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GDK 886: Fighting Quincy and Chrison

Before Khitan came, around ten godhunter factions had formed an alliance to exterminate the House of Han and take all their valuables. Against ten or so highgods and more than a thousand midgods, the House of Han wouldn’t stand a chance.

But thanks to Han Hao’s fearsome reputation in the Ronson Canyon, most of those godhunters were frightened and chickened out from the robbery. With that, the House of Han guards needed only fight Quincy and Chrison’s forces.

Quincy and Chrison had brought around five hundred godhunters in total with the two being mid-stage highgods. They were one of the biggest powerhouses in Ronson Canyon.

However, the House of Han was not afraid of them. Gilbert and Sanguis could no longer hold their rage. The moment after Quincy and Chrison commanded their godhunters to attack, they suddenly noticed that the House of Han guards were changing at them valiantly.

Quincy and Chrison flinched. As masters of skirmishes, they could immediately tell that these House of Han guards were very unlike the typical divine guards. With that, they hastily yelled, “You better be fucking careful!”

The House of Han guards marched at their enemy in a tidy formation. They moved in unison as if a single entity. By keeping a fixed, optimal distance from their fellow comrades, the House of Han guards were not only able to attack effectively, but they could also look out for one another.

Quincy and Chrison could tell from the staunch faces and frosty gazes of those House of Han guards were experienced and well-trained. They were not novices that had not seen combat like most of the guards possessed by young family clans.

Although Quincy and Chrison recognized that their enemy was nothing ordinary, they had still underestimated the true power of those House of Han guards. All those years of training in the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation were not for naught. Having been repeatedly baptized with blood, these House of Han guards were even fiercer and more ruthless than the godhunters. The House of Han guards were like an unstoppable sword and they stabbed straight through the godhunters’ chest!

A scene similar to the battle between the House of Han guards and Ralph’s Second Corps divine guards was reenacted. The House of Han not only had the upper hand in size but also in team-cooperation. As soon as the two sides clashed, the overwhelming team-combat strength of the House of Han guards became obvious. Those godhunters who had been devastating the Ronson Canyon were being rapidly decimated!

The House of Han guards advanced through the godhunters like a glowing hot knife cutting through butter. The godhunters’ defenses were much like a thin sheet of paper that would immediately fall apart to the House of Han guards’ attacks. The godhunters were heard shrieking in pain and despair before dying. Their chopped-up bodies fell from the sky and landed all around the mountain peak below.

Scarlett and Khitan were dumbfounded. When they saw Quincy and Chrison command their troops to attack, they thought that the House of Han was done for. While Khitan was reflecting and blaming himself for being overly arrogant, he suddenly discovered that the House of Han guards were already charging and attacking those godhunters.

It was when the two forces clashed that Khitan came to his senses. He was shocked by that mind-blowing team-combat strength demonstrated by those House of Han guards and finally had some ideas why Han Hao would command his followers to never attack the House of Han.

An average person would never be able to learn anything from the complex combat formations practiced by the House of Han guards. But Khitan, as a follower of Han Hao, had also been taught demonic combat formations. With just one look, Khitan recognized that the combat formation used by these House of Han guards was similar to those he and his godhunters were taught.

When Khitan received the note from Scarlett, he was rather skeptical that Han Hao would be related to the House of Han in any way. But after witnessing the attack formation employed by the House of Han guards, he was certain that Scarlett was right.

The tremendous team combat strength of the House of Han had shocked Scarlett more than it had shocked Khitan. As she watched the House of Han wrecking Quincy and Chrison’s forces like a giant, she mumbled, “The House of Han… Han Hao… they are unfathomable…” 

At this moment, Quincy and Chrison felt as though they would go insane!

Never in their wildest dreams had they anticipated that these House of Han guards would be so terrifying, that they could so easily reap the lives of their followers using an incredibly complex combat formation. They wished to assist their followers but were too busy defending themselves from Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert.

By now, even Quincy and Chrison believed that Han Hao was related to the House of Han as they sensed the energy used by Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert was vaguely similar to that used by Han Hao.

Before the battle broke out, Quincy and Chrison had discovered no highgod in the House of Han, but they received three great surprises as soon as the battle began. Three experts with strengths not even worthy of mentioning had suddenly transformed into formidable demons!

Quincy and Chrison felt remorseful. They were mad at themselves for messing with Han Hao’s family when they knew that Han Hao was crafty and full of surprises.

“Why aren’t you shouting anymore? Keep shouting! You were talking loads of shit just now! Old fuck, let me tell you, I’m going to skin you and chop your tiny little dick off! How dare…” Unlike Sanguis and Bollands who were completely quiet, Gilbert had not shut his malicious mouth for even a second and he just kept spurting abusive words. They were just as fierce as his attacks.

Quincy was held up by Sanguis while Chrison was jointly attacked by Gilbert and Bollands. Bollands attacked Chrison with his flying sword flooded with killing intent, forcing the latter to spend all his attention and energy to defend against Bollands. Meanwhile, Gilbert flew around Chrison like a ghost and attacked him whenever the opportunity presented itself. He also greeted multiple generations of Chrison’s female ancestors in the process.

This psychological torment was no less painful than the injuries on his body. Under the constant cursing and mocking by Gilbert, Chrison felt as though he might collapse at any moment. Unable to concentrate on fighting, Chrison’s firepower was greatly reduced. Soon, Bollands found yet another opportunity and his flying sword opened up a few more gashes on Chrison’s skin.

