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GDK 871: A demonstration of might

Han Shuo had slaughtered a bunch of experts as soon as he showed up. Those he killed were not Salas’ followers but innocent bystanders who wanted to leave the dangerous area.

The seventeen flying swords whistled and took a dozen or more lives just like that. Before the crowd could react, those innocent bystanders were turned into bloody liquid. Nothing of them was left.

This was the first time that Logue and Wasir had met Han Shuo. When they discovered that Han Shuo’s strength was unfathomably great, they grew hesitant. Instead of immediately joining hands with Salas to attack Han Shuo, they merely stood there and gaped.

“Hi, Bryan, long time no see. I have been tirelessly fighting Salas to keep your Pandemonium safe,” said Ossora with a faint smile.

Han Shuo, who had been wearing a chilling face since his appearance, finally determined that the Pandemonium had suffered only minimal damage and his consciousness sensed the life aura of the Five Elite Zombies. Han Shuo curled the corners of his lips and said to Ossora, “Thank you. I will remember this favor in my heart.”

“You are welcome, it’s no big deal,” replied Ossora courteously. In his mind, however, Ossora could not be happier. He thought that he had made Han Shuo’s presence in the Fringe beneficial to him.

After Han Shuo killed over a dozen of the spectators as a warning, not a single person dared move an inch. They gazed at Han Shuo’s majestic figure nervously.

Logue and Wasir were unable to determine Han Shuo’s true strength. They did not know if they should risk suffering injuries to assist Salas in fighting Han Shuo.

“Oi! Logue! Wasir! What is the meaning of this!” Salas cursed when he saw Logue and Wasir not honoring their promises, ”Where are your balls, you sons of bitches?! Fine, you don’t have to fight him. Just stop him from escaping while I kill him!”

Salas thought that with Logue and Wasir blocking Han Shuo from escaping, he would be able to slaughter Han Shuo. With Han Shuo dead, Ossora would have no reason to defend the Pandemonium, and Salas could proceed with his demolition, saving what little was left of his reputation. Then, if given some time to recover his strength, he could rebuild his Sovereignty and eventually return it to its former glory.

Han Shuo suddenly burst out laughing and said, “Cut the nonsense, Salas! I won’t try to leave today. Hehe, but I wonder if you could do the same!”

Upon finishing those words, Han Shuo seemed to have transformed into a Demon from Hell in an instant. A terrifying sinister energy widely erupted from him. It was filled with ruthlessness, savagery, and the desire to end all of existence.

The faces of Logue, Wasir, and Ossora simultaneously transformed. They stared at Han Shuo with great astonishment as though they couldn’t believe that this was the Bryan they heard of.

All the gods in the vicinity were affected by the burst of sinister energy, especially those with just midgod strengths. Their minds were overwhelmed by fear and they trembled. They were so frightened that they almost subconsciously kowtowed at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo at this moment seemed completely unstoppable, as though he was the Master of the Universe who could vaporize any being that displeased him with a snap of his fingers. All those Fringedwellers who came to watch suddenly had a strange suspicion - that Salas might lose to this outsider!

Logue and Wasir, after snapping out from their daze, turned to stare at Salas puzzlingly. They couldn’t understand how Salas managed to force Han Shuo to flee from the Empyrean Peak. Based on the terrifying demeanor displayed by Han Shuo right now, they reckoned that Salas would unlikely win in an all-out fight against Han Shuo.

<i>What in the world is going on?!</i> shouted Logue and Wasir in their minds, but they couldn’t get any answer.

Of all the Sovereigns, Ossora was perhaps the happiest at the moment for he realized that he had made the right bet. Although he did not know how Han Shuo could become such a terror all of a sudden, he knew that he had established himself as Han Shuo’s friend. As long as he could remain united with Han Shuo, he would have no fear even if pitted against Tyre, the strongest Sovereign.

And of the four, Salas had the most difficult time accepting the new situation. He sensed the terrifying sister energy emanating from Han Shuo and determined that this was no longer the same Han Shuo that he last met on the Empyrean Peak. Back then on the Empyrean Peak, Salas sensed a power on Han Shuo that could threaten him. This time, however, Salas sensed a power that could kill him!

“Tell me, Salas, who is going to die here?” Han Shuo raised his head to the sky and laughed in a mad, savage voice. He sensed that his body was filled with an energy that could seemingly annihilate all. Having this unstoppable power coursing through his veins felt awesome.

