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GDK 875: Making a move

After reaching the Skybreak Realm in his cultivation of demonic arts, Han Shuo could not only refine medicines faster, but the medicines had become even more potent than before.

Many of the gods nearby noticed the salivating fragrance emanating from the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. After making some inquiries, they learned that it was Han Shuo who had been refining medicines.

These Fringedwellers had learned from those living in the Divine Dominions about the miraculousness of Han Shuo’s medicines. Once they found out that it was Han Shuo who was making the medicines, they swarmed to the Celestial Pearl like bees, lining up to buy Han Shuo’s medicines.

In the Fringe, there were all kinds of sinister pharmacists who delved into wicked research. Nearly all the drugs they produced were for harming others. There were no medicines for improving one’s cultivation speed.

Based on the information the Fringedwellers obtained, they knew that the medicines Han Shuo produced were incredibly useful for improving oneself in various aspects. This was very different from the kind of medicines abundantly found in the Omphalos. Some could increase the body’s healing speed, some could stabilize the mind when one was cultivating, increasing one’s cultivation speed.

To many, this was the type of medicine that they needed most. Therefore, when the Fringedwellers heard that Han Shuo was producing medicine in the Celestial Pearl, they immediately rushed to the Pharmacy from every region. They brought large amounts of black crystal coins with them with the intention of purchasing as many of Han Shuo’s medicines as possible.

Although those gathered in the Celestial Pearl were ferocious and savage gods from all over the Fringe, they were well-mannered and even voluntarily formed a tidy queue. No one of them dared make a scene.

This was because they knew that Han Shuo wasn’t just a talented pharmacist but also one of the most formidable experts in the Fringe. Inside the territory of such a mighty being, they tried to behave themselves as best as possible lest they displease Han Shuo.

Han Shuo looked around and saw the large crowd gathered inside his Celestial Pearl. As soon as they saw Han Shuo, they went to him respectfully and politely greeted him, telling him their obvious intention.

Han Shuo did not expect that a crowd would gather here just because of the scent. But he did not mind it as it was a good thing for him. Han Shuo announced to the crowd, “My medicines will be sold for a fixed price but only a small portion will be sold each day. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis…”

Han Shuo had been running the Celestial Pearl for a long time and had learned some techniques on raising the Pharmacy’s reputation and profits from Phoebe and Emily. 

Given his current reputation, not one in the crowd dared object his decision. He gave his pharmacists the medicines he made, gave them some instructions, and retreated to a private lounge.

Many of the toxin makers who were standing among the crowd were wearing strange expressions. It seemed as though they had something to say but couldn’t speak. But after Han Shuo went out of sight, they grumbled in low voices, “What's so terrific about those medicines? I’ll eat my hat if they are as miraculous as he claims!”

“As will I! If he possesses the strength to defeat Salas, then it's impossible for him to have a high level of mastery in the field of drug-making too. Hmph, if it isn’t for him possessing tremendous strength, I would have challenged him to a duel in drug-making already!”

As soon as Han Shuo started refining medicines, many of the Fringedwellers had rushed to the Celestial Pearl to wait. This had affected the sales of the toxin makers. It was only natural that they would be unhappy about it.

However, they were too intimidated by Han Shuo’s tremendous strength to voice their grudges in front of Han Shuo, nor did they have the courage to cause trouble at the Celestial Pearl.

“We will buy some of his medicines to test if it’s as wonderful as he claims. Hmph, if it turns out that he’s making false claims, even though he’s very powerful, we will speak the truth as it is!” suggested one of the toxin makers. His colleagues agreed.

These pharmacists who specialized in producing toxic substances were very queer and condescending in temperament. If it wasn’t for their fear of Han Shuo’s tremendous strength, they would have made a scene already.

Although Han Shuo had gone out of sight, his senses covered the entire Celestial Pearl and he clearly heard every word the toxin makers uttered. Wearing a big smile, he called for one of his shop workers and instructed, “If those toxin makers want to buy my medicines, let them skip the queue. Make sure that they get their hands on my medicines.”

“Sorry, my Lord, but I don’t understand! Those bastards are here to stir up trouble! My Lord, you might not know this but when Your Lordship is not in the Celestial Pearl, they often try to defame us and claim that our medicines are useless!” replied the shop worker. He seemed very irritated by those poison makers.

Before Han Shuo came to the Celestial Pearl; before he had defeated Salas, these poison makers were unafraid of Han Shuo and were secretly spreading slanders about the Celestial Pearl, adversely affecting the pharmacy’s business.

