GDK 840: I want you dead(2)

Necrotoxin affects both the soul and body. Once the toxins enter one’s body, it would be difficult to use even eighty percent of one’s strength. It was very difficult to extract and refine Necrotoxin, and even more so to fuse it into a demonic weapon. Little Skeleton had demonstrated his mastery in the arts of weapon refinement by successfully fusing Necrotoxin into his bone spear.

The Necrotoxin had stealthily entered the highgod of darkness by disguising under the murky green lights. It affected his divine body and divine soul, not allowing him to unleash his full strength.

When the bone spear burst with green light, Little Skeleton had arrived before the highgod. He grabbed his bone spear with his hand that was glistening like crystal and thrust it at the highgod while launching yet another wave of attacks.

Bone Arrows, Bone Prison, Corpse Explosion spells were also used against the highgod of darkness, forcing him to put all his energy on defending himself.

It was clear that Han Hao’s strength was above his and that he was losing the battle right from the start. Using the bone spear, Han Hao tore and more wounds on his divine body while Necrotoxin continued to ravage his divine body and dismantle his willpower.

Over on the other side, the three highgod and the remaining of Buzz’s followers charged towards Rose and the Five Elite Zombies. However, with Han Shuo standing beside them, they did not feel worried at all. They did not put up defenses but stood there calmly.

Those non-participating forces watching the fight were surprised. They did not expect Han Shuo and his party would stay and fight instead of trying to break the encirclement.

Haruli’s eyes opened wide and placed all his attention on Han Hao. He was dumbfounded. Haruli did not expect the average-looking Han Hao to possess such formidable strength, or that Han Hao would have taken the high-ground right from the start. That highgod of darkness was overpowered and could not even make a single counterattack.

The other followers of Buzz had finally closed their distance to Han Shuo. They charged at Han Shuo and his party from several directions, planning to engage all of them at once.

It was at this moment that the cordial smile on Han Shuo’s face turned even bigger. 

Suddenly, hundreds of demon generals flew out from Han Shuo’s body in an instant. The ferocious swarm of demon generals moved as fast as lightning. They spread in every direction and swept at those followers of Buzz.

The tragedy that took place in Hushveil City was reenacted. The hundreds or thousands of demon generals in their gruesome form bared their bloody fangs and pounced at their victims while making eerie, ear-piercing screeches.

Demon generals could change between material and immaterial forms, making it extremely difficult to fight them off. Once the demon generals managed to fly into their divine bodies, it would begin gnawing and consuming them.

The victims would immediately feel pain and fear that they will not forget for the rest of their lives. The noise of demon generals eating away their bodies would terrorize their minds as they suffer the hellish torment.

Miserable shrieks started playing from the mouths of those people. The hundreds of demon generals annihilated Buzz’s army in just moments. Their divine souls were absorbed into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, leaving behind their rotted divine bodies that had been excavated from the inside.

All of the dead bodies lying on the ground were shriveled and looked as though they had been mummified thousands of years ago. There was no blood flowing out from their gaping wounds nor could it be seen in their flesh. They looked just like Old Fey Zombies that Han Shuo used to summon from the Netherworld. They all died wearing expressions of extreme fear and agony and remained frozen in contorted positions.

Those forces on the outer perimeter had been happily discussing how they should divide the spoils of war among themselves after Buzz was done. However, when Buzz’s followers were turned into shriveled bodies in just moments, they suddenly turned utterly quiet. They were thunderstruck.

Haruli, Buzz, Bertha, and all of the observers were wearing the same expression of shock on their faces. Their gazes were gathered on Han Shuo who was wearing an amiable smile.

During Han Shuo’s stay in the Fringe, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon had absorbed so much more divine souls that there were finally more than a thousand demon generals in the Cauldron, among which were several dozens of spirit demons - the highest grade of demon general produced from highgod souls. Those thirty-something followers of Buzz’s stood no chance against the swarm of demon generals that was more than a thousand strong.

Other than that highgod of darkness who was still struggling to defend against Han Hao, all of Buzz’s followers, including the three highgods, had been killed by Han Shuo’s demon generals.

Still wearing a big smile, Han Shuo looked around and saw the faces of all the observers. He gently cleared his throat and the large swarm of demon generals rapidly flew back into his body. The enormous and deadly dark cloud completely vanished in a moment.

“Han Hao, finish him!” instructed Han Shuo smilingly.

