GDK 839: I want you dead

And finally, Han Shuo, the prima donna, slowly arrived at the checkpoint for exiting the Omphalos. When he raised his head and looked around, he saw that a large crowd was hiding outside the gate, patiently waiting for his appearance.

“Friend, it seems very dangerous out there. Why don’t you stay another night in the Omphalos? It’s only eight hundred black crystal coins. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you will lose your life as soon as you step outside!” a guard manning the checkpoint kindly reminded Han Shuo who was walking at the front of his party with a sympathizing look.

The guard had been rather observant and could tell that massive forces were gathering outside the gate. He was very curious about who could have offended so many powerful forces at once and he managed to learn who was their target through his connections in the Omphalos.

Ever since those forces gathered outside the city gate, those who had previously planned on leaving through the gate would either turn around and leave through another gate or just stay in the Omphalos. Han Shuo and his party were the only people who proceeded with leaving through the gate. In addition, as soon as Han Shuo appeared at the checkpoint, he could hear a burst of excited breathing coming from outside.

It was clear to him that Han Shuo was the person that those savage gods were after!

“Thanks for the reminder, but we will leave the city,” replied Han Shuo smilingly. He did not take the guard’s warning to heart.

The guard nodded and said nothing more. He made a gesture and the gate opened wide, allowing Han Shuo and his party to leave.

“What a reckless fool!” remarked another guard and he looked disdainfully at Han Shuo and his party. He had been looking forward to seeing a formidable expert making an entrance but was greatly disappointed when in the end, it was just a puny gang.

“Let’s go, don’t let them wait for too long!” said Han Shuo and he took the lead on exiting the city. Han Hao, Rose, and the Five Elite Zombies followed behind him in order. Other than Rose, no one in the party was nervous. However, they weren’t as talkative and cheerful as usual.

The yellowish evening light was unusually stifling. When Han Shuo gazed around, he could see groups of gray air emanating from the dense forest and shrubs all around him. Under every ball of the gray air were a group of vicious criminals lying in ambush. It was clear from the faint killing intent exuding from them that they were up to no good.

After Han Shuo and his party officially stepped out from the Omphalos, the guard who had given Han Shuo a warning gave him another advice, “If you changed your mind, you may return into the Omphalos at any time. It is always safe inside. I must say that I greatly admire your courage to offend so many forces at once, regardless of your actual strength. I wish you good luck!”

Han Shuo startled for a moment. He couldn’t help but turned around to give the guard another look. He smilingly nodded at him and said, “Thanks!”

“Try not to get too far from the gate or else, you won’t be able to retreat,” the guard gave yet another advise smilingly.

Han Shuo did not even plan to turn around. He smiled and started confidently walking further and further from the gate with his party to show that he had no fear.

Haruli who had been watching Han Shuo from a concealed spot was astonished. He softly cried out in surprise, “What card does he have up his sleeves? It’s clear that he is aware of all these people wanting to take his life, and yet, he is stepping forward boldly. Is he really planning to throw away his life?”

“My Lord, they will be dead without a doubt. Of the eight of them, only two are highgods and they are not even in the late-stage realm. They can’t resist a single wave of attack from any of the forces. I’m sure that Buzz and his men will annihilate them in just moments,” one of Haruli’s henchmen calmly assessed the situation.

As Han Shuo stepped forward, he unfolded his consciousness to observe the forces hiding all around him. As they were just a short distance away, Han Shuo could detect the enemies’ auras and strengths without even using his demon generals. He could even sense the feelings of excitement and anxiety of certain people.

Twenty-six forces had assembled there. Nearly every one of the forces had at least one highgod. The stronger ones would have more than a few highgods. Each highgod would have a dozen or more midgod subordinates.

After Han Shuo and his party were a short distance away from the checkpoint, five or six forces hiding nearby the area immediately stepped outside to block Han Shuo’s road back, denying Han Shuo any chances of retreating to the Omphalos if things went south.

That guard manning the checkpoint had been gazing at Han Shuo with his brows bunched. He inwardly sighed when he saw that Han Shuo’s retreat path was blocked. He thought, <i>Sigh, now there is no way out for them. Well, I have said all that there is to say. What a shame that they are just so rash.</i>

Then, suddenly, all those who had been lying in wait for them came into appearance. A large crowd of ferocious gods surrounded Han Shuo and his party while gazing at them with covetous eyes. 

At this point, it had become impossible for Han Shuo and his party to turn back. If Han Shuo did not possess formidable strength, there will only be one possible outcome for them - death!

It was at this moment that Bertha and a malevolent-looking, purple-skinned bulky man stepped into appearance. Those eyes on his ferocious face seemed to be filled with an infinite amount of hatred as he stared fixedly at Rose. It was as though he wanted to skin Rose alive. Needless to say, that person was Buzz.

