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GDK 850: Overgod?

The Yin aura inside the valley was spellbinding. Han Shuo felt chills as he approached the region. Clouds and mist were winding around the valley like a very slow cyclone. Coupled with the flourishing flora, the valley was dreamlike.

Rose liked the place at first glance. She softly exclaimed, “I could get used to this. Fresh air and a beautiful landscape.”

Romon and Zovic were too shy to give their opinions as they were still new to serving Han Shuo. After taking a good look around, they found the region to be mostly identical to most places in the Fringe, nothing unique about it. Furthermore, this region was rather remote and the intensity of elemental energies was nothing outstanding. 

Han Mu walked into the lush forest and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and sensed the trees, shrubs, and grass all around him. When he exhaled, he opened his eyes and grinned, “Wonderful! I quite like it here!”

Han Jin, Han Huo, and Han Shui also looked around the region and stated their opinions. Han Jin discovered rare ore deposits in the depths of the valley while Han Shui located waterfalls and water-bodies nearby. They too were happy with the area.

Han Huo, however, after making a circle, seemed rather upset. “The region is all wet and humid. There isn’t a single dry spot. If I stay here, my energy will never thrive. It would be great if there’s a volcano nearby.”

Han Shuo couldn’t help but laugh. He knew that it was very difficult to locate a place that would satisfy the needs of all five Elite Zombies, if not impossible. Han Shuo released his demon generals and had them circle around to check if anyone was inhabiting the region.

“Romon, Zovic, you two have been living in the Fringe. Tell me, do you know if anyone is occupying this region?” Han Shuo did not want to create friction with the Five Sovereigns, for now. He wanted to avoid any unnecessary conflicts as much as possible.

“Sorry, Master, I do not know. Before serving you, I rarely ever left that swamp,” answered Romon.

“Well, I, however, am quite aware of the situation around here,” said Zovic smilingly. When Han Shuo’s gaze turned to him, Zovic continued, “You have nothing to worry about. This place is considered remote in the Fringe. None of the Sovereigns’ followers would occupy this region. Besides, there aren’t any particularly powerful forces around this region. If you wish to establish your base here, I believe that there won’t be much of an issue.”

Although Zovic was willing to serve Han Shuo, as he had yet to witness Han Shuo’s overwhelming power, his mind was not completely convinced. Therefore, Zovic did not address Han Shuo as ‘Master’ as Romon did.

Han Shuo noticed that but he did not mind it nor did he demand Zovic to address him properly. In fact, he wasn’t going to mention it at all. This was because Han Shuo was confident that in time, he could impress Zovic and make Zovic accept him as his master from the bottom of his heart. 

“Very well then. Seclusion does have its benefits, after all,” remarked Han Shuo. He started considering whether he should immediately begin the mega-construction project that he had in mind.

“Sorry, Master, but I cannot understand why you would select this location.” Romon had hesitated but in the end, he had to voice his doubts, “We are so isolated here and so very far from the Omphalos. And there’s nothing special about this terrain. The valley is too accessible. It will be easy for our enemy to attack. But most importantly, the elemental energy around the valley is weak. We will have to invest a ton of time and effort into this place. Will it be worth it?”

Zovic was equally puzzled by Han Shuo’s decision. He too was looking at Han Shuo doubtfully.

Rose, however, having been around Han Shuo for such a long time, knew that Han Shuo was capable of all sorts of magnificent things. Instead of worrying that Han Shuo might have made a mistake, she was guessing what kind of transformation he would bring to the valley.

“An average person wouldn’t know how to take advantage of the terrain and geography found here, and so they wouldn’t know that this place is a gem hiding in plain sight. Oh don’t you worry about it. When I’m done with this place, you will find out why I have selected this valley,” said Han Shuo confidently. The center of the valley was actually a naturally formed Yin-gathering Formation, but it was incomplete. Once Han Shuo made the necessary adjustments and the Formation was whole, the elemental energies would automatically converge towards the valley.

Han Shuo could harness the Yin-gathering Formation at its core as a power source. With enough materials and using the powers of the Five Elite Zombies, he could build a large number of demonic formations in and around the valley.

Given sufficient time, energy, and resources, Han Shuo could turn the valley into an impenetrable fortress. It would be even deadlier and formidable than Salas’ Empyrean Peak!

Although Romon was still puzzled, after seeing the confidence shown by Han Shuo, he did not question any further. Zovic also did not say a thing but it was clear from his eyes that he was still skeptical. He thought, <i>This is a wasteland. I’d be impressed if you could turn it into anything but that.</i>

“Little Gold, go to the mountain ranges nearby and get some basic ores for building. Bring the two along. Rose, there’s a waterfall and pond right behind there. You may bathe there if you want to.” Romon, Rose, and Zovic couldn’t help Han Shuo with deploying demonic formations, therefore he asked them to help with the menial tasks or to rest.

