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GDK 889: Han Shuo vs Wasir

Han Shuo could not defeat Tyre, Logue, and Wasir all at once. But if he only had to fight Wasir, Han Shuo was confident that he could win.

The Fringe had always been a place where the person with the biggest fist made the rule. Sometimes, instead of a lengthy futile argument, it was better to let the fists do the talking. From how Han Shuo saw it, Wasir was not just the weakest of the three, but also the most annoying. By fighting Wasir, Han Shuo could demonstrate that he possessed the strength to take Salas’ place in the Omphalos and also kick Wasir’s ass.

Wasir did not expect that Han Shuo would challenge him to a fight. Under the threatening gaze of Han Shuo, Wasir turned from arrogant to hesitant.

Fighting Han Shuo one on one was nowhere in Wasir’s plan. Before the meeting, Wasir, Tyre, and Logue had reached an agreement to gang up against Han Shuo. They thought that Han Shuo would never be able to escape from them if they joined forces. That was why Wasir had spoken to Han Shuo with such contempt.

Tyre, Logue, and Wasir weren’t all that close. In fact, they had always been fighting each other for a bigger share of the Fringe. Tyre seemed very astonished to hear Han Shuo challenge Wasir to a duel without thinking. He stared deeply at Han Shuo for a second before he laughed, “Brother, you are truly filled with heroic spirit. No wonder you have stood out in the Fringe in such little time!”

Tyre did not comment on the challenge Han Shuo issued at Wasir and he showed no intention to de-escalate the situation.

A thought crossed Logue’s mind. He turned to the hesitant Wasir and mocked, “Wasir, you ain’t afraid of him, are ya?”

Wasir was enraged for he understood what Tyre and Logue’s intentions were.

Tyre and Logue did not have a clear idea of Han Shuo’s true strength. Although all the Sovereigns were present when Han Shuo fought Salas, the battle was just too brief to tell anything for sure. Besides, as Salas had been fighting Ossora prior to that, they could not determine Han Shuo’s strength without a wide margin of error.

It was because of this substantial room of uncertainty that back then, Logue and Wasir had not taken any rash action, and instead left the Pandemonium right away. This was also the reason that the Three Sovereigns had taken no action against Han Hao’s rampant looting of those Omphalos merchants for such a long time.

The three Sovereigns were patient characters. They took no uncertainty to chance, especially not with Han Shuo's strength. The three Sovereigns had only invited Han Shuo to the meeting after they reached an agreement where the three of them would join forces and end Han Shuo’s life on the extinct volcano if Han Shuo proved too stubborn to be reasoned with.

But after suddenly hearing Han Shuo challenge Wasir to a fight, Tyre and Logue realized that being able to determine Han Shuo’s true strength without risking injuries themselves would be an even more fantastic deal.

If Han Shuo then demonstrated supreme strength, where the three of them could not keep Han Shuo trapped, Tyre and Logue could maintain their current relationship with Han Shuo and not make a powerful enemy for now. But if Han Shuo wasn’t as powerful as they thought, they could step into the battle without notice and join hands with Wasir to kill Han Shuo.

It took Tyre and Logue no time to realize that having Wasir and Han Shuo fight would be more beneficial for them than all three of them joining forces to attack Han Shuo. Therefore Tyre had not tried to de-escalate the tension while Logue tried to provoke Wasir.

In his mind, Wasir chided himself for being too impulsive while cursing Tyre and Logue for their deviousness. With Han Shuo sneering at him, Wasir did not know which 

<i>If I accept the challenge, I’ll fall right into Tyre and Logue’s ruse. If I decline, others might think that I’m afraid of that kid and boost his morale. Grr!</i> Wasir did not know which choice to make, especially with Han Shuo sneering at him.

The sneering Han Shuo knew exactly what was on Wasir, Tyre, and Logue’s minds. Seeing that Wasir was still hesitant, Han Shuo added, “Don’t worry, we have no quarrels with each other, so we ain’t going to fight till the death. Hehe, consider it a friendly match, if you may. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, should it?”

Han Shuo did not want Wasir to decline the challenge and with Tyre and Logue around, he did not want to fight Wasir until one of them was dead. All Han Shuo wanted was to kick Wasir’s ass to demonstrate his strength and go home.

“Wasir, what’s wrong with you today? You are acting much more timid than usual! Haven’t you heard what Bryan said? What are you still worrying about? Could it be that you are afraid of fighting him? Hehe…” said Logue in jest.

