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GDK 884: Do you know Him?

***Over at the shared border or the Darkness and Death Dominions - the Ronson Canyon.

The Ronson Canyon was a massive canyon that all those who wished to travel between the Death and Darkness Dominions must traverse. The canyon was plagued by godhunters. It was said that the most powerful godhunter clans in the Death and Darkness Dominions had their base camps set up in the Ronson Canyon. Merchant caravans would only step into the Canyon with a large group of divine guards.

But the Ronson Canyon had recently become much safer than usual. It was said that one of the most powerful godhunter factions had left the Canyon for some reason. And after they vanished from the Canyon, the remaining godhunter factions turned quiet and stopped wreaking havoc over the lands.

On that day, a massive airship transporting a great army flew into the vast territory of the Ronson Canyon. It was like a large cloud overshadowing the land. Human silhouettes could be seen on the airship. They were divine guards vigilantly scanning their surroundings, watching out for any enemy who might suddenly emerge from the thick jungle. 

“We have finally reached the Ronson Canyon. After crossing the Canyon, we will be in the territory of the Death Dominion. Hofs and Larikson will never step into the Death Dominion with their army uninvited. Our allies from the Death Dominion will be there to welcome us,” said Stratholme after he heaved a sigh of relief. He had been feeling nervous and uneasy throughout the journey, worrying that Larikson and Hofs could catch up at any moment.

“We cannot relax just yet. This is the intersection point of the Darkness and Death Dominions. Godhunters run wild here.” Bollands had worked in Erebus’ Third Corps for a few years and he had heard a thing or two about the Ronson Canyon. He knew that the Canyon housed a good number of formidable godhunter factions.

“Godhunters?” GIlbert put on a disdained smirk and remarked, “Pfft, with the force that our House of Han now possesses, they should be afraid of us instead of the other way round. They’d better not provoke us, otherwise, we will fulfill their death wish!”

“Don’t you boast,” Bollands glared at Gilbert and rebutted, “If we run into just one of those factions, then sure, we have nothing to worry about. But if we run into a so-called ‘alliance’ of multiple godhunter factions, we will be in deep trouble.”

After taking a short pause, Bollands continued gravely, “There is one godhunter faction in the Ronson Canyon that is particularly savage. They are the most infamous godhunter faction in the Canyon but few know the identity of their leader. They would attack every caravan that travels through the Canyon, even one that is protected by a large number of divine guards. The cities of the Darkness Dominion had tried to annihilate them but they had always failed. They have been unrivaled in the Ronson Canyon for decades. No average family clan could contend against them.”

Gilbert frowned, ceasing his cheeky behavior. “Who is their leader? That’s frightening!”

Bollands answered, “As I’ve said, only a few know the identity of their leader. Perhaps only those in the business of godhunting. But according to hearsay, the person is very young. He might just be a teenager. He cultivates in the energy of death and uses a bone spear.”

“What a terrifying youngster. I wonder if he or Sanguis is stronger…” muttered Gilbert as he took a glance at the teenager beside him.

“Even if Sanguis has his strength, he doesn’t have his leadership skills,” said Bollands.

“How could you be sure about that? Hehe, now you’ve made me curious, I feel like meeting that guy.” Sanguis’ strength had recently been soaring and he had grown more arrogant. He did not think that there could be another teenager that could match himself.

“We better pray that we don’t run into him. Otherwise, we might not even be able to leave the Ronson Canyon,” said Bollands.

“Everyone be watchful. Larikson and Hofs won’t give up on us so easily. The Ronson Canyon may be vast, but we cannot linger in this area. We ought to leave as quickly as possible,” said Emily. The only thing in her mind was to bring the members of the House of Han to safety.

*** Behind an awe-inspiring waterfall in the Ronson Canyon were dozens of big and small caves where figures could be seen moving about. The largest chamber was well-lit and supported by three miniature energy towers. Dozens of savage-looking godhunter leaders were having a discussion in the chamber.

“I have completed my investigation. They are the City of Shadows’ House of Han. The Celestial Pearl Pharmacy found all over the Death, Destruction, and Darkness Dominions is owned by this family clan,” explained Quincy, a leader of a godhunter faction, beaming with joy. He tempted the other godhunter leaders, “The Celestial Pearl is filthy rich - they are a big, fat cash cow! Plus, those guards of the House of Han cultivate all sorts of elements and edicts. We will get not just a large amount of black crystal coins, but also a large amount of their divine energy. So, who’s in?”

The power that the House of Han displayed was nothing feeble. None of the godhunter factions could take down the family clan by themselves. All the godhunter leaders in the Ronson Canyon had assembled in the cave to discuss if they should join forces to raid the House of Han.

“Sounds like a great deal!” Chrison, another godhunter leader said with a savage smile, “The House of Han was in a dire situation when they left the City of Shadows. If we join forces, we can easily overpower them. Hehe, I’m in!”

