GDK 846: Ahhh! It’s hot!

Han Shuo was instructing his children to pour all kinds of materials into the swamp that Romon’s body was submerged in. With only his head above the swamp, In an anxious and suspicious face, Romon asked, “What exactly are you going to do?”

“That, you shall find out soon enough. Hehe, you have nothing to worry about. It will only be good for you, no side effects whatsoever! ” replied Han Shuo smilingly. He asked Han Jin to toss more of the colorful stones into the swamp.

The everglade contained certain rare minerals that Metal Elite Zombie could locate and collect with minimal effort. In addition, Han Shuo and Han Jin had a large number of miraculous ores stored in their space rings. Han Shuo had more than enough materials to rebuild Romon’s body.

“Master, will this work?” Rose seemed somewhat uneasy. She had seen Han Shuo refine a weapon and knew that he was a master at it. However, Rose did not know that Han Shuo could also refine the body of a living being. Therefore, she was worried that the procedure might injure or even kill Romon who had previously helped her out of danger.

Although such a procedure was unimaginable to Rose, Han Shuo had been doing it for quite a while. Little Skeleton, the Five Elite Zombies, and Gilbert were rebuilt or enhanced by Han Shuo in similar manners. Han Shuo was very experienced in doing the procedure and he wasn’t at all worried about Romon’s safety.

“The process will be somewhat painful, but I’m sure that he will be very happy with the results. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!” answered Han Shuo smilingly.

Rose knew that Han Shuo was a man of his words and was relieved to hear Han Shuo's reassurance. She then shouted at Romon in the distance, “Romon, you don’t need to worry. It can be a little painful but rest assured that you will be just fine!”

After hearing Rose’s words, not only that Romon did not get less anxious, he became much more nervous. He pleaded to Han Shuo as though he was going to cry, “Can I not do this? I’m already quite happy with the current state of my body!”

Han Shuo shook his head, put on a rather wicked smile, and replied, “It’s pretty good now, but I will make it much, much better! Hehe, you just need to stay where you are. It will take one month at most. I assure you, your new body will work with the metal and toxins much better and you will sense it yourself!”

“Little Gold, throw in those rare metals! Little Wood, pour in those poisonous materials you have collected!” instructed Han Shuo smilingly.

“Yes, Father!” replied the energetic Han Mu. He carried an enormous wooden bucket to the air, flew over the swamp, and emptied the stinking, jet-black fluid it contained into the swamp.

When Han Shui saw that the metals and poisons were added, he immediately gathered the water element energy and injected them into the swamp. The energy of water brought the swamp to stir at high-speed, distributing the materials contained evenly.

When everything was ready, Han Huo got into action. Clouds of flames flew out from his Fire Lotus and into the swamp. All the water in the swamp, including those injected by Han Shui, was turned into steam. When the sludges dried up, they formed an enormous hard mold around Romon, wrapping him tightly.

The seventeen flying swords flew out following Han Shuo’s thought and helped him deploy a miniature Soul-gathering Formation. To proceed, Han Shuo started injecting his demonic yuan into the swamp. As though someone had turned up the dial on a gas stove, the flames produced by Han Huo suddenly became a thousand times stronger. The fire erupted and began blasting the swamp with scorching heat. The surge of high heat caused Rose and Han Shui to take a few steps backward.

“Ahhh! It’s hot! Ahhh! Help!!” cried Romon as he felt fire consuming his body. Although the metal on his body made him immune to sword attacks, as with every metal, it was very conductive of heat. The metals took no time at all to pass all the heat to the nerve endings on Romon’s body.

“This is just the beginning! Can’t you endure this bit of pain?” Han Shuo put on a mischievous, evil smile and said, “My kids can easily take this level of pain. If they can do it, so can you. Romon, you need to have perseverance. Ignore everything happening to your body and hold to your divine soul. Only then can you make the most out of this!”

Romon felt as though all of his organs were burning and flames were licking the inside of his chest. He continued to loudly cry in pain and struggled, trying to free himself from the burning mold.

Han Shuo let out a long sigh. He turned to Han Jin and gave him a slow nod. Han Jin put on a big mischievous smirk in response.

<i>Dong!</i> The Golden Cudgel came out of nowhere and pounded Romon’s head, sending him half-conscious. He temporarily lost the energy to break free from the mold.