Buzz suddenly stepped forward from the ring formed around Han Shuo. He raised one hand, looked around, and said in a deep voice, “My fellow friends, I know what you are all here for. I, Buzz, hereby ask you to do a favor -let me settle my business with them first. There is a debt of blood that I must collect from them. Let me assure you that I’m here only to take their lives, not their black crystal coins. Whatever valuable goods that they had and how it is distributed will be decided among yourselves.”

After hearing those words, those smaller forces surrounding Han Shuo spent a moment to consider the proposal. They stood still and gazed at Buzz and his party without saying a word.

Their goal was different from Buzz’s. The latter was here to take lives while the former was here to take valuables. There was no conflict of interest between them. In fact, they were quite happy to hear those words as Buzz will do all the hard work and they will get all the rewards with no effort. They stood still to indicate their stance and allowed Buzz’s followers to surround Han Shuo and his party.

Buzz slowly looked left and right with menacing light burning in his eyes. When he saw that those forces gave him a large space, Buzz made a hand gesture as a sign of gratitude and loudly said, “Thanks. I promise I won’t take a single piece of crystal coin from their dead bodies!”

The atmosphere was incredibly stifling. With such a large crowd of ferocious gods gazing at them, even the uninhibited and talkative Han Huo and Han Mu were being unusually quiet.

Little Skeleton was tightly gripping his bone spear in one hand. His Purple Demon Eye was glistening brightly. He will immediately begin his massacre as soon as he receives an order from Han Shuo. 

“Rose, so you have returned to the Fringe. Did you think that we would have forgotten about you?” Buzz looked up and down at Rose with his sinister eyes and said, “It was your blessing that my son had fancied you. But not only that you had refused my son’s advancement, you had also killed him! He may have not succeeded, but I will. Today, I’m going to slowly rape you in front of everyone here. Even if you commit suicide, I will still defile your dead body!”

Those perverted barbarians that surrounded them started to chuckle evilly. Their faces were filled with excitement as though they very much looked forward to the act. 

In the Land of Chaos where there was no moral but only strength, such an atrocity happened all too often. In fact, many of the onlookers were more than happy to watch the process, especially as Rose was extraordinarily beautiful.

When hundreds of malicious gazes suddenly gather on her, adding to the terrifying threat that Buzz made at her, a feeling of dread swarmed her mind and her blood ran cold. She couldn’t help herself but started quivering in fear!

Then, suddenly, Rose felt a reassuring warmth on her hand. When she turned to look, she saw that Han Shuo had reached out to hold her hand. Somehow, the warmth quickly spread around her body and chased away the chills. Her body was no longer trembling and her frightened mind became at ease. It was as though with Han Shuo holding her hand, none of the powerful enemies around them could harm her.

“Buzz, izzit?” Han Shuo put on a smile and said, “I will say this just once. Rose is with me. If you try to touch her, I will take your life.”

“I don’t care who you are but I will kill you along with that whore!” Buzz did not heed Han Shuo’s warning at all. He gestured at his followers and coldly instructed, “Kill every last one of them!”

Buzz and Bertha brought thirty-seven followers, of which were four highgods. The remaining of their followers had mid-late-stage midgod strengths. They were fierce and ruthless characters who had committed countless massacres. Following Buzz’s commands, the four highgods, each bringing eight to ten followers, charged at Han Shuo and his party from all directions.

Of the four highgods, two were early-stage highgods of death, one was an early-stage highgod of fighting aura, and the last was a mid-stage highgod of darkness. The highgod of darkness was charging at Rose.


The three-meter long bone spear shot out from Little Skeleton’s hand and streaked across the sky. It was carrying a terrifying amount of the aura of death as it pierced towards the highgod of darkness. Quickly following that, a flash burst from Han Hao’s Purple Demon Eye and he charged at the highgod. His arms became as shiny as the tip of a blade while a surge of killing intent overflowed from his body.

The highgod of darkness who was planning to kill Rose only saw a streak of light before a bone spear came out from nowhere. The terrifying aura of death hit him like a tsunami, crushing the aura of darkness he released. Then, an even more powerful wave of the aura of death burst out from the bone spear.

<i>Kaboom!... </i> The dark cloud made of concentrated aura of death started dissipating after it was hit by the bone spear. It was as though thousands of blades were shredding a large ball of black cotton.

Streaks of misty green lights suddenly erupted from the three-meter long bone spear. The green lights were bizarre and vicious. It had some kind of adverse effect on the soul. Immediately after they shined on the highgod of darkness, he turned dizzy and felt weak head to toe. He could not release more than half of his power.

Han Shuo was amazed. After carefully observing the bone spear for a few seconds, he sensed the presence of Necrotoxin within. He was surprised and delighted at that discovery.


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