GDK 843: Demonic Blood

Those survivors were heart-stricken after hearing Han Shuo’s response. They realized that they were in deep trouble.

At this moment, Han Hao and Rose stepped up beside Han Shuo. They gazed at those exhausted Fringedwellers with murderous eyes, ready to start slaughtering away.

The Five Elite Zombies had vanished out of sight. Other than Han Shuo whose mind was connected with theirs, no one would know where the five little fellas were hiding. A hidden danger was always much more terrifying than one that can be seen. Those frightened Fringedwellers thought to themselves, <i>Damnit, how could I be so blind to offend such a deadly bunch!</i>

Han Shuo then deliberately unleashed his aura, causing those survivors to stumble a step backward in fear. With a trembling heart, one of the Fringedwellers asked, “What do you want?”

“Submit to me, or be perished!” shouted Han Shuo using Demonic Siren boosted by Cauldron Spirit’s energy.

A bizarre energy hardly visible to the naked eye started undulating like water ripples. The terrifying energy undulation originating from Han Shuo seemed to be telling those standing before Han Shuo what will happen to them if they resist.

The small group of survivors was still afraid of entering the Penta-elemental Undead Formation again. It seemed that the Formation had made a lasting impression in their minds. However, they remained indecisive.

“Retreat!” The dozen or so remaining Fringe-dwelling forces started dispersing frantically after waking up from their daze.

The Penta-elemental Undead Formation had not just intimidated the thirty-something survivors, but also those Fringedwellers who were lucky enough not to experience the Formation first-hand. From the ravines torn on the ground and the horrifying states of the dead bodies everywhere, they knew just how brutally those not-so-lucky Fringedwellers had been massacred even without seeing it themselves.

At this moment, none of the Fringedwellers had any thought of fighting Han Shuo. After seeing the small number of injured and exhausted survivors, there was no longer one bit of hesitation in their minds. The dozen something groups of ferocious Fringedwellers scuttled and vanished in no time. 

The only forces who did not leave were those who had resisted Bertha’s tempting offer of five million black crystal coins to participate in the attack. They were the true observers. Haruli and his gang were one of them.

Haruli’s mind at this moment was tumultuous as the sea. He could not believe his eyes when he saw the devastation Han Shuo made.

Haruli suddenly felt that he had been foolish and ridiculous to offer to protect Han Shuo and his party. There was no way that such a mighty bunch who could butcher five to six hundred Fringedwellers in minutes would need his protection.

“My Lord, should we also leave this place?” asked a follower of Haruli.

Haruli shook his head and replied, “We don’t. I don’t feel any hostility from them. We will stay and watch a little longer. This guy is so good at concealing his strength. He clearly possessed strength beyond that of highgod but he gave everyone the illusion that he was just a midgod. His arrival could possibly alter the status quo of the Fringe!”

Inside the Fringe, the Five Sovereigns were the most powerful of all beings. The five seemed to have some kind of tacit understanding. They would fight each other while ignoring small forces like that of Haruli’s. 

It was clear to them that Han Shuo possessed strength above that of a highgod. Even his followers were incredibly powerful. If such a powerhouse were to enter the Fringe, war and carnage were bound to happen.

With war comes opportunity. If Haruli could join the winning powerhouse before the war, he will gain the most rewards when it’s time to divide the loot and give medals. His power and influence in the Fringe will substantially rise and he will command a bigger force.

To Haruli, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Han Shuo coldly watched as the Fringedwellers fled in disarray. He did not go after them because he wasn’t done with the thirty people in front of him yet and he did not have the energy to do so. The Five Elite Zombies had spent a large amount of their Elemental Yuan energies to power the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. It was not possible for them to activate the Formation again before spending a long time recuperating their energy.

Han Hao and Rose were just two people. They could not stop the hundreds of Fringedwellers from leaving.

Han Shuo knew that he cannot take everyone down at once and that he needed to do it one step at a time. In the future, as his strength gradually builds, even if he doesn’t actively recruit, people will seek to serve him. Therefore, Han Shuo decided that right now, he needed to focus on getting those standing in front of him.

The thirty-something Fringedwellers had exhausted their energy inside the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. Facing the enormous pressure released by Han Shuo, they started seriously considering their options.

