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GDK 885: Ronson Canyon

Crossing the Ronson Canyon from the Darkness Dominion to the Death Dominion would take ten days. Given that retreating was not an option, the House of Han could only fly through the Ronson Canyon as quickly as possible.

Gilbert, Emily, and the others were rather puzzled. They couldn’t figure out why that scar-faced lady would know Little Skeleton. They thought that a necromancy creature should always stay in the Netherworld instead of appearing on Elysium.

But as they were in a hurry, they couldn’t take the time to ask Scarlett about Little Skeleton, or Han Hao. In their minds, Little Skeleton remained a small skeletal warrior as they had not seen him for ages. They could never imagine just how influential and powerful Han Hao was now.

Scarlett understood their concerns and did not stop them from leaving. After the airship carrying the House of Han swept past her, she hesitated for a moment before she started following the airship secretly.

As the leader of one of the major godhunter factions in the Ronson Canyon, she understood the techniques and strength of the other players in the canyon. As long as the House of Han was within the Ronson Canyon, Quincy and his gang would be able to locate and track them without much trouble.

Quincy and the others had been active in the Ronson Canyon for countless years and knew the geography and terrain like the back of their hands. Naturally, they would use the knowledge to their advantage and prevent the House of Han from escaping.

***Three days later, when the airship carrying House of Han was flying towards a towering mountain, they discovered that the mountain peak was dense with dark, sinister-looking gods whose eyes were glittering ominously.

Those on the mountain peak gathered in multiple groups and those groups kept a distance from one another. It was clear that they were of different factions. 

Those who led those factions put on cruel smiles with greedy glints in their eyes as they stared at the approaching House of Han airship. Some were so excited that they were salivating profusely. It was obvious from their demeanors that they were godhunters.

Before the airship was near, the godhunters who had been waiting on the mountain for some time took to the air. Their leaders unfolded their domains of divinity, forming layers of barriers to obstruct the airship. The House of Han was forced to stop their airship in front of the layers of barriers.

“Oi! You pieces of shit! Get the fuck out of our way!” cursed Gilbert most impolitely.

Ten or so godhunter factions were blocking the House of Han’s path. Each faction was made up of at least a dozen or so godhunters. The largest faction present belonged to Quincy, numbering at approximately three hundred godhunters. Altogether, there were around thirtheen hundred godhunters, and practically all of the faction leaders possessed highgod strengths. Against such a powerful alliance of savage gods, the path ahead of the House of Han seemed grim.

Quincy seemed as though he had not heard Gilbert’s curses. Along with the other faction leaders, Quincy would leer and point at Phoebe, Emily, Fanny, Jasper, Lisa, and other ladies as they made comments about their appearances, even laughing in appaling delight every once in a while.

Phoebe, Emily, Jasper, and the others were all outstanding beauties. Han Shuo’s Rebirth Pills had not just made their skins even more sparkling and translucent, but it had also preserved their beauty in their finest states. All men and women alike found them breathtaking.

As godhunters who lived by looting and killing others, these savages loved seeking thrills and excitement. Females were particularly irresistible to these ogres. They found outstanding beauties like Phoebe, Emily, and the others to be so alluring that they had momentarily forgotten their main objective.

To Quincy and the other faction leaders, the House of Han guards were nothing to be afraid of. They had discovered no highgod expert among the House of Han guards. Therefore, even though the size was considerable, they did not consider the army a threat.

“Woohoohoo! That one is mine! The ripest melon is the tastiest. Take any others but that one is reserved for me!” said Chrison excitedly as he pointed Emily with a lecherous smile. It was as though everything in the House of Han was up for grabs. 

“I’m taking the petite one. My favorite type!” said Quincy as he pointed at the terrified Lisa. “Brothers, look carefully and choose your woman. We are dividing the spoils now!”

“Yum… These are way superior to that Scarlett bitch! Perfect bodies, smooth skin, I’m salivating already! Yes, we should divide those ladies first and talk about the other spoils later. Hehe, today is going to be an exciting day!” remarked another faction leader. 

Ever since relocating to the Elysium, the members of the House of Han had never suffered any insult remotely close to such a level. Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert’s blood seethed to see their matriarchs being insulted. The ladies also wished to slice those faction leaders into a million bite-sized pieces.

However, they understood that they stood no chance against the ten or so savage highgods and more than a thousand godhunters. Gilbert and Sanguis who were rash in temperament would have charged ahead if Emily had not stopped them with her gaze.

Phoebe wore a dark face and said in a cold voice, “We are the City of Shadows’ House of Han. We have great relations with various major family clans in the Death Dominion. If anything is to happen to us, you will be exterminated by the divine guards from the Darkness and Death Dominions. But that doesn’t need to happen. If you let us pass safely, we will pay you five million black crystal coins.”

“Hahaha, who do you think you are trying to intimidate?” said Quincy after a loud cackle. “Take a good look at us, gorgeous. We are godhunters. If we were afraid of divine guards, we wouldn’t be in this line of work!”

“Let’s not waste time talking. These ladies got me itching real hard down there,” exclaimed Chrison as he rubbed his hands together excitedly.

“Stop!” It was at this moment that Scarlett appeared from the direction that the airship traveled. She glanced at the aroused godhunters and hastily said, “I have asked, they know Han Hao. You better not touch them!”

Those faction leaders were stunned by those words. Some of those who were especially afraid of Han Hao immediately showed hesitation as though they wished to retreat.

Even Quincy and Chrison were stunned. It appeared that even though Han Hao had left the Ronson Canyon, those in the Canyon still feared him.

“Cut your scaremongering, Scarlett!” shouted Quincy angrily. “Who in the right mind would trust their words? Hmph, during all the years Han Hao lived in Ronson Canyon, I’ve never seen him with any family or friends. You can’t prove that they are related to Han Hao just because their family name is Han!”