Rose, who had been watching nearby, was shocked. She was afraid that the massive and heavy Golden Cudgel might kill Romon just like that. She started having doubts as she could not understand why Han Shuo would treat Romon so cruelly.

“More often than not, rapidly increasing one’s strength requires one to endure extreme pain,” Han Shuo knew just what was on Rose’s head and he smilingly said, “Romon will be just fine. And after he completes the process, he will be thankful that I did this to him!”

Rose did not know what to say to Han Shuo and so she did not reply.

For the next seven days, Han Huo continued to bake the swamp using his Fire Lotus while Han Jin would throw in certain ores from time to time. During that week, Romon felt as though he was in Hell and was being tortured by the Devil. He was under a constant, unbearable, burning pain. Whenever he tried to break free from the mold or about to pass out from the pain, Han Jin’s Golden Cudgel would descend from the sky and land on his head so that he would not be free from the inhuman pain, even for a moment.

On the tenth day, Romon, who felt as though he had been dead many times, suddenly discovered that strands of bizarre energies were flowing into his divine body from the swamp. Those energies had some sort of bizarre connection with his body and they greatly alleviated his pain. 

Another bizarre transformation started happening. Romon noticed that there were more and more metals contained in his body and they were reassembling based on some sort of miraculous rhythm. The strands of toxins also started flowing around his body, making a just as miraculous transformation to his organs.

Romon who had been constantly making all sorts of noises suddenly turned quiet. He started accepting the burning pain and no longer tried to break free from the swamp.

Half a month went by in the blink of an eye. Romon and the mold that covered his body were glowing like a red-hot iron. He had not made a sound and was as still as a boulder.

“Has he been cooked to death?” asked Rose who was wearing a distressed expression. It seemed to her that Romon had met his demise.

“Nah, everything is happening as planned. He is currently in the most optimal state. It won’t be long before he reemerges,” consoled Han Shuo.

Rose was a little skeptical but hoped Han Shuo’s words were true. She watched Romon attentively for any sign of life.

Yet another three days had passed. Fire Elite Zombie stopped cooking Romon with his flames. The sludge that covered his body had turned into a bizarre metal with incredible toughness. From a distance, Romon looked like a small volcano radiating light and heat.

“It’s almost done. He should emerge tonight,” remarked Han Shuo after he carefully sensed the state of Romon’s divine soul.

“I hope you are right,” said Rose. Her face was filled with regret, as though she felt that it was a mistake to bring Han Shuo to Romon.<i>If Bryan really killed Romon, what should I do? How am I going to face him?</i> thought Rose before she sighed.

And soon, the bright full moon took the place of the scorching sun. It was nighttime.

Thick vapor suddenly began emerging from Romon’s body as though he was being doused with iced-water. His temperature was also rapidly dropping as though he had been dipped into an ice-bath.

After a while, Romon stopped giving off vapor and was no longer glowing red. He looked normal again.

Under the attentive gazes of the crowd, Romon suddenly opened his eyes and made an ecstatic face. He wiggled slightly and his body oozed out from the mold as though it was liquid metal. Standing on the swamp, Romon stretched his arms forward and they transformed into a pair of stabbing blades. Smaller blades glistening with chilling lights also shot out from his shoulders and elbows. He then opened his mouth and spat out a stream of colorless but foul-smelling gas. The plants that touched it immediately withered and liquefied.

Romon was laughing heartily for he realized that he was in absolute control of the metals inside his body. Not only could he transform arms and legs into weapons of any shapes, but he could even instantly transform his body into an enormous sword that spits poisons.

Rose was flabbergasted and she cried out in surprise, “How did you do that? That is miraculous!”

“So, I guess now you won't blame me for torturing him, will you?” said Han Shuo mockingly.

“Fella, you should know just how damn lucky you are. Other than my father, who could unleash the full potential of your body? And even do so in such a short time? With your new body, there are now far fewer people who could injure you. Even an average highgod wouldn’t be able to cause you any harm!” remarked Han Jin. 

While inside the mold, inspired by the transformation, Romon had been thinking about how to use the metals to enhance his body’s defensive powers. He had been discussing with Han Shuo and Han Jin about those methods. Han Jin had even given Romon some of his insights about metals.

Romon stepped forward, kneeled with both knees, kowtowed at Han Shuo, and said with utmost sincerity, “Thank you, my Master!”


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