“Kill them all!” commanded Phoebe coldly upon seeing that the House of Han guards had overpowered their enemy.

Quincy and Chrison had not only looked at Phoebe, Emily, Lisa, and the others with obscene gazes, but they had also verbally abused them. Phoebe silently repressed her rage all along. Now that the House of Han’s situation had turned from dire to favorable, her attitude immediately changed.

Phoebe, Emily, Stratholme, Ayermike, and the others had been making tremendous cultivation progress on Elysium where elemental energies were the most intense. In the House of Han, they had access to vast financial resources, scrolls containing profound knowledge of various energies, the pelleted medicines Han Shuo made, and divine essences acquired from various regions. Those resources kept on appearing in the Han Residence’s warehouse before they were distributed among these core members of the House of Han.

They were the cream of the crop back on Profound Continent, a resource-poor material plane. Upon arriving on Elysium, they had been provided with everything that could assist with their cultivation. Combined with their outstanding aptitude, they were making tremendous progress much faster than those who were born and raised on Elysium. Phoebe, Emily, and most others had reached midgodhood while gifted experts like Stratholme and Ayermike had entered the late-stage midgod realm. 

These people were able to become top-notch experts in a world where elemental energies were thin and little was known about those the Fundamental Forces. It was only natural that they would make extraordinary progress after moving to Elysium and gaining access to vast resources.

Phoebe, Emily, Ayermike, Stratholme, and the others had not been idle. They too were well-practiced in Han Shuo’s demonic combat formation and had been massacring Chrison and Quincy’s godhunters.

The first highgod to fall was Chrison. He had finally lost his mind after being subjected to Gilbert’s persistent chanting of malicious words. He was so focused on getting Gilbert that he had forgotten that Bollands was still a threat. When Chrison had finally managed to land an attack on Gilbert, Bollands’ flying sword entered from the back of his neck and emerged from his forehead. It was an instant kill.

“Haha! Gotcha! I may not have the firepower of Bollands or Sanguis, but my body is a fucking tank. How foolish of you to think that I can be killed in one hit!” Gilbert stumbled backward, coughed a few times, and quickly returned to normal. He went on to trample Chrison’s dead body on the mountain peak.

Gilbert’s body had been smelted by Han Shuo the same way he smelted demonic weapons. Although Gilbert’s body wasn’t as ridiculously tough as Han Shuo’s, it was still orders of magnitude stronger than that of an average god. Had it been another expert who suffered that attack of Chrison, they would be severely injured if not killed. Gilbert, however, could handle it without much trouble.

“Alright, that’s enough, Gilbert. We need to hurry. Let’s join forces with Sanguis to kill the other one!” Bollands gave the flying sword in his hand a gentle wipe before charging at Quincy.

Gilbert spat a mouthful of saliva onto Chrison’s flattened body. “Fucker, you’ve gotten off easy!” cursed Gilbert before he turned and also charged at Quincy.

Quincy had been rather passive against Sanguis’ wild attacks. He was also surrounded by the House of Han guards. Whenever he tried to escape, he would be greeted with the ferocious attacks from those guards.

Although Quincy possessed formidable strength, the attack simultaneously made by hundreds of midgods was equally powerful. And with Sanguis constantly bombarding him with insane attacks, he was unable to escape.

The moment that Christen died, a shiver rattled Quincy’s heart for he knew that it would be him soon.

And as expected, Bollands and Gilbert went at him with chilling gazes. It was clear that they were going to gang up on him. Quincy was in even more despair.

<i>Hell, I may die, but I’m not going down alone!</i> thought Quincy hatefully. As a godhunter, Quincy knew that his life was always at risk. It was clear from his daring attack on the House of Han despite offending Han Hao that he was not afraid of death.

The instance that Bollands and Gilbert came to attack him, Quincy knew that this would be his end. Hoping to make his death a little more significant, he decided to commit an equivalent of a kamikaze attack. 

“Everyone spread out! He wants to kill as many of us with his death! Keep a distance from him and bombard him to death!” Having had centuries of experience fighting all kinds of experts on Profound Continent, Stratholme had learned to be astute. With just one look at those bloodthirsty eyes, Stratholme was able to decipher Quincy’s intention.

Having heard the warning, Bollands, Gilbert, and even Sanguis immediately flew backward to keep a distance from Quincy.

“Motherfucker, wanna make your death a little less pitiful, huh? Ain’t gonna happen!” Gilbert started opening his mouth again and began spitting his auditory poison. Gilbert greeted Quincy’s female ancestors going as far back as when they were still amoeba with all sorts of curses bundled with insults. Meanwhile, Sanguis, Bollands, and the House of Han guards continued to bombard Quincy with all sorts of ranged attacks.

Quincy could not be in more despair. When he realized that his chance of making a kamikaze attack had been taken, he was left with no choice but to defend himself against the bombardment in anguish.

The bombardment led by Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert eventually exhausted Quincy’s divine energy. He was killed by a myriad of energies and weapons.

It was an incredibly miserable death. There were all sorts of divine weapons stuck on every inch of Quincy’s body and it was hung in midair. After Sanguis made sure that there was no longer a drop of blood left in his body, a group of guards went forward and chopped him up before tossing his body parts everywhere.

With Quincy and Chrison both dead, those few remaining godhunters that had yet to be slaughtered frantically escaped in every direction. They tried to fly towards hills and thick jungles and use every ounce of strength in them to run.

Watching Quincy and Chrison killed had left Khitan and Scarlett utterly shocked. They were startled by the House of Han’s performance.

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