Of the survivors, ten possessed highgod strengths and the remaining possessed midgod strengths. Although the latter had just midgod strength, other than luck, they must have also possessed some unique abilities and talents or they wouldn’t have survived the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

Han Shuo coldly groaned and in an intimidating voice, he threatened, “You have no other option! You will submit to my rule, or you will meet your end! Hurry up and decide!” 

Upon finishing those words, the swarm of demon generals transformed into material state and surrounded them as though they were covered by an enormous dark dome. The dense swarm of demon generals was constantly flying about, dancing menacingly. It seemed as though they would descend on them at any moment.

“I, I will serve you!” Under the tremendous pressure, a heavily injured midgod’s willpower crumbled and became the first to pledge his allegiance to Han Shuo.

Usually, after the first person submits, the others would follow. One by one, the injured Fringedwellers stopped standing their ground and gave in. They knelt on one knee with their head low.

All those who dwelled in the Fringe were the worst of criminals from all over Elysium. They had nil morality or conscience. Those survivors understood that Han Shuo would do something to them to keep them under his control. They lowered their heads and waited for Han Shuo’s next action.

Drops after drops of Blood Essences flew out from Han Shuo’s palm. They looked as though spherical rubies as they spun and hovered in midair. They then flew to the thirty people and vanished into their napes.

Those survivors suddenly sensed that something seemed to have inserted itself into their divine souls. Then, at the next moment, their gazes towards Han Shuo started to turn friendly and respectful. The hatred buried deep under their heats started vanishing bit by bit… 

“Master!” The survivor standing at the very front respectfully kowtowed at Han Shuo. He seemed very sincere.

“Master!... Master!... … “ One after another, the Fringedwellers cried and kowtowed before Han Shuo. All of their hatred and resentment towards Han Shuo vanished under the effect of his Demonic Blood.

Han Shuo nodded. He put on a satisfied smile and said, “You may rise. From now onwards, you are all my Demon Guards! Goron, you will lead them for now!”

“Thank you, Master!” respectfully replied the highgod of thunder who had severed Buzz and Bertha’s heads. Of all of Han Shuo’s newest followers, Goron was the only expert with late-stage highgod strength. Not only that he was formidable in strength, but he was also a vicious person with great acumen. From the fact that he switched sides at the last moment and backstabbed Buzz and Bertha, Han Shuo could tell that he was a person who knows how to adapt to circumstances and therefore most suited for the position.

The thirty drops of Blood Essences that entered their minds would gradually influence their divine soul and make their loyalty to Han Shuo grow stronger with each passing day. The Demonic Blood will not affect their strength, their intellect, or their ability to make decisions. It will make those people think that Han Shuo was their Master without any side effects.

“Hmm, some of you have more followers. Alright, I will give you all some time. Return to your bases and gather up all of your followers. I’ll give you further instructions later on. You midgods who don’t have your own base will follow Goron,” Han Shuo, standing high and proud, calmly instructed the brand new batch of Demon Guards kneeling before him.

The Demon Guards stood up, respectfully bowed at Han Shuo before going their own ways, dispersing in all directions. Those midgods followed Golon as Han Shuo had instructed. All those standing before Han Shuo vanished in a moment.

It was at this time that Han Shuo cast his eyes to the distance. He turned to Haruli who had been watching him with shining eyes. Han Shuo put on a calm smile and asked, “Haruli, are you interested to work for me?”

The last time that Han Shuo made the invitation, Haruli had not just disdainfully rejected him, but he also mocked Han Shuo, calling him a lunatic. 

This time, however, Haruli did not immediately respond to the question and he can’t seem to make a decision. In the end, he put on a bitter smile and replied, “I need to think about it carefully. I’m having trouble accepting that I will be treated like how you treat Golon just now.”

The same day, the same question, but completely different responses!

“They tried to fight me. That is what they deserved!” Han Shuo put on a faint smile and continued, “If you willingly submit, you will not get this kind of treatment. You will maintain your full intellect, and - our relationship will be very different from that!”

Haruli was somewhat tempted by Han Shuo’s proposal but he did not immediately agree. He contemplated it for a moment before he replied, “Give me some time. I need to think about it carefully.”

Han Shuo nodded and replied, “Sure. But keep in mind that the longer you wait, the poorer the treatment you will get from me. Don’t take too long!” 

Han Shuo then looked at the few other remaining forces and smiled. He asked, “What about you bunch? You have been watching for a while now. Any thoughts of joining my clan?”


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