“Romon, come with me. You are most suited for moving things!” Han Jin knew that Romon’s body was filled with rare metals. Not only was he incredibly strong, but he was also able to differentiate many rare ores. In Han Jin's mind, Romon was now one of his Goldstone Enterprise’s workers.

Zovic was very curious and wanted to watch Han Shuo make the transformation. However, he knew that it was usually a taboo to do so, thus, he followed Han Jin and Romon along with no further objections.

“I shall go look around,” said Rose before she flew in the direction of the pond as indicated by Han Shuo.

Han Shuo had placed at least one demon general for each mile across the region, allowing him to immediately detect if Rose, Zovic, or the others were in distress. Han Shuo hardly had to worry about their safety.

“What a shame that Little Earth isn’t here. Well, I guess most of the underground projects will have to be postponed until Little Earth returns,” Han Shuo lamented after the others took off. He then started instructing Han Mu and Han Huo to help him with the initial construction.

Han Shuo wanted to focus his future growth on the Fringe because this Land was not bound to any of the Twelve Overgods’ dominions. Although the competition was incredibly fierce, he got to enjoy absolute freedom. Knowing that he would be in the game for the long run, Han Shuo wanted to make sure that his lair would be well thought out and built to the highest standards.

As Han Shuo’s strength increased, he became more skilled in using demonic formations while his understanding of them improved. With the assistance of the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Han Shuo could deploy all sorts of complex and cryptic formations, provided that he could source the necessary materials for it.

In the following days and nights, Han Shuo continuously flew back and forth around the valley. With the assistance of the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and the four Elite Zombies, Han Shuo started to architect his demonic dungeon and reconstruct the valley.

The lush trees and vegetation covering the valley started to rapidly grow and became abnormally oversized as though they had been injected with steroids. The trees became as tall as mountains and the dense foliage shielded from the sun like massive dark clouds.

The trees had not just grown taller but their positions had changed. They were repositioned to form an abstruse but harmonic design.

Meanwhile, the shrubs growing on the ground thickened and toughened and bestowed with brand new shredding capabilities. If one was to fall into the shrubs, they would be swarmed and effectively pulverized.

Monumental stones of various qualities were placed all around the valley. Carved into them were wicked shapes or hieroglyphic runes. In addition, they were all colorful and glowed with diabolical radiances.

The Yin aura in the valley grew even thicker and chilling winds blew from nowhere. Any ordinary person who stepped into the valley would feel uncomfortable and inexplicably frightened.

The valley had taken on a new life!

Romon, Zovic, and Rose saw the changes to the valley. However, it only made them more puzzled as they had no idea what purpose those transformations would serve.

Then, one day, Han Shuo asked Metal, Wood, Fire, and Water Elite Zombies to put down their work with the demonic formations and gathered up everyone, including Rose, Romon, and Zovic. He gladly announced, “I have yet to fully put everything in order as one of my sons isn’t here and we do not have enough materials. Right now, the valley is only one fifth complete.”

Han Shuo took a short pause before he continued, “I have gathered everyone so that you can have a look at our work so far. What you are about to see will be just one fifth of the final result, but still, the changes will be quite considerable.”

Romon, Rose, and Zovic looked forward to witnessing the results. Apart from the great changes to the facade, they wondered what other miraculous transformation Han Shuo’s magic would bring to the valley.

Under their attentive gazes, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon flew out from Han Shuo’s body and immediately started zipping all around the valley. Bursts of light shot out from the Cauldron and landed on the center of demonic formations all around the valley, activating them.

After making a ring around the valley, the Cauldron finally flew to the monolith at the center. Several streaks of brilliant rays shot out from the Cauldron and traveled along the stone’s surface. Cracking noises came from the monolith that was being engraved before their eyes. Soon, an outline of the Cauldron could be seen on the monolith.

A demon general made from highgod soul bellowed as it flew into the inscribing on the monolith. The engraved Cauldron immediately started to sparkle as though something had been awoken. Rumbles rocked from underneath the valley like some colossal machine was operating and the monolith was the starter key to the machine.

Then, unexpectedly, the elemental energies between heaven and earth started flowing and gathering towards the valley. The elemental energies grew denser and denser… 

“How, how is this possible?!” Zovic’s face was filled with disbelief and he could not be more appalled. 

“No, not even the Five Sovereigns possess the power to alter the operation of natural forces. Which, which of the Twelve Overgods are you?”

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