“Me too!” 

“Count me in as well!

“We want some too!”

Those godhunter leaders gathered in the chamber intended to join forces to defeat the House of Han. Under Quincy’s instigation, the strongest godhunter factions in the Ronson Canyon agreed to join forces, marking the House of Han as their prey!

“You boys seem to have forgotten someone,” a dissenting voice suddenly sounded. Scarlett, one of the godhunter leaders knitted her brows as she said, “His surname, Han, it’s a rare family name. Don’t you think it’s possible that he is related to the House of Han?”

Scarlett was the only female in the chamber. She had a voluptuous, sultry figure and a beautiful look. But no man would be interested in her. In fact, most were afraid of her because of the two large, frightening scars that blotted her face. 

Scarlett cultivated the energy of death and possessed early-stage highgod strength. Among those in the chamber, she was neither the weakest nor the strongest. And yet, the godhunter faction she led had been doing well thanks to her outstandings wits.

Upon hearing Scarlett’s words, those leaders who had gladly agreed to the plan bunched their brows. Even Chrison seemed somewhat hesitant to proceed. In a deep voice, he said, “What are the odds? I’ve never known him to have any family or friends. But if he’s associated with the House of Han, we need to reconsider our plan!”

Quincy’s face turned cold and in an annoyed manner, he said, “Indeed. That guy used to be the strongest in Ronson Canyon, but he is not in the canyon anymore. Besides, his followers have clearly indicated that they will no longer interfere with any business in the canyon. Furthermore, he never said that he came from the House of Han and he is not even in the canyon. What is there to be afraid of?”

“Hmm, yeah. We must be overthinking. There’s no way he’s related to the House of Han.” Chrison put on an embarrassed smile and said, “We must be scaring ourselves for nothing. The plan stays on course. I’m still in!”

“That’s my man!” said Quincy as he chuckled. Shortly after, he looked at Scarlett with impatient eyes and said, “Women are always so fainthearted. Hmph, if you are not joining us then you can leave. That’s one less piece of the pie to share. We can do just fine without you!”

Scarlett’s face turned dark. She lifted her chin and replied, “Well then, carry on as you wish, but I wouldn’t take the risk of offending that guy.”

Upon finishing those words, Scarlett transformed into a trail of shadow, shot through the waterfall, and left.

“Looks like that bitch is in love with him. She should look at herself in the mirror,” he snickered. “How could any guy want her!” mocked Quincy disdainfully as Scarlett left.

“That guy has no emotions, has never shown any interest in any woman, and he most certainly wouldn’t be reluctant to kill a woman. What a fool of Scarlett to fall in love with such a man. But speaking of that whore, hehe, her face may be repulsive, but her body… Mmm-mmm… I’d like to take her somewhere that’s pitch black!” said Chrison as he moved his pelvis suggestively. The godhunter leaders joined him in cackling nastily.

*** “How was the meeting, Chief?” Shortly after Scarlett left the cave, a crafty-looking godhunter welcomed her smilingly.

Scarlett was enraged. As a highgod, her hearing was impeccable. And given that those in the cave had not lowered their voices, she heard every word of their obscene comments about her. However, Scarlett dared not return to the cave to beat them up because her strength was limited. She had no choice but to repress her anger.

<i>He is possibly the only man who isn’t so debased…</i> a thought emerged in Scarlett’s mind out of nowhere. But she then laughed at herself, thinking, <i>Oh Scarlett. What the hell are you thinking? How could he fancy you given the way you look? He only saved you because it was aligned with his interest. He didn’t mean anything at all, stop indulging in flights of fancy already…</i>

“Chief, what happened?” Scarlett showed a mix of emotions on her face. She would grit her teeth in rage one moment, but try to hold back laughter in the next. That follower of Scarlett’s couldn’t help but ask in a slightly higher voice. Scarlett was abruptly roused from the daze. She shook her head hard, as though trying to shake off the unrealistic fantasy off her mind.

“It’s nothing. Right, you’ve mentioned that that guy still has a few followers who have yet to leave the Canyon. Can you contact them?” asked Scarlett after calming her mind.

“They are sorting out a few remaining businesses and they will all leave soon. I know where they are. I shall contact them right away.”

“Wait, let me write a scroll. Make sure it reaches them as quickly as possible!” said Scarlett. She immediately took out a scroll, wrote a few sentences, handed it to her follower, and hastily left.

*** Somewhere in the Ronson Canyon, where the unbroken mountains looked no different from the surface of the sea, where large, white cotton-like clouds floated gently in the sky.

Those traveling in the airship had just left a swamp with a foul atmosphere and were moving towards a ravine piled with rocks. Before anyone could see the situation in the ravine, Sanguis suddenly said, “Someone is approaching us.” 