Although Han Shuo was previously unaware of this, he figured out the poison makers’ intentions in no time. Han Shuo smiled but did not explain it to the worker. He instructed, “I understand, but just do as I say. Hehe, although they are queer in temperament, they are nonetheless very talented in their fields. I want to see if they can find faults in my medicines!”

After hearing Han Shuo’s words, the shop worker dismissed himself puzzlingly and went on to carry out Han Shuo’s orders.

Han Shuo planned on making all those poison makers his pharmacists by hook or by crook. He was going to move the Celestial Pearl Headquarters to Omphalos and dominate the pharmacy market of the Fringe. His rivals would either get crushed or join him.


“Hello Mister Bryan, it’s been a while!” a familiar voice sounded before Luolong stepped into the private lounge with a grin.

Han Shuo had in fact been waiting for Luolong. He had sensed Luolong’s presence after he was done refining medicine. Han Shuo knew that Luolong was very loyal to Ossora and he must have come to the Celestial Pearl to relay a message from Ossora. 

“Oh, it’s you! How can I help you, Luolong?” replied Han Shuo in a friendly manner.

Luolong seemed rather surprised because he did not expect Han Shuo would still treat him in as friendly a manner as before.

From Luolong’s point of view, from the moment that Han Shuo defeated Salas, he had risen to being an existence at the same level as the Five Sovereigns. Luolong thought that Han Shuo would have handled himself differently before others and wouldn’t treat him as politely as before.

Therefore, Luolong was going to behave the same with Han Shuo as he often did to Ossora. However, before he could do so, he was surprised to discover that Han Shuo did not care about and was still as friendly as before. He found this very peculiar.

“I have come with a message from Lord Ossora,” replied Luolong smilingly in a very respectful tone. He continued, “Salas has gone missing and the Sovereign Shops he possessed have been divided amongst the remaining Sovereigns. As Mister Bryan wasn’t at the Omphalos at that time, you did not get any. However, Lord Ossora believes that Mister Bryan has the strength to control a piece of the Omphalos. His Lordship has been in talks with the other Sovereigns, asking them to relinquish the Sovereign Shops they took from Salas and let Mister Bryan replace Salas’ place in the Omphalos. However, it seemed as though it’s not an easy task to accomplish. There hasn’t been much progress so far…” 

Han Shuo looked at Luolong smilingly, nodded, and said, “Erm, Luolong, please thank Lord Ossora for me. I really don’t know how I could ever repay His Lordship for doing so much to help me.” Han Shuo had always felt that those Sovereign Shops that previously belonged to Salas were rightfully his. 

“Mister Bryan, the most important message I need to pass you is that Lord Ossora intends to relinquish the two Sovereign Shops he obtained to you. Lord Ossora believes that in order for Mister Bryan to take Salas’ place in the Omphalos, Mister Bryan should inherit those assets previously possessed by Salas,” said Luolong smilingly.

Han Shuo was astounded. He did not expect that Ossora would be willing to surrender such great capitals just to improve their relationship. Han Shuo was elated and replied, “That’s wonderful! Please tell Lord Ossora that I really appreciate it and thank you so much!”

<i>What is this Ossora after? Is he trying to use me as a tool?</i> thought Han Shuo secretly while wearing a grateful, cheery face.

“There is one more thing I’m instructed to inform Mister Bryan. There are hundreds upon thousands of shops in the Omphalos. If Mister Bryan wishes to have a share of the Omphalos, besides the consent of all the Sovereigns, you will also need the approval of at least half of the shop owners. These are the two requirements that Mister Bryan must fulfill in order to be one of the owners of the Omphalos,” said Luolong.

Han Shuo nodded smilingly and replied, “Thank you, now I know what I must do. Hehe, I doubt that those shop owners would have any objection. It should be a done deal as long as I can persuade the other three Sovereigns!”

As those shop owners in the Omphalos did not possess formidable power, it would be a wonder if they would resist Han Shuo, a most terrifying expert. But Han Shuo immediately knew that there had to be caveats. Perhaps the other three Sovereigns might instruct the shop owners to oppose him.

With that, the three Sovereigns could avoid friction with Han Shuo for the moment while preventing Han Shuo from getting a piece of the Omphalos. Most of the shop owners lived inside the Omphalos. If Han Shuo were to kill any of the dissenting shop owners, the action would be tantamount to declaring war on the Four Sovereigns. With that, Tyre, Logue, and Wasir would have an excuse to join forces and kill him.

After thinking through all kinds of possibilities, Han Shuo had a rough idea of those Sovereigns' intentions. He sneered in his mind and started thinking about his countermeasures.


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