Upon hearing Han Shuo’s instruction, the seven bone spurs behind Han Hao’s back suddenly launched away. The energy released by Little Skeleton was once again amplified. The dark cloud around the highgod of darkness was rapidly shredded away by the seven bone spurs.

The highgod of darkness was strained to his limit defending against Han Hao’s attacks since the start of the battle. His defenses were immediately overwhelmed by the bone spurs and were pierced by one of the rather short ones.

A bizarre transformation suddenly took place!

When the bone spur penetrated his divine body, it started to bore deeper as though a living, meandering snake. Quickly following that, the highgod’s hair could be seen turning white, his skin losing elasticity, and his muscle wasting away - all in just a few seconds.

But that was not all!

His eyes sank deeper into his eye sockets and shriveled. Vitality vanished from his body that was starting to rot. A moment later, the bulky middle-aged man died of accelerated aging!

The Boundary of Aging, one of the trump card boundaries of the death energy, had been released from the short bone spur.


The bone spur returned to Little Skeleton. Noises of bone cracking and shattering were heard when the darkness highgod’s divine body collapsed to the ground. It was clear to see that his vitality had been completely drained!

It was also at this point that the observers realized that Little Skeleton had not been using his full strength!

A person’s plans and expectations usually do not match reality. In this case, Buzz had failed spectacularly. Not only that all of his followers were dead, but they had also died horrifically. Their bodies were all in gut-wrenching states!

The battle was over even though Han Shuo, Rose, and the Five Elite Zombies had not moved a single muscle. The demon generals that bizarrely appeared had vanished without a trace. If it wasn’t for the dead bodies lying everywhere, the crowd watching from the sidelines might even think that the terrifying scene they saw was just an illusion.

“Just… Just like that… “ remarked Haruli who had been observing the fight. His gaze towards Han Shuo was filled with a complex mix of emotions.

“My Lord, I think, I now know why they had rejected our proposal,” that follower of Haruli who thought that Han Shuo and his party would die horrifically said in a bitter smile. He thought, I must be blind to have considered that group of deadly devils as a bunch of feeble lambs

Suddenly, the other twenty-something forces that surrounded Han Shuo simultaneously walked backward with great rapport, giving Han Shuo, Buzz, Bertha, and the others an even bigger space. The few groups that had blocked Han Shuo’s retreat path exchanged glances and moved away without saying a word, as though trying to indicate that they did not want to make enemies with Han Shuo.

That Omphalos guard at the checkpoint who had been giving Han Shuo warnings and reminders shook his head and laughed. He remarked, “So they did not need my advice after all. It turns out that they are formidable experts. No wonder they have the courage to offend so many powerful forces at once!”

The crowd who had different plans had different reactions. But without a doubt, the Buzz and Bertha couple were the most remorseful of all. The army they wielded and gave them a niche in the Fringe for a long time was annihilated in moments. The duo who was now without a single servant suddenly found themselves in a precarious situation.

Buzz gritted his teeth. He was ready to go forward for an all-out fight but Bertha had managed to quickly halt him with her eyes. Bertha put on an ‘amiable’ smile on her ugly face and said to Han Shuo, “Friend, I believe we must have some misunderstandings!”

Han Shuo couldn’t help but himself laughed at Bertha. “Huh? Misunderstandings? Do we? That doesn’t seem to be the case at all!” Han Shuo could not be more amazed at just how shameless Bertha was to say those words in front of so many people.

“We only hold grudges against Rose but absolutely nothing against you!” replied Bertha hastily. She proposed, “We have a well-established presence in the Fringe. Friend, as long as you promise to leave Rose behind, we are willing to pay you five million black crystal coins. Will you do us this favor?”

Buzz’s face turned dark when he heard those words from Bertha. He seemed to disagree with her decision but did nothing after he was glared at by Bertha. He groaned to indicate that he did not agree. 

A large number of their experts had been butchered. Not only did Bertha not want to take revenge, but she also offered five million black crystal coins for Han Shuo to step away. To Buzz, this was simply a great humiliation. If it wasn’t for Han Shuo having demonstrated his astonishing strength just then, Buzz would have ignored Bertha and charged forward to fight Han Shuo.

Under Bertha’s gazes that were filled with high hopes, Han Shuo smilingly shook his heads and replied, “My apologies. I don’t want your money, I want your lives!” 


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