The House of Han guards on the airship were jolted. They looked around vigilantly and quickly formed a combat formation on the airship.

Emily, Phoebe, and the others were alarmed. They looked everywhere as they shouted, “Everyone be careful! Get ready for battle!”

“That is not necessary. She came alone,” Sanguis seemed somewhat amused that everyone on the airship was frightened. “Don’t worry, that woman isn’t particularly strong. I can handle her myself.”

After hearing Sanguis’ words, the party let out a sigh of relief. But they were all rather puzzled, not understanding why a woman would approach them all by herself. They did not have any contacts in the Ronson Canyon and it was not possible for one expert to cause them any harm. What would her intention be?

A moment later, Scarlett gradually appeared above a stone forest in the distance. Fanny, Lisa, and the other ladies lightly cried out in shock when they saw the fierce-looking criss-cross scar on her face.

“Come no further!” shouted Bollands coldly as his killing intent locked on Scarlett.

Scarlett was stunned. She did not expect that Bollands could deliver such an intense killing intent at her with just one look. Her heart trembled and she thought, <i>The House of Han doesn’t seem as weak as Quincy said and they have at least one highgod. Could they have even stronger experts?</i>

Just as Scarlett was about to speak, her long, shapely brows darted and her bewitching eyes widened. She sensed a very strange energy on Bollands which she had only detected on another man who possessed an even greater strength.

<i>They must be related!</i>

Scarlett became even more certain of her speculation. She first halted mid-air, raised her hands to indicate that she came in peace, and hastily asked, “Do any of you know Han Hao?”

“Han Hao? Who’s Han Hao? No clue!”

“Who are you? And who is Hao Hao?”

The members of the House of Han were astounded and they looked at Scarlett bewildered. <i>What’s the matter with this woman? Why would she come to us so excitedly to ask us this ridiculous question?</i>

Scarlett was startled by their response. She thought, <i>Have I been overthinking? But the energy on that old guy is very similar to Han Hao’s. How do you explain that?</i>

“We do not know the person you mentioned. Please do not get in our way!” said Stratholme politely, but almost condescendingly. However, he glanced at Bollands several times with a look on his face that hinted, <i>Don’t blame us for being impolite if you don’t leave.</i>

“My apologies. I shall leave right away,” having been a godhunter of countless years, Scarlett was excellent at reading body language and understood what they were hinting. She thought, <i>If you aren’t related to Han Hao, well, it’s none of my business that you are all about to die.</i>

“Hold on!” it was at this moment that Gilbert started scratching his head as though he was trying hard to recall a memory tossed long ago, “I think I’ve heard that name before… Let me think…”

The members of the House of Han stared at Gilbert with puzzled looks. Even Scarlett looked at Gilbert suspiciously. With Bollands not attacking her immediately, she reminded him, “Han Hao cultivates the energy of death. He uses a three-meter bone spear. He has seven…”

Gilbert’s eyes lit up and he finally recalled the long lost memory. He exclaimed, “It’s him!” 

Emily, Phoebe, Fanny, Lisa, and others had seen Little Skeleton before. Although they did not know that he had named himself Han Hao, they immediately knew that Han Hao was Little Skeleton when Scarlett explained that he had seven bone spurs on his back.

“I believe we know the person you are talking about,” exclaimed Emily. “Is there something we can help you with?”

“Is Han Hao a member of your House of Han?” asked Scarlett again.

Emily thought about it for a moment as she wasn’t sure how to answer the question. However, she knew that Han Shuo and Little Skeleton were very close, so she replied, “I guess you can say he is…”

“Then that’ll do!” Scarlett hastily added, “All the godhunters in the Ronson Canyon have joined forces with the intention to take down your House of Han. I don’t think that you can handle so many of them at once. You guys should turn around immediately and leave the Ronson Canyon. Otherwise, if they intercept you, it’ll be bad!”

Emily, Stratholme, and the others were taken aback upon hearing those words. Stratholme asked, “How would you know that?”

“I’m a leader of the godhunters myself, but I came to warn you because I know Han Hao,” Scarlett said hastily. “I have sent a messenger to notify Han Hao’s followers, but I do not know if they can stop the attack in time. Those guys have eyes everywhere in the Ronson Canyon and they are very familiar with the terrain here. It’s impossible to hide from them as long as you are inside the Ronson Canyon. You need to turn back right away!”

“We cannot retreat,” said Phoebe bitterly. If they were to turn around, they would likely run into Hofs, Larikson, and their troops, and they could not end up worse running into the godhunters.

“Thank you for your reminder, but we must cross the Ronson Canyon by hook or by crook. I just hope we can outrun those godhunters.” Then, without wasting another word, without even asking Scarlett’s relationship with Han Hao, they hastily continued with their journey.

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