As Han Shuo had only recently entered the Skybreak Realm, he had yet to comprehend most of the new techniques and profound ideas. And yet, the aura Han Shuo emanated was so catastrophic that all those around him were terrified.

Salas’ gloomy face seemed rather hesitant after hearing Han Shuo’s provocation. Instead of rushing to attack like he usually would, he was acting much more cautiously.

<i>He’s bluffing, he must be bluffing! If he is as strong as he appears now, he wouldn’t have escaped from the Empyrean Peak! This is not real!</i> Salas repeated to himself in his mind, trying to make up for his lack of confidence. He glared at Han Shuo hatefully but did not attack.

“Hehe, Salas, are you feeling afraid?” mocked Han Shuo with a nasty grin before he said, “It’s alright. If you are too afraid to make the first move, I’ll help you!”

Upon finishing those words, the seventeen flying swords, carrying immense killing intent, spiralled towards Salas. The seventeen swords transformed into seventeen beams of lights as they flew before miraculously fusing together. The seventeen energies were concentrated into one. 

Han Shuo had deployed the ‘Deicide Slash’, the second form of Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, with ease. An immense radiance carrying unstoppable power had locked onto Salas. Every defensive boundary which he formed in haste had been vanquished. His lightning energy was easily scattered by that radiance.

Salas could sense that his soul had been firmly locked on, that he could not hide from the great pillar of light no matter where he ran. And the further he retreated, the further the radiance would grow in power. He would eventually be struck.

There were still several material planes filled with mortals that worshipped Salas. And at this moment, every last one of Salas’ worshippers bled from every orifice as the power of faith was juiced out from their souls. All sentient lifeforms on those material planes went extinct in just moments.

The power of faith that Salas had juiced out from the billions of souls instantly traversed across lightyears and converged on him. Salas used the energy to gather the element of lightning and formed a lightning shield above his head, intercepting that radiance in the last possible moment.

An explosion of never-before-seen magnitude erupted. The earth cracked and two hills were instantly flattened. There was a burst of blinding light followed by an incomparably loud boom. It was as though the Apocalypse had arrived.

Other than Logue, Wasir, and Ossora who possessed overgod strengths, none of the spectators could see what happened. The blinding light and deafening rumble had caused everyone to temporarily lose both sight and hearing. They could only sense their surroundings through their souls.

A long while later, the light finally diminished and the dust settled.

Salas was heavily panting as he glared at the indifferent-demeanored Han Shuo. He said, “This will be all for today! But I’m not going to let you off! If I had not just fought Ossora, you would be dead already!”

Then, before Han Shuo could say a word, Salas turned into a lightning bolt and darted. He vanished in an instant, leaving his followers around the Pandemonium.

However, Han Shuo continued to stand his ground for he knew just how difficult it was to pursue an overgod expert fleeing with all his strength. Moreover. Rose, the Five Elite Zombies, and others happened to emerge from underground at this time. With Sovereign Logue and Wasir present, Han Shuo had to stay to ensure the safety of the Pandemonium and his people.

After coming to their senses, the spectators still couldn’t understand what happened during that immense burst of light. However, they saw Salas hastily leaving the area. There was only one conclusion they arrived at - Salas was afraid of Han Shuo!

Logue suddenly forced an awkward smile and said to Han Shuo, “Erm… I’m just going where the crowds are. I have no intention of making enemies!” Upon finishing those words, without waiting for a reply, he too hurried out of the Pandemonium.

Wasir did not say a word. He nodded at Han Shuo and left after Logue. They vanished in the blink of an eye.

“You may all leave now. I don’t like having unfamiliar faces around my Valley,” said Han Shuo as he gestured at the spectators, indicating for them to leave without delay.

“Erm, can, can we go as well?” asked one of Salas’ followers. They were still spooked.

“Leave. I don’t think that you will have a future under Salas. A Sovereign who would abandon his followers and leave them to fend for themselves is not worthy of followers. Just leave. I have no grudges with you,” said Han Shuo magnanimously. Han Shuo spared their lives simply because they were more useful alive than dead. After all, who could spread the story about his magnificence better than the survivors themselves?

All those followers of Salas bowed and thanked Han Shuo gratefully before they hastily left the Pandemonium.

***On a bald mountain a good distance from the Pandemonium stood a person. He said to himself, “Interesting, interesting. The Fringe has been peaceful for too long. It’s about time to get chaotic!” upon finishing those words, he vanished in a burst of destruction energy.


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