With things having come to this, Wasir knew that he could not avoid a battle with Han Shuo. He silently cursed Tyre and Logue and all their ancestors before he coldly nodded and said, “A fight you will have. I don’t believe that you possess the power to defeat Salas. You only won because you were lucky!”

Han Shuo was delighted to hear Wasir rise to the challenge. Compared to Tyre and Logue, Wasir’s strength and realm state were slightly poorer. Of the three Sovereigns, Wasir’s butt was the easiest to kick.

Then, without any warning, Han Shuo spread his hands and the Demonic Blades shot out from the tips of his fingers. The sharp blades glistened with chilling radiances.

After advancing to the Skybreak Realm, all of the demonic techniques that Han Shuo mastered had strengthened in tandem. Powered by the new form of demonic yuan, the Demonic Blades formed were even more damaging than the average demonic weapon. As the Demonic Blades were connected to his fingertips, he could extend and retract those blades freely, giving him a unique advantage in close-quarter combat.

Wasir cultivated the energy of water. After staying on his Glacial Peak for a long time, Wasir deciphered and mastered the other form of the water energy. The energy of water manifested as the energy of ice had outstanding defensive and offensive power. It was most suitable for use in close-quarter combat.

It was obvious from his Demonic Blades that Han Shuo wanted to fight Wasir in close-quarter combat. He was not afraid of Wasir’s strong suit. 

However, instead of appreciating it, Wasir considered that an insult. Han Shuo choosing to fight him in close-quarter combat had angered Wasir. He shouted, “Kid, you are asking for it!”

As Wasir spoke, a thick layer of ice grew around him. Under the illumination of the bright sun, Wasir seemed to have transformed into an enormous, sparkling, beautiful diamond. Although Wasir was inside a thick layer of ice, somehow, it did not affect Wasir’s movement. His two hands could still move around as though they were still in empty air.

Although Wasir’s body was protected under tough, solid ice, his limbs were not frozen but as fluid as water. Wasir was indeed worthy of being called an overgod of water. His understanding of the two different but equally profound sides of the element of water had reached a profound level.

When Han Shuo saw that Wasir was ready for battle, he knew that he had accomplished his goal. He wasted no words with Wasir. Han Shuo knew all kinds of complicated and gaudy ranged attacks, but he forsook them for close-quarter combat. He charged at Wasir at his highest speed.

The chilling Demonic Blades constructed with fingernails as its base were terrifyingly lethal once they were filled with demonic yuan.

<i>Ting!</i> a sharp, clear ringing sound sounded when the Demonic Blade on Han Shuo’s left middle finger made contact with the ice on Wasir’s chest.

Wasir did not expect that Han Shuo could move so fast. He only saw a dazzling flash before Han Shuo was right in front of him. While he was moving to intercept the attack, his chest was struck.

<i>He's faster than I am!</i> concluded Wasir.

Wasir’s mastery of the energy of ice was indeed profound. Although Han Shuo managed to take the first hit, the incredibly incisive blade did not manage to destroy that thick layer of ice defending Wasir. It had only managed to scrape off a few inches of ice.

Although Wasir was a little slow, he had still managed to land attacks on Han Shuo. He thrust the two swords he made from ice at Han Shuo’s chest.

<i>Ting Ting!</i> An enormous force suddenly erupted from Han Shuo’s chest and Wasir was flung backward.

Sovereign Tyre, Logue, and Ossora who were watching from the sidelines suddenly opened their eyes wide and gasped in disbelief!

They could very clearly see that Han Shuo did not form any defensive barrier around his body and he wasn’t wearing any divine armor. There was just a thin, dark warrior’s gown over his skin.

This meant that Wasir’s strike on Han Shuo’s chest was a direct hit. There was nothing to absorb or dissipate the formidable force, other than Han Shuo’s skin and flesh.

There were all kinds of gods who cultivated in all kinds of Fundamental Forces all over Elysium. Some of them possessed extremely tough divine bodies. However, they had never seen any being who could resist an attack without boundary, divine armor, or any defensive measures, but with just the most basic toughness of their body.

Tyre and Logue were astounded!

They were certain that if it was they themselves who had taken this strike of Wasir’s without any defensive measures alongside their bare bodies, they would have been severely injured!

They were not aware of any being on Elysium who possessed a body of such toughness that could directly sustain such a mighty blow without suffering any injury. Perhaps even an Overgod with the Quintessence could not do so.

Tyre and Logue showed mixed emotions in their eyes. They became more and more amazed by Han Shuo.

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