“I have asked. They said that Han Hao is definitely a member of the House of Han!” Scarlett warned, “You should know what will happen when Han Hao finds out that someone touched his people - you know what he will do to you. But if any of you have forgotten, let me give you a quick reminder - all those family clans in the Death Dominion that had killed Han Hao’s followers have all been exterminated. Every last one of them.”

Lights flickered from the eyes of those faction leaders after they heard Scarlett’s words. It seemed as though Han Hao was so terrifying that just Scarlett’s words had set them on edge.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up!” When Han Hao was still in Ronson Canyon, Quincy and his faction had always been pressed down under Han Hao’s power. Now that his strongest rival had left the Canyon, Quincy thought that he no longer had his hands tied in the Ronson Canyon. By now, he would get annoyed just from hearing Han Hao’s name. “It’s a trick! They are trying to scare us using Han Hao’s name. Don’t be fooled! We all know that Han Hao does not have any relatives. Let’s get it done already!”

Quincy continued to tempt the faction leaders, “Look at it, look at all these pussies and treasures right in front of us. They are ours to take and we just have to grab it…”

Perhaps Quincy’s explanation worked or perhaps those godhunters were too tempted by the House of Han’s beauties and treasures, the faction leaders decided to go on with it. They commanded their followers to surround the airship.

With things having come to this, Scarlett knew that no amount of her words could change anything. She let out a helpless sigh and silently withdrew, lest she be killed needlessly.

The tension was high and it seemed that a battle could erupt at any moment.

“Heyyoo people, is someone having a party without me?” a piercing sneer suddenly sounded from the distance. A bulky man whose body was covered with scars came into appearance. He was a cultivator of the energy of destruction. As a late-stage midgod, his strength was poorer than almost every one of the faction leaders.

But somehow, all those faction leaders turned grave at the presence of this midgod.

“Khitan,” said one of the faction leaders, forcing a smile. “I thought you had all left the Canyon?”

Quincy and Chrison seemed unhappy. They bunched their brows while staring at Khitan who was not supposed to be there. With a dark face, Quincy asked, “Khitan, why aren’t you in the Fringe with your chief?

Khitan howled with laughter before he impolitely replied, “Since when did you get to have a say in our business?”

After taking a short pause to glance at the House of Han on the airship, Khitan said to the faction leaders, “On the first day I joined my Chief, the first thing he instructed us was to not attack the members of the House of Han. And the second instruction - we must not allow the House of Han to come under attack. Although I don’t understand why my Chief would hand us such a strange command, it is not my job to understand it. My duty is to execute my Chief’s command, and execute I will.”

“Khitan, the rest of your gang have left the Ronson Canyon. Why bother meddling with our business?” Chrison put on a cold smirk and said, “Besides, Han Hao is no longer here and you no longer have any power here. Hehe, do you wanna try to stop all of us all by yourself, Khitan?”

A lustful glint shone from Khitan’s eyes before he said with a smirk, “I have been doing this business for ages. Do you think I wouldn’t have expected that? Hehe, I have informed my brothers about the situation before coming here. They should be on their way to the Fringe as we speak. You may kill me and proceed as you wish, but you should know how my Chief would react to that.”

Upon hearing those words, all the faces of these faction leaders jolted. It seemed as though they did not expect Khitan to have taken this measure. They felt troubled, for they knew that even if they killed Khitan and all of the House of Han, Han Hao would still learn of their doings.

After a long silence, one of the faction leaders forced a laugh and said, “Since Han Hao has spoken, I’m not participating in this!” He turned to Khitan and said, “When you meet Han Hao, please send him my regards, and tell him that I, Anlo, will never stand against him!”

“Hehe, will do, will do,” replied Khitan.

“I, I cannot deny Han Hao of this honor. My apologies, Quincy, I’m out!” another faction leader pulled back from the deal.

“Erm… Han Hao had been generous to me while he was in Ronson Canyon. I will never attack his people!”


One after another, the leaders of the godhunter factions announced their withdrawal at the last possible moment. Afraid of retribution from Han Hao, they reluctantly turned and left with their followers.

Moments later, only Quincy and Chrison and their gang were still in the House of Han’s path. There was nothing that they could do as they watched their former partners leave. They had cursed Han Hao countless times in their minds.

Gilbert, Emily, Fanny, and the other Han Family members looked at each other in bewilderment. They had no idea what was happening and why these ferocious gods would be so afraid of Little Skeleton.

A thought suddenly crossed Bollands’ mind and he softly exclaimed, “He's their leader!”

“Who?” asked Sanguis and Gilbert simultaneously.

Bollands explained, “Remember that mysterious teenager I mentioned just then? He leads the most powerful godhunter faction in Ronson Canyon but nobody knows his origin. But, what a surprise, he's one of ours!” 

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” Gilbert remarked. “I knew that little guy to be pretty tough long ago. But truly, I did not expect that he would command such an influence in Ronson Canyon.”

“Quincy, Chrison, do you wish to fight my Chief?” Khitan sneered, “You guys better give up now and I will overlook this incident. Otherwise, you know the consequences!”

“Fucking hell, I will take this shit no more!” Quincy seemed to have been infuriated by Khitan’s words and he shouted, “If Han Hao is here I might actually do him this favor. But how dare you puny little midgod try to intimidate me! Outrageous! If Han Hao returns to the Ronson Canyon, I will just move elsewhere! Everyone, attack! And kill that bluffing Khitan first!”

Chrison too was going to retreat. But after taking yet another look at those ladies on the airship, lust got the better of him. He too gestured and commanded his troops, “Attack!”

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