal my man!”

“Shameless? You are the shameless one! He is mine!”

Before Han Shui could make any more explanation, the three ladies started a fierce mouth fight in the middle of the street. It appeared likely that it will escalate to a battle to the death over Han Mu.

“Ahem… Stop fighting! Listen to me!” shouted Han Shui as he cursed Han Mu in his mind. Then, when the three ladies simultaneously gathered their gazes on Han Shui, he put on a straight face and said, “He had said those words not just to the three of you, but many, many more ladies. Stop being foolish. He doesn’t care about any of you!”

“Friend, I don’t care if you have anything to do with him or not, but you are going nowhere!” a well-built middle-aged man with a face filled with knife scars joined the party. He stood beside the beauty called Mimi and said, “Since he had deflowered my daughter, then he must betroth my daughter! I don’t care who he is, but he must take responsibility for his actions! Otherwise, not just him, but even you will be out of luck!”

The scar-faced middle-aged man possessed early-stage highgod strength. He cultivated in the energy of fire. He seemed to be repressing his anger and he had considered himself kind for not immediately killing Han Shui!

<i>Goddammit you wretched Han Mu, what do you want me to do now?!</i> Han Shui could not be more vexed. He was trapped by three different powerful forces. He racked his brain on how to escape.

“Apprehend him!” the middle-aged man gestured and instructed his men to capture Han Shui.

“Don’t you touch him, this guy is mine!” shouted the lady called Annie.

Then, suddenly, a three-way fight started. They were fighting openly on the street for Han Shui. The three ladies fought each other while loudly cursing each other as shameless bitches. The entrance to the fort suddenly turned into an upheaval scene. All the gods nearby were stunned by what they saw.

“Who is this Han Mu guy? To have three beauties openly fighting in the public over him - What a legend! Damn, I’d die to have half the luck he has with women!”

“I’ve heard of him. He’s from the Life Dominion. It is said that he would screw around anywhere he goes. He is an infamous womanizer. Countless beauties had been ruined by him.”

“Fucking hell, why is this person in Ethereal City? Everyone better keep an eye on your girlfriend and don’t let her be stolen by that bastard!”

“How could the Life Dominion produce such a scum? Sigh, the world is really getting more and more degenerate. I’m surprised that he had yet to be murdered by any woman.”

“That fella has his sight set on every beauty in the world, claiming he does so with the sacred goal of creating life. Hell, against reason, there are whores out there who willingly let themselves be deceived by him. I really wonder how that youngster did it!”

“You fat fuck, who did you call whore?! I'll whore you!” Mimi who was in the middle of a battle suddenly turned her crosshair to that by-standing fatty and bombarded him with fierce radiant attacks. 


“Little Water! Little Water! Run!” when things were at its most chaotic, the sneaky Han Mu softly cried from a corner of a gymnasium. All the trees in the region seemed to have turned alive. The tree branches started waving among the crowd like a big broom, causing the scene to be even more chaotic.

Han Shui immediately reacted. While no one was noticing him, he hastily flew into the by-standing crowd and fled under the cover of the big trees. After Han Shui and Han Mu reunited, the two no longer dared stay in the fort a second longer. They immediately left the fort and rushed for Ethereal City.

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